Thomas Welles & Mary Beardsley of Wethersfield, Connecticut

Thomas Welles

Whethersfield, Connecticut and Hadley, Massachusetts

Thomas Wells & Frances Albright
Cir 1628 Probably Evesham, Worcestershire, England
Cir Oct 1676 Hadley, Massachusetts
May 1651 Mary Beardsley Hartford, Connecticut

1Thomas Wells
Hepzibah Buel
M10 Jan 1652Wethersfield, Connecticut
2Mary WellsF 01 Oct 1653Wethersfield, Connecticut
3Sarah Wells
David Hoyt
F 05 May 1655 Wethersfield, Connecticut
4John WellsM 04 Jan 1656/7Wethersfield, Connecticut
5Jonathan Wells
1) Hepzibah Colton
2) Sarah (Strong) Barnard
M Cir 1658Wethersfield, Connecticut
6John WellsM 03 Apr 1660Hadley, Massachusetts
7Samuel Wells
Sarah Clark
M 10 Jun 1662Hadley, Massachusetts
8Mary Wells
Stephen Belding
Joseph Field
F 08 Sep 1664Hadley, Massachusetts
9Noah Wells
Mary Crow White
M 26 Jul 1666Hadley, Massachusetts
10Hannah Wells
John White
F 04 Jul 1668Hadley, Massachusetts
11Ebenezer Wells
Mary White
Sarah Smith
M 20 Jul 1669Hadley, Massachusetts
12Daniel WellsM 11 Dec 1669Hadley, Massachusetts
13Ephraim Wells
Abigail Allis
(Davis) Kilbourne
M April 1671Hadley, Massachusetts
14Joshua WellsM 18 Feb 1673/4Hadley, Massachusetts
15Abigail Wells?
Samuel Bartlett
F Cir 1675Hadley, Massachusetts

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