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WASNOHOM is a ROOTSWEB mailing list for folks who are researching their roots in Snohomish County, Washington. Traffic is expected to be light; the list is "closed" - only subscribers will be able to post messages. Posts to the Snohomish County Message Board are also gateway-ed to the list.

If YOU would like to join our group, send an email message to:

Leave the Subject: line empty.

The body of the message should be the single word -


(If you have an automatic "sig file", disable it for this subscription request)

Pretty easy, eh?

The ROOTSWEB "robot" will reply to your request, sending you a confirmation message AND a cheerful greeting from the Attractive and Talented ListOwner.

The usual drill for new subscribers to a list is to "lay low" for a while and THEN post a message. This is NOT the case for the SnoCo list, however! If you have family ties to Snohomish County OR if you have an all-consuming interest in the history of the county, BE BRAVE! Jump right in and send a message to the list telling about your research interests.

One thing to remember about posting to WASNOHOM - the message should be sent to, and NOT to the address you used to subscribe! The RootsWeb robot sends such misdirected email to the above-mentioned Attractive and Talented List Manager, and not to the list subscribers.

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