County and regional histories usually contain "biographical sketches" of the area's residents. These "sketches" often provide information about an individual's birth date, birth place, parents' names, wife's name and children's names. Some sketches include extensive "personal history" - places where the person lived, fraternal organizations, etc. - these clues can often tell a researcher where to look for elusive information. For example, if an individual is described as a member of Odd Fellows, there's a good chance that he's buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

The Everett Public Library's Northwest Room has compiled a "master index" of published Snohomish County Biographies, using those county and regional histories they hold. This MASTER SURNAME INDEX is available online at the EPL's web site.

The Snohomish County USGenWeb Project is expanding on EPL's Bio Index - our goal is to ABSTRACT those biographies, sifting out the "bio frou-frou" and "hype", leaving, as Sgt. Friday used to say, "Just the facts, ma'am". In addition, resources not indexsd by EPL are being added to the BIOGRAPHY PROJECT.

The resources indexed by the Everett Public Library (and the "code" that EPL used for each book) are:

NH 1889
15 bios
Evans, Elwood; History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington; 2 volumes. Portland, Oregon: North Pacific History Company, 1889.
HH 1893
15 bios
Hawthorne, Julian, ed. and G. D. Brewerton; History of Washington, the Evergreen State; 2 volumes. New York: American Historical Publishing Company, 1893.
HI 1893
3 bios
Hines, Rev. Harvey Kimball; Illustrated History of the State of Washington; Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1893.
PHP 1903
94 bios
Prosser, William Farrand; A History of the Puget Sound Country; 2 volumes. New York & Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1903.
IPC 1906
318 bios
Shiach, William Sidney, ed; Illustrated History of Skagit & Snohomish Counties; Chicago: Interstate Publishing Company, 1906.
SH 1909
6 bios
Snowden, Clinton A., editor; History of Washington; Rise & Progress of An American State; 6 volumes. New York: Century History Company, 1909.
HWW 1917
98 bios
Hunt, Herbert and Kaylor, Floyd C. Washington West of the Cascades; 3 vol. Chicago, Seattle & Tacoma: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1917.
WW 1926
1000+ bios
Whitfield, William, ed. History of Snohomish County, Washington; 2 volumes. Chicago: Pioneer Historical Publishing Company, 1926.
PH 1937
Spencer, Lloyd and Pollard, Lancaster. A History of the State of Washington; 4 volumes. New York: American Historical Society, 1937.
BA 1939
Barteau, Gordon, ed. Who’s Who in the State of Washington, 1939-1940; Seattle: 1939.

Other resources not indexed in the Everett Public Library project have been abstracted; these resources have their own Name Index. A researcher should check the EPL NAME INDEX and then the NAME INDEX - OTHER RESOURCES for target individuals.
ATW 1903 
0 bios
Atwood, A.; Glimpses in Pioneer Life on Puget Sound...; Washington Printing Company, 1903
SKA 1908
13 bios 
Skarstedt, Ernst; Washington och dess svenska befolkning; Denny-Corvell Company, 1908
WHO 1926
3 bios
Who's Who in Religious, Fraternal, Social, Civil and Commercial Life on the Pacific Coast; Searchlight Publishing Company, 1926-1927
WHO 1927
30 bios
Who's Who in Washington State: Compilation of Biographical Sketches...; H. Allen, Publishers, 1927
WPA 1938
Told by the Pioneers: Tales of Frontier Life; Vols 1, 2, 3. Works Progress Administration, 1938
STE 1957
31 bios
Stewart, Edgar I.; Washington, Northwest Frontier; Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1957

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