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        SKCGS Programs

        • Preserving Historic Family Photographs. Resources for Photos in the Family Tree by MaryLynn Strickland.
        • Lineage Societies. List of Lineage Societies with links by Barbara Rush.
        • Lineage Societies. PowerPoint presentation notes by Guy Moellendorf.
        • "Big Trees" Logging & Sawmill History, presented by Eric Erickson, you may contact Eric by email for additional information.
        • Finding your Mayflower Ancestors via the Web How to search for Mayflower ancestors by Guy Moellendorf.
        • Genealogy & Music presented by Janet Camarata. Using music to add dimension to our genealogy research. Includes links to sites mentioned and the song list.
        • Finding Birth Dates and Names presented by Judy Wiggins. A list of 110 places to find information.
        • TechFest Links Links to websites for products and services featured at the April 16th, 2011 General Meeting
        • Using Timelines & Chronologies presented by Janet Camarata. Genealogists use a variety of methods to better understand their ancestors. One method is the use of timelines and/or chronologies to summarize a person's life, demonstrate how lives interconnect, point out problems and areas for further research, and help in writing a memoir, family history or obituary. The presentation is an example of the method applied to the Farthing-Fallis family.
        • Out of The Attic - Using Memorabilia To Help Tell Your Story (2.5Mb) Presented by Lou Daley. Most of us have some memorabilia from our families or we know someone in the family who does. Is it your g grandmother's thimble, your great- great- grandfathers Civil War sword, a favorite cook book from your mother, a trophy from some contest many years ago? No memorabilia? Where can you find it? What do you do with these items? What stories do they tell? Where can they lead you? How do they become part of the story you are trying to tell?
        • Files and Fotos and Folders, Oh My! Controlling documents and data. Presented by the Computer User Group, November 2013.
        • I've Had My DNA Tested. Now What? You may contact Mary Kozy for more information.


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