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Generation No. 5
10. JOHN7 PHIPPS (JOHN6, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3)90 was born December 1668 in Sheepscot, Maine91, and died Aft. 1742 bef 1754 - Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts92.  He married MARY UNDERWOOD93,94,95 Bef. 1694 in Reading, Massachusetts96, daughter of JOSEPH UNDERWOOD and ELIZABETH.  Any further information on John's family would be appreciated.

 Children of JOHN PHIPPS and MARY UNDERWOOD are:
 i. ANNA8 PHIPPS, b. 1694, Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; d. young?
16. ii. JOHN PHIPPS, b. 1696-1699, Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts?; d. October 16, 1746, Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
17. iii. MARY PHIPPS, b. December 26, 1699, Reading, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts103; d. Aft. 1725104; m. NATHAN/NATHANIEL RAMSDELL, September 30, 1725, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts - in Newton, Vital Records105,106.
18. iv. ELIZABETH PHIPPS, b. December 19, 1701, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. May 13, 1765, Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
19. v. SARAH PHIPPS, b. March 04, 1703/04, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1740.
20. vi. MARGARET PHIPPS, b. Abt. 1706, of Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1733.
21. vii. ANNA PHIPPS, b. Abt. 1718, Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; d. February 09, 1748/49, Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
22. viii. WILLIAM PHIPPS, b. August 21, 1718, Medway, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. July 05, 1745, Great Meadows, New Hampshire.

  Map of Medway, Massachusetts circa 1713

11.  JAMES7 PHIPPS (JOHN6, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3)107,108 was born Bef. 1696 of Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts109, and died Aft. 1732 bef 1739? He married SARAH TUCKER110,111 May 11, 1711 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts - by Rev. Mr. Benjamin Colman (Presb.)112,113,114,115. Occupation: sea captain - Boston mariner 1696116  With Sir William Phipps on Canada Expedition?

 Children of JAMES PHIPPS and SARAH TUCKER are:
23. i.  ELIZABETH8 PHIPPS, b. Bet. 1712 - 1717, Gloucester Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1735.
24. ii.  SARAH PHIPPS, b. 1721, Gloucester Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1758.

25. iii. JAMES PHIPPS, b. Abt. 1724, Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1762-1810?
26. iv.  ABIGAIL PHIPPS, b. August 10, 1726, Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts117. 
27. v. THOMAS PHIPPS, of Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1752. 
     vi. LYDIA PHIPPS, b. February 25, 1731/32, Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts
120. Is this the Lydia Phipps who m. Jonathan Sargeant August 7, 1777 at Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts?

12.  JOHN7 WIDGER (MARY6 PHIPPS, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born Abt. 1660 of Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts.  He married BETHIA SWEET November 12, 1685 in Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts. 
Children of JOHN WIDGER and BETHIA SWEET are:
 i.    JOHN8 WIDGER, b. Abt. 1686, Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
   ii.    JAMES WIDGER, b. Abt. 1689, Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. January 02, 1720/21.

28. iii. WILLIAM WIDGER, b. Abt. 1698.

13.  MARGARET7 HALSEY (MARGARET6 PHIPPS, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3) was born Abt. 1674, and died Aft. 1727.  She married MATTHEW ARMSTRONG June 07, 1694 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts - by The Rev. John Phillips, son of MATTHEW ARMSTRONG and HANNAH.  He was born May 29, 1666 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, and died September 21, 1709. 
Burial at Copps Hill Burial Ground, Boston, Massachusetts.
February 5, 1705/6; Mary Sergeant wife of Peter Sergeant, & formerly the widow of William Phips: legatees: .... Margaret Armstrong, wife of Mathew Armstrong, & her daughter Mary Armstrong, Dorcas Salter wife of Aneas Salter, Jr., house & land at the North End occupied by Samuel Avis, I give to Mary brick warehouse now in building near that occupied by Mr. Mico, to be sold & the money to be divided between Benjamin White, Elizabeth Holland, Margaret Armstrong & William Bennet, Mary Widgers & Margaret Andrews...
July 20, 1727; Estate of Matthew Armstrong: Wm. Claggett (clockmaker) guardian to Matthew Armstrong, and attorney and agent to Margaret Armstrong, widow, Wm. Waters (mariner) of Newport and w Hannah, deed to W. Waters (weaver) of Boston, house & land, E. on Middle St., S. on land of Messr Lee and Allen, W. on land of Ebenezer Bridge, N.E. land of Dr. Perkins. (SD 41:99) W. side of Hanover St. between Prince and Parmenter Sts. (Thwing database)

29. i. MARY8 ARMSTRONG140, b. May 19, 1696, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 ii.  MATTHEW ARMSTRONG, b. April 12, 1698, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 iii. THOMAS ARMSTRONG, b. March 12, 1699/00, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; m. SARAH EAMES, June 26, 1717, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 iv. JANE ARMSTRONG, b. 1704.
140, b. 1706; m. WILLIAM WATERS140, March 02, 1723/24, by The Rev. Peter Thatcher140, of Newport. He was born February 10, 1701/02, son of WILLIAM WATERS and REBECCA.  January 30, 1698/99; Selectmen of Boston deeds to William Waters part house and land, N.E. sd William Waters, deceased, now occupied by grandson sd William Waters, N.W. William Waters, S.W. Edwrad Rawson, deceased, and situated S.E. on the back street leading from Mill Bridge. (SD 19:63) N.W. side of Salem St. near Cross St. Burial Copps Hill, Boston.
30. vi. ISABELLA ARMSTRONG, b. December 25, 1707, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
    vii.  MARGARET ARMSTRONG, b. Abt. 1709.


14.  COLONEL SPENCER BENNETT7 PHIPPS (WILLIAM6, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3)121,122 was born June 06, 1685 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts123,124, and died April 04, 1757 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts  - age 74125,126,127,128.  He married by Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth to ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON129 November 20, 1707 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts130,131, daughter of ELIAKIM HUTCHINSON and SARAH SHRIMPTON.

 i. CAPTAIN WILLIAM8 PHIPPS, b. 1709, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts149,150;  1751 - June 22, 1752151,152,153; m. LUCY LECHMERE, March 03, 1747/48, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts154,155. Baptised August 07, 1709, Boston 1st Church, Boston, Massachusetts  Occupation: sea captain156  Military Service: French and Indian War157 1728, graduated Harvard158,159 November 13, 1734; Eliakim Hutchinson, buys 1/3 part of land of William Phips. (SD 74:209) S. side Milk St. (Thwing database) Cause of Death: smallpox.  She married a second time in Jan or Feb 1756, to Samuel Solley of New Hampshire. They removed to London about 1760, where she died. Her death, in London, was reported in the New Hampshire Gazette for March 10, 1761.
 ii. MARY PHIPPS, b. August 30, 1710, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts160; d. June 08, 1716, Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts161. Baptised September 03, 1710, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts162 Buried: Harvard Square Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts163
31. iii. SARAH PHIPPS, b. October 19, 1712, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. December 1793, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts or Tewksbury, Massachusetts?
 iv. ELIAKIM PHIPPS, b. October 17, 1714, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts164; d. December 03, 1714, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts165. Buried: Harvard Square Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts166
32. v. ELIZABETH PHIPPS, b. Abt. 1716, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. September 22, 1739, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 vi. LIEUTENANT SPENCER PHIPPSBaptised February 20, 1720/21, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts170,168; d. February 12, 1746/47, Battle of Louisburg169.
 vii. DAVID PHIPPS, b. August 19, 1722, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts171; d. September 21, 1722, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts172. Baptised August 26, 1722,  Boston 1st Church, Boston, Massachusetts173 Buried: Buried Harvard Square Cemetery Cambridge, Massachusetts174
 viii. ELIAKIM PHIPPSBaptised August 25, 1723, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts175; died young.
33. ix. ADMIRAL DAVID PHIPPS, b. September 25, 1724, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. July 07, 1811, Bath, Gloucestershire, England.
34. x. MARY PHIPPS, b. December 27, 1725, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. February 19, 1815, Bristol, England.
 xi. REBECCA PHIPPS, b. February 14, 1726/27, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts177,178; d. Aft. 1755179; m. JOSEPH LEE, February 15, 1755, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts180,181. Occupation: merchant183  Entire city mourned his death182

  Graves of Spencer and Elizabeth's children


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