Ancestors and Descendants of John Phips of Sherborn, MA 1696-1746


   My name is Stephanie J. Walker and I am a Phipps descendant. I am presenting here a portion of my 100,000+ name database of Phips and related families. The majority of my database covers Phipps families from the Northeastern United States. I also have a database of Phipps families from the Southeastern United States, the Midwest, and Great Britain. Most of my information dates prior to 1850.
   As with any family database, there are many mysteries, loopholes, and unconnected individuals. I welcome additions and corrections to the information I am presenting here.

Origin of the Phipps surname

The Ancient chronicles of England reveal the early records of the surname Phipps as of being of Norman origin and being one of the oldest names interwoven into the history of Britian. Research by professional analysts using ancient manuscripts shows the first Phipps name was found in Wiltshire where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD.
Those of the Phipps surname are believed to be originally from the Norman race, of French orgin, but further back of viking origin.
The viking s landed in the Orkneys about the year 870 AD under their chief, Stirgud the Stout. Later their Jarl,Thorfinn Rollo, invaded France about 940 AD. The French King, Charles the Simple, after Rollo laid seige to Paris, finally conceded defeat and granted Northern France to Rollo. Rollo became the
first Duke of Normandy - the territory of the North men.
 Duke William who invaded and defeated England in 1066 AD., was decended from the first Duke Rollo of Normandy. Duke William took a census of most people of England in 1086 AD
that eventually became  known as the Doomesday Books.
The name Phipps emerged as a notable English family in the county of Wiltshire where they were recorded as a family with great antiquity seated as Lords of the Manor and Estates in that shire. They were decended from the Norman family Phillips of Picton Castle in Herefordshire and they branched to Haywood House in
 Westbury in Wiltshire and also to Leighton House that same shire. They branched also to Salley Hall in Warwickshire where the name changed to Phipson.
  Most frequent spellings of the surname include Phips, Phipps, Fipp, Fipps, Fips, Phip. Other variations found mainly in English records prior to 1800 include;Phyps, Phypps, Phyips, Fypps, Fyps,
Phyppi, Fippi, Phippe, Phipe, Pipe, Fippe, Fyppe, Phyppe.
It is doubful that all of the Phipps orginating in England are related.  The name is patronymic and would have sprung up independently in many areas of England in the late middle ages when surnames became more common and began to be passed from one generation to the next.
The Phipps in England tend to be concentrated in the northern Gloucestershire/Worcestershire, Warwickshire areas.  Also found often in Hertfordshire, Wiltshire and Leicestershire.

The earliest Phipps families of America.

Of the most common surnames in the US, our name Phipps had the rank of 1,389 in 1969.

There were 2 Phipps lines that have been well documented but are of uncertain relationship in New England prior to 1650. James Phips of Maine (arrival prior to 1640), and Solomon Phipps of Charlestown, Massachusetts (arrival prior to 1642).  Some say the two men were brothers, or father and son. To my knowledge, no relationship has never been proven between the two men. It is very possible the two families have connections earlier in the ancestry, as ancestors of James Phips were known to have had descendants who were later found in the area from which Solomon Phipps originated in England. It is true that the descendants of James and Solomon shared common family connections, acquaintances and neighbors.  Their descendants also inhabited common places. If anyone has information concerning a primary source that proves a relationship between the two men, I would be most interested.

There also is one or more southern Phipps branches of English origin. One southern branch, the largest of the early American Phipps lines, possibly connects to the New England line prior to 1600 in England.  The progenitor of this family appears to have been Joseph Phipps, a Quaker, who settled in Pennsylvania about 1682. Members of this family later moved further south into Virginia, and North Carolina, then migrated west.

Other Phipps in America Prior to 1700

Although I have information on all of the above Phipps families, the majority of the information presented on these pages will concern or connect to the lines of James Phips of Maine. The James Phips line is the line I have the most complete information on as he is my ancestor. You will find maternal and related lines by following the links or visiting the Surname page.

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On these pages you will find the name Phips spelled with one 'p' and with 2 'p's. The family of James Phips of Maine spelled the name with only 1 'p' until the early - mid 1700's when some members of the family added a second 'p'.  Where I have hand written the names on these pages I use the 'correct' spellings.  When the information found here is directly from my genealogy family file, there will be 2 'p' s.That is because I chose to enter the names that way into my program to make searching easier. I have not taken the time to go through and change the spellings on each individual that only used 1 'p'.

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