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Links to Clark County, Washington Cemeteries

Clark County Cemeteries
A web project by Clark County Genealogical Society beginning in 2005.

Cemetery Inscription Library for other Clark County cemeteries
The link above will take you to:
    * County Farm Cemetery (Marble Mount Cemetery)
    * La Center Cemetery (Mount Zion Cemetery)
    * Old City Cemetery (partial reading only)
    * Sacred Heart Cemetery (Dublin Cemetery)

I Dream of Genealogy
This web site has links to many online lists of burials in the state of Washington. Venersborg and Holy Cross Cemeteries (below) are the only two from Clark County with listings of burials. There is also a link to our Fern Prairie Cemetery web page.

Information about other Clark County Cemeteries

Other cemeteries in Clark County are listed below. Most of these have been read and are included in books by the Clark County Genealogical Society and are available at their library at 717 Grand Blvd. in Vancouver. Click below to access their web page.

Clark County Genealogical Society

Amboy Cemetery
Bethel Lutheran Cemetery
Bethel Methodist Cemetery
Buncombe Hollow (Highland Valley) Cemetery
Camas Cemetery
Columbia Tie Road Cemetery
Columbia Mausoleum (no longer exists, was near current Harney School)
County Farm Cemetery (Marble Mount Cemetery) (See link above)
Crawford (or Kumtux) Cemetery
Dead Lake (Fallen Leaf) Cemetery (removed)
Elim Lutheran Cemetery
Evergreen Memorial Cemetery
Fairchild (Hawk Hills) Cemetery
Fern Prairie Cemetery (you’re on our web page now)
Finn Hill Cemetery
Fisher Cemetery
Fort Vancouver (or the Post Military) Cemetery
Gardner (Hayes) Cemetery
Gravel Point Cemetery
Highland Lutheran Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery (Washougal)
Hurt Road Cemetery
Indian Burial Grounds (Crown Road/3rd, Camas)
John Pollock Cemetery
Knight Family Cemetery
Lewisville Cemetery
Livingston Cemetery
Memory Memorial Cemetery
Mountain View Cemetery
Mt. Zion (LaCenter) Cemetery (see link above)
New 2004 - Family Cemetery
Northwood Park Cemetery
Old City Cemetery (linked above but only partially read)
Page (Red Rock) Cemetery
Park Hill Cemetery
Indian Burial Grounds (near Day Break Bridge)
Pioneer Cemetery
Ridgefield Cemetery
Robinson Family Cemetery
Sacred Heart Cemetery (Dublin Cemetery) (see link above)
Salmon Creek Methodist Cemetery
Sara Union Cemetery
Sifton Cemetery
St. James Catholic Cemetery - now Mother Joseph Catholic Cemetery
St. Johns Catholic Cemetery
St. John Lutheran Cemetery
St. Mary of Guadalupe Catholic Cemetery
Sunnyside Memorial Cemetery
Venersborg Cemetery (see link above)
Washougal Memorial Cemetery
Wilson Bridge Cemetery
Yacolt Cemetery

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