Fern Prairie Cemetery : 150th Anniversary
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Our 150th anniversary celebration,
remembered in pictures.

Our 150th anniversary celebration was held Saturday, May 28, 2005. Will Zalpys was Master of Ceremonies and Pat Jollota, Vancouver City Council Member, gave the opening speech. Kelly Love represented Congressman Brian Baird and read his congratulatory message. He was unable to attend because he is still in Washington, DC.

Other attending dignitaries were introduced. There were about 100 people in attendance including Vida Livingston Engstrom, 92. She was the oldest attending descendant of a person buried here and was featured Sunday in The Columbian with a picture as she put flowers on the grave of her great grandmother, Arty Noe Livingston, who died in 1886.

Two direct descendants of the Coffey's, Van Vleet's and Dorman's were with us and were part of the program. Teri Masters and Debbie Branch only recently discovered our web page (see their entries in the Guest Book) and came from California to help us celebrate. Teri and Debbie did the ribbon cutting for the new section and the columbarium.

A special speaker was Dr. Louisa Van Vleet Wright (represented by Mary Wojciechowski) telling the story of her life and death. Dressed in the period costume with the large white apron, which supposedly spooked the horse that then kicked her in the head and ended her life, Mary, as Dr. Wright, told an interesting story which is a mystery to this day. Was it an accident or really a murder? No one will ever know but it's something to think about.
A highlight was a self guided tour of the old pioneer graves plus the Two Rivers Heritage Museum had a display. See a few pictures of the occasion by clicking below. The Harpist Group comprised of Valerie Blessley and Jennifer Pratt-Walter furnished us with enjoyable music during the ceremony.


Master of Ceremonies - Will Zalpys

Anthem by Miss Charylie Abernathy

Pat Jollota, Vancouver City Council Member

Debbie Branch and Teri Masters

Dr. Louisa Wright (a.k.a. Mary Wojciechowski)

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Vida Livingston Engstrom

View of the crowd

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