Clark County Cemeteries : Maps & Cemetery List

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The individual maps on each page are courtesy of Patricia Hanning.

The list and map linked below are from one of the many cemetery books
compiled and published by Clark County Genealogical Society.
They have been scanned into more readable copies by Don Finel of CCGS.

The Vol. & number after the cemetery indicates which book (if any)
contains that cemetery. These books can be seen at the CCGS library.

Click on the underlined titles to see larger versions.

Funeral Homes & Mortuaries
This listing shows the abbreviations used in our burial lists and in the CCGS books.

Cemetery List by map location & CCGS index.

Clark County Map of Cemeteries

Clark County Map of Cemeteries - UPPER HALF

Clark County Map of Cemeteries - LOWER HALF

Last modified on Wednesday, August 15, 2007