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Thanks to Rose Marie Harshmann for furnishing us with this information.


From The Columbian, Vancouver, WA, 14 Dec 1934
Columbia Mausoleum
514 Arts Bldg. Phone 1533
The following is a partial List of people who have purchased crypts for vault entombment at Columbia Memorial. These purchases have been made for future need or with re-sale privileges.
James L. Bacon
C.T. Campbell
Elizabeth DuBack
C.O. Vehrs (Camas)
Edgar Gardner
W. M. McPhaden
John Payne
Nathan Rice
Mrs. Axtell
Frank Richards
G. C. Poe
Harriet Clouston
Mrs. L. A. Shaw
Mrs. W. .J. Knapp
H. M. Vaught (Wallowa, OR)
Margaret Scales
Emil Dalen
Grace DeLong
John J. Drill (Portland)
Mrs. B. L. Pierce
Carl Dahlin
Carl Johnson
J. Speer
Frank Wendlick
Mrs. R. Schafer
John F. Wilson (Portland)
Elsie Johnson
Katherine M. Dailey
Samuel M. Simon
John Koch
W. F. Heinrichs
G. W. Hutchinson
Mrs. E. F. Hilborn
Cora E. Steffan
Wm. L. Watt (Tacoma)
Louise Aalderink
Frank Lynch
Carl L. George (Portland)
Floyd Ratchford
Mrs. J. X. DuFresne
Walden Higdon
William Andrews
James H. Geraghty
Herman Aalderink
 A . Zuloff (Portland)
Dr. Ralph L. Lieser
William H. Stadelman
George DuBois
Morris Wolf
Rudolph Luepke
Lindley S. Ellis
Fred P. Rash
Correy M. Galbraith
Earl F. Stevens
William DuBois
Ira Nelson
Howard B. Ferris
Frank J. Garr
Robert Jeffery
Casper J. Jenny
Jos. J. Donovan
W.B. Richardson
George A. Woll
Melvin S. Thompson
Wm. M. Perry (Battle Ground)
Louis Orthman
Caaroline Wendlick
Mrs. H. R. Chapman
C. F. McCall
James S. Gardner
Henry Gill
A total of 160 crypts have been sold to date in our new mausoleum. The reason for this advance sale is explained in the fact that the purchases have been made at an average savings of $100 per crypt. That being the difference between the present price and the price that will prevail upon completion of the mausoleum.
Twenty-four entombments have been made in our temporary crypts.
The lower floor containing 650 crypts is completed and the upper floor work is going ahead.


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