Sunnyside Memorial Cemetery : Pictures

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The photos included on this site are mostly the efforts of
Terese & Greg Dayton
We thank them for sharing this vast amount of work with us.


Ammeter family stone

Ammeter, Alice M. & John

Ammeter, Bertha & Fred

Ammeter, Fritz

Ammeter, William L.

Anderson, Clara C.

Anderson, Nels C.

Attwell family stone

Attwell, Bertha Alice

Attwell, James Fremont

Attwell - view of their family plot


Baldwin, Alvin & Rose M.

Baldwin, Sandra J.

Barker, Armour Liana

Beard, Marie Gertrude

Beatty, Alice M. & Andrew

Begier, Arleene Nellie

Begier, James F. Jr.

Blackwood, Hampton C. & Eliza

Blackwood, Raymond & Mildred

Blackwood, Ursula M. & John F.

Bradseth, Edward G. & Evelyn A.

Broscheit, Donald

Broscheit, George W.

Broscheit, Ida M., Anna M. & George F.

Brown, Alice A. & Frank


Carl, Curtis D.

Carleton, Amelia B. & Chas Guy

Carleton, Arthur C.

Carleton, C. H.

Carleton, Cynthis (footstone)

Carleton, Cynthia Tuttle

Carleton - view of their family plot

Carleton, Lewis T.

Carleton, Roy

Carleton, Sarah

Carleton, Wm. H.

Carpenter, Dr. Lewis H. & Ruth Allen

Carpenter, Grace A. & Henry Carleton

Carpenter, H. H.

Carpenter, Phebe R.

Cates, Ison B. & Mary E.

Cates, Marian A.

Christensen, Christ

Christensen, Maren

Christensen, Martin

Cole, Ezra H.

Cole, Urena Ulvin

Cole, William D.

Cooper, Opal V.

Cox, Viola Louise Krohn Smith

Crissinger, Frances H.

Crow, Mary T.

Crowder, Jesus

Crowder, Maria

Crowson, Anna H. & Jerimiah

Crowson, Emma F. & Jerry M.

Crowson, Harry J.

Crowson, Jerry M.

Crowson, Jerry Phillip & Frances Louise


Deery, Danny

Dodds, Charles R. & Maude

Dodds - view of family plot

DURRETT, Lester Raymond & Jeanne Lucille

DURRETT - a view showing position of stones above


Erickson, Emma Barbara

Erickson, Henry E.

Erickson, Hulda K.


Godsil, Marie H.

Goodwin, Guy

Goodwin, Ivah L. & J. Baxter

Grimm, Etta Elnora


Harriss, Cameron O. & Katherine


Johnston, Alex H. - Sandy

Johnston, Benjamin

Johnston, Benjamin F.

Johnston, Homer V.

Johnston, James A.

Johnston, Minnie

Johnston, W. C. & Mary

Johnston, William (Harry)

Johnston-Barber, Florence A.

Jorgensen, Jay P.


Kloninger, Anna & Martha Ford

Knapp, W. H.

Kraff, Robert Irvin & Carole JoAnne

Krohn, Carl & Esther M.

Krohn, Charles E., Bonnie A. & Rosina Kay

Krohn, Clara M. & Fred R.

Krohn, Clarence C.

Krohn, Donna June

Krohn, Emil C. (Amos)

Krohn, Etta H.

Krohn, Fredrick & Anna B.

Krohn, Henry & Emilie (children of Fritz and Anna)

Krohn, Henry T. (Hank)

Krohn, Julius (Joe)

Krohn, Paul J. & Willa M.

Krohn, Rose L. & Otto E.

Krohn, Shirley & Jode

Krohn, Theodore G.

Krohn Smith Cox, Viola Louise

Krohn, Walter G.

Krohn, William Carol


Loeffel, Helen

Loeffel, John

Loeffel, Marie

Loeffel, Rose M.

Loeffel, Theodore

Loeffel, view of their family plot

Long, Martha E.

Long, Martha E. (footstones probably)

Luthy family stone

Luthy, Fredrick

Luthy, John

Luthy, Martha

Luthy, view of their family plot


Mann, Nola A.

Matthews, Rebekah Ann

McClellan, Brittany L.

McClellan, Eileen & Charles

McIntosh, Alexander

Mertz, Laura K.

Mertz, Magalene M.

Meyer, Marcus Willard & Alice Attwell


Nelson, Bertha A.


O'Connor, John C.


Pratt, Baby Girl

Pratt, Daniel E.


Reich, Myrtle C.

Reich, Ross F.

Rengo, Hans

Ricks, view of their family plot

Ricks, George P. & Minnie V. with Soderberg, John W.

Ricks, John R.


Sadewasser, H. A.

Sadewasser, Lon A.

Sanders, Charles L.

Sanders, Mary A.

Sappington, Eunice C.

Sappington, William D.

Schlegel, Christian J. & Joan E.

Schlegel, Fred T.

Schlegel, Otillia K. & Christian A.

Schlegel, Ursula & Christian

Soderberg, John W. with Ricks, George P. & Minnie V.

Stauffer, Adolph

Stauffer, Adolph

Stauffer, Frederick

Stauffer, Jacob

Stauffer, Minnie C. & William

Stauffer, Rosetta

Steelman, Saarah J.

Stevens, Beverlee J.

Sundberg, Emilie B. & Gustaphe C.


Taylor, Don L.

Taylor, Lauren A.

Templer, Errol Wayne & Carol Lee

Thayer, Newell L.

Thrall, Russell S.

Tishauser, Christian

Tishauser, Christian

Turner, Evalyn Mae


Utehs, Herman C.


VanSant, Lucy


Wing, Anita Marie

Wing, Anita Marie


Zahumensky, Marie

Zahumensky, Peter P.


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