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Burial Records

These burial records were included in Clark County Washington Cemetery
Records, Volume 5
published by CCGS in 1989.

Charles H. Page, 1841 - 1920 (brother of John)

John F. Page, April 1, 1898, aged 59 yrs. (Born Feb 2, 1839 - brother of Charles)

Henry Page, born in Bucksport, Maine, Nov. 1, 1818 - died Oct. 21, 1867

Mary F. Page, Born in Hope, Maine, Apr. 16, 1816 - Died June 3, 1893. (Believed to be the wife of John Page.)

Rosa E. Beck, Dec. 1871 - Mar. 1945 (daughter of John & Margaret [Eaton] Robinson)

Edwin Beck, unmarked grave, ashes here. The son of Rosa E. Beck)

BACKMAN (all unmarked graves)
Clara Elizabeth [Combs] Backman, born May 17, 1830, Detroit, Michigan, died June 23, 1910 - wife of George John Fake Backman, Sr.

Emily A. [Miller] Backman, born May 6, 1859, near Portland, Oregon - died Nov. 23, 1886 - wife of George John Fake Backman Jr. who is buried at Hayes Cemetery.

George John Fake Backman Sr., born March 13 or 14, 1819/20 in New York state - died June 14, 1902. His motherís maiden name was Fake.

GARDNER (unmarked grave)
Floyd Gardner, born Jan 5, 1888 - died Oct. 1, 1889, the son of Daniel and Martha [Gilson] Gardner

ROBINSON (unmarked graves)
James Robinson, Alvin Robinson and Nellie Robinson, children of John and Margaret Robinson are buried in the plot with Rosa Beck which is enclosed with an iron fence.

More burial information from an unknown newspaper


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