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Gravel Point Cemetery : Pictures
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Many thanks to
Sharon McConnell
for furnishing us with the gravestone photos for this site!

Click below to see gravestones for:

Anderson, Albert W.

Alford, Forrest L. & Pearl

Blystone, Eliza J.

Blystone, Henry L.

Blystone, Margaret J.

Bolich, Alpha E. & Mary K.

Brown, Lorena

Chalke Twins

Daly, Matilda

Daly, Ransom

Engvall, Carl A.

Engvall, Carl J.

Engvall, Oliva

Eskeli, Esther V. & William M.

Foley, Frederick F.

Foley, Roger E. & Ruth M.

Foley, Willliam B.

Foreman, August

Foreman, Cacelia

Hale, Johanna Pura

Harvey, Michael A. (baby)

Hatman, John H. III

Hill, David Michael

Hill, Fred August

Hill, Hilja K. & Peter

Inman, William J. & Carole V.

Kandoll, Troy Jacob

Korhonen, David G.

Korhonen, Jon D.

Korhonen, Onnie W.

Kulla, Helmi S.

Kulla, Janet Rose

Kulla, John Carl

Kulla, Pauline Joy

Laitinen, Carl T. & Kalle

Lehto, August

Lehto, Augusta C.

Lehto, Hulda C.

Mackey, Esther H.

Mackey, George W. & Sylvia E.

Mackey, Ronald G.

Martenson, C.J. Ed & Marie M.

Martenson, Selma A. & Lester E.

Matilla, Freda R.

Matilla, Nels Jalmer

Matson, Annette L.

Matson, Baby & Melanie

Matson, Donald E.

Matson, H. Vivian and Albert H.

Matson, Harold W. & Muriel J.

Matson, Infant Girl

Matson, Kellie

Mauke, Mary G.

Mauke, Reinhardt

Mauke, Reuben E.

McAlvay, James

McAlavy, Mary E. Harkin

McLavy, Earl

Meines, William & Margaret

Moir, Clint W.

Mortenson, Elna & John

Nikkola, Hugo H.

Nikkola, Jacob & Maria

Niskanen, Arnold & Gertrude

Niskanen, Dennis

Nylund, Juanita J. & Albert M.

Olson, Jonathan J., Clara M. & Samuel J.

Oltmann, Jerry Dean

Oppermann, Phillip & Margarethe

Pura, Henry & Anna

Risto, Anne Marie

Risto, Oscar Wilho

Sarkela, Donald L.

Sarkela, Gary D.

Sarkela, Nancy & Theodore W.

Shackleton, Gwendolyn J. & Doyle R.

Sturgess, Josie V. & N. Park

Tervo, Willard Roy & Elsa Sofia

Thogerson, Doug W.

Tikka, Franklin W. Jr.

Tikka, Franklin W. Sr. & Eleanor J.

Toth, Sharon Lee "Sherry"

Traffie, Baby Aaron

Ueltschi, David

Waldal, Kathryn Lydia & James John

Wallway, Fred George & Emma Sophia

Ward, Alonzo

Ward, Amanda

Ward, Frank A.

Ward, Retha F.

West, Burdette W.

West, Elva Fern

White, Wallace & Walter

Unidentified Gravestone

The Unidentified Gravestone above is illegible. If you can
identify it, please send us an e-mail.


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