Crawford Cemetery : Burial & Funeral Home Records
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Burial Records

The update of the Crawford Cemetery was walked and read on the 20
th of December, 2004, by Becca Mintz and Jane Germann, a CCGS member. Since the reading was done just before Christmas, there were many Christmas decorations on the tombstones and these have been noted. The cemetery is divided by a U-shaped road running primarily north and south. On the north fence are row numbers that start from the entrance and go east and west. At the south end of the cemetery, there are additional numbers for rows in the new area. There were no tombstones in the new section.

The Crawford Cemetery is in northeastern Clark County, east of Battle Ground, off Allworth road, also known as NE 244
th Street. It was originally known as Kent’s Cemetery, named after Stephen Kent who had a homestead there. Mr. Kent planned for a church and a cemetery on the site, but the church was never built. In later years the cemetery became known as Crawford after the settlement of that name. The cemetery was established approximately in 1885.

Information obtained from tombstones in the 2004 reading is not parenthesized or bracketed. (Parenthesized material was put there by the readers as additional information.) [Bracketed material was obtained from the first reading by members of Clark County Genealogical Society prior to 1989 and is marked with a CCGS. This includes many readings in which the stones have become buried or lost. CCGS also had other information, but it is not known where it came from.] {Braces contain information from other sources: Funeral homes, obituaries, or cemetery records. They have been noted.} The location of the row is shown last: E,7 stands for East side, row 7. The cemetery is small, so this is an adequate description.

Clark County Genealogical Society has permission of Cemetery District No. 1 to put up this website. Thank you for your help and additions to this page, in particular to the secretary Eileen.

Up to date: Photos to Dec 14, 2004; Stone reading to Dec 14, 2004; Secretary’s notes and obituaries to _________.

Chris Eldred has now "adopted" this cemetery:
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P.O. Box 2906
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Crawford Cemetery Burial Records
This file is in a PDF format.


Funeral Home Records

Anna Bohling, Andrew Hansen, Charles Thorn.
These records are in a PDF file. They have been created from Funeral Home records.


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