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Brush Prairie Cemetery History
by Richard Engstrom

The Brush Prairie Cemetery is one of the oldest of Clark County Cemeteries. Many Clark County pioneers are buried at this cemetery. The community of Brush Prairie dates back to 1850. Some of the earliest pioneers were Gearsham Van Atta, J. J. Clark and Alvin Clark. The story is told that the name for Brush Prairie came from an early pioneer by name of James Rambo. Evidently, he was on horseback and got disoriented along with the rest of his party and said, “Let me take the lead and get you out of the brush prairie.”

James Rambo and members of his family are also buried at the Brush Prairie Cemetery.

The land for the Brush Prairie Cemetery was donated in 1865 by Gearsham Van Atta. There are many generations of Van Atta’s buried at the Cemetery.

You will find on the following links, photos of gravestones and markers as well as a record of burials for the cemetery. We have some obituaries and intend to add others over the next few months. We encourage family members who have relatives buried at Brush Prairie Cemetery to share with us their obituaries so that we can post them to the website.

It should be noted that the original burial records for the cemetery were lost in a fire in the 1930’s. There have been some efforts to restore these records over the past few years, but if there were not a readable stone or marker, the name and location of the individual interred at the cemetery may not be included on our web site. Some stones have been broken or destroyed over the years. In addition, there may be markers covered by shrubs, grass, etc.

We encourage you to contact us if you see errors in the burial records, etc. We have tried to the best of our ability to record as accurately as possible the information that was provided to develop the attached burial records.

You may leave your comments in the Guestbook. We hope that this effort is of assistance in your search for family.


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