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CARPENTER PAPERS. — Early History, 23, 24; Town Officers, Col. Benjamin Walker, Maj. Nathan Harrington, Hon. James Fisk, Hon. Warren Ellis, Dea. Jonas Nichols, Capt. Joseph Watson, Hon. Denison Smith, Denison K. Smith, 27-31.

CHAS. A. SMITH PAPERS, Barre Academy, The National Bank, Norman W. Braley, M. D., 24, 25; Masonic papers, (by or from) 37, 38; The first Granite shop in Barre, 39; Soldiers of 1861, 43-47.

PRIEST PAPER. — Goddard Seminary, 26, 27.

BLISS PAPER. — The Universalist Church, Rev. Wm. Farwell, Rev. John E. Palmer, 30, 31.

WOOD PAPERS. — Early business, Roads, Stage coaches and old time teams; Stock and farming, Early postmasters, First merchants, Hotels, Landlords, Prominent men, Dr. Paddock, Dr. Van Sicklen, Dr. Burnham, Lawyers, Soil, Game, Barre Village, Cemetery, Library, Newspapers, Manufacturers, Fire Company, Cornet Band, Barre Boys West, Longevity, Old people, 31-37; Plattsburgh Company, Barre Company Volunteers in the war of 1812, 41, 42; Judge Chapin Keith and Family, 47-49.


William Clark, William A. Dodge, 40, 41.

HOLDEN PAPERS. — Town Officers, 38; Safford & Holden Mf'g Co., 51.

E. L. SMITH PAPER. — Barre Quarries, 38, 39.

PARKER PAPER. — Quarry and works, 39.

CLAFLIN PAPER. — War Report, 42.

D. P. THOMPSON PAPER. — Calvin J. Keith, 47, 48.

WATCHMAN PAPER. — Joshua Twing, 48, 49.

COGSWELL PAPER, 49. [Silas Ketchum Eulogy]

BARTLETT PAPER. — List of M. E. Preachers in Barre, 51.

TELEGRAPH OFFICE.—Samuel Goodell, 52.

CROSBY PAPER. — Johonnott Family Geneology, 917.

PALMER. — Hymn, 919.




NYE PAPERS. — First Things, Dr. Heaton, Dr. Jacob Miller, Dr. John Winslow, Dr. Orin Smith, 54; Jacob Fowler, Hezekiah Silloway, Hon. Salvin Collins, John Taplin, Capt. James Hobart, 55-57; Zachariah Perrin, Eleazer Hubbard, David, Elijah and Solomon Nye, Joshua Bailey, Capt. James Sawyer, Jabez Ellis, William Flagg, Jacob Black, Capt. James Sawyer, Jabez Ellis, Capt. Daniel Taylor, Capt. Jas. Pearley, Stephen Pearson, Joel Warren, Abel Knapp, Major Jones, Major Benjamin, Elisha Andrews, Safford Cummings, Col. Johnson, 57-60; Simeon, Wm., Israel, Henry Dewey, Dea. Cummings, Russell Strong, Nathaniel and Dea. Jonathan Bosworth, Asa Andrews, Joseph Arbuckle, Porter, Rev. Wm., Rev. Truman, Geo. K., Henry M., Porter K. and Wm. B. Perrin, Chauncey L. Knapp, Judge J. C. Knapp, Chauncey Nye, Rev. G. C. Moore, 60-64; Congregational Church, Rev. James Hobart, Rev. Austin Hazen, 64-66; Methodist Church, 67; Soldiers of 1812, 1861; Major Crandall, 68; Hon. D. P. Thompson, 69; Great Wolf Hunt, 70; Berlin Pond, 72; Henry Luther Stuart, Hon. Chas Bulkley, 73; Berlin Street, Stevens' Branch, Dog River, 74, Song, 720.




FISHER PAPERS. — Grantees, Surveys, Hazen Road, Whitcomb's Rangers, Benj. and Nathaniel Webster, Lieut. Heath, Lieut. Lyford, Yellow House and Smuggling, Doings and Votes 1788 to 1806; John W. Dana, 74-81; Cabot Village, The Centre, East Hill, Wm. Osgood, David Haines, Lower Cabot, Moses Stone, Hector McLean, South Cabot, East Cabot, South-west Hill, West Hill, Petersville, Market Road,


            926                         VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


Freighting, First Things, 81-87; Graveyards, Schools, Ponds, Mineral Spring, Going to mill, First wagon, stove, clock, carpet, Distilleries, Post-office, Telegraph, 87-93; Congregationalists, Rev. Moses Ingalls, Rev. Levi H. Stone, 93-97; Baptists, 94-97; Methodists, 98-101; The Advent Church, Physicians, Epidemics, Native Clergy, Lawyers, College Graduates, Literature, Masonic, 101-103; Town Officers, County Officers, 103-105; Bear Story, Temperance Societies, Good Templars, 105-109; Nathaniel Webster. Lieut. Lyford. Dr. Scott, Joseph Fisher. Elihu Coburn. Col. Stone, Hon. John W. Dana, Leonard Orcutt, Dea. Marsh, Dea. Fisher, Joseph Lance, John Damon, Zerah Colburn, Hon. John McLean, Thomas Lyford, 109–116; Military Record, Cabot Monument, Lieut. Col. Kimball, 116-128.





TOBEY AND ROBINSON PAPERS. — Ponds, Mountains, Grantees, Name, Proprietors' doings, Town organized, First officers, settlers, schools and districts, roads, 128-137; Slayton, Hathaway, Palmer, Goodell Families; Barnabas Doty, Elijah White, 139-143; First Meeting-house Society, 143, 144; Revolutionary Soldiers, of the War of 1812, Plattsburgh Vols., Soldiers of 1861–'65, 147-151; Kent Family, 158; Thomas West, Moses Stone, Samuel Twiss, Robinson Family, Zoeth Tobey, 168-170; Town Officers, County Officers, Grand List Records, 172-177.

WHEELOCK AND DAVIS PAPERS. — The Christians, 144, 145.

WARREN PAPER. — Universalist Church, 145-147

GILMAN PAPERS. — Dr. John M. Gilman, Israel E. Dwinell, Rev. C. L. Goodell, Col. Caleb Curtis, Dr. Chas. Clark, Face, Name of Township and Items, Gilman Family, 151-157.

EATON PAPER. — Jacob and Judge Nathaniel Eaton, 160.

DWINELL PAPERS. — Capt. Joshua Lilley, Shubael Wheeler, Capt. Samuel Rich, Israel Dwinell Family, Alden Family, Jona. Herrick, Doctors of Calais, Collegiates, East Calais Fire, Remarkable Preservation, 161-165.

TUCKER PAPER. — Longevity, Old People Living, 165-167.

MORSE PAPER. — Accidental Deaths, Murders, 167; Manufactories, 170, 171; Golden Weddings. 172. Poems. Abijah Wheelock, 920, 922.




Mrs. LAURA B. BOYCE PAPERS. — Description of Early History, Boyce Family, Indian Scare, Wm. Newcomb, Brigham Family, 177-183,186; Jotham Carpenter, Porter Family, Eli Bruce, G. N. Brigham, M. D., Silas and Benjamin Fisher, Joseph Marble, Freshets, 183-187; Longevity, Town Officers, 188; Samuel Dana, 197.

ANNA BRAGG PAPER. — Miss Susan Griggs, 190.

STODDARD PAPER. — Soldiers of Fayston, 194-197.

POEMS from Mrs. Laura B. Boyce, Dr. G. N. Brigham, Mrs. Celia B. Brigham, Elisha A. Brigham, U. J. Baxter, Sarah Brigham Mansfield, Ziba W. Boyce, Mrs. D. T. Smith, Mrs. S. Minerva Boyce, Sabrina Baxter, Emogene M. Boyce and D. S. Stoddard, 187, 89, 94, 96.




Mrs. HANNAH C. PITKIN'S PAPERS. — Stockbridge Indian grant, First settlers, Early freemen, First religious meeting, 197-201; Schools, First things, Congregational Society, Bears, Deer, Nigger Head and pond river falls, Mill-sites, Orchards, Farming, Seasons, Fires, Casualties, Fine barns, Town officers, Taverns, Stores, Doctors, Longevity, Mills, Library, 201-206; Methodist church, Stephen Pitkin, 209-212; Dea. Spencer, Caleb, Joshua and Hon. Stephen Pitkin, Capt. Stephen Rich, Capt. Jonah and Hon. Horace Hollister, 202, 213; Rev. Marcus M. Carleton, Soldiers of 1812, Jesse Webster, 215, 216; Railroad, Poetry, 218.

Miss BULLOCK PAPER. — Christian church, Advent and Baptist church, 207, 08.

SCOTT PAPER. — Universalist Society, 208.

Mrs. SOLOMON WELLS PAPER. — Hon. Wm. Martin, 213.

JUDGE PUTNAM PAPER. — Jacob Putnam, 214.

Mrs. H. L. GOODWIN PAPER. — Jonathan L. Goodwin, 215.

Gen. PITKIN PAPER. — Soldiers furnished for the war of the Rebellion, 217.

FORBES PAPER — (218.) Town history not included by Mrs. Pitkin, Lewis Barnes, Ira Smith, 219-222.




HERRICK PAPERS. — Grantees. Thomas Mead, Town organized, Samuel Mann, Samuel Haskins, Lovewell Warren, Hon. Seth, Jacob and Eben'z. Putnam, William


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Holden, Jeremiah Leland, Joseph Chapin, Nathaniel Carpenter, Capt. Robert McElroy, Jesse Johnson, Ephraim Willey, Rufus Chamberlain, Merchants, Churches, 222-26; Micah Hatch, Solomon Lewis, Ezra Cushman, Capt. Zerah Hills, Col. Hutchins, 225, 226; Carrying their Visitors Home, 234; Stephen Herrick, 246; Soldiers of 1861-65; of 1812, 247-251.

VAUGHN PAPERS. — Early town business, Natural curiosities, Middlesex Narrows, Mills, Freshets, Animals, Mineralogy, Magnetic variation, Animals, County Membership, Population, Grand List, Schools, Town officers, Postmasters, Doctors, Clergy, Rev. Stephen Herrick, Nathan Huntley, Elder Benj. Chatterton, 226-229, 231-238; Settlements in the early part of the town, Money Diggers, Coldest night, Fires, Sap feeder, 240 243; Burying-grounds, Cemeteries, Longevity, Case of putrefaction, Sudden deaths, 243-246; Revolutionary pensioners, Soldiers of the war of 61 buried in town, 247.

CHAPIN PAPER. — Mountains of Middlesex, 229.

HOLDEN. — Bear Story, 239.

POEMS. — Mrs. Alma R. Vaughn, 250.

Errata ——— 246; also Mrs. Richardson's 3d not 2d marriage.


MONTPELIER. Pages 251-574

[ 251-299 ] [ 300-349 ]  [ 350-399 ]  [ 400-449 ]  [ 450-499 ] [ 500-549 ] [ 550-574 ]


WALTON PAPERS. — Grants, proprietors, 251, 257; First settlers, 259; First things, 261; Vital statistics, epidemics, 263; Organization, 265; Habits of the first settlers, 266; Prices of labor, stock, exports, imports, grand list, political history, 268, 269; Representatives, citizens who have held U. S. offices, State offices, County offices, manufacturers, 272, 3, 4; Attorneys, physicians, merchants and traders, 277, 8; Banks and Insurance Companies, 281 ,2; State-houses, County buildings, hotels, 283 to 287; 1st and 2d Congregational church, Free Will Baptist church, Universalist, Unitarian, Protestant Episcopal church, Catholic, 288, 9; Libraries and Debating Societies, Washington County Grammar School, Union Graded School, Newspapers and Authors, 290, 1; Military—Minute-men, Governor's Guard, War of 1812, Lamed Lamb, Sylvestar Day, Gustavus Loomis, Sylvester Churchill, Capt. Cyrus Johnson, Lieutenants West, Putnam, Eddy, Richardson, etc., War of the Rebellion, 295 to 299; Public enterprise, Winooski Turnpike, Projected canals, 299, 300-307; Railroad enterprises, 301; Wm. K. Upham, Maj. Chas. C. Upham, Mrs. George Langdon; Hon. Joseph Howes and wife, 477; Capt. Nathan Jewett, Col. E. P. Jewett and portraits, 483, 484; Hon. John Spaulding, 487; Maj. R. W. Hyde, 488, and portrait; Gov. Asahel Peck, 495, and portrait; Hon. Geo. Worthington, 498; Maj. A. L. Carleton and portrait, 500; George Langdon and portrait, 603; George W., Charles, and J. Warren Bailey and portrait, 504, 505; Hon. R. W. Keith and portrait, 51o; Dea. C. W. Storrs, 512, portrait, 591; James G. French; Luther, Charles and Timothy Cross, 515, and portrait; Abraham G. D. Tuthill; Joshua Y. Vail; Cyrus, John and Zenas Wood, and portraits, 517, 520, 550; James R. Langdon and portrait, 544; Hon. John A. Page and portrait, 548; Hon. Nelson A. Chase, 546; Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 550; Thomas W. Wood, portrait promised, 552; Gen. P. P. Pitkin and portrait, 554; Hon. Joseph Poland and portrait, 566; Wm. W. Cadwell, 557; Marcus D. Gilman, 558; Hon. E. P. Walton, portrait, 541, 542; George C. Shepard, 567.

GILMAN PAPERS. — Postmasters, Newspaper Record, 307; Bibliography, 313-324; Hon. E. P. Walton, 538; M. D. Gilman's portrait, 558; residence, 571.

HUSE PAPERS. — Vermont State Library, 324; Rev. F. W. Shelton, 419; Hon. C. W. Willard and portrait, 492; Luther Newcomb, Esq., 510; Homer W. Beaton, 543.

CUTTING PAPERS. — The State Cabinet, 326; Memorial Address of the Vt. Fire Ins. Co. on the death of Hon. Daniel Baldwin, 517.

BANCROFT PAPERS. — Number of deaths in town yearly, longevity of Montpelier, 326, 327; accidents, 330; suicides, crimes, fires, 330-338; floods, 338; Revolutionary soldiers, Mexican war, List of men furnished by the town to the last war, 341, 350; St. John the Baptist Benevolent Society, 356; Commissioned Officers, 520; Military Necrology, 523; Soldiers buried in Montpelier cemeteries, 324; in National cemeteries, Anecdotes and Incidents of Soldiers, 525; Notes and Necrology of citizens, 526, 530; Fire Department, 549; Old People of 1881, 556; Portrait of Aaron Bancroft, 475.

ATKINS PAPERS. — The "Argus and Patriot," portrait of the Editor, 310; Christ Church [Atkins and Huse] view, 410; view of Bethany Church, 387; "Argus and Patriot" building, 465.

CAVE PAPERS. — Masonic, Knights of Honor, Odd Fellows, Brooks Post, 355.

WING PAPERS. — Members of Washington County Bar, 356; Vt. Bar Association, J. A. Wing, portrait, 358; Burning of the State House, 338; Biographical sketch, poems, 545; President Monroe's visit, selected.


            928                         VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


Dr. PUTNAM PAPERS. — Medical Men of Montpelier, 358; Dr. J. Y. Dewey and portrait, 478; Dr. F. W. Adams, 479; Dr. C. B. Chandler, Dr. C. M. Rublee, 481; Dr. W. H. H. Richardson, 482; Dr. N. C. King and portrait, 582; Portrait of Dr. Sumner Putnam, 480.

BRIDGMAN PAPERS. — Lorenzo and Peggy Dow and portraits, 363.

BARTLETT PAPERS. — Methodism in Montpelier, view of church edifice, 374; "The Vermont Christian Messenger," 353, 382; Rev. Elisha J. Scott, Rev. Alonzo Webster, D. D., Rev. W. D. Malcom, 355.

SHERBURNE PAPER. — Vermont Methodist Seminary and view, 384, 385.

POLAND PAPERS. — "The Voice of Freedom," "The Green Mountain Freeman," 311; Congregational Church Papers, 387; Sabbath School Record, 394; Samuel Wells, 484; Portrait, 556; Interior of Bethany, 568; Residence, 569.

WRIGHT PAPERS. — Rev. Chester Wright and portrait, 388; The Church of the Messiah, 408 — view, 566; "The Christian Repository," 409; Col. Levi Boutwell and portrait, 494; Hon. Charles Reed and portrait, 513; Hon. Daniel Baldwin and portrait, 516.

BUCKRAM PAPERS. — Rev. Wm. H. Lord, D. D., and portrait, 392; Montpelier Graduates of U. V. M., 551.

CATHOLIC PAPERS. — Walton's account, 289; Bancroft, 356; View of church, Bishop's account, and of Rev. Z. Druon, St. Augustine's, 422; Rev. Jeremiah O'Callighan, Rev. H. Drolet, Rev. Z. Druon, 422, 423; Rev. Joseph Duglue, 424—portrait in view; The Interior of St. Augustine's, St. Michael's School, 424, errata for 574.

HOPKINS PAPERS. — The Baptist church — supplemented by the pastor, 425; The Old Village Sexton, 475; Col. Boutwell Anecdotes, 563; Geo. W. Barker, 566; Col. Abel Carter, Gamaliel Washburn, 567; The Old Brick church, 568; Description of Bethany church, 569; (Editor's) notice of the Colonel, 570; Early choristers, 571.

HADLEY PAPER. — Organists and Musicians, 428.

FIFIELD PAPERS. — Hon. Lucius B. Peck, 463; Hon. Timothy P. Redfield, 540.

REDFIELD PAPERS. — Stoddard B. Colby, 468; Hon. Roderick Richardson, 546.

SHEPARD PAPERS. — Capt. Lemuel Brooks, Mrs. Rhoda Brooks, Thomas Brooks, 476; Jonathan Shepard and portrait, 477; Geo. C. Shepard's residence, 477.

HOWARD PAPER. — Rev. Elisha Brown and portrait, 498

CLARK PAPER. — Charles Clark, M. D., 511, and portrait, 278.

MERRILL PAPERS. — Town Officers, 1860 to 1882, 549.

RIPLEY NOTE. — Pioneer Abolitionists, 550.


The portraits donated by parties named on page 591, 592.




D. P. THOMPSON'S PAPERS. — Col. Jacob Davis, 429; Mrs. Rebecca Davis. Hon. David Wing, 431; Elder Ziba Woodworth, 432; Dr. Edward Lamb, 433; Col. James H. Langdon and wife, 434, 435 — for portraits, see frontisplates; Hon. Jeduthan Loomis, 436; Hon. Timothy Merrill, 437; Hon. Ferrand F. Merrill, Hon. Araunah Waterman, 438; Hon. Cyrus Ware, 440; Capt. Timothy Hubbard, 441; Gen. E. P. Walton, 442 — notice of Mrs. Walton and portraits added; Dr. James Spaulding, 445; Hon. Samuel Prentiss and portrait, 447; Mrs. Prentiss, 451; Hon. Joseph Reed, 552; Hezekiah H. Reed, 453; Hon. William Upham, 454 — Mrs. Upham, re-written and portraits added; Col. Jonathan P. Miller, 457; Sketch of Thompson, acknowledgment to Thompson, sons of Thompson, 69 — previous part of vol — 462, 537 — this part. [See Walton's credits, 263, 266. etc.] Accidents, fires, floods, credit, 341; Fire department, 549; Fourth of July, 1807, 554; First Election Day in Montpelier, 555.

FANNY W. NUTT. — The Two Crowns, 380.

Rev. ELISHA J. SCOTT'S Adieu to Earth, 383.

LORD PAPERS. — Extracts from Fiftieth Anniversary Sermon, 390, 91; Bethany Dedication Sermon, 396; Art and Nature — Vermont in Summer, 407; Extract from funeral discourse of Mrs. James R. Langdon, 503; Words at Eastman's funeral, 507; Prayer and dedication at the dedication of Green Mount Cemetery, 533, 536.

SHELTON PAPERS. — Historical Sermon, and poems contributed by Mrs. Shelton, 412, 420, 21; Address at dedication of Green Mount Cemetery, 530.

PEARSON CATALOGUE. — Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing, 432.

GOSS PAPERS. — Ode on the death of Washington. 469; Fugitive's Directory, 470; Sketch of Samuel Goss, from obituary in the Watchman, and from family papers; Frank Goss, Mrs. Lucy A. (Goss) Cobb, O. H. Smith, from obituary papers from Mrs. O. H. Smith, 470, 471.

WILLARD PAPERS. — James T. Thurston, 468; Joseph W. Wheelock, 490.



                                                              CONTENTS.                                                        929



MAHLON COTTRILL, Jed P. C. Cottrill — Watchman File, 493, 494; Cottrlll Family, portraits, 282, 520.

CARLOS BANCROFT, Arthur D. Bancroft, 497; portrait of Carlos Bancroft, 280.

Capt. ISAAC RICKER, 474. WATROUS FAMILY, 497, 498.

R. H. WHITTIER, portrait, 335; Watchman, 504; THE DODGE FAMILY, 501.

CHARLES G. EASTMAN and portrait, family, poems, 506-510; Green Mount Cemetery Hymn, 536.


SPAULDING FAMILY. — Mrs. Spaulding, Watchman; Charles C. Spaulding, Burlington Free Press and Rutland Herald; James Reed Spaulding, U. V. M. obituary, 557, 558.

CURTIS A. COBURN, Lieut. Abbott, Lieut. Stetson, 559; CHARLES W. LYMAN, 559. Watchman file.

Graduates. — Middlebury, Dartmouth; Amherst, Harvard, Yale, etc., 551, 2, 3; Golden Weddings, 253; Mrs. Gov. RANSOM, 557; A Soldier's Letter, 559.

HOBART LETTER. — Central Vermont Railroad at Montpelier, and Montpelier Branch, 561.

Telegraph and Express Office, 562; Montpelier and Wells River Railroad, 563.

Street Views. — New Central Vermont Depot, 56o; Vermont Mutual Fire Insur­ance Co's Building, 561; Pavilion Hotel, 562; Watchman and Journal Building, Rialto Block, 563; Washington County Court House, 564; Argus and Patriot Build­ing, 565; Church of the Messiah, 566; Residence of Geo. C. Shepard, 567; Interior of Bethany Church, 568; Residence of Joseph Poland, 569; Baptist Church, 570; State Capitol, 73; First and second State House, 282.



KELTON PAPERS. — Organization, first town officers, first things, population, description of township, industries, East Village, North Village, schools, 574; Libraries, church edifices, religious societies, Freewill Baptists, Universalists, Methodists, 576; Christians, epidemics, the early settlement, 577; Samuel Rich, 578; Benjamin I. Wheeler, Jerahmel B. Wheeler, Maj. Nathaniel Davis, 579; Isaac Gray, Samuel Templeton, 582; longevity list of the dead, 584.

D. P. THOMPSON PAPERS. — Gen. Parley Davis, 579 — portrait, 574; Clark Stevens and portrait, 580; poetry of, 586.

Dr. PUTNAM PAPER. — Dr. Nathaniel King and portrait, 582.

BANCROFT PAPERS. — Longevity list of the living, 584; Soldiers of East Montpelier, 587; Roll of Honor, 590.

TRUMAN C. KELTON PAPERS. — Suicides and casualties, 584; Town officers, 586.

GILMAN PAPER. — Sylvanus Shepard, 586.



CURRIER PAPERS. — First History, Organization, Freshets, 593-595; Mineral Springs, Business Statistics, 597; Methodist History, Catholic Church, 601, 602; Prominent Sons of Citizens, 602.


PAPERS from a lady in Moretown — First School-house, store, distillery, etc., Col. Ezekiel Clapp, Dr. Pierce, Dr. Kingsley, Dr. Haylett, Statistics, Congregational Church, 597-599.

C. A. SMITH PAPER. — Religious History, 599, 600.

COOPER PAPER. — Rev. Lemuel C. Powers, 601.

DRUON PAPER. — Catholic Record for Moretown, 602.

BULKLEY PAPER. — Longevity, 602; Representatives, 916.

GOSS PAPERS. — Additional Longevity, 603; Military Record, 609.

DILLINGHAM PAPER. — Hon. Matthew Hale Carpenter, 604.

POEMS from Mrs. Celia B. Brigham, Cornelius J. Child, 608, 609; Evans Family, 603; Hopy Holt, 608. Representatives, etc., by George Bulkley, 917.



GREGORY PAPERS. — Proprietors, First Town Meeting, Harmony in Politics, Town Officers, Post-office, Carrier, Lawyers, Doctors, Record of Thompson's Gazetteer, 612. 617; Amos, Col. Ezekiel, Dr. Nathaniel and David Robinson; Thomas, Col. Oliver, Capt. Jesse and John Averill; Elijah Smith, Sr. and Jr., Gilbert Hatch, Eleazer Loomis, Aquillo Jones and Family, Abraham and Eliphus Shipman, 617-620; Eleazer, Sr. and Jr., Ambrose, James, Wm., Joseph and Hon. George Nichols; Jason and Rev.



            930                         VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


Joel Winch; Ariel and Jos. K. Egerton; Wm., Tamasin and Rev. Nathan B. Ashcroft; Joel and Rev. Joab Simonds; James and Elethen Paul; Lebbeus Bennett, Amos Howes, Annanias Tubbs, David and Richard Hedges; Thos. Slade, Parley and Daniel Tyler; David, Adolphus, Dea. Samuel and Joseph Denny; Oliver, George K. and Martin Cobleigh, Jos. Smith, Jr., Solomon Dunham, Hons. Nathan Morse, Lucius, Edson, Anson and Samuel L. Adams; John Emerson, Ethan Allen, Sherman Golds, James Latham, Sr. and Jr., and Ezra; Capt. Starkweather, Dea. Reuben Smith, William, Abel, Capt. Joseph and Hon. Elisha W. Keyes; Rev. Hosea Clark, Elijah Burnham, Joel and Isaac W. Brown, 620-630; Dr. Claggett, Harry Emerson, Abijence Ainsworth, Stanton, John, Nathaniel, Samuel Richardson; John H. Buck, Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Edwin Porter; Roswell Dewey, Dr. Jeptha White, Dr. Wm. J. Sawin, John P. Davis, Rev. Samuel Whitten, David, Joshua, Josiah and Moses Lane; Hon. Alvin Braley, Benjamin, John, Nathaniel, David and George M. Fisk; Daniel Worthington, Col. Joyce, Rev. John Gregory, O. D. and Chas. A. Edgerton; Halsey K. Brown, Lester Martyn. Dea. Nathaniel Jones, James N. Johnson, Dr. P. D, Bradford, Hon. J. H. Orcutt, Hon. Heman Carpenter, J. C. B. Thayer, R. M. McIntosh, Roswell Carpenter, Dr. M. McClearn, Simon Eggleston, Almon Wetherbee, Silas Sheldon, Dea. Cady, 630-640; Wm. and Ithamar Allen, Abijah and Isaac B. Howe, Justus, Luther S. and Rev. J. H. Burnham; Marvin Simonds, Freedom, Edson, Wm. R. Tucker; Jas and Joseph Gould; Walter Little, West Hill, Wm. and Stephen Cochran; Dea. Daniel Parker, Capt. Henry Knapp, Samuel U. Richmond, Dr. N. W. Gilbert, Hon. David W. Hadley, Gurdon Randall, Allen Balch, Adin Smith, Wm. A. Gallup, Sewall Davis, Jona. Bragg, James Steele, Warren Rice, David R. Tilden, Frank Plumley, 640-646; Religious Societies, The Union Meeting-House, 648; Universalism, 651; Freewill Baptist Church, 652; The Christian Church, 654; Judge Elijah and Gov. Charles Paine, 658-667; Masonic, 683; Dog River Valley Association, Banks, Good Templars, 686-691; The Harlow Bridge Tragedy, 705.

CARPENTER PAPER. — Some of the Early Anecdotes of the Town, 646; Nathaniel Carpenter, of Middlesex, 709.

STEVENS PAPER. — Methodism in Northfield, 649.


HENDERSON PAPER. — Rev. Nathaniel and Mrs. King, 653.

HAZEN PAPERS, — Congregational Church, 654.

Rev. F. W. BARTLETT PAPER. — The Episcopal Church, 656; Norwich University, 673; Gen. A. Jackman, 677; Col. Albert Stevens, 685; Literary Clubs, poem, 698.

DRUON PAPER. — Catholic Church, 658, 708.

BRADFORD PAPERS. — Elmwood, Centre, and Gouldsville Cemeteries, Longevity Record, 667-673; Suicides, 682; Graduates, 697; Dr. Bradford's Cabinet [Ed.], 711.

DOUGLASS PAPER. — Rev. Edward Bourns, LL. D., 674.

JOHNSON PAPER. — Northfield Graded and High School, 681.

EGERTON PAPERS. — Banks, completed, 687; also previous business and statistical papers; Business in Northfield, 1882, 694.

PLUMLEY PAPER. — The Lodges and Good Templars' statistics was completed by, 698.    

JACKMAN PAPER. — Geology, 691.

HOWE PAPERS. — Theoda P. Howe, 697; Soldiers of 1861, 699.

GILBERT PAPERS — 697; Poems, 704, 710.

DOLE PAPER. — Universalist Record Continued, 705.

Col. RANDALL PAPER. — Randall Family, 706.

Rev. J. R. BARTLETT PAPER. — Early Methodism, 708.

Northfield News. — Maj. Charles A. Webb, 711; Moses Lane, 712.

Portraits and Engravings. — Hon. P. D. Bradford, M. D., 637; Gov. Paine, 661; Paine Monument, 666; Elmwood Cemetery, 667; Elmwood Tomb, 669; Hon. Moses Robinson, 670; Capt. Jesse Averill, 671; Dr. Benjamin Porter, 672; Lewis College, 673; Graded and High School, 681; Rev. Joel Winch, 683; Rev. John Gregory, 686; Hon. Geo. Nichols, 687; Frank Plumley, 689; Gen. Alonzo Jackman, 691; Geo. M. Fisk, Esq., 696.



SMITH PAPERS. — Description of and early history, Gen. Davis and Ira Allen controversy about rights, 713, 715; 1st settlers on each lot, 715-725; Roads, Politics, Doctors, Lawyers, The First church, Christian, The Methodist church, The Baptist church, The Restorationist Society, Schools, Freshets, 725-730; Town, County and State officers, Longevity, 730; Masonic 731; Soldiers of 1861-65, 733, 734.

Rev. J. R. BARTLETT PAPER. — Early Methodists in Plainfield, 728.

Rev. A. D. BARBER PAPER. — Rev. C. E. Ferrin, 731.

Mrs. E. YAW. — Garfield Hymn, 734. Poem, Mary E. Davis, 923.



                                                              CONTENTS.                                                        931



Mrs. SARAH B. MANSFIELD PAPERS. — Description of township, First town matters, First settler, 735, 736; Samuel Richardson, David Cram, Benoni and Charles Webster, Joel Hildreth, Wm. and Dea. Wm. Gold, John B. Crandall, Lewis Chatfield, Billa Woodward, Hon. Charles Sampson, 737-741; Spaulding Family, 743; Alvin Brigham, Eben'r. L. Waterman, Orcutt Family, 745-747; School districts, Taverns, Early Merchants, Cemeteries, Epidemics, Physicians, Manufacturers, Verd Antique Marble, Watch-factory, First Mail route, Our large Catamount, 737-750; Rev. Ophir Shipman, Baptists, Methodists, Congregationalists, Christians, etc., Golden weddings, 750-751; Old people, Roxbury Boys abroad, 752.

WEBSTER PAPER.—Benoni and Charles Webster, 741, 742.

RICHARDSON PAPER. — Samuel Robertson, 744.

STANTON PAPERS. — Sudden deaths, Suicides, 751; Military, Record, Plattsburgh Volunteers, Soldiers of 1861, 753-756; Centennial address, 761, 762.

ORCUTT PAPERS. — Roxbury longevity, Town meetings, Moderators, Town clerks, Selectmen, Town treasurers, Listers, Overseers of poor, Constables and collectors of taxes, Tithingmen, Town agents, School superintendents, Justices, Representatives, Delegates to Constitutional Convention, Postmasters, Merchants, 756-61.

POEMS. — Mrs. Sarah B. Mansfield, 764; A. Webster, 768; Edna Snow, —

OUR ROXBURY VISIT. — Mansfield Family, Betsey Chase, Mr. Burnham's Reminiscences of John B. Crandall, The 90th Birthday party of Mrs. Betsey C. Spaulding,  765-769. Poem by Mrs. Boyce to Mrs. Mansfield.



Rev. PERRIN B. FISKE PAPERS. — Origin of name, Description of, Incorporation, Proprietors, First settlement, Gen. Wait, Business, Meeting-houses, 769.-773; War record, Temperance, School districts, 773-76; Ithamer Smith, 776, 78, 85; Money-digging, Accidents, Indian relics, Games, Fires, Floods, 776-780; Congregational, Methodists, Universalists, Baptists. Episcopal. Clergymen. Physicians. Representatives, 380-85; Jennison, Matthias S., Dr. Edwin. Hon. Hiram Jones, 785, 786; Hon. Jason Carpenter, 785; Hon. Roderick, Sr., Jr., Roderick Julius, Hon. Ira Richardson, B. H. Adams, Dr. Orange Smith, Dr. David C. Joyslin, Hon. Jona. Hammond Hastings, Edwin F. Palmer, Esq., Rev. Amariah Chandler, Rev. Perrin B., Rev. Joel, Rev. Harvey, Rev. P. B. Fisk, 785-90; Rev. P. F. Barnard, 790, 795, (by Dea. Fisk); Rev. Alonzo Hitchcock, Ira Bushnell, Dr. G. A. Phelps, Hon. George N. Dale, Col. Charles H. Joyce, Norman and Luther Durant, 785-92.

Dea. E. A. FISK PAPERS. — Churches, Schools, Temperance, Fires, Longevity, Physicians, Lawyers, Representatives, Senators, Town clerks, Accidental deaths, Rev. Perrin B. Fisk, 795; Roswell G. Horr, 796.

SARGENT PAPER. — Rev. Henry Parker, 795. EMERY JUDKINS, 923.

PLINY WHITE PAPER. — Rev. Amariah Chandler, 795, 96.

DASCOMB PAPER. — Military record, concluded, 796.

POEM. — Mrs. Teresa E. Fisher, 800.

ELLEN SAMPSON. — Note, 795.



HEMENWAY PAPER. — Grantees, Description of township, Aaron Rising's Story, Bear Story, 801-03; Rev. Nathaniel Stearns, Meeting-house Society, Rev. Joshua Tucker Rev. Jairus Eaton, Joseph Eldridge, Dea. James Allen, Joseph A. Curtis, William Cardell, Colonel Stephen L. Sargent, Denslow Upham, Richard Sterling, Hiram Bradley, Amos Rising, Longevity, 803, 806; Manufactures, Village, Town Clerks, Representatives, Constables, Postmasters, County judges, Members of Constitutional Convention, State Senators, Military, Edward Eldridge, Old People,  806-10. POEMS: From Don C. Geer, and Mrs. E. Greenslit, 810, 811.

SARGENT PAPERS. — First Selectmen, Town treasurer, The turnpike, Accidental deaths, Natural bridge of Warren, Patents, Sons of Warren, John Senter, Clarence J. Sargent, 811-13.



PARKER PAPERS. — Early History of Waterbury, James Marsh, first settler, 813, 14; Ezra Butler, second settler, 815-18; Other first settlers, 818, 19; Religious Record, Amasa Pride, merchant, Dan. Carpenter, lawyer, etc., Schools, First Things, 819—23; Biographical Letter, 848.

JANES PAPERS. — Description of the Township, Grantees, Charter Limits, Geology, Rivers, Hunters' Stories, Roads, Railroad, Turnpike, Early occupied farms, with past and present business on, 823-28; Jonathan Wright, Land Titles, Floods, Schools, Centre Village, Green Mountain Seminary, Villages, Business in Railroad Village, Mill Village, Colbyville, Fires and Fire District, Fatal Casualites, 828-35.



            932                         VERMONT HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.


First Appendix, 835-38; Second Appendix, Representatives, Offices held by Citizens, Physicians, Attorneys, Clergymen — Advent, Methodist, Baptists; Merchants and Traders; Freewill Baptist and Advent Church, Soldiers of 1861, 838-841.

BUTLER PAPERS. — Leading Topics Fifty Years ago, Anti-Slavery, Anti-Masonry, Millerism, Lyceum and Library, 844-47; Calkins Family, Kennan Family, 850-51; Location of the Reform School, Origin of and Burning of the Reform School, 854, 867; Hannah Gale, Village Doctor, 855, 56; Henry Family, Leander Hutchins, 858-60; Dr. Oliver W. Drew, 860, and Dr. F. P. Drew, 869; Richard Holden, 860; Early Families, Large Men, Geo. W. Randall, Our Merchant Firms, The last fire in this place, Longevity, Town Clerks, Waterbury Men Abroad, 869, 872; Ordination of Rev. Ezra Butler, Peck family, Richard Kneeland, Oliver Rood, Rev. Andrew Royce, 713, 14; Dr. Arms, Patrick Bryan, Casualties continued, Meaker murder, 915, 16.

Mrs. JULIA WALLACE HUTCHINS. — Notice and poems, 847, 914.

PEASE LETTER. — Biographical, 848. COPELAND LETTER. — Biographical, 849.

Gov. DILLINGHAM PAPERS. — Dan. Carpenter, 851; Hon. William Wellington Wells, 852.

Gen. WELLS PAPER, 854.

Poems from Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Luce, 855.

PALMER PAPERS. — Hon. Henry F. Janes, Dr. Henry Janes, Dr. Horace Fales, Russell Butler, 856-58.

FIFIELD PAPER. — Governor Paul Dillingham, 861.

HAYNES PAPER. — Major Edwin Dillingham, 863.

WM. P. DILLINGHAM PAPERS. — Soldiers Buried in Town, 867; Bank of Waterbury, 871.

"The Burlington Free Press." — Joseph Warren, 851; Gen. Wells, 854; "Some Day," by M. M. N., 868.

"The Vermont Watchman." — Moody Family, 860; Philander A. Preston, 866; Dr. C. C. Arms, 869; Mrs. Fanny Butler Janes, 872.



PUTNAM PAPERS. — First Settlement, First Birth in Town; Comfort Wheeler, Capt. Joel Cilley, Jabez Town, Charter, Grantees, Gideon Sabin, Organization, Mills, Schools and Superintendents, Representatives, Town Clerks, First Justices, Postmasters, County Officers, 873-76; Freewill Baptists, Methodists, Christians, Universalists, Sabbath-Schools, Union Society and Church, 1877; Description of the Township, Joseph Carr, Revolutionary Soldiers, Joseph Blanchard, David Rugg, Longevity, 878—80. TOWN PAPER. — Military Record, 1861–'65, 880.

DANA PAPER. — Joshua M., 882. Additional Items, 912.



ABBOTT PAPERS. — Grantees, Charter limits, Lots and divisions, Surface, Soil, Gold, John Ridlon and first settlers, Organization, First town officers, Tax sales, Cold season, Organization lost, 883-86; Milton Brown family sole inhabitants, 886, 93-95; Wm. Arbuckle, Thayer Townshend, Job Hill, Jesse Flint, and others, first of second settlers; Reorganization, and first officers of, 887; 9-hour law, Schools, Roads, Pounds, Liquor license, Burying-ground, Lumbering and Shingle-making, Lumber-war, Hat manufactory, Tannery, Knitting business, Exporting raspberries, 887-91; Post-office, Town clerks, Town representatives and contests for; Physicians, Hampshire Hill, Minister Brook, and West Hill settlers, Franklin Johnson, Oramel L. Smith, John and Dodge Hayward, Oliver Watson, Jesse Flint, The Abbotts, Thomas Hutchinson, 891-98; A night's experience in the woods, Casualties, Murders, Suicides, Old people, Census, Bears, 898-903; Congregational church, Rev. C. M. Winch and clergy of the Congregational church, Dea. Eben'r S. and Dea. Eben'r R. Kellogg, Dea. Vail, Allen L. Vail, Dea. Poor, Dea. Abbott, Dea. Adams, Dea. Closson, Dea. Andrews, William T. Hutchinson, 905-7; Freewill Baptist church, Elder Moses Folsom, Elder Lucius F. Harris, Dea. Folsom, 907-08; Protestant Methodists, Methodist Episcopal church, Rev. M. Guernsey, Rev. Sumner Tarbell and list of Methodist clergy in Worcester, John Brigham, 908, 09; Simon C. Abbott, Military, Soldiers of 1812, Soldiers of 1861-65, 909-11. POEM from Mrs. E. D. Gray, 911.

CARPENTER PAPERS. — Charles C. Abbott, Town officers, 1879-81, 911, 12.

GOLD, Kent family, Soldiers, 912.


ERRATA. — Page 192, verse 1, line 6. should read for, he could just remember her and 7, and the sweet pale face. He could Just remember her he said and the sweet, pale face, etc.

Page 623, Joseph K. Egerton, line 12, read removed to Norwich, for Northfield.

Isaac B. Howe has died since the Gregory sketch was given of him, page 641; Nathaniel Carpenter of Middlesex paper, page 709, line 6, Jonas Carpenter should read, James Carpenter; page 910, — The old Fifer, line 6, verse 1, should read, Yet losing none of their old-time skill, and verse 6. line 2d: He sat in the sun and piped away. Page, 734. 2d column, 7th line from the bottom, Godwin should be Goodwin. Page, 763, col. 1, line 5: not so many Bostons should read, not so many Boston drummers. Page, 763, col. 2, line 11 McCain should be McCaine. Page 761, 769, Waitsfield, By Rev. P. B. Fisk, should rather have been credited to Rev. PERRIN B. FISK, as there are two clergymen from Waitsfield by the name of Rev. P. B. Fisk.