Worcester History


The following is extracted from an article in the Vermont Historical Gazetteer, vol. 4, part 2, pp. 883-884. Many of the names of the original patentees of the town of Worcester, VT (originally NH) in 1763 are found in the colonial history of Westfield, NJ, and the surrounding area. It appears that the colonial governor of NH had the authority to issue the patents, since Vermont wasn't separate at that time. What is less clear is why there would have been a grant of land to residents of NJ to found a town in VT, and what might have transpired to prevent the settling of the town until about 1803.



This town in the N. W. of Washington Co., lat. 44 24', long. 4 25', is bounded N. and W. by Elmore and Stowe, in Lamoille Co., S. by Middlesex, and E. by Calais. Who were the first white men that visited the town is unknown. The French and Indians passing from Canada to the older settlements on the Connecticut river, are said to have had their trail through this town, but have left no record of their names or of the place where. The town, with its present name and limits, was chartered June 8, 1763, by Gov. Wentworth of N. H., to grantees: Joshua Mason
Thomas Burgee
Robert Burgee
John Davidson
Robert Davidson
Samuel Halstead
Joshua Halstead
Wm. Davidson
Benjamin Betts
Samuel Betts
Abraham Betts
Ichabod Betts
John Betts
Grant Striker
Henry Dickinson
Anthony Baker
Joshua Hutchins
Samuel Dodge
Job Bacon
Wm. Gibbons
Wm. Pusey
James Gibbons
Wm. Ashbridge
David Bacon
Manning Bull
Thomas Shroves
Joseph De Camp
Lambert DeCamp
John Hand
Robert Stanbury
Joshua Underhill
Samuel De Camp
John Nefus
Josiah Stanbury
Moses Little
Wm. Trundenborough
Ephraim Cutler
John DeCamp
Ebenezer Cutler
Joseph Young
David Cutler
David DeCamp
Daniel Marsh
Isaac Burger
Jacob Noe
Isaac Noe, Jr.
John Turner
George Woods
John Gifford
Benjamin Ogden
Crowley Barrow
Thomas Young
Wm. Mitchel
Charles Wiggins
John Hofnall
John Cockle
Henry Franklin
Hon. James Nevin
Nathaniel Barrell, Esq.
Joseph Newmarsh, Esq.
Col. Samuel Barr
Maj. Joseph Blanchard
The charter was for 6 miles square, to be divided into 69 rights, or lots of 4 divisions each. The 1st division 1 acre, the 2d div. 3 acres, the 3d div. 38 acres, the 4th 7 acres. The 1 acre lots were laid out in the center of the town and are comprised in the farm now owned by Wm. H. Kellogg; the 7 acre lots, around this one, mostly on the west; the 38 acre lots on the west side of the town, adjoining Stowe. The Governor's right in the S. W. corner, and the 300 acre lots comprised the rest of the town. There is now no record of any meeting of the original grantees to be found, nor any conveyances from them; and there was much litigation in regard to land titles in the early history of the town. Much of the land is now held under titles from "tax collectors," having been sold for taxes.


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