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Further information is available for those whose military branch is listed, in the book;
"Vermont Men and Women In The Military and Naval Service of the United States and Allies In The World War 1917-1919"
Prepared and Published Under the Direction of Herbert T. Johnson, The Adjutant General, By Authority of The General Assembly, 1919, Montpelier, VT, 1927

The Sentinel Newspaper
   Spaulding High School, Barre VT.     "The Granite Center of the World"
Friday November 4, 1938     Volume XXII--No. 5

World War Honor Roll
In honor of Spaulding's graduates,
  who served in the World War--1917-1919--

Adams, George H. --Army
Adie, George Chandler --Army
Ahern, Wendall Giles --Army
Bailey, Gilbert A. --Army
Ball, Eldon Wesley --Army
Ball, Gerald Hobson --Marines
Barber, Charles Newell --Army
Barclay, Robert W.
Bassett, Homer E. --Army
Beck, Charles Luther --Army
Beck, Wendelin Joseph --Army
Bemis, Hugh Pierce --Army
Blackmore, Andrew John --Navy
Blanchard, William --Army
Brown, Alexander M. --Army
Brown, Lawrence William --Army
Brown, Robert Campbell ** --Army
Browne, H. Nelson
Burgess, Stanton L. --Army
Burke, Alden F. --Army
Burke, Clarence
Camo(Camp), Howard Everett -- Army
Campbell, Alexander N. --Army
Campbell, Laurence Carroll --Army
Cave, Raymond C. --Army
Cheney, William Perry --Army
Cole, John Howard --Army
Cole, Hugh J.
Colombo, Harry S. --Army
Cordiner, Gordon Scott --Navy
Cordiner, Robert P. --Army
Cordiner, William S.
Crandall, Edward B. --Army
Cruickshank, Richard E. --Army
Densmore, Lauraine Arthur --Army
Dineen, William J.
Drown, Lowell Ernest --Army
Ericson, Roger Carl --Army
Fasola, Henry --Army
Fisher, Max Cecil --Army
Fitts, Harold Waters --Army
Frattini, Joseph John --Army
Geals, John Edward --Navy
Glysson, Edward Churchill --Army
Gooley, Henry N.
Gordon, John Aubrey --Army
Gordon, Norman Seaver --Army
Greene, Frederick William --Army
Guy, Gordon H. --Army
Holt, Ashton, Earle --Navy
Hooker, Neale W. --Army
Hoyt, Francis R. **
Johnston, Allan Ritchie --Army
Johnston, William H. --Army
Kenefick, John G. --Army
Kent, Laurence Edwin --Army
Kent, Ralph Waldo ** --Army
Kidder, Roy Arthur --Army
Langley, James McLellan --Army
LaRochelle, Arthur H.
Lawliss, Frank James --Army
LeBourveau, Norton Lindsay --Navy
Levin, Harry G. --Army
Littel, Charles Edwin --Navy
Littlejohn, William Fowler --Army
Loranger, Edmund Francis ** --Army
Loranger, Eugene Arthur --Navy
Lovie, Wilfred Dewey --Army
Lyon, Albert T. --Army
MacCaskill, John A .--Army
MacDonald, Arthur N.
MacDonald, Roy --Navy
Mackay, George Fleming --Army
McKinnon, Alexander D. --Army
Mackie, Robert Burns --Army
Maiden, Lee A. --Army
Mann, Wilbur Fay --Army
Marr, Albert A. --Army
Marrion, Cyril Cornelius --Navy
Martin, Raymond Lewis --Army
Martinson, Oscar S. --Army
Melcher, Paul Revere --Army
Miles, Alexander F.
Miles, John E. --Army
Miller, Arthur M. ** --Army
Milne, Walter Scott ** --Army
Monti, Gelsie --Army
Morse, Harold Julian --Army
Morse, Theron Winch --Army
Mortimer, Alexander A. --Army
Nelson, Paul --Army
Noonan, William John ** --Navy
O'Connell, Alfred H. --Army
O'Hagan, Matthew Whalen --Army
Ogston, Alexander A. --Army
Olliver, Perry W. --Army
Olliver, Charles Ralph --Army
Ossola, Victor Joseph Frank --Navy
Park, Alexander Jr. --Army
Parker, Francis Newell --Army
Parker, George E.
Patterson, Harold W.
Paul, Alexander Foulie --Army
Reaside, Edmund R.
Reid, Howard Hill --Navy
Rennie, Alexander --Army
Riley, James Patrick --Army
Rogers, John Lloyd --Army
Shepard, John Bixby --Army
Smith, Donald Winnifred --Army
Sowles, Homer C.
Sowles, John Wesley --Army
Sowles, Horace Kennedy --Army
Straiton, Alexander D. --Army
Stuart, John W.
Swasey, George Truman --Navy
Tassie, Stanley J. --Army
Taintor, Clark O.
Thompson, Leonard J.
Tomasi, Louis Dominic ** --Navy
Tomasi, Louis F. **
Tomasi, Thomas --Army
Tomlinson, Walter George --Army
Tracy, Lee Oscar --Army
Vanetti, Henry Richard --Army
Wells, Dennis V. --Army
Wilkin, Clayton Alexander --Army
Williams, Earle Raymond --Army
Winchester, John Lindsay --Army
Young, Henry Sibley --Navy
Young, James Charles --Army
**  Died in service of wounds or otherwise

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