The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
Sabin Machine Company Main near River Bridge Montpelier
SABIN, C.T. vice-pres., Vt. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. h Barre Montpelier
SABIN, Jas. T. sec'y, Vt. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. h 22 Bailey Ave Montpelier
SALTER, Harry bds Hotel Barre Barre
SAMBORN, E. stonecutter bds Granite Barre
SAMPSON, C.S. tanner h Stowe Waterbury
SAMPSON, Mrs. _____ h Water Northfield
SAMSON, E.L. stonecutter h 7 Clark ave Barre
SANBORN, C.G. merchant h Central Northfield
SANBORN, Carlie bds Main Waterbury
SANBORN, George clerk bds Central Northfield
SANBORN, Mary waiter, Montpelier House Montpelier
SANBORN, T.T. h Main Waterbury
SANBORN, W.D. laborer h S Main Barre
SANDERS, Chas. A. carpenter h 117 Elm Montpelier
SANDERS, Dell student bds 117 Elm Montpelier
SANDERS, Don A. telephone clerk bds 117 Elm Montpelier
SANDERS, E.E. butcher h 1 Ridge Montpelier
SANDERS, Henry M. laborer h 36 Loomis Montpelier
SANDERS, Miss L. domestic bds 190 Elm Montpelier
SARGEBT, Hattie bds 96 Elm Montpelier
SARGENT, Mrs. S. bds Main Northfield
SARGENT, Oliver R. bds 96 Elm Montpelier
SARGENT, Walter C. stonecutter h 96 Elm Montpelier
SARTWELL, Charles bds Montpelier House Montpelier
SAWYER, Annie cook, Central House Barre
SAWYER, C.D. marble dealer h North Northfield
SAWYER, John blacksmith h 107 1/2 Main Montpelier
SCHOFIELD, Joseph teamster bds Elm Barre
SCOTT, Edward M. h 39 Barre Montpelier
SCOTT, Elouise domestic bds 53 Washington Barre
SCOTT, G.W. h 11 Loomis Montpelier
SCOTT, James stonecutter bds N Main Barre
SCOTT, L.W. h 186 N Main Barre
SCOTT, Mrs. John widow h 66 Main Barre
SCOTT, O.E. jeweler bds Main Waterbury
SCOTT, Robert stonecutter bds Summer Barre
SCOTT, W.F. editor, Barre Enterprise h 12 Elm Barre
SCOTT, William stonecutter h 51 Washington Barre
SCOVILLE, J.L. 47 Arsenal Montpelier
SCOVILLE, May bds 47 Arsenal Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Benjamin carpenter h 186 Main Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Eben h 174 Main Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Horace H. music teacher bds 186 Main Montpelier
SCRIBNER, J.G. farmer h 14 Prospect, B Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Melvin butcher bds 16 North Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Mrs. Mary bds 5 North Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Mrs. Mary P. widow bds 7 North Montpelier
SCRIBNER, Mrs. Polly M. milliner h 174 Main Montpelier
SCRIBNER, O.D. grocer h 169 Main Montpelier
SCRIBNER, O.D. meat market 86 Main Montpelier
SEAVER, E.D. painter h 3 Fuller Montpelier
SEAVER, J.R. insurance agent h 4 Charles Montpelier
SELINAS, Charles W. harnessmaker h 5 School Montpelier
SELINAS, Eugenia dressmaker h 3 School Montpelier
SELINAS, Miss. h cor Elm and School Montpelier
SELINAS, Mrs. A.M. Montpelier Laundry 31 Elm Montpelier
SENTER, J.H. lawyer h 10 Winter Montpelier
SEQUIN, Charles tanner h 150 Elm Montpelier
SERVERANCE, J.F. clerk bds School Northfield
SERVWRIGHT, A. stonecutter bds 36 High Barre
SEVERANCE, Albert J. painter h 49 Barre Montpelier
SEVERANCE, John W. printer 130 State Montpelier
SEVERANCE, Mrs. R.H. widow h School Northfield
SEXTON, Anna domestic bds 128 Elm Montpelier
SEXTON, Thomas slater bds 18 Northfield, B Montpelier
SHAMBO, A. Coal and Wood h 183 Main Montpelier
SHAMBO, Francis stonemason h 53 Berlin, B Montpelier
SHANLEY, Mrs. Mary h 5 Fuller Montpelier
SHANLEY, Nellie domestic bds 10 Hubbard Montpelier
SHARLAND, Henry teamster bds N Main Barre
SHATNEY, Francis laborer h N. Franklin Montpelier
SHATNEY, Francis Jr. laborer h 22 Court Montpelier
SHATTUCK, E. stonecutter bds Union House Montpelier
SHATTUCK, L.W. clerk, Park House Barre
SHAW, John stonecutter h 31 Brooklyn Barre
SHAW, M.H. operator h Pearl Northfield
SHAY, William printer bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
SHELDON, Rev. Charles pastor, Congregational Church bds Waterbury Hotel Waterbury
SHEPARD, Wilbur clerk bds Main Northfield
SHEPHERD, M.C. laborer h Summer Northfield
SHEPLE, Elliott teamster bds Main Waterbury
SHEPLE, H.S. liquor agent h Main Waterbury
SHEPLE, J.E. merchant Stowe Waterbury
SHEPLE, J.E. merchant h Main Waterbury
SHEPLEE, Ethel student bds 149 N Main Barre
SHEPLEE, Lida student bds 149 N Main Barre
SHEPLEE, O.C. furniture dealer 107 N Main Barre
SHEPLEE, O.C. furniture dealer h 149 N Main Barre
SHEPPARD, Burt. M. clerk bds 32 Main Montpelier
SHEPPARD, Mrs. George C. widow cor Main and School Montpelier
SHERBURNE, F.A. clerk h 3 First ave Montpelier
SHERBURNE, F.W. photographer bds 31 Elm Barre
SHERBURNE, H. clerk h 36 Elm Barre
SHERBURNE, J.O. pastor, M.E. Church h 162 Main Montpelier
SHERMAN, Blanche waiter, Central House Barre
SHERMAN, Cornelius grocer h Union Waterbury
SHERMAN, Phebe bds Cross Northfield
SHIPMAN, Charles H. boot and shoe dealer 106 Main Montpelier
SHIPMAN, Charles H. boot and shoe dealer h cor Court and Elm Montpelier
SHOREY, Albert blacksmith 45 Court Montpelier
SHOREY, Mina clerk bds Court Montpelier
SHORTELL, Mrs. _____ h Kings Northfield
SHORTRIDGE, J. wheelwright h Main Northfield
SHURTLEFF, O.D. merchant h 171 N Main Barre
SHURTLEFF, S.C. lawyer h 172 Main Montpelier
SIBLEY, A.J. collector, Internal Revenue bds Pavilion Montpelier
SILLOWAY, George nickelplater bds Prospect, B Montpelier
SILLOWAY, Joesph B. carpenter h 12 First ave Montpelier
SILLOWAY, Lizzie F. bds Vine Northfield
SILLOWAY, Milo laborer bds Prospect, B Montpelier
SILLOWAY, Mrs. Susan widow h Prospect, B Montpelier
SILLOWAY, Roxa bds 12 First ave Montpelier
SILSBY, Clara bds School Northfield
SILSBY, E.M. carpenter bds Wall Northfield
SILSBY, Richard carpenter h School Northfield
SILVER, Tinnie domestic bds Northfield, B Montpelier
SIMMONS, Charles h 34 Summer Barre
SIMMONS, James C. shoemaker h Northfield, B Montpelier
SIMMONS, Orrin mechanic h 6 Elmore Barre
SIMMONS, Thomas engineer h 33 Brooklyn Barre
SIMMONS, William H. bds Northfield, B Montpelier
SIMONDS, Hattie B. compositor bds 26 Elm Montpelier
SIMPSON, Alma bds Pleasant Northfield
SIMPSON, James stonecutter bds 12 Prospect Barre
SIMPSON, James c. stonecutter h 33 High Barre
SIMPSON, Robert stonecutter bds Granite Barre
SINCLAIR, Mrs. Z.M. h Traverse Northfield
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Dutton & Lucas, agents 28 State Montpelier
SINGER, Robert stonecutter bds 7 Duffy place Barre
SKINNER, Albert clerk bds Park House Barre
SKINNER, C.W. jeweler 8 State Montpelier
SKINNER, C.W. jeweler h 11 State Montpelier
SKINNER, Charles M. bds 11 State Montpelier
SKINNER, E.R. sup't, Montpelier Gas Co. h 96 State Montpelier
SLACK, Mrs. D.A. dressmaker 46 E State Montpelier
SLADE, Mrs. S.L. variety store 59 Main Montpelier
SLATON, Fred liveryman h Depot Square Barre
SLATTERY, B. domestic bds 24 Summer Montpelier
SLATTERY, Hannah domestic bds 138 Main Montpelier
SLATTERY, Joseph laborer bds 18 Northfield, B Montpelier
SLATTERY, Mary domestic bds 138 Main Montpelier
SLATTERY, Patrick laborer bds 157 Main Montpelier
SLAYTON, H.E. stationer h 11 Summer Montpelier
SLAYTON, Mrs. Emma bds 23 Berlin, B Montpelier
SLAYTON, Vernon clerk h 23 Berlin, B Montpelier
SLOAN, Benjamin clerk, Postoffice bds 12 St Paul Montpelier
SLOAN, E.P. machinist h 4 E Mechanic Montpelier
SMALLEY, Mrs. J. h 172 N Main Barre
SMALLEY, Thomas stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
SMILLIE, M.E. county clerk h 122 State Montpelier
SMITH, Addie L. student bds Pleasant Northfield
SMITH, Albert hostler Montpelier House Montpelier
SMITH, Albert E. clerk bds 38 E State Montpelier
SMITH, Alfred stonecutter bds 35 Elm Barre
SMITH, Alice L. student bds 14 Pleasant Barre
SMITH, Alma widow h 23 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, Andrew J. carpenter h 4 Whittier Montpelier
SMITH, Ann bds 1 Spring Montpelier
SMITH, C.A. druggist h 11 Church Barre
SMITH, Carl L. grocer h 9 Barre Montpelier
SMITH, Carrie A. student bds 14 Pleasant Barre
SMITH, Charles A. marble dealer h 55 Barre Montpelier
SMITH, Charles A. printer bds 38 E State Montpelier
SMITH, Charles H. teamster bds 190 Elm Montpelier
SMITH, Charles R. bds 49 Elm Montpelier
SMITH, E.F. granite dealer h 16 Pleasant Barre
SMITH, E.K. tanner h Main Northfield
SMITH, E.L. granite dealer h 14 Pleasant Barre
SMITH, Eben stonecutter bds 13 S Main Barre
SMITH, Edson D. (E.D. Smith & Son) h Pleasant Northfield
SMITH, Edward L. teacher bds 9 Barre Montpelier
SMITH, Eugene A. woodworker h 66 Barre Montpelier
SMITH, F.H. fireman bds Vine Northfield
SMITH, Frank E. machinist h 144 Elm Montpelier
SMITH, Fred E. pres., Vt. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. h 1 Spring Montpelier
SMITH, George H. clerk bds 23 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, George M. conductor bds 19 Berlin, B Montpelier
SMITH, George M. stonecutter bds Washington Barre
SMITH, Georgie domestic bds 46 Washington Barre
SMITH, Gertie clerk bds Central Northfield
SMITH, H. Dwight silverplater bds 14 Loomis Montpelier
SMITH, Hattie clerk bds Pleasant Northfield
SMITH, Henry meatmarket h 156 N Main Barre
SMITH, Henry (E.D. Smith & Son) bds Pleasant Northfield
SMITH, Henry C. barber h 17 Court Montpelier
SMITH, Henry L.E. book-keeper bds 23 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, Hiram S. (J.G. Smith & Co.) h 6 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, Horace W. hostler bds 126 State Montpelier
SMITH, J. Gregory (J.G. Smith & Co.) h 4 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, John stonecutter bds Summer Barre
SMITH, John E. stonecutter h 13 S Main Barre
SMITH, Joseph carpenter bds 10 Granite Barre
SMITH, Joseph polisher bds Summer Barre
SMITH, Louis laborer h 63 Elm Montpelier
SMITH, Mary tailoress bds Pleasant Northfield
SMITH, Miss L.J. bds 9 Barre Montpelier
SMITH, Mrs. A.T. h cor Main and Middle Barre
SMITH, Mrs. B.E. h North Branch Northfield
SMITH, Mrs. J.G. h Main Waterbury
SMITH, Mrs. Levi widow h Wall Northfield
SMITH, Mrs. Lucina widow h 35 Elm Barre
SMITH, Mrs. M.D. bds Main Northfield
SMITH, Mrs. Mary J. tailoress bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, Mrs. Myra h 23 St Paul Montpelier
SMITH, Mrs. P.G. widow bds 17 Court Montpelier
SMITH, Nye L. painter h 38 E State Montpelier
SMITH, Oscar teamster h 10 Cummins Montpelier
SMITH, Rev. Charles S. h 20 Bailey ave Montpelier
SMITH, Rev. G. pastor, M.E. Church h Winooski Waterbury
SMITH, S.B. m'f'g of reed & rattan goods Elm Montpelier
SMITH, S.B. m'f'g of reed & rattan goods h 4 Northfield, B Montpelier
SMITH, Silas S. laborer 101 E State Montpelier
SMITH, Thomas milk pedlar h Main Waterbury
SMITH, Thomas C. laborer h 45 Elm Montpelier
SMITH, W.M. stonecutter bds 14 Elm Barre
SMITH, William D. clerk h 36 E State Montpelier
SMITH, William H. stonecutter bds 9 Duffy ave Barre
SMITH. John W. teamster h 19 Berlin, B Montpelier
SNOW, B.S. bds State Montpelier
SNOW, Frank stonecutter h 13 Silver Barre
SNOW, Fred stonecutter bds Central House Barre
SNOW, H.J. laborer h 117 Elm Montpelier
SNOW, Ira sexton, Green Mount Cemetery h State Montpelier
SNOW, James harnessmaker h School Northfield
SNOW, Mrs. B.H. h 24 Barre Montpelier
SNOW, Mrs. M.A. bds Pearl Northfield
SNOW, Mrs. O.M. h Pearl Northfield
SNOW, T.L. stonecutter h 79 Washington Barre
SOMERVILLE, Joseph farmer h Main Waterbury
SOPER, E.L. stonecutter h Central Northfield
SOPER, Mrs. Eliza widow h cor School and Pearl Northfield
SOWLES, Wilder laborer h 14 Northfield, B Montpelier
SPARROW, Albert S. (Irish & Sparrow), props. Montpelier House Montpelier
SPAULDING, Alfred machinist h Central Northfield
SPAULDING, Charles A. musician h N Main Barre
SPAULDING, Fannie bds 2 Church Barre
SPAULDING, Fred E. broker h 74 State Montpelier
SPAULDING, Lizzie I. bds Central Northfield
SPAULDING, Mrs. H.R. widow h Central Northfield
SPEAR, Frank lather bds 47 Elm Montpelier
SPEAR, Jane h 19 St Paul Montpelier
SPEAR, Mrs. M.I. h 47 Elm Montpelier
SPEAR, William fireman bds 47 Elm Montpelier
SPELLISEY, James W. laborer h 61 Elm Montpelier
SPENCER, Pearl stonecutter h 5 Middle Barre
SPINNEY, Mrs. J.S. h Water Northfield
SPLOYD, Josie domestic bds 153 State Montpelier
SPRAGUE, John V. lawyer bds 13 S Main Barre
SPRAGUE, Mrs. Nancy h 14 Barre Montpelier
STACK, John engineer h Central Northfield
STACY, A. domestic bds 4 First ave Montpelier
STACY, Betsey h 16 Hubbard Montpelier
Stafford & Holden M'f'g Co. S Main Barre
STAFFORD, Fred W. stonecutter h 9 Prospect Barre
STAFFORD, Helen M. bds 24 Maple Barre
STAFFORD, Isabell J. bds 24 Maple Barre
STAFFORD, Thomas stonecutter bds Park House Barre
STAFFORD, W.L. polisher h 24 Maple Barre
STANAHAN, M.F. merchant tailor Randall Block, Main Waterbury
STANDISH, F.A. (Standish & Huse) bds 62 1/2 Main Montpelier
STANDISH, Fred cigarmaker bds 3 Pitkin ave Montpelier
STANDISH, Mrs. P.A. milliner h Main Montpelier
STANDISH, Ruth bds 3 Pitkin ave Montpelier
STANDISH, William butcher h 3 Pitkin ave Montpelier
STANHOPE, Emma domestic bds 84 E State Montpelier
STAPLES, Mrs. Harriet dressmaker bds 223 Main Montpelier
StCLAIR, David tanner h 11 Northfield, B Montpelier
STEBBINS, Edwin S. h Union Northfield
STEBBINS, Emily P. student bds North Northfield
STEBBINS, O.F. engineer h North Northfield
STEEL, C.W. student bds School Northfield
STEELE, S.W. merchant h School Northfield
STERLING, J.S. carpenter h 12 St Paul Montpelier
STEUART, J.J. conductor bds Water Northfield
STEVENS, Fred R. coal dealer 40 Main Montpelier
STEVENS, Fred R. coal dealer 38 Main Montpelier
STEVENS, Lillian dressmaker Averill Block Barre
STEVENS, Mrs. D.A. widow bds Pearl Northfield
STEVENS, Mrs. E.B. widow bds Vine Northfield
STEVENS, Mrs. Lucinda bds 108 Elm Montpelier
STEVENS, Nellie dressmaker Averill Block Barre
STEVENS, William stonecutter bds 33 High Barre
STEVENSON, James stonecutter h 47 Brooklyn Barre
STEWART, Angus stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
STEWART, M.C. gardener h Main Waterbury
STEWART, Stephen stonecutter h 156 N Main Barre
STICKNEY, C.A. carpenter h 4 Stickney ave Montpelier
STICKNEY, Mary bds 4 Stickney ave Montpelier
STICKNEY, Mrs. E.L. h 4 Stickney ave Montpelier
STIMSON, Lizzie M. dressmaker h 7 First ave Montpelier
STIMSON, Mary E. bds 7 First ave Montpelier
StJOHN, Abraham h 42 North Montpelier
StJOHN, Nicholas laborer h N Main Barre
STOCKWELL, E.T. conductor h Central Northfield
STONE, A.G. jeweler cor State and Main Montpelier
STONE, A.G. jeweler h 23 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
STONE, John harnessmaker h 9 Prospect, B Montpelier
STONE, Margaret bds 164 Main Montpelier
STONE, Minnie bds 164 Main Montpelier
STONE, Rev. J.F. h 164 Main Montpelier
STONE, Wm. h Pearl Northfield
STOUT, Olive B. stenographer bds 6 Whittier Montpelier
STOW, Theodore sharpener h N Main Barre
STOWE, Mrs. Martha widow h 36 S Main Barre
STOWE, W.L. stonecutter h 186 N Main Barre
STOWELL, Lillian bds 17 Barre Montpelier
STOWELL, S.H. h Union Waterbury
STOWELL, William A. sup't, W.R.R.R. h 17 Barre Montpelier
STRACHEN, _____ stonecutter bds N Main Barre
STRACHEN, Robert stonecutter bds N Main Barre
STRANTHERS, James C. painter h 38 State Montpelier
STRATTON, G.O. ass't sec'y, Vt. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. h 6 Summer Montpelier
STRATTON, Mrs. S.H. bds 6 Summer Montpelier
STRAW, A.T. merchant h Main Waterbury
STRAW, C.J. painter h 101 N Main Barre
STRAW, Etta A. bds Main Waterbury
STRAW, Heman steele worker h 89 E State Montpelier
STRAW, Jessie A. bds Main Waterbury
STRAW, Mary bds 32 North Montpelier
STREETER, Carrie domestic bds 122 State Montpelier
STRONG, L.A. tailoress bds Central Northfield
STRONG, Lucy A. bds Main Northfield
STRONG, Mrs. A. h Central Northfield
STRONG, Mrs. O.L. widow h Central Northfield
STRONG, Waland sharpener h 55 Cottage Barre
STYLES, Mrs. Austin housekeeper bds 149 State Montpelier
STYLES, Myrtie domestic bds 26 Summer Montpelier
SUITOR, Robert stonecutter h Washington Barre
SULHAM, Frank polisher bds Ayers Barre
SULLIVA, Mary domestic bds 1 Park ave Montpelier
SULLIVAN, A. domestic bds 22 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
SULLIVAN, Daniel stonecutter bds 8 Pleasant Barre
SULLIVAN, Eugene stonecutter h Summer Barre
SULLIVAN, Kate domestic h 1 Park ave Montpelier
SULLIVAN, Mrs. h Water Northfield
SUMMERS, C.T. painter h 46 Barre Montpelier
SUMMERS, William stonecutter bds 21 Granite Barre
SUMMERVILLE, Samuel stonecutter h 20 Ridge Montpelier
SUMMERVILLE, W.J. carpenter h 125 S Main Barre
SUTHERLAND, Alfred stonecutter bds 13 Hooker ave Barre
SUTHERLAND, Florence domestic bds 3 East Barre
SUTHERLAND, Francis stonecutter bds 6 Kinney's Lane Barre
SUTHERLAND, Goodwin polisher bds 13 Hooker ave Barre
SUTHERLAND, Mrs. C. widow h 13 Hooker ave Barre
SUTHERLAND, Walter stonecutter bds 13 Hooker ave Barre
SWASEY, John W. carpenter h 12 Court Montpelier
SWEENEY, Daniel stonecutter bds 34 Summer Barre
SWEENEY, Dennis laborer h 12 Cross Montpelier
SWEENEY, John fireman bds Water Northfield
SWEET, A.A. h 25 School Montpelier
SWEET, Mrs. Mary h 96 Main Montpelier
SWEET, Rebecca h 25 School Montpelier
SYLSTER, Mrs. A. h North Branch Northfield
SYLVESTER, B.S. printer bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
SYLVESTER, H.P. stonecutter bds Star Restaurant Barre