The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
PACKARD, A. h 101 N Main Barre
PACKER, H.E. physician h 11 Merchants Barre
PACKER, Mrs. L.B. widow bds 11 Merchants Barre
PAGE, Abus bds 39 Silver Barre
PAGE, Chas. engineer, Wells River R.R. bds 10 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
PAGE, Frank polisher h N Main Barre
PAGE, J.A. President  first Nat. Bank h 94 State Montpelier
PAGE, J.O. harnessmaker h N Main Barre
PAGE, J.P. blacksmith h 39 Silver Barre
PAGE, Mrs. S.A. widow h 75 Washington Barre
PAGE, W.F. merchant h 125 N Main Barre
PAGE, W.S. Star Restaurant N Main Barre
PAIGE, Mason book-keeper h 4 Averill Barre
PAIGE, Mertie A. bds 4 Averill Barre
PAINE, John h 98 N Main Barre
PAINE, Lucia domestic bds Main Northfield
PAINE, Mrs. R. h Kings Northfield
PALMER, Anna bds Union Waterbury
PALMER, E.F. lawyer h Union Waterbury
PALMER, E.F., Jr. student bds Union Waterbury
PALMER, Satie domestic bds Highland ave Northfield
PANE, Grover machinist bds 10 Cross Montpelier
PAPE, Gertie domestic bds Winooski Waterbury
PARCHER, Samuel laborer h Winooski Waterbury
PARCHER,, Francis bds Winooski Waterbury
PARISH, Helen domestic bds Hotel Barre Barre
PARK, Burt clerk bds French Block Montpelier
PARK, Gertrude bds 9 Loomis Montpelier
PARK, John stonecutter h 5 Bacon Barre
PARK, Kate bds 9 Loomis Montpelier
PARK, W.W. grocer h 9 Loomis Montpelier
PARKER, Chas. H. laborer bds 32 Main Montpelier
PARKER, J.T. stonecutter h 23 Stony Hill Barre
PARKER, Mrs. Laura widow bds 35 School Montpelier
PARKER, Taylor laborer h 90 S Main Barre
PARKER, W.G. h 165 N Main Barre
PARKHURST, H.N. quarryman h Middle Barre
PARMENTER, F.E. stonecutter h 15 Academy Barre
PARMENTER, Geo. W. ice dealer h 190 Elm Montpelier
PARRISEAU, E.J. h 3 Court Montpelier
PARRY, Miss E. bds 51 Elm Montpelier
PARRY, William quarryman h 51 Elm Montpelier
PARRY, William T. stonecutter bds 30 E State Montpelier
PATTERSON, G.J. truckman h Main Waterbury
PATTERSON, Hannah H. h 31 E State Montpelier
PATTERSON, Harry farmer bds Washington Barre
PATTERSON, Mary E. compositor bds 31 E State Montpelier
PATTERSON, Mrs. R.E. widow h Washington Barre
PATTERSON, Thomas C. shoemaker h Main Northfield
PATTERSON, Wm. laborer h 87 E State Montpelier
PATTERSON, Wm. laborer h 26 Court Montpelier
Pavilion Hotel J.S. Viles, prop. State opp C.Vt depot Montpelier
Pavilion Stables J.Q. Adams, prop. 50 Court Montpelier
PEAK, George farmer bds Summer Northfield
PECK, Alonzo bds 4 Franklin Montpelier
PECK, Barney bds 121 Elm Montpelier
PECK, Bert. bds 6 North Montpelier
PECK, Charles N. tanner h 6 North Montpelier
PECK, Frank W. tanner bds 6 North Montpelier
PECK, Fred printer bds 6 North Montpelier
PECK, George A Barrows & Peck h 115 Elm Montpelier
PECK, John W. plumber h 21 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
PECK, Mrs. Mary B. bds 99 Main Montpelier
PECK, N.C. painter h 49 Elm Montpelier
PECK, Quincy A. h 4 Franklin Montpelier
PECK, Roswell K. tanner h 106 Elm Montpelier
PECK, W.N. tanner h 21 Hubbard Montpelier
PECOR, Charles carpenter h 40 E Liberty Montpelier
PECOR, Emma bds 40 E Liberty Montpelier
PECOR, Joseph laborer h 10 Court Montpelier
PEMBROKE, Margaret A. bds 182 Main Montpelier
PEMBROKE, Michael machinist bds 182 Main Montpelier
PEMBROKE, Mrs. Margaret h 182 Main Montpelier
PEMBROKE, Thomas laborer bds 182 Main Montpelier
PENNIMAN, Henry fireman h 21 Hubbard Montpelier
PERCIVAL, Thonhill florist bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
PEREAULT, Frank J.. tonsorial artist h 4 Court Montpelier
PEREAULT, Joseph W. laborer h 6 Whitteer Montpelier
PERRIN, Chas. E. speculator h 12 Loomis Montpelier
PERRIN, Julius blacksmith h 24 Prospect, B Montpelier
PERRY, Ed. painter h Park Row Waterbury
PERRY, Fred H. machinist h 17 Pearl Montpelier
PERSONS, Amasa yardmaster, C.Vt.R.R. h Central Northfield
PERSONS, Leonard stonemason h North Northfield
PETTIGREW, Alexander D. tanner bds 19 Cummins Montpelier
PHELPS, John D. teamster bds 23 School Montpelier
PHELPS, Wm. P. ass't sec'y & stenographer, Lane M'f'g h 38 E Liberty Montpelier
PHILLIPS, Addie bds 9 Liberty Montpelier
PHILLIPS, C.N. jeweler h 9 Liberty Montpelier
PHILLIPS, Maud bds 9 Liberty Montpelier
PHINNEY, Mary music teacher bds 4 Spring Montpelier
PHINNEY, Miss Jennie book-keeper, Phinney Book Store bds 4 Spring Montpelier
PHINNEY, T.C. sargent at arms h 4 Spring Montpelier
PIERCE, C.H. clerk bds Central Northfield
PIERCE, Clarence clerk h 96 Main Montpelier
PIERCE, Emma bds 10 Cross Montpelier
PIERCE, H.E. general merchant h Central Northfield
PIERCE, H.M. ass't postmaster h 7 Summer Montpelier
PIERCE, Ira laborer h 10 Cross Montpelier
PIERCE, Irena h 9 North Montpelier
PIERCE, J.M. bds 7 Summer Montpelier
PIERCE, Mrs. A.A. bds 27 Loomis Montpelier
PINGREE, Mrs. M.E. h Main Northfield
PITKIN, C.P. h 144 Main Montpelier
PITKIN, Frank I. ass't treas. Lane M'f'g Co. h 25 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
PITKIN, Gen. P.P. h 146 Main Montpelier
PITKIN, Herbbert polisher bds rear Opera House Montpelier
PITKIN, Mrs. Nancy cor Main and Jay Montpelier
PITKIN, Mrs. R.A. h rear Opera House Montpelier
PLAISDED, E. mechanic bds 6 Cross Montpelier
PLASTRIDGE, Amos farmer h Vine Northfield
PLASTRIDGE, Eugene clerk bds Vine Northfield
PLUMLEY, Frank lawyer h Pleasant Northfield
PLUMLEY, Wm. bds Pleasant Northfield
POLAND, Emma C., M.E.L. instructor, Vt. Methodist Seminary bds Arsenal Montpelier
POLAND, Joseph h 27 School Montpelier
POLAND, Mrs. J. Monroe h 17 Baldwin Montpelier
POOLE, H.V.R. printer h Union Northfield
POPE, Abbie bds Main Northfield
POPE, Edmund h Main Northfield
PORTER, Chas. W. lawyer h 2 Western ave Montpelier
PORTER, Chole domestic bds 15 Spring Montpelier
PORTER, Edmund physician h Central Northfield
POWERS, Mrs. Lorenda bds 17 Pearl Montpelier
PRATT, A. Felix tonsorial artist 52 State Montpelier
PRATT, A. Felix tonsorial artist h 53 Elm Montpelier
PRATT, Charles G. pressman bds 137 Main Montpelier
PRATT, Frank F. tailor, Woolson's h 174 Main Montpelier
PRATT, George clerk bds Cross Northfield
PRATT, Hattie L. bds 62 Barre Montpelier
PRATT, J.J. painter h 62 Barre Montpelier
PRATT, Mary E. compositor bds Cross Northfield
PRATT, Willard C. bds 62 Barre Montpelier
PRERKINS, C.H. h Vine Northfield
PRESCOTT, Jennie domestic bds 134 State Montpelier
PRESTON, A.A. farmer h Central Northfield
PRESTON, Ed J. painter bds 5 Northfield, B Montpelier
PRESTON, Frank tax collector h Central Northfield
PRESTON, George B. painter bds 5 Northfield, B Montpelier
PRESTON, Margaret A. dressmaker bds 5 Northfield, B Montpelier
PRESTON, Oscar grocer bds Kings Northfield
PRESTON, Phillip carpenter h 5 Northfield, B Montpelier
PREVOST, Clement banker h 20 Court Montpelier
PREVOST, E.E. laborer h 19 St Paul Montpelier
PRIDE, Mrs. Polly bds Main Waterbury
PRITCHARD, Thomas slater h Water Northfield
PROCTOR, Ranson laborer h 217 Main Montpelier
PUFFER, F.H. insurance agent bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
PURRINGTON, Nettie bds 2 Hyde Park Montpelier
PURTELL, Mary domestic bds 113 Elm Montpelier
PURTILL, Margaret domestic bds 122 Elm Montpelier
Putnam & Marvin grocers 44 Main Montpelier
PUTNAM, Charles printer bds 20 Arsenal Montpelier
PUTNAM, Enoch D. (Putnam & Marvin) h 20 Arsenal Montpelier
PUTNAM, Mrs. Hannah bds 47 E State Montpelier
PUTNAM, Summer physician h 165 Main Montpelier
PUTNEY, Elwyn hostler bds 126 State Montpelier