The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
HACKETT, Augustus farmer h 225 N Main Barre
HACKETT, George moulder bds 225 N Main Barre
HACKETT, Nellie domestic bds Prospect Northfield
HADDEN, James stonecutter bds 34 Summer Barre
HAGER, Rev. W.M. Pastor Congregational Church h Main Northfield
HAINES, Abbie bds Main Waterbury
HAINES, Beie bds Main Waterbury
HAINES, Charles H. clerk bds Main Waterbury
HAINES, Florence bds Main Waterbury
HAINES, L.H. grocer bds Main Waterbury
HALEY, James stonecutter bds Park House Barre
HALL, F. shoemaker rear of Union House Montpelier
HALL, Frank H. upholsterer h 71 Elm Montpelier
HALL, Fred stonecutter h State Montpelier
HALL, M.J. carpenter h 23 Berlin, B Montpelier
HALL, Susie bds 8 Cross Montpelier
HALL, Susie M. bds 23 Berlin, B Montpelier
HALLIGAN, Kate waiter Montpelier House Montpelier
HANIFORD, Randall machinist h 186 Main Montpelier
HANIFORD, Willis H. mechanic h 6 Mechanic Montpelier
HAPGOOD, C.A. bds 41 Arsenal Montpelier
HARDIGAN, John laborer h Northfield, B Montpelier
HARDIGAN, Nellie domestic bds 98 Elm Montpelier
HARDY, H.B. farmer h Main Northfield
HARGIN, Miss G.M. bds 15 Court Montpelier
HARGIN, Mrs. L.S. h 30 Court Montpelier
HARGIN, R.J. h 15 Court Montpelier
HARLOW, A.C. photographer Ellis Block Montpelier
HARLOW, A.C. photographer h 34 E State Montpelier
HARLOW, W.E. book-keeper bds Montpelier House Montpelier
HARRIGAN, Anna bds 18 Northfield, B Montpelier
HARRIGAN, Anna domestic bds Vine Northfield
HARRIGAN, John trackman h 18 Northfield, B Montpelier
HARRIGAN, Kate E. dressmaker bds 7 First ave Montpelier
HARRIGAN, Timothy trackman h East Northfield
HARRIMAN, J.H. laborer h S Main Barre
HARRINGTON, Albert carpenter h 8 Pleasant Barre
HARRINGTON, Asa butcher h 10 Granite Barre
HARRINGTON, Asa butcher 4 Granite Barre
HARRIS, Clara bds North Northfield
HARRIS, Frank machinist bds North Northfield
HARRIS, Page lumber and grain dealer h North Northfield
HARRISON, A. stonecutter bds N Main Barre
HARROUN, Clayton blacksmith bds 28 Maple Barre
HARROUN, I.C. blacksmith h 28 Maple Barre
HART, Leonard farmer h Main Waterbury
HARTIN, James porter Montpelier House Montpelier
HARTLEY, Mrs. A. widow h Water Northfield
HARTWELL, Amos silverplater over Wells River Depot Montpelier
HARTWELL, Mrs. H. h 101 E State Montpelier
HARVEY, Bell bds 39 Loomis Montpelier
HARVEY, Mrs. S. widow bds 148 Main Montpelier
HARVEY, O.W. laborer h 39 Loomis Montpelier
HARWOOD, Charles A. clerk bds Main Waterbury
HARWOOD, Clara E. teacher bds Union Northfield
HARWOOD, Mrs. J.S. h Union Northfield
HASKINS, Wm. E. machinist Montpelier
HASSETT, F. compositor bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
HATCH, H.O. mechanic h 17 S Main Barre
HATCH, Mrs. _____ widow h 33 Court Montpelier
HATCH, Mrs. J. nurse h 2 Hyde Block Montpelier
HATCH, S.S. butcher h Cemetery Northfield
HATHAWAY, Chas. machinist h 27 Court Montpelier
HATHAWAY, Louis student bds 27 Court Montpelier
HATHAWAY, Mrs. Alice compositor h 4 Cedar Montpelier
HATHAWAY, Nellie dressmaker bds 67 Elm Montpelier
HATHAWAY, Nellie dressmaker bds 55 Elm Montpelier
HAVILAND, Ida V. dressmaker bds 14 Hooker Hill Barre
HAVILAND, W.H. polisher h 14 Hooker Hill Barre
HAWES, B.B. carpenter h Cottage Barre
HAWES, Charles M. expressman h 26 Maple Barre
HAWES, GEURDON student bds Maple Barre
HAWES, H.W. carpenter h Maple Barre
HAWES, William carpenter h Maple Barre
HAWKINS, Robert stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
HAY, Alexander stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
HAYDEN, F.H. clerk bds French Block Montpelier
HAYDEN, F.L. Prop. Central House Barre
HAYDEN, Freeman watchman h 43 Barre Montpelier
HAYDEN, Mary domestic bds 20 Bailey ave Montpelier
HAYDEN, Mrs. _____ widow h Pleasant Northfield
HAYES, Teresa domestic bds 23 Terrace Montpelier
HAYFORD, Rev. S.C. h 89 E State Montpelier
HAYWOOD, Herbert h 42 E State Montpelier
HAZELTON, Howard student bds Main Waterbury
HAZELTON, Jessie bds Main Waterbury
HAZELTON, Mazwell Freight Agent bds Main Waterbury
HEALY, Annie domestic bds 172 Main Montpelier
HEATH, Chas. H. lawyer h 47 Barre Montpelier
HEATH, Mrs. M.E. h Central Northfield
HEATON, C.H. 12 State Montpelier
HEATON, C.H. bds 143 State Montpelier
HEATON, Homer W. lawyer 12 State Montpelier
HEATON, Homer W. lawyer h 143 State Montpelier
HEATON, James S. bds 143 State Montpelier
HEATON, Lucy waiter Montpelier House Montpelier
HENDERSON, Leslie stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
HENNESSY, Michael stonecutter bds Granite House Barre
HENRY, James stonecutter bds 188 N Main Barre
HENRY, Michael stonecutter bds 10 Granite Barre
HENRY, Mrs. E.L. bds Union Waterbury
HENRY, Mrs. L.A. h Main Waterbury
HERBERT, Susan domestic cor Main and School Montpelier
HERRICK, W.H. book-keeper h 12 Liberty Montpelier
HERRON, James laborer h 38 Loomis Montpelier
HIBBARD, Mrs. A.P. boarding house h 5 St Paul Montpelier
HIGGINS, J.P. stonecutter h 24 Bridge Barre
HIGGINS, Minnie bds 131 State Montpelier
HILL, Etta domestic bds 7 Baldwin Montpelier
HILL, George A. carpenter h 6 Stony Hill Barre
HILL, Hattie domestic bds North Northfield
HILL, Lewis stonecutter h South Barre
HILL, Napoleon stonecutter h 11 Elmore Barre
HILL, Rev. Howard F. Rector Christ Church h 64 State Montpelier
HILL, W.P. reporter Union House Montpelier
HILYARD, James stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
HINKLEY, F.A. student bds 1 Arsenal Montpelier
HINKLEY, F.C. clerk bds 1 Arsenal Montpelier
HINKLEY, P.H. insurance agent h 1 Arsenal Montpelier
HINKS, Rev. J.H. Pastor Congregational Church h 145 State Montpelier
HITCHCOCK, Celia bds Central Northfield
HITCHCOCK, Rev. A. h Central Northfield
HITT, Jesse Principal of Graded School h Pearl Northfield
HNTINGTON, Clinton W. student bds 88 Washington Barre
HOBBS, Charles E. blacksmith h 18 Pleasant Barre
HODGDON, Andrew messenger Montpelier National Bank h 37 School Montpelier
HODGDON, Dora bds 37 School Montpelier
HOIL, Joseph polisher bds 82 Washington Barre
HOKING, Thomas stonecutter bds Granite Barre
HOLDEN, Clark postmaster h 10 S Main Barre
HOLDEN, George E. student bds 194 Main Montpelier
HOLDEN, Mattie bds 20 Summer Montpelier
HOLDEN, Miss E. book-keeper bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
HOLDEN, Wm. postal clerk Wells River R.R. h 20 Summer Montpelier
HOLDSWORTH, Mrs. Ellen widow h North Northfield
HOLLAND, Timothy conductor bds Water Northfield
HOLLISTER, R.C. bds 47 Arsenal Montpelier
HOLMES, A.M. stonecutter h 209 N Main Barre
HOLMES, B.A. farmer h 31 Elm Barre
HOLMES, Clinton student bds 31 Elm Barre
HOLMES, Dora B. teacher bds 16 North Montpelier
HOLMES, E.H. carpenter h 21 S Main Barre
HOLMES, Edward C. clerk bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
HOLMES, Ethel L. dressmaker bds 21 S Main Barre
HOLMES, H.C. butcher h 16 North Montpelier
HOLMES, Mrs. P.A. bds 8 Elm Montpelier
HOLT, D.P. shoemaker h Union Northfield
HOLT, Fred L. fireman h Traverse Northfield
HOLT, J.P. painter h 38 Main Montpelier
HOLT, Mrs. Alonzo h 79 S Main Barre
HOLTON, Louise bds Union Northfield
HOLTON, Mrs. E. h Union Northfield
HOOKER, Burt bds 22 Prospect Barre
HOOKER, E.G. physician h Park Row Waterbury
HOOKER, Forest polisher bds 25 Prospect Barre
HOOKER, Jessie bds Park Row Waterbury
HOOKER, L.H. carpenter h 25 Prospect Barre
HOOKER, Minnie bds 22 Prospect Barre
HOOKER, William butter buyer h 22 Prospect Barre
HOPKINS, F.H. (Smith & Hopkins) h 98 Washington Barre
HOPKINS, H.C. carpenter h 10 Spring Montpelier
HOPKINS, H.D. h 5 Baldwin Montpelier
HOPKINS, H.D., Jr. bds 5 Baldwin Montpelier
HOPKINS, H.S. stonecutter bds Washington Barre
HOPKINS, Mrs. Ellen bds 104 Elm Montpelier
HOPKINS, Ralph bds 5 S Main Barre
HORNBROOK, Kate bds 47 E State Montpelier
HORNBROOK, Mary bds 47 E State Montpelier
HORNBROOK, William butcher h 47 E State Montpelier
HORNE, Henry miller h 140 Elm Montpelier
HORNE, John H. clerk bds 140 Elm Montpelier
Hotel Kempton H.W. KEMPTON, Prop. 58 State Montpelier
HOUGHTON, C.L. laborer h 8 Elmore Barre
HOUGHTON, E.R. student bds 29 Barre Montpelier
HOUGHTON, James C. Treasurer National Life Insurance h 29 Barre Montpelier
HOUGHTON, Miss J.M. bds 35 School Montpelier
HOUGHTON, W.S. machinist h 38 Main Montpelier
HOUSE, Sarah E. domestic bds 18 Liberty Montpelier
HOUSTON, A.B. boarding house h Water Northfield
HOUSTON, Belle dressmaker bds Union Northfield
HOUSTON, F.J. carpenter h Depot Square Northfield
HOUSTON, Herman carpenter bds 44 Maple Barre
HOUSTON, T.J. carpenter h Union Northfield
HOWARD, Cyrus h Elm Northfield
HOWARD, Florence teacher bds 103 Washington Barre
HOWARD, Jennie domestic bds 37 Silver Barre
HOWARD, William farmer h 103 Washington Barre
HOWE, A.J. (Howe & Wheatley) bds 11 Loomis Montpelier
HOWE, E.W. marble dealer h Vine Northfield
HOWE, F.L. marble dealer h Vine Northfield
HOWE, Frank clerk bds N Main Barre
HOWE, G.E. carpenter h Central Northfield
HOWE, George laborer bds 105 S Main Barre
HOWE, Helen bds Vine Northfield
HOWE, Mrs. M.G. bds N Main Barre
HOWE, N.C. bds 15 S Main Barre
HOWE, S.L. ticket agent h 7 Baldwin Montpelier
HOWE, T. Lillian Instructor, Vt. Methodist Seminary bds Arsenal Montpelier
HOWES, George h 8 Elm Montpelier
HOWES, Maria M. dressmaker h Main Northfield
HOWES, O.J. constable h 188 N Main Barre
HOWLAND, A.S. laborer h 31 Berlin, B Montpelier
HOWLAND, Charles stonecutter bds 209 N Main Barre
HOWLAND, Frank cashier National Bank bds 103 N Main Barre
HOWLAND, George stonecutter bds Park House Barre
HOWLAND, John mason h 2 North Montpelier
HOWLAND, Laura L. bds 23 Prospect, B Montpelier
HOWLAND, S. Curtis laborer bds 31 Berlin, B Montpelier
HOYT, Albert stonecutter bds 21 S Main Barre
HOYT, Frank carpenter h 14 Ridge Montpelier
HOYT, Jessie M. bds 15 First ave Montpelier
HOYT, Lois bds 14 Ridge Montpelier
HOYT, Mrs. C.H. h 15 First ave Montpelier
HOYT, Mrs. C.H. widow bds 6 Stony Hill Barre
HOYT, Sarah bds 14 Ridge Montpelier
HUBBARD, Abner carpenter h Summer Barre
HUBBARD, E.E. barber bds 8 Prospect Barre
HUBBARD, Erastus h 156 Main Montpelier
HUBBARD, George S. bds 3 Putnam Montpelier
HUBBARD, Gustavus bds Montpelier House Montpelier
HUBBARD, John E. bds 156 Main Montpelier
HUBBARD, Lucinda B. bds 5 S Main Barre
HUBBARD, W.E. farmer h 84 Barre Montpelier
HUGHES, John polisher bds Park House Barre
HULNO, Peter blacksmith bds Park House Barre
HUMPHREY, A.F. tanner h 2 School ave, B Montpelier
HUNT, E.W. farmer bds Summer Northfield
HUNT, Frank liveryman h Cemetery Montpelier
HUNT, Frank farmer bds Summer Northfield
HUNT, G.E. dentist h 2 Spring Montpelier
HUNT, G.E. dentist 6 Union Block Montpelier
HUNT, Hattie bds 189 Main Montpelier
HUNT, Mrs. E.A. h 17 Hooker ave Barre
HUNT, Mrs. N. h Summer Northfield
HUNT, William liveryman bds 189 Main Montpelier
HUNTER, Harriet domestic bds Union Waterbury
HUNTER, Mrs. _____ widow h S Main Barre
HUNTINGTON, A.B. teamster h N Main Barre
HUNTINGTON, Florence dressmaker h 15 St Paul Montpelier
HUNTINGTON, L.B. (Huntington & Son) h 35 School Montpelier
HUNTINGTON, Minnie S. teacher bds 88 Washington Barre
HUNTINGTON, W.L. laborer h 88 Washington Barre
HUNTINGTON, W.P. (Huntington & Son) h 5 State Montpelier
HUNTLEY, Elma R. music teacher bds Slate ave Northfield
HUNTLEY, Erastus merchant h Slate ave Northfield
HUNTLEY, Flora M. teacher bds Slate ave Northfield
HUNTLEY, N. carpenter h Central Northfield
HURLEY, John H. marblecutter h Vine Northfield
HURLEY, Mary printer bds 65 Elm Montpelier
HURLEY, Minnie bds Vine Northfield
HURLEY, Mrs. _____ h 65 Elm Montpelier
HURLEY, Mrs. James bds 20 Court Montpelier
HURLEY, Mrs. John teacher in drawing h Vine Northfield
HURLIHY, Michael (Hurlihy & Williams) h 13 Bridge Barre
HUSE, Carlos teamster bds 133 S Main Barre
HUSE, H.A. lawyer h 3 Baldwin Montpelier
HUSE, H.E. (Standish & Huse) bds 62 1/2 Main Montpelier
HUSE, Herbert cigarmaker bds Pitkin ave Montpelier
HUSE, S.B. stonecutter h 48 Stony Hill Barre
HUTCHINS, E.F. carpenter h 66 Barre Montpelier
HUTCHINS, Martha W. h Main Waterbury
HUTCHINS, S.C. farmer h Main Waterbury
HUTCHINSON, F.A. sharpener h Maple Barre
HUTCHINSON, H.O. laborer bds 20 Stony Hill Barre
HUTCHINSON, J.M. carpenter h 1 East Barre
HUTCHINSON, Joseph laborer h Fales ave Waterbury
HYDE, E.D. hardware h 23 Loomis Montpelier
HYDE, E.D. hardware cor Main and Barre Montpelier
HYDE, Helen F. bds 23 Loomis Montpelier
HYDE, Mrs. R.W. bds 6 Barre Montpelier
HYDE, Richard W. student bds 23 Loomis Montpelier