The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
GAGE, C.H. stonecutter h 4 Stony Hill Barre
GALAISE, Antoine painter h 9 Franklin Montpelier
GALAISE, Joseph painter h 79 Elm Montpelier
GALE, Amy E. bds 7 Summer Barre
GALE, E.J. (Watch Key Co.) h 28 E State Montpelier
GALE, H.L. physician bds 101 N Main Barre
GALE, Ira L. farmer h 84 Washington Barre
GALE, Lyman farmer h 5 S Main Barre
GALE, Mrs. A.J. bds 10 Merchants Barre
GALE, Mrs. H.P. widow h 7 Summer Barre
GALLIGHER, James stonecutter bds N Main Barre
GALLIGHER, Richard laborer h 10 Washington ave Barre
GALLISON, Harvey laborer h Northfield, B Montpelier
GAMBLE, A.H. stonecutter h 66 S Main Barre
GAMBLE, Henry stonecutter bds 17 Ayers Barre
GAMBLE, John stonecutter bds 17 Ayers Barre
GAMBLE, M.A. bds 14 First ave Montpelier
GAMBLE, Malcom lawyer h 17 Ayers Barre
GANNIN, M. domestic 91 State Montpelier
GARVEY, Michael stonecutter h Summer Barre
GASROW, Charles laborer h 30 Elm Montpelier
GATES, C.N. willow worker bds Montpelier House Montpelier
GATES, S.L. carpenter h 9 Church Barre
GAUTHIER, Joseph blacksmith h 206 N Main Barre
GAUTHIER, Louis N. stonecutter bds 206 N Main Barre
GAUTIER, Napoleon laborer h 54 North Montpelier
GAY, Joseph blacksmith h Main Northfield
GAY, Joseph blacksmith bds Park House Barre
GAY, Nelson polisher bds Taplin's Barre
GAY, Oliver blacksmith bds Vine Northfield
GAY, Peter blacksmith h 3 Charles Montpelier
GAY, Peter blacksmith h Vine Northfield
GAY, T.D. h Main Waterbury
GEER, Andrew polisher bds Granite Barre
GEORGE, Alice bds 15 St Paul Montpelier
GEORGE, Charles stonecutter bds 32 School Montpelier
GEORGE, Fannie domestic bds 2 Eastern ave Barre
GEORGE, Frank stonecutter h 8 Summer Barre
GEORGE, J.R. produce dealer h 30 Elm Barre
GEORGE, Joseph blacksmith h 15 St Paul Montpelier
GEORGE, Joseph blacksmith bds S Seminary Barre
GEORGE, Mrs. Jennie widow bds 37 High Barre
GEORGE, Scott (Duffy & George) h Middle Barre
GEORGE, W.L. stonecutter bds 13 Pleasant Barre
GERO, George peddler h 38 North Montpelier
GERO, John laborer bds 9 Franklin Montpelier
GERRALL, James clerk bds 2 Spring Montpelier
GIBBONS, B. domestic bds 154 Main Montpelier
GIBBONS, Hattie domestic bds 93 State Montpelier
GIBBONS, Mrs. Kate bds 16 Northfield, B Montpelier
GIBBONS, Nora waiter Montpelier House Montpelier
GIBBONS, Thomas stonemason bds 13 Franklin Montpelier
GIBSON, James stonecutter bds Washington Barre
GIBSON, John stonecutter h N Main Barre
GIBSON, Newel barber h Stowe Waterbury
GIFFIN, Emma bds Main Northfield
GIFFIN, R.J. carder h Main Northfield
GILBERT, Ellen dressmaker h Depot Square Northfield
GILCHRIST, Mrs. M.S. h Main Northfield
GILE, Lucis domestic bds 32 Main Montpelier
GILL, Charles clerk bds 15 Spring Montpelier
GILLMAN, William stonecutter bds Granite Barre
GILMAN, E.H. horse trainer h 70 Barre Montpelier
GILMAN, J.F. crayon artist bds Riverside Montpelier
GILMAN, Marcus D. h 1 Baldwin Montpelier
GILMAN, Mrs. C.C. bds Water Northfield
GILMORE, A.H. reporter bds Hillside Montpelier
GILSON, Truman farmer h Railroad Waterbury
GIRARD, James stonecutter bds 13 Brooklyn Barre
GIRARD, John laborer bds 9 Franklin Montpelier
GIRARD, Joseph barber bds 28 Elm Montpelier
GISBORNE, Oliver wheelwright bds 27 Bailey ave Montpelier
GISBORNE, Thomas woodworker h 27 Bailey ave Montpelier
GLADDING, Edward C. laborer h Washington Barre
GLADDING, W.H. druggist h Elm Barre
GLEASON & Co. Furniture and Undertaking 4 E State Montpelier
GLEASON, C.J. bds Riverside Montpelier
GLEASON, H.C. (L.P. Gleason & Co.) bds Riverside Montpelier
GLEASON, Katie domestic bds 143 State Montpelier
GLEASON, L.P. & Co. dry goods 27 and 31 State Montpelier
GLEASON, Louis (L.P. Gleason & Co.) h 12 Barre Montpelier
GLEASON, Mary domestic bds 143 State Montpelier
GLENNON, Timothy laborer bds Vine Northfield
GLIDDEN, A.E. blacksmith h Cemetery Barre
GLIDDEN, E.H. clerk bds Washington Barre
GLIDDEN, J.A.R. farmer bds Cemetery Barre
GLIDDEN, W.D. boxer h 13 Cemetery Barre
GLINNEY, John h 31 Court Montpelier
GLINNEY, Mary bds 31 Court Montpelier
GLINNEY, Nellie bds 31 Court Montpelier
GLINNEY, Patrick trackman h 5 North Montpelier
GLYNN, John moulder h 1 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
GLYNN, John stonecutter bds Taplin's Barre
GLYNN, Patrick laborer h 26 Court Montpelier
GLYNN, William confectioner 10 Elm Barre
GLYSSON, A.J. clerk h 21 St Paul Montpelier
GLYSSON, E. h 57 Main Montpelier
GLYSSON, Miss M.E. h Main Waterbury
GLYSSON, Mrs. _____ widow h 4 Pitkin Place Montpelier
GODDARD Seminary Seminary Barre
GOKEY, Charles C. blacksmith h East Northfield
GOKEY, Frank farmer bds East Northfield
GOKEY, Myrtie teacher bds East Northfield
GOKEY, William H. laborer h Pleasant Northfield
GOLDEN, Bridget bds 6 Elm Montpelier
GOLDSBURY, Alexander laborer h N Main Barre
GOLDSBURY, Fred bds N Main Barre
GOLDSBURY, William stonecutter h 21 High Barre
GONEO, Louis stonecutter h Granite Barre
GONYON, Lewis M. polisher h Washington Barre
GOOD, Larky stonecutter bds 34 Summer Barre
GOODHUE, Fred cadet bds Main Northfield
GOODNATURE, Joseph mason bds 179 Main Montpelier
GOODNATURE, Josie bds 179 Main Montpelier
GOODNATURE, Lewis stonemason h 179 Main Montpelier
GOODNATURE, Lewis stonemason bds Granite House Barre
GOODNOUGH, J.E. clerk bds 98 Elm Montpelier
GOODRICH, H.W. carpenter h 46 Barre Montpelier
GOODWIN, Mrs. A. h 2 Miles Court Montpelier
GOODWIN, S.E. bds 11 First ave Montpelier
GOODWIN, W.C. teamster h 35 Elm Barre
GOODWIN, W.R. printer bds 2 Miles Court Montpelier
GOODWIN, Wm. W. carpenter h 11 First ave Montpelier
GORDON, Alexander granite dealer h 36 Elm Barre
GORDON, George lawyer bds 32 Main Montpelier
GORDON, J.W. carpenter h 8 Ridge Montpelier
GORDON, J.W. granite dealer bds 17 Pleasant Barre
GORDON, T.R. lawyer bds French Block Montpelier
GORMAN, Frank laborer h N Main Barre
GORMAN, Mrs. _____ laundry N Main Barre
GOSS, George clerk bds Park House Barre
GOTIER, Peter stonemason h 6 Jay Montpelier
GOULD, John E. truckman h 26 Bailey ave Montpelier
GOULD, Julia bds Railroad Waterbury
GOULD, M.W. stonemason h 61 Berlin, B Montpelier
GOULD, Sarah bds Railroad Waterbury
GOULD, W.B. book-keeper bds Railroad Waterbury
GOULD, William D. book-keeper h Railroad Waterbury
GOULDSBURY, Albert stonecutter bds Central House Barre
GOURLEY, G. h Traverse Northfield
GOURLEY, George moulder h 16 Winter Montpelier
GOURLEY, Hattie clerk bds 13 S Main Barre
GOURLEY, Mary J. bds Traverse Northfield
GOVE, George N. liveryman Park Row Waterbury
GOW, James stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
GRACE, Andrew tanner h Park Row Waterbury
GRADY, Michael laborer h 152 Elm Montpelier
GRADY, Winnie bds 152 Elm Montpelier
GRAHAM, Joseph stonecutter h Stony Hill Barre
GRAHAME, Addie bds 41 Hubbard Montpelier
GRAHAME, E. lumber dealer h 41 Hubbard Montpelier
GRAHAME, Ellen bds 41 Hubbard Montpelier
GRAHAME, Frank cabinet maker bds 41 Hubbard Montpelier
GRAHAME, Mary teacher bds 41 Hubbard Montpelier
GRANDFIELD, Jennie domestic h 56 E State Montpelier
GRANEY, Morrison stonecutter bds Granite Barre
GRANGER, _____ stonecutter h 12 Bridge Barre
GRANGER, Charles carpenter h 54 S Main Barre
Granite House James G. Brown, Prop. S Main Barre
Granite Savings Bank and Trust Co. N Main Barre
GRANT, A.B. blacksmith h 3 Fuller Montpelier
GRANT, Alexander artist bds Hotel Barre Barre
GRANT, James stonecutter h 4 Granite Barre
GRANT, William stonecutter bds 51 S Main Barre
GRAVELIN, Francis laborer h 25 St Paul Montpelier
GRAVELIN, Henry laborer bds 25 St Paul Montpelier
GRAVELIN, Mrs. John h 43 Court Montpelier
GRAVELIN, N. h 43 Court Montpelier
GRAVELIN, Peter teamster bds 43 Court Montpelier
GRAVES, A.E. h Main Waterbury
GRAVES, C.O. bds Main Waterbury
GRAVES, C.T. h Summer Northfield
GRAY, F.L. painter h 2 Hyde Block Montpelier
GRAY, George stonecutter bds Summer Barre
GRAY, James stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
GRAY, Mrs. S. bds 35 Barre Montpelier
GRAY, W.E. machinist bds Union House Montpelier
GRAY, William stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
GREANEY, Jerry laborer h East Northfield
GREANEY, Kate bds East Northfield
GREEN, Burt clerk bds Spring Montpelier
GREEN, Carver L. farmer bds Cross Northfield
GREEN, Gertie domestic cor Court and Elm Montpelier
GREEN, John S. farmer h Cross Northfield
GREEN, Lester clerk h 5 State Montpelier
GREEN, Munson baker h 6 Kinney's Lane Barre
GREEN, T.A. stonecutter h 32 Summer Barre
GREENE, D.H. clerk bds Montpelier House Montpelier
GREENWOOD, Miss A. bds 5 Pearl Montpelier
GREGG, Fannie bds Summer Northfield
GREGG, Mrs. E.J. bds Summer Northfield
GREGORY, Mrs. M.P. h Main Northfield
GREIGG, Alexander stonecutter bds Washington Barre
GREIGG, George stonecutter h 9 Church Barre
GREIGG, Richard stonecutter bds 209 N Main Barre
GRIFFITH, A.M. farmer h Main Waterbury
GRIFFITH, David bds Stowe Waterbury
GRIGGS, J.C. merchant h Stowe Waterbury
GRIGWARE, Lizzie domestic bds 21 Church Barre
GRISWOLD, Helen L. bds Main Waterbury
GRISWOLD, L.E. carpenter h 29 Brooklyn Barre
GRISWOLD, Mrs. P.M. bds 153 State Montpelier
GRISWOLD, N.M. h Main Waterbury
GROUT, Emma J. clerk bds French Block Montpelier
GROW, S.P. shoemaker h Vine Northfield
GRUBB, Alexander stonecutter bds 42 High Barre
GUERNSEY, Alice bds 13 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
GUERNSEY, C.W. machinist h 35 Loomis Montpelier
GUERNSEY, Charles C. student bds 32 Main Montpelier
GUERNSEY, E.M. Supt. Machine Dept. Lane Mfg. Co. h 13 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
GUERNSEY, Eliza V. h 54 E State Montpelier
GUERNSEY, Geo. H. architect h 68 E State Montpelier
GUERNSEY, Mable bds 13 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
GUERNSEY, Mara A. artist h 68 E State Montpelier
GUERNSEY, Mrs. S. h 18 Cross Montpelier
GUNINSON, E.S. h 53 Main Montpelier
GUPTIL, D.A. sign painter h 34 E State Montpelier
GUTHRIE, Alexander stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
GUYER, E. bds 6 Jay Montpelier
GUYER, Fred laborer h Washington Barre
GUYER, Joseph bds 6 Jay Montpelier
GUYER, Joseph Jr. laborer h 6 Jay Montpelier
GUYER, Rama tanner h 14 Northfield, B Montpelier
GUYETTE, Frank butter maker h Park Row Waterbury