The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
FALES, H.M. packer h 5 Pearl Montpelier
FALES, Mrs. H.A. h Main Waterbury
FALLON, Edward J. painter bds 2 Cross Montpelier
FALLON, Neal stonepolisher h Maple Barre
FARNHAM, E.H. clerk Union House Montpelier
FARNSWORTH, Lewis polisher bds Granite House Barre
FARRAR, Edward clerk h Main Waterbury
FARRAR, Lemon peddler h Main Northfield
FARRELL, Lewis bds 11 Merchants Barre
FARRELL, Mrs. _____ h Water Northfield
FARRELL, T.T. tonsorial artist Main Waterbury
FARRER, William boxer h 46 Maple Barre
FARWELL, A.D. clothing and gents'
furnishing goods
h 10 Liberty Montpelier
FARWELL, A.D. clothing and gents'
furnishing goods
85 Main Montpelier
FARWELL, Henry student bds 99 Main Montpelier
FARWELL, John ticket agt. Wells River R.R. h 99 Main Montpelier
FAY, Irving W. professor bds Seminary Boarding House Montpelier
FELLOWS, Daniel carpenter bds 15 Academy Barre
FELT, A.C. silverplater bds 24 Main Montpelier
FELT, E.W. printer bds 24 Main Montpelier
FELT, Frank E. h Main Waterbury
FELT, Geo. M. silverplater h 24 Main Montpelier
FERGUSON, Mrs. S.M. bds 14 Barre Montpelier
FERRIN, A.W. Treas. Montpelier Savings Bank bds 26 Summer Montpelier
FERRIN, Chas. H. groceries and meats h 20 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
FERRIN, Chas. H. groceries and meats 89 Main Montpelier
FERRIN, W.G. lawyer h 26 Summer Montpelier
FERRIS, Arthur stonecutter bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
FERRISS, Henry baggage master h Central Northfield
FIELD, A.E. physician h 9 Merchants Barre
FIELD, C.C. engineer h 1 Putnam Montpelier
FIELD, Clinton N Teller Savings Bank bds 9 Merchants Barre
FIELD, D. billard Hall h Langdon Block Montpelier
FIELD, D.D. cooper h Elm Northfield
FIELD, James barber bds 17 Court Montpelier
FIELD, Lillian L. bds Elm Northfield
FIELD, O.D. laborer h 12 Spring Montpelier
FIELD, Sarah bds 12 Spring Montpelier
FIELDS, George stonecutter bds Taplin's Barre
FIFE, J.A. truckman h Main Waterbury
FIFE, Katie bds Railroad Waterbury
FIFIELD, B.F. attorney at law h 118 State Montpelier
FIFIELD, B.F. attorney at law   3 Union Block Montpelier
FIFIELD, Fannie bds 118 State Montpelier
FIFIELD, Geo. stonemason h 35 Barre Montpelier
FIFIELD, Henry E. farmer bds Montpelier House Montpelier
FIFIELD, Horace h 8 S Main Barre
FIFIELD, Orange speculator h 107 Main Montpelier
FIFIELD, Sarah bds 107 Main Montpelier
FINN, Margaret domestic 27 School Montpelier
First National Bank J.A. Paige, Pres.; Chas. Dewey, Vice-Pres. 41 State Montpelier
FISHER, Eva domestic bds 2 Spring Montpelier
FISHER, F.C. clerk 29 Prospect Barre
FISHER, Henry clerk h 9 Franklin Montpelier
FISHER, Joseph capitalist h 21 Loomis Montpelier
FISHER, O.M. commercial man h 11 State Montpelier
FISHER, Theo. carpenter h 7 Franklin Montpelier
FISK, Amy B. bds 17 Hubbard Montpelier
FISK, George M. lawyer h Main Northfield
FISK, Hattie bds 17 Hubbard Montpelier
FISK, Martha A. bds Vine Northfield
FISK, Mary E. bds 17 Hubbard Montpelier
FISK, Mrs. E.M. h Vine Northfield
FITCH, C.W. carpenter bds 10 Park Barre
FITTS, Homer (Morris & Fitts) h 85 S Main Barre
FITZGERALD, Geo. laborer h 14 Spring Montpelier
FITZGERALD, Joseph hackman bds Union House Montpelier
FITZGERALD, Mary domestic bds 106 Elm Montpelier
FITZGIBBONS, Wm. laborer h 13 Franklin Montpelier
FLANAGAN, Mary domestic bds Union Waterbury
FLANDERS, Jacob h Elm Northfield
FLANDERS, John P. commercial man h 30 E Liberty Montpelier
FLANDERS, Mrs. S.A. widow bds 27 Court Montpelier
FLANDERS, William M. engineer h 31 Granite Barre
FLANIGAN, Maggie domestic bds 102 Elm Montpelier
FLETCHER, James T. blacksmith h Washington Barre
FLINT, J.W. clerk h 36 Elm Barre
FLINT, Jennie G. bds Main Waterbury
FLOOD, Anna bds 140 State Montpelier
FLOOD, Mary bds 140 State Montpelier
FLOOD, Terrence trackman h 140 State Montpelier
FLUERY, Ira laborer h Main Waterbury
FOLEY, James laborer h Main Waterbury
FOLLEY, Julia bds 8 Pearl Barre
FOLLEY, Mary domestic Riverside Montpelier
FOLLEY, Nellie dressmaker bds Hyde Block Montpelier
FORBUSH, O.P. dentist (Forbush & Newton) h 98 Elm Montpelier
FORD, John trackman h 47 Berlin, B Montpelier
FORD, Mrs. Minnie bds Main Northfield
FORREST, D. laborer h Bacon Barre
FORREST, Mrs. _____ h Main Waterbury
FORSYTH, Charles stonecutter h N Main Barre
FORSYTH, S.H. granite dealer h Washington Barre
FORT, Emma dressmaker h 104 Main Montpelier
FORT, W.J. sharpener h 11 Eastern ave Barre
FORTIER, Alfred laborer bds Main Waterbury
FORTIER, Hubert shoemaker h Main Waterbury
FOSTER, A.W. student bds 117 Elm Montpelier
FOSTER, Allen P. farmer h Main Waterbury
FOSTER, C.O. moulder h 2 Cross Montpelier
FOSTER, E. bds 117 Elm Montpelier
FOSTER, Erastus h Main Waterbury
FOSTER, Jesse A. farmer h Main Waterbury
FOSTER, Joel engineer and surveyor bds Montpelier House Montpelier
FOSTER, Mrs. O.P. widow h 117 Elm Montpelier
FOSTER, Wm. H. freight agent h 15 Court Montpelier
FOWLER, Inez E. bds 176 Main Montpelier
FOWLER, M.D. machinist h 176 Main Montpelier
FOX, G.W. carpenter h 46 Main Montpelier
FRAIL, Michael gardener h Clay Waterbury
FRASER, Daniel stonecutter bds 21 High Barre
FRASER, James stonecutter h 42 High Barre
FRASER, Mary bds 42 High Barre
FRASER, Peter B. stonecutter h 209 N Main Barre
FREEMAN, Clark carpenter h 58 S Main Barre
FREEMAN, H.F. bds 1 West Montpelier
FREEMAN, Mary L. bds 8 Loomis Montpelier
FREEMAN, Mrs. E.L. h 8 Loomis Montpelier
FREEMAN, Stephen student bds 8 Loomis Montpelier
FRENCH & Co., Mrs. C.A. Millinery Parlors Wood's Block Barre
FRENCH, Albert barber h 81 Washington Barre
FRENCH, Alson E. laborer bds 81 Washington Barre
FRENCH, D. Agnes bds cor Elm and Washington Barre
FRENCH, E.E. h 85 N Main Barre
FRENCH, Edward C. stonecutter h 53 Washington Barre
FRENCH, Hannah h Church Barre
FRENCH, M. h 51 Washington Barre
FRENCH, Mrs. A.M. widow h 117 N Main Barre
FRENCH, Mrs. David bds cor Elm and Washington Barre
FRENCH, Mrs. J.G. bds 120 State Montpelier
FRENCH, Nellie clerk bds 48 Washington Barre
FRENCH, Randall painter bds 8 Elm Barre
FRENIER, Henry grocer h 27 Brooklyn Barre
FRENIER, Henry grocer Granite Barre
FRENIER, Mrs. L.S. h Union Northfield
FRESER, Robert stonecutter h 14 Park Barre
FRIARD, William stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
FRIEND, Frank laborer h Kings Northfield
FRIEND, Katie bds Kings Northfield
FRIEND, Loren baker h 69 Elm Montpelier
FRINK, Fred porter Pavilion Hotel Montpelier
FRINK, N.W. commercial man h 19 Arsenal Montpelier
FRIZELL, William stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
FROST & LOUGHERY Boarding House 3 Court Montpelier
FROST, Mrs. _____ (Frost & Loughery) h 3 Court Montpelier
FROST, W.W. h Central Northfield
FULLER & Son D.L. Hardware cor Main and E State Montpelier
FULLER, Chas. H. (D.L. Fuller & Son) h 30 Loomis Montpelier
FULLER, D.L. (D.L. Fuller & Son) h 150 Main Montpelier
FULLER, E.J. dressmaker bds 5 Prospect Barre
FULLER, Edward moulder h 3 School Montpelier
FULLER, Enos moulder h 64 S Main Barre
FULLER, Mrs. Alexander widow h Water Northfield
FULLER, Mrs. H.H. widow h 5 Prospect Barre
FULLERTON, Henry C. Manager Riverside Boarding House Montpelier
FULLINGTON, Burhan student bds Main Waterbury
FULLINGTON, J.K. Insurance Agent h Main Waterbury
FYFE, Peter stonecutter bds 40 High Barre