The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
EAGAN, Thomas granite dealer bds Central House Barre
EAGAN, William stonecutter h Northfield, B Montpelier
EARL, George jobber h 95 N Main Barre
EARL, Lucy bds 95 N Main Barre
EASTMAN, Eva bds 9 S Main Barre
EASTMAN, F.J. laborer h Cross Northfield
EATON, A.G. book-keeper First Nat. Bank bds 2 Charles Montpelier
EATON, Caleb C. farmer h 5 Terrace Montpelier
EATON, E.M. bds 4 Charles Montpelier
EATON, F.L. cashier First Nat. Bank bds Riverside Montpelier
EATON, Harry M. stonemason 32 School Montpelier
EATON, Mrs. Mary bds 137 Elm Montpelier
EATON, Mrs. S.C. widow h School Northfield
EDDY, John P. bds 68 Main Montpelier
EDGERLY, A.W. laborer h 13 First ave Montpelier
EDGERLY, Nellie F. bds 13 First ave Montpelier
EDGERTON, C.A. Jr. cashier Northfield Nat. Bank h Highland ave Northfield
EDGERTON, C.D. lawyer bds Main Northfield
EDGERTON, Charles A. Sr. merchant h Main Northfield
EDGERTON, Cora E. teacher bds Main Northfield
EDGERTON, E.F. student bds French Block Montpelier
EDGERTON, O.D. merchant h Main Northfield
EDGERTON, William farmer bds Summer Northfield
EDSON, Mrs. C.E. widow h Vine Northfield
EDWARDS, Byron laborer h Fales ave Waterbury
EDWARDS, David stonecutter bds 17 East Barre
EDWARDS, George W. stonecutter h N Main Barre
EDWARDS, Mrs. L.M. bds Main Northfield
EDWARDS, T.D. stonecutter bds 55 Elm Montpelier
EDWARDS, William stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
EGERTON, J.K. Insurance Agent h Main Northfield
EGGLESTON, Lavanah dressmaker h Union Northfield
EGGLESTON, Mrs. E.L. h 121 Elm Montpelier
ELDRIDGE, Joseph clerk bds 57 S Main Barre
ELLIOT, Christopher stonecutter bds 24 Elm Montpelier
ELLIOT, Melissa domestic bds 24 E Liberty Montpelier
ELLIOT, Rev. Lester H. h Main Waterbury
ELLIOTT, Christopher stonecutter bds 8 Pearl Barre
ELLIOTT, Frank W. student bds Main Waterbury
ELLIOTT, Hattie bds Main Waterbury
ELLIOTT, J.H. carpenter h Main Waterbury
ELLIOTT, Lois V. bds Main Waterbury
ELLIOTT, Patrick stonecutter bds Park House Barre
ELLIOTT, W.R. lumberman h Main Waterbury
ELLIS, Carrie bds 22 Barre Montpelier
ELLIS, J.W. h 22 Barre Montpelier
ELLIS, Lulu bds 22 Barre Montpelier
ELLIS, Mrs. _____ bds Water Northfield
ELLIS, Mrs. J. widow bds Slate ave Northfield
ELLIS, Mrs. M.E. bds 151 Main Montpelier
EMERSON, Frank music dealer bds Elm Barre
EMERSON, Frank stonecutter bds S Seminary Barre
EMERSON, J.M. farmer bds Union Northfield
EMERSON, Walter blacksmith h 48 Washington Barre
EMERSON, Wm. laborer h 5 Putnam Montpelier
EMERY, F.B. clerk bds 10 Elm Montpelier
EMERY, J.C. merchant h 15 Spring Montpelier
EMERY, John W. clerk bds 15 Spring Montpelier
EMERY, Mrs. h 6 Arsenal Montpelier
EMILY, James stonecutter bds N Main Barre
EMMONS, Fred truckman h 41 Court Montpelier
EMMONS, John teamster h 199 Main Montpelier
EMMONS, Lizzie bds 199 Main Montpelier
EMORY, Daniel h 50 Washington Barre
EMSLIE, Wm. stonecutter h 21 Granite Barre
ENNIS, _____ stonecutter h South Barre
ENNIS, E.J. barber Randall Block Waterbury
ENWRIGHT, Thomas blacksmith h South Barre
ERWIN, James tanner h 9 Cummins Montpelier
EVANS, C.B. barber bds Montpelier House Montpelier
EVANS, E.E. clerk bds Stowe Waterbury
EVANS, Eva J. bds Stowe Waterbury
EVANS, J.E. clerk h 4 School Montpelier
EVANS, M.O. druggist h Stowe Waterbury
EVERETT, B. seamstress h 38 Main Montpelier
EWING, James stonecutter h 38 High Barre
EWING, James stonemason bds 4 North Montpelier
EWING, John stonemason h 4 North Montpelier
EWING, John Jr. stonemason h 32 North Montpelier
EWING, W.F. laborer bds Elm Montpelier