The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
DALE, G.H. photographer bds Waterbury Hotel Waterbury
DALEY, Benjamin expressman h 137 Main Montpelier
DALEY, G.A. teamster h 44 Maple Barre
DALEY, George C. machinist h S Seminary Barre
DALEY, Ida domestic bds 101 N Main Barre
DALEY, John laborer bds Winoski Waterbury
DALEY, Morris laborer h Winoski Waterbury
DALEY, Morris Jr. laborer bds Winoski Waterbury
DALEY, Newell teamster bds S Seminary Barre
DALEY, Orrin Insurance Agent h 11 St Paul Montpelier
DALGERNO, George stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
DAMON, Ellen bds 30 E Liberty Montpelier
DANA, Miss H.M. h 56 Elm Montpelier
DANE, Mrs. J.S. h Vine Northfield
DANFORTH, F.E. stonecutter bds Washington Barre
DANFORTH, Fred A. sharpener h 9 Academy Barre
DANFORTH, William stonecutter h 187 N Main Barre
DANIELS, Charles stonecutter bds 21 S Main Barre
DANIELS, James stonecutter h 13 Bridge Barre
DANIELS, Orville laborer h N Main Barre
DANIELS, Wm. stonecutter bds Summer Barre
DARLING, Albert laborer bds 8 Ridge Montpelier
DARLING, Arthur melter h 13St Paul Montpelier
DAUCAUSE, Henry blacksmith bds 144 Elm Montpelier
DAVIDSON, Wm. stonecutter bds 42 High Barre
DAVIS, Charles stonecutter bds Granite House Barre
DAVIS, Charles F. clerk bds French Block Montpelier
DAVIS, Charles I. polisher bds 25 E State Montpelier
DAVIS, Ellen bds Pearl Northfield
DAVIS, H.W. bridge builder h Union Northfield
DAVIS, John C. mason h Pleasant Northfield
DAVIS, Joseph blacksmith h School Northfield
DAVIS, L.J. teamster h 36 North Montpelier
DAVIS, Luther farmer h Main Waterbury
DAVIS, Mrs. H. h Vine Northfield
DAVIS, Mrs. H.C. dressmaker 67 Main Montpelier
DAVIS, Mrs. P.H. bds 8 Ridge Montpelier
DAVIS, N. mfr of refrigerators h 59 Barre Montpelier
DAVIS, N.R. student bds 59 Barre Montpelier
DAVIS, O.O. physician h Vine Northfield
DAVIS, Oscar stonecutter h 20 Summer Barre
DAVIS, Robert stonecutter bds 17 Hooker ave Barre
DAVIS, S.W. h Water Northfield
DAVIS, William H. laborer bds 8 Cross Montpelier
DAVIS, Wm N. supt. of water works h Pearl Northfield
DAVISON, Anna domestic bds 104 Elm Montpelier
DAVISON, John stonecutter bds 26 Granite Barre
DAVISON, Robert stonecutter bds 26 Granite Barre
DAWLEY, F.R. merchant h 3 Berlin, B Montpelier
DAWSON, David blacksmith h Middle Barre
DAWSON, David Jr. blacksmith bds Middle Barre
DAWSON, Maggie bds Middle Barre
DAY, A.C. teamster h N Main Barre
DAY, Elsie cook Granite House Barre
DAY, May domestic bds 26 Summer Montpelier
DAY, W.P. stonecutter 2 Eastern ave Barre
DEAL, Tenie D. bds Main Waterbury
DEAL, William carpenter h Main Waterbury
DEAN, A.M. Carriage and Sign Painter h 17 Park Barre
DEAN, A.M. Carriage and Sign Painter Bridge Barre
DEAN, James laborer h Main Northfield
DEAVITT, T.J. lawyer h 21 Middlesex Montpelier
DEAVITT, T.J. lawyer 50 State (up stairs) Montpelier
DeBOER, Joseph A. Principal, Union and Washington
County Grammer School
h 24 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
DECKER, William stonecutter bds 10 Granite Barre
DeCOLAINES, Juan barber h 156 Elm Montpelier
DEERING, Mrs. Louise h 189 Main Montpelier
DEERING, W.F. saw filer h 9 N Franklin Montpelier
DEERING, William F. laborer h 185 Main Montpelier
DeLANEY, Christopher veterinary surgeon bds Star Restaurant Barre
DELINE, Susie domestic bds 16 Liberty Montpelier
DeLOTTINVILLE, Frank barber h 42 Court Montpelier
DEMERRITT, C.E. policeman h 9 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
DEMERRITT, John gunsmith h 104 Main Montpelier
DEMING, H.H. h 93 State Montpelier
DeMORRISSEY, Tuffield carpenter h Park Row Waterbury
DEMPSTER, _____ stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
DENIO, Moses laborer h Main Montpelier
DENNING, Robert J. stonecutter bds Granite House Barre
DENNY, A.E. grocer h Main Northfield
DENNY, Addison O. clerk bds Main Northfield
DENNY, Chancey dry goods h Prospect Northfield
DENNY, Geo. B.B. Merchant Tailor bds Vine Northfield
DENNY, George B.B. Merchant Tailor bds Hotel Barre Barre
DENNY, Joseph farmer h Slate ave Northfield
DENNY, Mrs. Prudence widow bds Central Northfield
DENSMORE, D.D. auctioneer h Granite Barre
DENSMORE, Mrs. C. widow bds 82 Washington Barre
DERBY, Elmer clerk bds Main Northfield
DEROLLO, Frank laborer h 10 Court Montpelier
DERUSHIA, Julia domestic bds Taplin's Barre
DESAULNIER, Calaxtie tanner h 85 Elm Montpelier
DESAULNIER, Emma bds 85 Elm Montpelier
DEVINE, Hugh laborer bds 175 Main Montpelier
DEVINE, Jennie domestic bds 144 Main Montpelier
DEVINE, John gardener bds 151 State Montpelier
DEVINE, John shoemaker h 33 Berlin, B Montpelier
DEVINE, John W. stonemason h 28 Prospect, B Montpelier
DEVINE, Lizzie teacher bds Winoski Waterbury
DEVINE, Thomas laborer h Winoski Waterbury
DEWEY, Charles President Nat. Life Ins. Co. h 135 State Montpelier
DEWEY, D. & Son Hardware Dealers 104 State Montpelier
DEWEY, Dennison (D. Dewey & Son) h 24 E Liberty Montpelier
DEWEY, Dennison I. jeweler bds 104 E State Montpelier
DEWEY, Edward Vice-President Nat. Life Ins. Co. h 116 State Montpelier
DEWEY, Emma bds 5 School Montpelier
DEWEY, F.D. (D. Dewey & Son) Hardware bds 24 E Liberty Montpelier
DEWEY, Frank tinsmith bds 37 School Montpelier
DEWEY, Gertrude M. bds 135 State Montpelier
DEWEY, Helen bds 116 State Montpelier
DEWEY, Kate bds 135 State Montpelier
DEWEY, Mary G. bds 135 State Montpelier
DEWEY, Mrs. N.W. h 40 Arsenal Montpelier
DEWEY, Mrs. O.J. widow bds 88 Washington Barre
DEWEY, Mrs. S.A. h 4 Tremont Montpelier
DEWEY, Orville expressman h 104 E State Montpelier
DEWEY, Peter G. grocer h 5 School Montpelier
DEWEY, Roswell express messenger h Main Northfield
DEWEY, Thomas clerk Nat. Life Ins. Co. bds 116 State Montpelier
DEWEY, W.T. Ass't Sec'y Vt. Mutual Fire Ins Co. h 120 State Montpelier
DEWING, H.G. reporter bds Union House Montpelier
DEWING, J.A. shoemaker 51 Main Montpelier
DEWING, John shoemaker h 38 Main Montpelier
DIACK, Robert stonecutter h 4 Bridge Barre
DICKEE, William stonecutter h 17 Park Barre
DICKEE, William stonecutter h Granite Barre
DICKINSON, A.O. clerk bds Park House Barre
DICKINSON, Fannie domestic bds 165 Main Montpelier
DICKINSON, H.F. painter h 16 High Barre
DIETER, Fred J. bds Pavilion Montpelier
DIETER, Mrs. _____ bds Pavilion Montpelier
DILLING, Paul h Main Waterbury
DILLING, Wm. P. lawyer h Main Waterbury
DILLINGHAM, William P. lawyer h Main Waterbury
DILLION, Mrs. R. bds 5 Barre Montpelier
DILLON, John stonecutter h 23 Prospect Barre
DIXON, D.W. Prop'r Vermont Watchman bds Pavilion Montpelier
DOBIE, Alexander stonecutter h 39 Elm Barre
DOBY, Edward mason h 4 Court Montpelier
DOBY, George laborer h Berlin, B Montpelier
DOBY, Oliver laborer h 26 Court Montpelier
DODGE, A.F. carpenter h 21 Silver Barre
DODGE, D.H. carpenter h 40 Loomis Montpelier
DODGE, E.E. carpenter h 3 Guernsey ave Montpelier
DODGE, Frank E. student bds 21 Silver Barre
DODGE, Gilman shoemaker h 107 Main Montpelier
DODGE, Hattie F. bds 8 Cross Montpelier
DODGE, Mrs. H.B. bds 18 Spring Montpelier
DODGE, Mrs. Mary h Union Northfield
DODGE, Mrs. P.C. millinery, store Main Waterbury
DODGE, Mrs. P.T. h 148 Main Montpelier
DODGE, O.T. upholsterer h 18 Spring Montpelier
DODGE, Oramel J. carpenter bds 21 Silver Barre
DODGE, Richard painter h 22 Ridge Montpelier
DODGE, William hostler bds 5 Guernsey ave Montpelier
DOEG, Luther blacksmith h 197 Main Montpelier
DOHENY, James laborer h Kings Northfield
DOLAN, James laborer h Kings Northfield
DOLAN, Patrick laborer bds Kings Northfield
DOLAN, Rosa bds Kings Northfield
DONAHUE, Anna E. bds Summer Northfield
DONAHUE, John h Summer Northfield
DONAHUE, Mrs. C. bds 3 Court Montpelier
DONAHUE, Nellie bds 3 Court Montpelier
DONAHUE, Timothy farmer h Summer Northfield
DONALD, William stonecutter bds N Main Barre
DONAVAN, Julia bds Water Northfield
DONAVAN, Mrs. Kate widow h Water Northfield
DONOHUE, Margaret domestic bds 64 State Montpelier
DONOVAN, John P. general dealer h 188 Main Montpelier
DONOVAN, John P. general dealer 59 Main Montpelier
DOOLEY, Agnes student bds Water Northfield
DOOLEY, Francis bds Water Northfield
DOOLEY, Katie bds Water Northfield
DOOLEY, Mamie bds Water Northfield
DOOLEY, Mrs. Ellen widow h Water Northfield
DOOLEY, William operator bds Water Northfield
DOTEN, C.N. granite dealer h 77 S Main Barre
DOTEN, Chester J. fireman bds 104 Main Montpelier
DOTEN, Frank laborer h 33 Berlin, B Montpelier
DOTEN, Leonard H. machinist h Hopkins Block Montpelier
DOUGHERTY, Mrs. B. h 5 North Montpelier
DOUGLAS, William stonecutter bds 42 High Barre
DOUGLASS, Albert teamster bds 107 Main Montpelier
DOUSE, Mrs. _____ widow h Washington Barre
DOW, Effie domestic bds 25 Summer Barre
DOW, Lewis A. painter h 18 E State Montpelier
DOWERS, John stonecutter h 49 Cottage Barre
DOWNING, A.E. barber h Central Northfield
DOWNING, C.G. grocer 70 Main Montpelier
DOWNING, Mary domestic bds 31 Elm Barre
DOWNING, Mrs. F.N. widow h 58 S Main Barre
DOYLE, John brakeman h Kings Northfield
DOYLE, Michael lumper h Depot Barre
DOYLE, Morgan bds Main Northfield
DREW, A.E. clerk h 17 Ayers Barre
DREW, Etta L. bds Seminary Barre
DREW, Ezekiel steward Goddard Seminary Barre
DREW, Helen domestic bds 17 Park Barre
DREW, Henry Express Agt. h 6 Winter Montpelier
DREW, Miss Alice bds 6 Winter Montpelier
DREW, Miss G. bds 6 Winter Montpelier
DREWRY, Mrs. Julia h 10 Bridge Barre
DROWN, George W. carpenter h 51 S Main Barre
DROWN, Inez bds 51 S Main Barre
DRUGG, Clillus laborer h Stowe Waterbury
DRUGG, Samuel laborer h Stowe Waterbury
DUCHAN, Josie bds 4 Jay Montpelier
DUDLEY, C.C. painter h 12 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
DUDLEY, D.W. liveryman h 10 Elm Montpelier
DUDLEY, D.W. Dudley's Livery Stable 13 E State Montpelier
DUDLEY, Mrs. Francis widow bds Vine Northfield
DUDLEY, Wm. N. farmer h 22 Berlin, B Montpelier
DUEL, Charles stonecutter bds 143 N Main Barre
DUFFY, Francis A. book-keeper bds 8 Duffy ave Barre
DUFFY, H.A. granite dealer h 8 Duffy ave Barre
DUFFY, Thomas J. sharpener bds 8 Duffy ave Barre
DUGGAN, Hannah domestic bds Main Northfield
DUGGAN, Mary domestic Prospect Northfield
DUGGAN, Nellie domestic bds Union Northfield
DUKE, Charles hostler bds Main Northfield
DUKE, Joseph h Pleasant Northfield
DUKE, Levi laborer Montpelier
DUKETT, Alexander laborer bds Kings Northfield
DUKETT, Charles laborer bds Kings Northfield
DUKETT, Delia widow bds Kings Northfield
DUKETT, Henry farmer h Kings Northfield
DUMAS, Frank laborer bds 3 Brassaw Place Barre
DUMAS, J.H. laborer 117 Elm Montpelier
DUMAS, Rose widow h Kings Northfield
DUNBAR, William stonecutter h 44 Washington Barre
DUNCAN, Alexander stonecutter h Cottage Barre
DUNCAN, James stonecutter h 46 Washington Barre
DUNCAN, R. stonecutter bds 188 N Main Barre
DUNHAM, B.F. granite dealer 17 Pleasant Barre
DUNHAM, Dennis carpenter bds 32 School Montpelier
DUNTLEY, Mrs. C.E. bds 105 S Main Barre
DUNWOOBIE, Mrs. M.J. h 209 Main Montpelier
DUPLESSIS, Frank W. watchman h 14 Court Montpelier
DURANT, Luther L. lawyer h 194 Main Montpelier
DURANT, Mrs. J.M. h 194 Main Montpelier
DURFEE, Bert tinsmith bds 184 N Main Barre
DURFEE, G.W. tinsmith h S Seminary Barre
DURFEE, George L. lumper h 27 Silver Barre
DURFEE, Mrs. L.S. h 27 Silver Barre
DURKEE, Andrew carpenter bds 32 High Barre
DURKEE, Bertice student bds 184 N Main Barre
DURKEE, G.B. merchant h 62 N Main Barre
DURKEE, George polisher bds Taplin's Barre
DURKEE, Giles B. tinsmith h 184 N Main Barre
DURKEE, Louise domestic 21 Hubbard Montpelier
DURKEE, Mrs. Emma widow h 133 S Main Barre
DURKEE, Nellie J. bds 184 N Main Barre
DURKEE, W.R. tinsmith h 7 Clark ave Barre
DURKEE, William carpenter bds 32 High Barre
DUSTING, L. carpenter bds 36 Bacon Barre
DUTHIE, Edward stonecutter bds 198 N Main Barre
DUTTON, F.W. dry goods h Main Northfield
DUTTON, J.F. (Dutton & Lucas, Sewing
Machine Agents)
h 26 Barre Montpelier
DWYER, Joseph blacksmith bds Ayers Barre
DWYER, Mrs. laundress h 3 Court Montpelier
DWYER, Nellie domestic bds Main Waterbury
DYON, Mary bds Granite Barre