The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
CABLE, Robert stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
CABLE, Thomas stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
CADGER, James stonecutter h 24 Bridge Barre
CADY, Aldace stonecutter bds 15 Hooker ave Barre
CADY, G.I. wheelwright h 15 Hooker ave Barre
CADY, George yardman h Vine Northfield
CADY, J. Calvin h Vine Northfield
CADY, Jessie bds Hooker ave Barre
CADY, Leonard laborer h Elm Northfield
CAIN, Minnie domestic bds 27 Brooklyn Barre
CALDWELL, D.C. merchant Park Row Waterbury
CALDWELL, Mrs. M.L. h Main Waterbury
CALFE, Miss Martha teacher bds Seminary Barre
CALLAHAN, Mary domestic bds 159 State Montpelier
CALLAHAN, Nellie domestic bds Winooski Waterbury
CAMBELL, William tailor, Woolson's bds Hillside Montpelier
CAMERON, John h Main Waterbury
CAMERON, Mrs. J.M. milliner h Main Waterbury
CAMERON, Sylvester teamster h Washington Barre
CAMP, C.F. physician h Washington Barre
CAMP, D.K. bds 29 School Montpelier
CAMP, E.S. h 4 School Montpelier
CAMP, F.A. bds 29 School Montpelier
CAMP, Geo. E. student bds 4 School Montpelier
CAMP, H.H. bds 29 School Montpelier
CAMP, H.O. carpenter h 3 Highland ave Barre
CAMP, Mrs. L.G. h 29 School Montpelier
CAMP, Mrs. O. widow bds 3 Highland ave Barre
CAMP, Philo h 47 Washington Barre
CAMP, Sarah A. bds 28 E State Montpelier
CAMPBELL, Alexander stonemason bds Granite House Barre
CAMPBELL, Charles clerk bds 23 Stony Hill Barre
CAMPBELL, Clarence cigarmaker bds 6 Northfield, B Montpelier
CAMPBELL, Eugene bds Central Northfield
CAMPBELL, Humphrey tanner h 16 Northfield, B Montpelier
CAMPBELL, James laborer h 6 Northfield, B Montpelier
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Mary bds 6 Northfield, B Montpelier
CAMPBELL, Victoria bds 6 Northfield, B Montpelier
CAN, Fred clerk bds 5 State Montpelier
CANERDY, Jesse laborer bds Stowe Waterbury
CANERDY, M.C. h Main Waterbury
CANNAN, Patrick laborer h Summer Northfield
CANNING, Ellen bds 3 N Franklin Montpelier
CANNING, Henry machinist h 125 Elm Montpelier
CANNING, James machinist h 19 Franklin Montpelier
CANNING, Mary domestic bds 32 Main Montpelier
CANNING, Mary bds 3 N Franklin Montpelier
CANNING, Michael nickelplater bds 25 Berlin, B Montpelier
CANNING, William laborer h 3 N Franklin Montpelier
CANTILLION, Thomas stonecutter h 4 Kirk Barre
CAOUETTE, Frank painter h 17 Brooklyn Barre
CAREY, James stonecutter bds Washington Barre
CARLETON, Fred P. student bds 128 Elm Montpelier
CARLETON, Hiram Probate Judge, Court House h 128 Elm Montpelier
CARLTON, Mrs. A.L. h 136 Elm Montpelier
CARLTON, Mrs. Carrie widow h 14 Stony Hill Barre
CARNEY, Barney laborer h Park Row Waterbury
CARNEY, Patrick section boss h Union Waterbury
CARPENTER F.M. barber h Union Northfield
CARPENTER, Anna domestic bds Union House Montpelier
CARPENTER, C.D. harnessmaker h 13 Pleasant Barre
CARPENTER, Charles teamster h Pleasant Northfield
CARPENTER, Fannie M. bds 150 N Main Barre
CARPENTER, Frank truckman h Main Waterbury
CARPENTER, Henry blacksmith h Main Waterbury
CARPENTER, Homer G. carpenter bds 30 S Main Barre
CARPENTER, Lottie E. bds Main Waterbury
CARPENTER, Minnie domestic bds Union House Montpelier
CARPENTER, Mrs. Charles widow bds Central House Barre
CARPENTER, Mrs. Henry h School Northfield
CARPENTER, Mrs. John h Main Waterbury
CARPENTER, Nora bds 13 Pleasant Barre
CARPENTER, O. stonecutter h 150 N Main Barre
CARPENTER, W.A. stonecutter bds 30 S Main Barre
CARPENTER, W.E. druggist Carpenter Block Waterbury
CARR, Clarence clerk h 103 N Main Barre
CARR, Nelson polisher h Washington Barre
CARROLL, E.R. machinist h School Northfield
CARROLL, Edwin machinist bds 5 St Paul Montpelier
CARROLL, John clerk bds Railroad Waterbury
CARROLL, John C. stonecutter bds Union House Montpelier
CARROLL, Katie domestic bds 21 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
CARROLL, Mary domestic bds 25 Barre Montpelier
CARROLL, Mrs. Mary h Railroad Waterbury
CARROLL, Thomas stonecutter h 8 Elm Barre
CARROLL, William blacksmith bds Railroad Waterbury
CARSON, John stonecutter bds 25 Granite Barre
CARSON, Mrs. Ida bds 34 St Paul Montpelier
CARTER, Charles H. h 160 Main Montpelier
CARTER, Henry clerk bds 7 Academy Barre
CARTER, Mrs. B.H. bds 99 State Montpelier
CARTER, W.H. clerk h 35 Prospect Barre
CARVER, Frank stonecutter h 2 Hyde Block Montpelier
CARVER, Frank sharpener bds 13 S Main Barre
CARY, Dan stonecutter bds Park House Barre
CASE, A.L. mason h Pearl Northfield
CASE, Ida A. dressmaker bds Pearl Northfield
CASEY, John stonecutter bds 27 Prospect Barre
CASHEN, Henry mechanic h 19 Franklin Montpelier
CASHEN, James polisher h 33 Brooklyn Barre
CASSIE, George stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
CASSIE, William stonecutter bds 35 High Barre
CATIE, Carrie bds 211 Main Montpelier
CATIE, Eli carpenter h 211 Main Montpelier
CATIE, Eli A. carpenter bds 211 Main Montpelier
CAUSTIC, Charles E. foreman Watchman h 26 Elm Montpelier
CAVE, Frank teller First National Bank bds 13 Park Barre
CAVE, Thomas H. printer h 13 Park Barre
CAVE, Thomas H. Jr. printer bds 13 Park Barre
CAVE, W.J. carpenter bds 14 Elm Barre
CAYHUE, Geo. laborer h 9 Franklin Montpelier
CAYHUE, George stonecutter bds Granite Barre
CAYHUE, Jesse barber h 199 N Main Barre
CAYHUE, Theophile laborer bds 201 Main Montpelier
Central House F.L. Hayden, Prop. N Main Barre
CHALMERE, James stonecutter bds 66 S Main Barre
CHALMERS, Clara bds 162 Main Montpelier
CHAMBERLIN, _____ h 3 S Main Barre
CHAMBERLIN, J.B. grocer h N Main Barre
CHAMBERLIN, N.C. farmer h cor Elm and Washington Barre
CHAMBLAIN, Mrs. P.A. nurse h 20 Loomis Montpelier
CHANDLER, A.W. laborer h 3 Brooklyn Barre
CHANDLER, C.M. physician h 139 Main Montpelier
CHANDLER, Charles E. physician h 139 Main Montpelier
CHANDLER, Charles H. physician bds 139 Main Montpelier
CHANDLER, Hattie bds 69 S Main Barre
CHANDLER, Henry L. tinsmith h 5 Brooklyn Barre
CHANDLER, Perley jeweler h 69 S Main Barre
CHANDLER, Perley jeweler N Main Barre
CHAPIN, Edward laborer h 8 Terrace Montpelier
CHAPIN, J. Edwin laborer h 105 Main Montpelier
CHAPMAN, Charles stonecutter bds Granite Barre
CHAPMAN, Fred miller h 38 E State Montpelier
CHAPMAN, Herbert bds Riverside Montpelier
CHARBONNEAU, J.W. candlemaker h Pearl Northfield
CHASE, Albert C. wheelwright h Prospect Northfield
CHASE, Fred engineer bds Summer Barre
CHASE, George polisher h Washington Barre
CHASE, Ida E. book-keeper bds 4 Charles Montpelier
CHASE, Stillman Agt. Equitable Mortgage Co. h 3 Park ave Montpelier
CHASSER, William stonecutter bds Summer Barre
CHAUSSEY, Ernest barber bds Central House Barre
CHAUSSEY, Frank barber bds 21 Church Barre
CHEENEY, Anna bds 8 Durkee Place Barre
CHEEVER, E.H. carpenter bds 43 High Barre
CHEEVER, L.A. carpenter h 43 High Barre
CHEEVER, N.S. carpenter bds 43 High Barre
CHENEY, Edson restaurant h 28 State Montpelier
CHENNETT, Phillais carpenter h 44 North Montpelier
CHESLEY, Edwin W. clerk bds Main Waterbury
CHESLEY, Georgia A. bds Main Waterbury
CHESLEY, Mrs. A.E. h Main Waterbury
CHILDS, Samuel bds 36 S Main Barre
CHILLIS, _____ stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
CHIQUETT, Uder tanner h 40 North Montpelier
CHRISTIE, George stonecutter bds 35 Elm Barre
CHRISTIE, John stonecutter h 35 Elm Barre
CHRISTIE, William stonecutter bds Summer Barre
CHUBB, S.C. h Washington Barre
CHURCHILL, Charles carpenter h 32 High Barre
CHURCHILL, Emma bds 32 High Barre
CHURCHILL, Mrs. A widow bds Cross Northfield
CILLEY, Ellis D. laborer h 6 Elmore Barre
CILLEY, F.W. blacksmith h 89 S Main Barre
CILLEY, Fred butcher bds 3 North Montpelier
CILLEY, James M.D. Sexton Con. Church h 3 North Montpelier
CILLEY, Mary bds 3 North Montpelier
CLAFLIN, W.H.H. carpenter h North Northfield
CLANSEY, Thomas h Pleasant Northfield
CLARK, A.L. harnessmaker h 8 First ave Montpelier
CLARK, Alfred dentist h 24 Main Montpelier
CLARK, Alvin painter bds 149 N Main Barre
CLARK, Burt L. harnessmaker bds 8 First ave Montpelier
CLARK, C.W. baggageman h 39 Barre Montpelier
CLARK, C.W. baggageman C.Vt.R.R. Montpelier
CLARK, Charles A. clerk bds Washington Barre
CLARK, Charles C. stonecutter h N Main Barre
CLARK, Curtis farmer h Fales ave Waterbury
CLARK, Daniel merchant bds 13 Cemetery Barre
CLARK, George clerk h Washington Barre
CLARK, George carpenter bds 57 S Main Barre
CLARK, George teamster h Main Northfield
CLARK, H. h Main Northfield
CLARK, H.D. variety store 58 N Main Barre
CLARK, J.D. general bookbinder h cor Barre and Main Montpelier
CLARK, J.D. general bookbinder Rialto Block Montpelier
CLARK, Jetta domestic bds Central Northfield
CLARK, John L. stonecutter h 24 Bacon Barre
CLARK, John W. farmer h 161 State Montpelier
CLARK, Minnie bds 39 Barre Montpelier
CLARK, Mrs. Wealthy bds 118 Elm Montpelier
CLARK, O.D. Asst. Sec'y Nat. Life Ins. Co. h 113 Elm Montpelier
CLARK, R.L. grocer h 21 Prospect Barre
CLARK, Stephen C. forman Cummins & Peck bds 9 Cummins Montpelier
CLARK, Vettie bds 13 Cemetery Barre
CLARK, W.B. teller Waterbury Bank h Main Waterbury
CLARK, William florist h 4 Clark ave Barre
CLARK, William polisher bds 52 Washington Barre
CLARKE, Dayton B. painter h 25 Summer Montpelier
CLARKE, Louie A. teacher bds 25 Summer Montpelier
CLAY, Orin stonecutter h 19 Brooklyn Barre
CLEARY, Dennis stonecutter h 33 High Barre
CLEARY, John stonecutter h Granite Barre
CLEAVES, Mary J. bds 140 State Montpelier
CLEAVES, Mrs. Sarah R. widow h 140 State Montpelier
CLEVELAND, Fred teamster bds N Main Barre
CLOGSTOM, Joseph D. mechanic h 157 Main Montpelier
CLOGSTON, Elmer carpenter h 24 Prospect, B Montpelier
CLOGSTON, O.C. lumber dealer h Northfield, B Montpelier
CLOUGH, C.F. attorney h Main Waterbury
CLOUGH, John stonemason bds 8 Summer Barre
CLOUGH, M.J. h Main Northfield
CLUNESS, Alexander stonecutter h 40 High Barre
COAVE, Isaac stonecutter bds Granite Barre
COBB, Henry clerk bds 10 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
COBB, Mrs. Flora C. widow h 10 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
COBURN, B.F. painter h Wall Northfield
COBURN, William laborer h Summer Northfield
COCHRANE, Wm. H. book-keeper bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
COFFIN, James moulder h 33 Silver Barre
COFFIN, James truckman h Water Northfield
COFFIN, Lina domestic bds 195 N Main Barre
COFFIN, Tinna h 33 Silver Barre
COFFIRIN, Henry painter h 205 Main Montpelier
COFFRIN, Elmer J. farmer bds Winooski Waterbury
COFFRIN, Enoch h Main Waterbury
COFFRIN, Hubert O. farmer h Main Waterbury
COFFRIN, John carpenter h Winooski Waterbury
COFFRIN, Joshua h Winooski Waterbury
COFFRIN, Silas truckman h Main Waterbury
COFFRIN, Venila J. bds Winooski Waterbury
COLBURN, H.L. variety store bds 16 Liberty Montpelier
COLBURN, H.L. variety store 19 State Montpelier
COLBY, B.F. painter h 16 Park Barre
COLBY, E.W. blacksmith h Vine Northfield
COLBY, Geo. W. painter h 52 Barre Montpelier
COLBY, Harry F. painter bds 16 Park Barre
COLBY, Herbert J. expressman h 8 Elmore Barre
COLBY, O. carpenter bds Taplin's Barre
COLBY, Stephen baggagemaster C.Vt.R.R. 29 Court Montpelier
COLE, Charles stonecutter bds 59 S Main Barre
COLE, Emily dressmaker bds N Main Barre
COLE, Icey tailoress bds N Main Barre
COLE, William stonecutter h N Main Barre
COLLAN, John F. blacksmith h Summer Barre
COLLINS, Chas. F. machinist h 3 Vine or Mechanic Montpelier
COLLINS, E.G. carriage maker h Main Waterbury
COLLINS, F. stonecutter bds Union House Montpelier
COLLINS, John stonecutter h Stony Hill Barre
COLLINS, Lizzie domestic bds 133 State Montpelier
COLT, J. Geo. laborer h 22 First ave Montpelier
COLT, Lora A. bds 22 First ave Montpelier
COLTON, H.C. Johnson & Colton h 4 First ave Montpelier
COLTON, H.C. Johnson & Colton 109 Main Montpelier
COLTON, H.S. student bds 4 First ave Montpelier
COLUMBIA, J.H. brakeman bds Water Northfield
CONANT, C.S. flour and feed h Stowe Waterbury
CONANT, John farmer h 114 S Main Barre
CONANT, Mrs. M.A. dressmaker bds 18 Cross Montpelier
CONDON, John A. blacksmith h 5 Clark ave Barre
Congregational Church Rev. John Hinks, Pastor cor Main and School Montpelier
CONLAN, John F. sharpener bds Granite House Barre
CONLIN, Tom coachman bds 1 Baldwin Montpelier
CONLY, Mary domestic bds 22 Barre Montpelier
CONNELL, Bernard laborer h North Branch Northfield
CONNELL, James laborer h Water Northfield
CONNELL, John  blacksmith bds 8 Pearl Barre
CONNELL, John W. C.Vt. Station Agent h 13 Merchants Barre
CONNELL, T.C. stonecutter bds 8 Pleasant Barre
CONNER, Mrs. W.B. bds 12 St Paul Montpelier
CONNER, Wm. B. porter Montpelier House Montpelier
CONNOLLY, John stonecutter h Northfield, B Montpelier
CONNOLLY, Katie bds Northfield, B Montpelier
CONNON, Alexander stonecutter h 35 High Barre
CONNON, Elsie bds 35 High Barre
CONNON, John stonecutter h 12 Eastern ave Barre
CONNON, Maggie bds 35 High Barre
CONNOR, Chas. laborer h Northfield, B Montpelier
CONNOR, Fred laborer bds 10 Northfield, B Montpelier
CONNOR, James laborer bds 10 Northfield, B Montpelier
CONNOR, John farmer h Main Waterbury
CONNORS, David stonecutter h 8 Duffy ave Barre
CONNORS, Mary bds Fales ave Waterbury
CONNORS, Thomas F. stonecutter bds 8 Duffy ave Barre
CONNOWAY, John woolen washer h S Main Barre
CONSTANT, N.E. grocer Main Montpelier
CONSTANT, Napoleon grocer bds Union House Montpelier
CONVERSE, Mrs. A.B. widow bds Slate ave Northfield
COOK, B.B. (Smith, Whitcomb & Cook) h 37 Silver Barre
COOK, Ella domestic bds 188 N Main Barre
COOK, Etta bds N Main Barre
COOK, Frank stonecutter h 35 Silver Barre
COOK, Joseph stonecutter h 42 Maple Barre
COOK, Lizzie domestic bds Central Northfield
COOK, Mrs. Flora E. bds 165 Main Montpelier
COOK, Mrs. Mary domestic bds 4 Franklin Montpelier
COOK, Quinton harnessmaker bds 273 N Main Barre
COOK, William stonecutter bds N Main Barre
COOLEY, Darwin grocer bds Union Waterbury
COOLEY, Erwin bds Union Waterbury
COOLEY, William founder h Union Waterbury
COOPER, Alexander stonecutter bds Granite Barre
COOPER, Alexander stonecutter bds 9 Duffy ave Barre
COOPER, Emily clerk bds Elm Barre
COPELAND, Mrs. M.A. bds 160 N Main Barre
COPP, Mrs. Viola h 26 Barre Montpelier
CORBETT, Mary cook bds 5 State Montpelier
CORBETT, Mary R. domestic bds 1 Western ave Montpelier
CORDINER, James stonecutter h Washington Barre
CORLIS, Nathan carpenter h 37 High Barre
CORRY, Frank M. Fruit, Vegatables, Oysters and Fish 128 Main Montpelier
CORRY, Josie domestic bds 10 Elm Montpelier
CORRY, Mrs. Patrick h 32 St Paul Montpelier
CORRY, Thomas H. printer h 45 Elm Montpelier
CORSE, S.W. photographer and crayon artist bds Main Montpelier
CORSE, S.W. photographer and crayon artist 38 State Montpelier
CORSKIE, John P. stonecutter h 56 Washington Barre
CORVEN, Thomas laborer h Berlin, B Montpelier
COSTELLO, Anna domestic bds 10 Winter Montpelier
COSTELLO, Mary domestic bds Main Waterbury
COSTELLO, Mattoe domestic bds 25 E Liberty Montpelier
COTTER, Lizzie bds Duck ave Northfield
COTTER, W.M. conductor h Duck ave Northfield
Court House cor State and Elm Montpelier
COWESIAN, David stonecutter bds 188 N Main Barre
COX, Emily bds School Northfield
COX, Frank L. farmer h School Northfield
COX, M. Allie bds School Northfield
COX, Miss _____ stenographer bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
CRAM, Ellen S. bds 22 Ridge Montpelier
CRAM, Erastus carpenter h 22 Ridge Montpelier
CRAM, Mrs. Annie widow bds 16 Pleasant Barre
CRANE, George H. dry goods h Main Northfield
CRANE, Girard laborer h Northfield, B Montpelier
CRANE, Lizzie S. bds Main Northfield
CRANE, Lucia S. bds Main Northfield
CRAPO, Israel mason h 15 N Franklin Montpelier
CRAPO, Joseph stone mason 38 North Montpelier
CRAPO, Joseph stonemason bds Granite House Barre
CRAPO, Peter laborer h 17 Main Montpelier
CRAPO, Peter Jr. laborer h 137 Elm Montpelier
CRAVEN, Eugene stonecutter bds 8 Pearl Barre
CRAWFORD, Byron clerk Central House Barre
CRAWFORD, Mattie waiter Central House Barre
CRAWSTICK, John W. printer bds 3 Court Montpelier
CREBER, Harry stonecutter h 55 Cottage Barre
CREE, Luther h 27 Barre Montpelier
CRIGWARE, George laborer bds 21 Church Barre
CRIMMINS, Nora domestic 39 School Montpelier
CRITCHETT, Adda domestic bds 1 S Main Barre
CRONIN, Ellen domestic bds 116 State Montpelier
CRONIN, Mary domestic bds 6 Barre Montpelier
CROSS, C.C. farmer h Main Waterbury
CROSS, C.H. & Son Bakers and Confectioners 101 Main Montpelier
CROSS, Carrie L. bds 39 School Montpelier
CROSS, Chas. H. (C.H. Cross & Son) h 56 E State Montpelier
CROSS, Hiram granite dealer h 17 Hubbard Montpelier
CROSS, L. Bart (C.H. Cross & Son) h 39 School Montpelier
CROSS, L.B. watchmaker h 97 Elm Montpelier
CROSS, M.W. stonecutter bds 11 East Barre
CROSS, Mrs. Luther bds 97 Elm Montpelier
CROSS, Oscar N. mfg refrigerators bds 56 E State Montpelier
CROSSETT, B. carpenter h Main Waterbury
CROSSETT, James carpenter h 43 Berlin, B Montpelier
CROSSETT, W.H. laborer h Thomas Waterbury
CROTEAU, Rodolph stonecutter h N Main Barre
CROWLEY, Michael stonecutter bds 8 Pearl Barre
CROWLEY, Thomas stonecutter bds Taplin's Barre
CRUDDEN, William stonecutter bds 35 Brooklyn Barre
CRUIKSHANK, Isabella domestic bds 11 Merchants Barre
CRUIKSHANK, James stonecutter h 31 Brooklyn Barre
CRUIKSHANK, John stonecutter h 68 S Main Barre
CRUIKSHANK, William stonecutter bds 54 Cottage Barre
CULLEM, Mary h Berlin, B Montpelier
CULLEN, James machinist h 21 Bailey ave Montpelier
CULLEN, Katie domestic bds 25 Berlin, B Montpelier
CULLEN, Nancy domestic bds 116 State Montpelier
CULLEN, Richard hostler h 2 Hyde Block Montpelier
CULTER, C.H. carpenter h 44 Maple Barre
CULTER, Clarence laborer bds Ayers Barre
CULTER, Eli painter h 51 S Main Barre
CUMMINGS, Charles reporter bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
CUMMINS, A.O. h 54 Arsenal Montpelier
CUMMINS, B. domestic h Northfield, B Montpelier
CUMMINS, B.A. bds 54 Arsenal Montpelier
CUMMINS, Charles lumper bds 34 Summer Barre
CUMMINS, George R. fireman bds North Montpelier
CURRAN, James E. h 17 State Montpelier
CURRAN, James E. h 30 Walton Block Montpelier
CURRIER, Charles L. farmer h 21 High Barre
CURRIER, Charles S. student bds 21 High Barre
CURRIER, H.D. plater h 18 Northfield, B Montpelier
CURRIER, Laura E. bds 21 High Barre
CURRIER, R.S. merchant h Washington Barre
CURRIER, Rev. John bds 1 Arsenal Montpelier
CURTING, H.I. lumberman h Main Northfield
CURTIS, Elmer clerk h 8 Elm Barre
CURTIS, H.J. laborer h Main Montpelier
CURTIS, M.A. student bds Main Montpelier
CURTIS, Mrs. M.M. dressmaker h Cross Northfield
CURTIS, Nelson A. carpenter bds 39 Berlin, B Montpelier
CURTIS, S.H. mechanic h Cross Northfield
CURTIS, V.W. liveryman h 2 Merchants Barre
CUSHING, Edward stonecutter h 33 Granite Barre
CUSHMAN, Charles musician h 121 Elm Montpelier
CUSHMAN, W.F. commerical man h Central Northfield
CUTLER, Emma M. bds 44 Barre Montpelier
CUTLER, F.T. foreman A.D. Wetmore h 185 N Main Barre
CUTLER, Harry M. teller First National Bank bds 44 Barre Montpelier
CUTLER, Leonard laborer h 65 Berlin, B Montpelier
CUTLER, Marcus M. horse dealer h 44 Barre Montpelier
CUTLER, Mrs. L.A. h Traverse Northfield
CUTLER, O.S. mason h 171 N Main Barre