The Montpelier, Barre, Waterbury And Northfield Directory 1887-8
Published By The National Directory Co., Glen Falls, N.Y.
Abbrevations = Adv., advertisement;   asst., assistant;   ave., avenue;   bds., boards;   cor., corner;   C.Vt.R.R., Central Vermont Railroad;   do., ditto;   E., east;   h., house;   Jr., junior;   n. near;   N.,  north;   opp., opposite;   pres., president;   prop., proprietor;   sec., secretary;   S., south;   supt.,  superintendent;   treas., treasurer;   B., Berlin;   W., west.
Name: Occupation: Address: Town:
BABCOCK, J.V. druggist h 25 E Liberty Montpelier
BABCOCK, J.V. druggist 9 State Montpelier
BACHELDER, Chas. laborer bds 15 E State Montpelier
BACOM, Anna bds 30 E State Montpelier
BACOM, John h 30 E Main Montpelier
BACON, Alice student bds Granite Barre
BACON, F.E. merchant h School Northfield
BACON, Mrs. S.R. h Depot Square Northfield
BADGER, Angie bds Vine Northfield
BADGER, Edward J. laborer bds 53 S Main Barre
BADGER, Ellen E. bds Vine Northfield
BADGER, George F. laborer bds 53 S Main Barre
BADGER, George K. fireman bds Vine Northfield
BADGER, Lee granite cutter bds 7 Prospect, B Montpelier
BADGER, Mrs. L.M. h Vine Northfield
BADGER, W.M. laborer h 53 S Main Barre
BADORD, Peter blacksmith h 140 State Montpelier
BAGLEY, C.R. machinist h 2 Cross Montpelier
BAGLEY, Clara domestic bds 161 Main Montpelier
BAGLEY, George C. bds 2 Cross Montpelier
BAILEY, C.A. physician h 43 E State Montpelier
BAILEY, Ella bds 114 Elm Montpelier
BAILEY, Lucy A. dressmaker 3 Cedar Montpelier
BAILEY, Mamie domestic bds 15 Park Barre
BAILEY, Mrs. J.W. h 114 Elm Montpelier
BAILEY, Mrs. Olive E. h 140 Main Montpelier
BAILEY, Mrs. S. seamstress bds 20 Arsenal Montpelier
BAILEY, P. coachman bds 118 State Montpelier
BAILEY, T.W. conductor bds 31 E State Montpelier
BAINBRIDGE, J.A. stonecutter h Seminary Barre
BAIRD, Eliza domestic bds 18 Pleasant Barre
BAIRD, Frank A. laborer 125 Elm Montpelier
BAIRD, L.J. domestic 35 School Montpelier
BAIRD, Sarah domestic bds 80 S Main Barre
BAIRD, Thomas stonecutter bds Park House Barre
BAKER, A.W. laborer h Main Waterbury
BAKER, Annie bds Main Waterbury
BAKER, Arthur H. clerk h 32 E State Montpelier
BAKER, Bessie bds Main Waterbury
BAKER, Edward W. painter h 86 Elm Montpelier
BAKER, Jabez moulder h 23 Summer Montpelier
BAKER, Libby bds Main Waterbury
BAKER, Mrs. W.F. bds Central Northfield
BAKER, R.C. carpenter bds S Seminary Barre
BALCH, Mrs. Alma h Cross Northfield
BALDWIN, Frank quarryman h South Barre
BALL, E.W. stonecutter h Summer Barre
BALL, Mrs. D. h 5 Middle Barre
BALLARD, S.S. book-keeper h 1 Terrace Montpelier
BANCROFT, Aaron agent h 27 Berlin, B Montpelier
BANCROFT, Charles DeF. tinsmith h 64 Barre Montpelier
BANCROFT, Eva  J. bds 64 Barre Montpelier
BANCROFT, F.W. bds 166 Main Montpelier
BANCROFT, Margaret W. h 166 Main Montpelier
BANCROFT, Mrs. A.D. h 18 Liberty Montpelier
BANCROFT, Mrs. Mary widow bds 30 S Main Barre
Baptist Church Rev. E.D. Mason, Pastor cor St. Paul and School Montpelier
BARATTA, Edgar stonecutter bds 35 Brooklyn Barre
BARBER, Vernon blacksmith bds Ayers Barre
BARD, Lizzie bds 24 Elm Montpelier
BARD, Richard blacksmith h 24 Elm Montpelier
BARLOW, C.D. brakeman bds Water Northfield
BARNARD, C.A. commercial man h 133 State Montpelier
BARNARD, George stonecutter bds Central House Barre
BARNES, C.O. carpenter h 4 Prospect Montpelier
BARNES, Edith H. teacher bds 7 Highland ave Barre
BARNES, Harwood carpenter bds 23 Stony Hill Barre
BARNES, Mary H. dressmaker bds 4 Prospect Montpelier
BARNES, Sylvester H. polisher h 7 Highland ave Barre
BARNETT, B.G. farmer h Cross Northfield
BARNEY, Lena S. bds 27 E State Montpelier
BARNEY, Louis blacksmith h 257 Main Montpelier
BARNEY, Philip blacksmith bds 257 Main Montpelier
BARNEY, W.E. janitor court house h 27 E State Montpelier
Barre Hotel H.A. Rugg, Prop. Washington Barre
BARRETT, Benjamin Waterbury Hotel cor Main and Park Row Waterbury
BARRETT, Frank A. Waterbury Hotel cor Main and Park Row Waterbury
BARRINGTON, Harry machinist bds 142 Elm Montpelier
BARROWS, A.J. painter h Northfield, B Montpelier
BARROWS, Miss Nellie bds 102 Elm Montpelier
BARROWS, T.C. (Barrows & Peck) h 102 Elm Montpelier
BARTHELOT, Joseph laborer h Berlin, B Montpelier
BASCOMB, F.H. druggist h 134 State Montpelier
BASCOMB, F.H. druggist 25 State Montpelier
BASSETT, Charles teamster h N Main Barre
BATCHELDER, A.E. h 163 N Main Barre
BATCHELDER, A.J. jobber h 143 N Main Barre
BATCHELDER, C.M. farmer h Cemetery Northfield
BATCHELDER, H.T. carpenter h 82 Washington Barre
BATCHELDER, Hattie student bds 82 Washington Barre
BATCHELDER, Ida artist bds 143 N Main Barre
BATCHELDER, J.C. carpenter h 6 Kinney's Lane Barre
BATCHELOR, Louisa bds 57 Berlin, B Montpelier
BATCHELOR, Mrs. J.H. bds 24 Maple Barre
BATES, Center L. farmer bds 273 N Main Barre
BATES, G.C. engineer h Cross Northfield
BATES, Mrs. L. widow bds Cross Northfield
BATES, T.S. drummer h Main Waterbury
BATES, William barber bds Park House Barre
BATHOLER, J.L. clerk bds 10 Liberty Montpelier
BAZINETT, Lewis upholsterer h 7 Academy Barre
BEACH, Theo. machinist h 32 Prospect, B Montpelier
BEACH, Theo. Jr. stonecutter bds 32 Prospect, B Montpelier
BEAL, C.W. h 232 N Main Barre
BEAN, D.H. carpenter h 5 Putnam Montpelier
BEAN, Gertrude M. bds Vine Northfield
BEAN, William R. painter h Vine Northfield
BEARD, Ira h School Northfield
BEARD, Mrs. _____ h cor Water and Union Northfield
BEAUPRE, E. tailor bds Summer Barre
BEAUPRE, E.J. merchant tailor N Main Barre
BeDEAUR, Henry tanner h Park Row Waterbury
BEEDE, Carrie domestic bds 88 S Main Barre
BEEDE, Clinton laborer bds cor Elm and Washington Barre
BEEMAN, Rev. L.L. pastor M.E. Church h Washington Barre
BELKNAP, Fred tanner h N Main Northfield
BELL, Alexander h Wall Northfield
BELL, Betsey bds Water Northfield
BELL, J.M. grocer 122 Main Montpelier
BELLISLE, Victor stonecutter bds Meadow Barre
BEMIS, Mrs. H.M. h cor Union and Water Northfield
BEMIS, Rev. J.W. h Slate ave Northfield
BEMIS, S.B. manufacturer of Boot and Shoes h 238 Main Barre
BENEDICT, Carl blacksmith bds 13 S Main Barre
BENEDICT, Emily bds 105 S Main Barre
BENINGHAM, Mrs. D.P. h Averill Block Barre
BENJAMIN, C.K. polisher h 29 Silver Barre
BENJAMIN, Emma J. student bds 29 Silver Barre
BENJAMIN, R.P. machinist h 8 Cross Montpelier
BENNETT, Chas. M. lawyer bds 23 Barre Montpelier
BENNETT, Geo. H. building mover 3 Court Montpelier
BENNETT, Geo. W. laborer bds Montpelier House Montpelier
BENNETT, Herbert agent bds Hotel Barre Barre
BENNETT, Mrs. D.K. h 23 Barre Montpelier
BENNETT, Stephen bds 185 Main Montpelier
BENTON, Miss H. millinery store 51 Main Montpelier
BENWARE, T. stonecutter h Granite Barre
BENWAY, Frank painter bds 4 Northfield, B Montpelier
BENWAY, Mrs. Caroline h 4 Northfield, B Montpelier
BENWAY, Mrs. Nellie bds 4 Northfield, B Montpelier
BERGIN, John J. moulder bds 10 N Franklin Montpelier
BERGIN, Mrs. Stephen widow h 10 N Franklin Montpelier
BERGIN, P.H. laborer bds 10 N Franklin Montpelier
BERGIN, Stephen stonecutter bds 10 N Franklin Montpelier
BERGIN, Thomas laborer bds 10 N Franklin Montpelier
BEROUGH, G.M. clerk h 18 High Barre
BERRY, W.C. book-keeper bds 4 Loomis Montpelier
BERTRAND, Louis stonecutter bds Granite Barre
BEST, Chas. A. bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
BEST, Chas. A. millinery & fancy goods 54 State Montpelier
BEST, Hattie bds 52 Barre Montpelier
BEST, William A. baggage master Wells River R.R. h 169 Main Montpelier
BEST, William E. merchant h 52 Barre Montpelier
BICKFORD, D.G. carpenter h 8 Prospect Barre
BICKFORD, Elizabeth M., M.L.A. preceptress Vt. Methodist Seminary bds Arsenal Montpelier
BICKFORD, Mrs. E. bds 139 State Montpelier
BIGELOW, A.E. physician bds 15 S Main Barre
BIGELOW, Clayton B. polisher bds 14 Stony Hill Barre
BIGELOW, G.H. clerk bds 14 Stony Hill Barre
BIGELOW, George laborer h 14 Stony Hill Barre
BIGELOW, W.A. student bds 14 Stony Hill Barre
BIGGS, Henry toy m'f'r h 10 First ave Montpelier
BIRD, Alexander stonecutter h 65 Washington Barre
BISBEE, A.B. physician h 165 Main Montpelier
BISBEE, D.R. student bds 71 N Main Barre
BISBEE, E.W. Lawyer and Insurance Agent bds 71 N Main Barre
BISBEE, E.W. Lawyer and Insurance Agent office over National Bank Barre
BISHOP, G.H. laborer h Washington Barre
BISHOP, Rev. E.A., A.M. principal Vt. Methodist Seminary h Arsenal Montpelier
BISSETT, James stonecutter bds 9 Duffy ave Barre
BISSETT, Thomas stonecutter bds 9 Duffy ave Barre
BISSON, James stonecutter h 5 Middle Barre
BIXBY, _____ polisher bds 54 Cottage Barre
BIXBY, H.R. successor to Bixby & Co. druggists 10 State Montpelier
BIXBY, H.R. successor to Bixby & Co. druggists h 28 E State Montpelier
BIXBY, Levi H. teller Montpelier Nat. Bank bds 27 Loomis Montpelier
BIXBY, Lola A. instructor Vt. Methodist Seminary bds Arsenal Montpelier
BIXBY, Mrs. _____ bds Vine Northfield
BIXBY, Mrs. C.I. h 27 Loomis Montpelier
BLACKALL, J.Richard tinsmith h 4 Cedar Montpelier
BLACKALL, Peter stonecutter bds 188 N Main Barre
BLACKELY, Collins druggist h 11 Winter Montpelier
BLACKELY, Collins druggist 3 State Montpelier
BLACKELY, Edward E. clerk bds 11 Winter Montpelier
BLACKWELL, E.R. bds 152 Main Montpelier
BLACKWELL, Edward D. cashier Montpelier Nat. Bank h 152 Main Montpelier
BLAIR, D.E. merchant bds Park House Barre
BLAIR, E. tanner h Stowe Waterbury
BLAIR, George printer h 63 Berlin, B Montpelier
BLAIS, Joseph carpenter h Thomas Waterbury
BLAKE, Joseph teamster h 14 Hubbard Montpelier
BLAKE, W.A. grocer h Central Northfield
BLANCHARD, A.C. butcher h 25 Summer Barre
BLANCHARD, A.M. photographer h 23 Terrace Montpelier
BLANCHARD, A.M. photographer 15 Walton Block Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Asa manager opera house h 21 Barre Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Fred hardware 66 S Main Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Garry W. butcher h 62 S Main Barre
BLANCHARD, Geo. L. hardware merchant bds 21 Barre Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Inez H. bds 23 Terrace Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Ivis B. bds 23 Terrace Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Kimball proprietor Park House Barre
BLANCHARD, L.D. machinist bds 195 N Main Barre
BLANCHARD, Martin polisher h Stony Hill Barre
BLANCHARD, Oliver painter bds 34 Summer Barre
BLANCHARD, Winslow L. laborer h Berlin, B Montpelier
BLANCHARD, Wm. tinsmith h 59 Elm Montpelier
BLANPIED, D.S., B.M. instructor Vt. Methodist Seminary bds 38 Arsenal Montpelier
BLISS, Ellen M. domestic bds Main Waterbury
BLISS, Elmer E. butcher bds 85 E State Montpelier
BLISS, George clerk h 107 Main Montpelier
BLISS, Horace E. clerk h 4 Summer Montpelier
BLISS, Mrs. L. widow h Summer Northfield
BLISS, S.N. laborer h 85 E State Montpelier
BLODGETT, H.A. conductor h North Northfield
BLONDY, Seymour stonecutter h N Main Barre
BLOOD, Charles clerk bds Central Northfield
BLOOD, Mrs. Mary h Central Northfield
BLOOD, William farmer h Wall Northfield
BOARDMAN, H.S. physician h 153 State Montpelier
BOHLES, Caroline bds 23 Berlin, B Montpelier
BOLAND, Bridget bds Pleasant Northfield
BOLAND, Katie bds Pleasant Northfield
BOLAND, Morris h Pleasant Northfield
BOLON, Nellie domestic bds Traverse Northfield
BOLTON, George W. compositor h 23 E State Montpelier
BOND, Mrs. J.M. milliner 48 N Main Barre
BOODEY, N.H. stonecutter bds 23 Prospect Barre
BOOTH, Alfred F. student bds School Northfield
BOOTH, Ernest V. bds School Northfield
BOOTH, J.P. clergyman h School Northfield
BOSQUCY, Louis stonecutter bds Berlin, B Montpelier
BOSQUET, Joseph laborer h 131 Elm Montpelier
BOSTER, L.J. merchant bds N Main Barre
BOSWORTH, George clerk bds 125 N Main Barre
BOSWORTH, Mary L. bds Meadow Barre
BOSWORTH, Mrs. A, h Meadow Barre
BOSWORTH, S.H.O. dairyman h 19 Loomis Montpelier
BOUBRIANT, Eugene laborer h 9 North Montpelier
BOULDRY, Nathan stonecutter h 21 High Barre
BOUTWELL, Harry capitalist h 143 Main Montpelier
BOUTWELL, James M. engineer h 145 Main Montpelier
BOUTWELL, Marcus courier h 45 Berlin, B Montpelier
BOVEE, Frank polisher h S Main Barre
BOWEN, Mrs. Lucinda bds 169 Main Montpelier
BOWERS, Alice M. bds 136 State Montpelier
BOWERS, C. Blanche bds 136 State Montpelier
BOWERS, Henry A. laborer bds 136 State Montpelier
BOWERS, James A. engineer h 136 State Montpelier
BOWMAN, Bell bds Winooski Waterbury
BOWMAN, E.N. laborer h Winooski Waterbury
BOWMAN, Esther bds Winooski Waterbury
BOWMAN, Eva bds Winooski Waterbury
BOWMAN, H.A. (Bowman & Williams) bds Terrace Montpelier
BOYCE, E.J. butcher bds Stowe Waterbury
BOYCE, G.H. student bds Stowe Waterbury
BOYCE, George P. merchant h 1 Academy Barre
BOYCE, H.E. butcher h Stowe Waterbury
BOYCE, W.A. lawyer bds 18 S Main Barre
BOYCE, W.J. butcher bds Stowe Waterbury
BOYDEAR, Lewis carpenter h 132 N Main Barre
BOYNTON, Mrs. W.H. widow h Vine Northfield
BOYNTON, W.H. brakeman bds Vine Northfield
BRADFORD, Lillia I. bds 2 North Barre
BRADFORD, M.A. bds 2 North Barre
BRADFORD, O.V. clerk bds 32 Main Montpelier
BRADFORD, P.D. physician h Vine Northfield
BRADFORD, W.F. carpenter h 2 North Barre
BRADFORD, William h 88 S Main Barre
BRADSHAW, George h 40 Northfield, B Montpelier
BRADSHAW, Mrs. Lucy J. bds 40 Northfield, B Montpelier
BRALEY, B.W. physician h 170 N Main Barre
BRALEY, Fred N. student bds 162 N Main Barre
BRALEY, Mary domestic bds 9 Winter Montpelier
BRALEY, Mrs. A.P. h 162 N Main Barre
BRALEY, Mrs. George widow h Water Northfield
BRALEY, Nellie bds 170 N Main Barre
BRAMAN, W.F. h 118 Elm Montpelier
BRASSAW, Frank cigarmaker bds 114 Main Montpelier
BRASSAW, Fred polisher h S Seminary Barre
BRASSAW, John stone mason h 114 Main Montpelier
BRASSAW, Lewis teamster h 36 Bacon Barre
BRASSAW, Nelson teamster h 3 Brassaw Place Barre
BREEN, John teamster h 21 Elm Montpelier
BREEN, Nicholas teamster bds Main Waterbury
BRELIVET, Rev. Joseph pastor St. John the Evangelist h Vine Northfield
BRESSLAND, C. stonecutter bds Granite Barre
BRESSLY, John stonecutter h 17 Brooklyn Barre
BREWER, F. Huber clerk Phinney Book Store bds 38 Main Montpelier
BREWER, Mrs. compositor h 38 Main Montpelier
BRICE, Walter C. book-keeper bds 8 Duffy ave Barre
BRIGGS, Chas. H. fireman h Vine Northfield
BRIGGS, E.C. blacksmith h Prospect Barre
BRIGGS, J.C. dentist h do Barre
BRIGGS, J.C. dentist 11 Bridge Barre
BRIGGS, William A. pol. clerk Nat. Life Ins. Co. bds Riverside Montpelier
BRITTIAN, Mrs. Lucy widow bds 7 Summer Barre
BRITTON, F.A. painter h 11 North Montpelier
BROCK, J.W. h 138 Main Montpelier
BROCK, W.W. student bds 138 Main Montpelier
BROCKWAY, Mrs. Harriette h 2 North Montpelier
BRODWICK, John stonecutter bds 8 Pearl Barre
BROODY, Patrick bds 37 School Montpelier
BROOKS, A.W. glazier h 48 E State Montpelier
BROOKS, J.P. machinist h Pleasant Northfield
BROOKS, J.V. merchant h 8 Baldwin Montpelier
BROOKS, J.V. merchant 15 Main Montpelier
BROOKS, Kittie bds Pleasant Northfield
BROOKS, L.B. clerk bds Montpelier House Montpelier
BROOKS, Ruth E. bds 48 E State Montpelier
BROWN, A.C. Insurance Agent h 24 Summer Montpelier
BROWN, A.C. Insurance Agent cor State and Main Montpelier
BROWN, A.J. Ticket Agent h Main Waterbury
BROWN, Albert H. machinist h 120 Elm Montpelier
BROWN, Alice bds Main Northfield
BROWN, Carrie bds 28 St Paul Montpelier
BROWN, Clayton laborer h 52 E State Montpelier
BROWN, Daisy bds 142 Elm Montpelier
BROWN, David tanner h 28 St Paul Montpelier
BROWN, Dennison h Main Northfield
BROWN, E.W. printer h 11 Franklin Montpelier
BROWN, Elizabeth bds 13 Brooklyn Barre
BROWN, Ellen bds Main Northfield
BROWN, Fannie bds Main Northfield
BROWN, Frank laborer h cor Main and Lidia Montpelier
BROWN, Frank laborer h 24 St Paul Montpelier
BROWN, Frank Jr. silver plater bds 24 St Paul Montpelier
BROWN, H.A. clerk h Water Northfield
BROWN, H.D. Freight Agent h Main Waterbury
BROWN, H.R. h Main Northfield
BROWN, Harvey W. mail carrier h 142 Elm Montpelier
BROWN, J.D. shoemaker h 52 E State Montpelier
BROWN, Jennie E. bds 11 Franklin Montpelier
BROWN, John stonecutter h 36 High Barre
BROWN, Joseph laborer h 123 Elm Montpelier
BROWN, Joseph G. clerk bds 24 Summer Montpelier
BROWN, Lizzie bds 28 St Paul Montpelier
BROWN, Mabel bds North Northfield
BROWN, Mabel bds Main Northfield
BROWN, Michael stonecutter bds Granite House Barre
BROWN, Mina M. bds 39 Barre Montpelier
BROWN, Miss Lettie A. h 13 Brooklyn Barre
BROWN, Mrs. A.D. bds Union Waterbury
BROWN, Mrs. Adliza E. h 39 Barre Montpelier
BROWN, Patrick stonecutter h 198 N Main Barre
BROWN, Porter blacksmith h 26 S Main Barre
BROWN, R.G. student h 24 Summer Montpelier
BROWN, Roland laborer bds 52 E State Montpelier
BROWN, Walter student bds Main Northfield
BROWN, Wm. stonecutter h 12 Prospect Barre
BRUCE, Alexander (Vice-President Vermont Granite Co.) bds 35 Brooklyn Barre
BRUCE, Charles D. plumber h 17 St Paul Montpelier
BRUCE, Fred stonecutter bds Park House Barre
BRUCE, H.M. lumberman h Main Waterbury
BRUCE, Jefferson blacksmith h 48 Main Montpelier
BRUCE, Nellie bds Main Waterbury
BRUCE, William (Vermont Granite Co.) bds 35 Brooklyn Barre
BRUIDNELL, Frank laborer h Main Northfield
BRUIDNELL, William laborer bds Main Northfield
BRUNELLE, J. Edward farmer bds N Main Barre
BRUNELLE, Joseph stonecutter h N Main Barre
BRYANT, A.K. stonepolisher h 47 Washington Barre
BRYANT, James laborer bds 32 North Montpelier
BRYANT, Lorenzo carpenter h Main Waterbury
BUCCANNON, William lumber h 42 Maple Barre
BUCHAN, Alexander (McDonald & Buchan) bds Main Barre
BUGBEE, C.L. carpenter h 52 Washington Barre
BUGBEE, Clarence painter h 12 Spring Montpelier
BUGBEE, D.P. painter h 5 Fuller Montpelier
BUGBEE, Harriet widow h Main Northfield
BUGBEE, Julia domestic bds 117 S Main Barre
BUGBEE, Leonard bds 5 East Barre
BUGBEE, Walter laborer h 90 S Main Barre
BULLOCK, C.L. shoemaker h 8 Winter Montpelier
BUNNELL, R.R. painter h 2 Spring Montpelier
BURBANK, Mrs. Mary A.L. h 153 Main Montpelier
BURGESS, A.D. blacksmith h 8 Clark ave Barre
BURGESS, Charles h 15 Court Montpelier
BURGESS, George W. bds 8 Clark ave Barre
BURKE, Edmund blacksmith h 127 Elm Montpelier
BURKE, James polisher h Granite Barre
BURKE, Mrs. C. widow bds 14 N Franklin Montpelier
BURKE, Thomas machinist h 14 N Franklin Montpelier
BURLEIGH, Eva M. bds Stowe Waterbury
BURLEIGH, J.A. butter buyer h Stowe Waterbury
BURNETT, Peter E. stonecutter bds Washington Barre
BURNHAM, George J. bottler h Park Row Waterbury
BURNHAM, George W. carpenter h 40 E Liberty Montpelier
BURNHAM, Harvey gardner h 42 Court Montpelier
BURNHAM, M.N. truckman bds 84 Washington Barre
BURNHAM, Mrs. L bds Hotel Kempton Montpelier
BURNHAM, Mrs. Mary N. widow h 59 S Main Barre
BURNHAM, W.N. stonecutter h Prospect Barre
BURPEE, Helen bds 15 Winter Montpelier
BURPEE, J.H. Treas. Montpelier Carriage Co. h 15 Winter Montpelier
BURROUGHS, Mrs. Eliza widow bds 62 Washington Barre
BURTON, Thomas stonecutter h 4 Durkee Place Barre
BUSH, H.K. (Vermont Granite Co.) bds 17 S Main Barre
BUSH, Maude L. bds 17 S Main Barre
BUSHEE, _____ painter bds 163 N Main Barre
BUSHWELL, Emma J. bds 25 E State Montpelier
BUSWELL, Chas. F. printer bds 25 E State Montpelier
BUSWELL, Laura A. h 25 E State Montpelier
BUTLER, George D. grocer 36 Main Montpelier
BUTLER, Michael quarryman h 6 Baldwin Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Alfred polisher h 3 Lane Place Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Eliza bds 26 St Paul Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Francis expressman h 26 St Paul Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, George laborer h 5 Lane Place Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Hattie domestic bds 12 Liberty Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Henry laborer bds 26 St Paul Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Loren F. expressman bds 26 St Paul Montpelier
BUTTERFLY, Minnie bds Granite Barre
BUTTERFLY, Mrs. Frank widow h 30 St Paul Montpelier
BUZZELL, George C. hostler bds 126 State Montpelier
BUZZELL, James engineer Vt.C. h Traverse Northfield
BYAND, Charles P. stonecutter bds Central House Barre
BYLOW, B.A. Freight Agent h 49 Cottage Barre
BYRON, Philip carpenter bds 37 Court Montpelier