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Welcome (CROESO)

to the Welsh-American Genealogical Society!
(Cymdeithas Olrhain Achau Cymry America)

Member: Federation of Genealogical Societies

Formed in 1990 in the United States
to serve as a common link
for Welsh genealogical researchers
in the United States or anywhere throughout the Welsh world.

Welsh-American Genealogical Society (WAGS)

c/o 60 Norton Avenue
Poultney, Vermont 05764-1029 USA

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If you'd like a sample of our quarterly newsletters,
send your request to us and
include $2.00 (US) check payable to WAGS
as well as a #10 self-addressed envelope with $.70 (US) postage affixed
(or an appropriate International Reply Coupon [IRC]).

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Cartref Taid  (Grandfather's House)®), 60 Norton Ave., Poultney, VT  05764-1029 USA
Created 02/29/00            (The Millennium's Leap Year)

Special thanks to Web master assistants:
Dr. Arturo L. Roberts, WAGS President & Exec. Editor, NINNAU - The North American Welsh Newspaper® incorporating Y Drych;
Ted Rice, WAGS & the Poultney Area St.David's Society;
Ennis Duling, Poultney Public Library & Castleton State College;
Lin Sherman, Cymdeithas Madog learner.


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