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Walden lies in the western part of Caledonia county. Villages and hamlets include: Walden, North Walden, South Walden, The Four Corners and Walden Heights.

It is believed that the first non-native inhabitants of Walden were a small garrison under command of a man named Walden, who was left in charge of the block-house built by General HAZEN, through the winter of 1779-80, and it is said that from him the town derived its name. (Hamilton Child, p. 357).


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Early Birth, Marriage and Death records may be requested from the town clerk of the town in which an event occurred. Please contact the specific clerk for current instructions and fees.


Walden Town Clerk: 12 VT Route 215 - West Danville, VT 05873  Phone: (802) 563-2220.


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Walden, Vermont area cemeteries include:

  Folsom Cemetery, (4 graves near Stevens Hill) - Find A Grave Folsom memorials

  Greensboro Bend Cemetery, aka Orton Cemetery, aka Stevens Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials

  Houston Hill Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials

  North Walden Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials

  Noyesville Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials

  Perkins Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials (14 graves)

  Stebbins Lot Cemetery (located on Cobb Road, in eastern Walden) - Find A Grave memorial Grave of Brainerd STEBBINS

  Stevens Hill Cemetery; - Find A Grave memorials

  South Walden Cemetery, aka Walden Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials

  Walden Heights Cemetery - Find A Grave memorials




  Note:  Vermont joined the Union in March, 1791, so its 1790 census was actually taken in 1791.  Caledonia County was formed from Orange County in 1792, so look for Caledonia County residents among those for Orange County, Vermont. 

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  1875 Map of Walden, Caledonia County, Vermont



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