The purpose of this page is to collect, maintain and share/swap information on ALL the

DRESSER family lines worldwide with all those interested.  It is now one of the

largest collections of Dresser family genealogies available. This

is basically a One Name Study of the Dresser surname.

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This website is dedicated to my Great Aunt Anita Dresser of Columbia, MO, who suggested the need for a central repository for Dresser family information and got me started in my genealogy research in 1987.


During the years I spent researching my own Dresser family line, I often came across information on other Dresser lines.  I kept it all on file.  In 1995, I decided to collect all possible Dresser lines available and maintain them in one location for all Dresser researchers.  Hundreds of Dresser families have submitted their family histories to this collection.  To date, I have varying degrees of information on over 53,000 Dressers and related family members.  I have also found the work that traces the "Main American Dresser Line" of John and Mary Dresser, who settled in Rowley, MA in 1638, back seven more generations in the U.K.  I also have information on many other Dresser family lines from Austria, Australia, England, Canada, Germany, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand and many partial lines that have not been connected to one of these lines yet.  My database includes several variations of Dresser to include; Dreser, Drescher, Dressar, Dressor, Driser, Dresers, Dreeser, Dressler, Dressner, Draeser, Drasher & Van Dresser.  This and any information I have on file is available to anyone who wishes to share information. 

This site has connected 211 long lost cousins or family lines to date
This site has helped reunite
24 old family photographs with descendants
This site has helped reunite
3 old family bibles with descendants


Awards presented to this site

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This database includes all U.S., U.K. & German Dresser information contained in the LDS IGI files, LDS Ancestral files and the SSDI.   It also contains the 3,019 Dressers found in the 1880 U.S. census, the 384 Dressers found in the 1881 UK census, the 63 Dressers found in the 1881 Canadian census, as well as, hundreds of family lines submitted by other Dresser family researchers.

                              SEARCHABLE DATABASES

  This database only includes the 25,480 known descendants of Christopher and Margaret Dresser, of which 21,162 are descendants of their son, John Dresser, who settled in Rowley, MA in 1638 and the rest being other descendant lines currently located in America, Canada, England and New Zealand. I have also included my wife's Screven, Pruitt and Ward ancestors as well as my grandmother's Wallace ancestors in this database. Due to privacy concerns, Rootsweb, where this database is located, automatically lists all living people as 'Living' with no information on them.

  This database includes over 4,613 descendants of partial Dresser lines currently living in or from Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, South Africia, Russia and New Zealand.  It also includes many American partial lines not yet connected to the above main line. I have also included many Drasher, Dreiser, Drescher, Dreser, Dresler, Dressler, Dressner, VanDreasor, VanDresar, VanDreser, VanDresser and VonDresler lines in this database. Due to privacy concerns, Rootsweb, where this database is located, automatically lists all living people as 'Living' with no information on them.

- These databases not do include many spouse ancestry lines on file, nor does it include hundreds of other small partial lines and individuals not yet connected to the main Dresser family line.

- Submission of your family line to the Dresser Family Worldwide Genealogy Center implies your consent to publish that information in these searchable databases, unless you request it, living members or specific information not to be published.

- If you do not find your line in one of these databases, check the various query pages below for information on partial lines.  If you still cannot find your line, contact me to check for you or to submit your line.

SEE THE LIST  of individual Dressers not yet connected to any line. (Hundreds of individuals and families listed)

A LIST of more partial Dresser lines and individuals in my database from or currently in: ARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, CANADA, ENGLAND, GERMANY , IRELAND, MEXICO, PANAMA, PHILIPPINES, RUSSIA, SCOTLAND, SOUTH AFRICA, & NEW ZEALAND.

A LIST  of Dresar, Dreser, Dresher, Dressel, Dressler, Dresslaer, Dressor, Drescher, Dreischler, Driser, VanDresser, VonDresser, and other variations on file.

SEE a copy and description of the Dresser Coat of Arms

LINKS   to some Dresser Family Trivia. (Lots of interesting facts listed)

A PAINTING by an unknown Dresser.

SEE  my lineage and those of several others who submitted information.

A LIST of Dressers who fought in the Revolutionary War.

A LIST of Dressers who fought in War of 1812, Canadian Rebellion & the War with Mexico. .   

A LIST of Dressers who fought in the American Civil War (on both sides - 105/3).

A LIST of Dressers who fought in WW I, WW II & Korea. (add your information)

A LIST of Dressers who fought in Vietnam and all who have served since then. (add your information)

A LIST of Dressers who served in the British military or Australian military. (add your information)

A LIST of Dresser related DAR & SAR National ID numbers.

A LIST of Mayflower passengers and Dresser descendants.

A LIST of Dressers that came through Ellis Island, NY.

A LIST of known Dresser immigrants, Drescher immigrants, & Dressler immigrants.
(There may be some Dresser duplications from the Ellis Island list above.)

PHOTOS of some old and current Dresser family members. Some from England and New Zealand too.

BLACK history of the Dresser family.

A LIST of Dresser related books for sale (not by me) and Dresser Newsletters.

A LIST  of Dressers (& other related folks) with Ham Radios.

A Link to Jannie M. Dresser's blog.

Buy a new book on Henry Dresser (1836-1915) the British ornithologist.




to participate in a Dresser Lineage Y-DNA project. The purpose of this project is to discover the connections, if any, between the various Dresser family lines throughout the world. It is hoped that some Dresser males of each line will have the Y chromosome DNA analysis done and send the results to the project coordinator to add to a database of tests. The database will then facilitate matches between descendants of the same individual when the usual search for written documents has been unsuccessful.

This project will help establish the origins / lineage of many of the family lines that have not yet been connected to an established line. Other than the main Dresser line in the U.S. today from England, there are many partial lines that have not been connected, as well as several from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, and Russia . This project will determine which line you are descended from and will hopefully establish a relationship between many of these family lines. Find out which one you are descended from and/or which lines you are related to. We are trying to get at least 2 participants from each family line to establish a good base for comparison. Variant spellings are welcome too, i.e., Dressler, Dreser, Dressor, etc.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Mary Dresser Taffet for additional information. The normal price per person for this test is $149.00. As part of this group testing, we are receiving the discount price of $99.00 per person/test.

To sign up now and order your test kit, go to this website.

You can view the test results here for those who have already participated in the project.

For additional information on similar projects, check out these sites:

The Perkins Family Y-DNA Study
Pomery's DNA Portal

* * NOTE: Per information received from Grant South of Australia who has a very similar DNA markers as our Dresser line from Yorkshire, England; Trinity College of UK has been conducting DNA research on ancient English family lines to deteremine their origin. He is a participant of this research. So far, they have determined his (and our) DNA comes from a Neolithic Clan believed to have been in the British Isles well before 1 AD. The research further discovered that only 1% of English and Scotish clans have this DNA, but 20% of native Irish clans do. Therefore, it is suspected that we are descendants of ancient Irish invaders / immigrants to England. Additional research and findings are still pending.

Some Y-DNA test Results

James O. Dresser, TN (#00001) - Test base for comparison. Verified descendant of the John Dresser family line that immigrated settled in Rowley, MA in 1638.

Thomas Dresser, NC (#06841) - Descended from Joseph D. Dresser and Susan Smith of Montreal, Canada. Joseph was possibly born in ME around 1827. An unconnected line. Tom was an exact match for Jim above, which indicates he came from the same family line.

Peter Q. Dresser, Durham, England (#38099) - Verified descendant of William Dresser, brother to the immigrant, John Dresser. Peter's line remained in England. His results matched 10 of the 12 genetic markers.

David K. Dresser, MA (#05590) - Descended from John Dresser and Polly Boynton of Pomfret, VT. An unconnected line. His results matched 10 of the 12 genetic markers of the main Dresser line. However, he only had one different marker from Peter Dresser whose line remained in England. It is therefore suspected that David's line came over sometime after the original settlers in 1638; sometime before 1790 anyway when John and Polly married in Vermont.


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