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Welcome to the Waterford, Vermont web site. Please note that this site is designed primarily for use by genealogists and is not intended to be the official town site.

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Town Government

It should be noted that Town Clerks as a rule no longer will perform research but will assist researchers when they visit the town offices.

For current information for Waterford, visit their website at: Town of Waterford

Caledonia Probate Court

For current information for the court, visit their website at: Caledonia County Probate Court

Davies Memorial Library

For current information for the Davies Memorial Library, visit their website at: Davies Memorial Library

Waterford History

The Waterford Historical Group meets at the Davies Memorial Library each fourth Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

   Excerpt from Child's 1887 Gazetteer
   Waterford Mexican War Volunteers
   Waterford Civil War Volunteers
   Waterford Spanish-American War Volunteers
   Waterford Landowners in 1858
   Caledonia County Business Directories

   Jonathan David Stoddard, Esquire
   Jane Stoddard, his Wife
        Jonathan David Stoddard, Esquire, born in Waterford, VT in 1801, son of David L. and Susanna (Davis) Stoddard, residents of Waterford. He
        was actively practicing law in the Essex County Court in 1829 and lists Waterford as his residence. Marriage intentions for J. D. Stoddard and
        Jane (Parks) Stoddard were filed September 18, 1825. Jonathan and Jane are buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in St. Johnsbury, VT.
        Paintings were done by Horace Bundy and are signed and dated 1837. Photos are courtesy of Herbert Stoddard Carpenter, IV.

  Abel Riley and Julia(Stoddard) Humphrey
       Abel Riley Humphrey, son of Abel Humphrey of Burke, VT, died in Arkansaw, Wisconsin. Courtesy of David Paulson.

  Descendants of Abel Riley Humphrey
        Courtesy of David Paulson.
        Please note that this is a "privatized" report and requires Adobe Acrobat to view.   You may obtain  Adobe Acrobat

   George Goss Letters - Gold Camp 1852-1854
   Deed from Betsey Goss to Nathan Bartlett
   Zenas Goss
   Abigail Holbrook, his Wife
   Zena's Chest
   Allen Charles Goss, their Son

The following photos were provided by Sharon Duffy.
   L-R: Ervin Bean, John Bean, Ivan Bean
   Front Row:Wesley Fitchett, Stephen Fitchett, Rear Row:Ervin Bean, John Bean, Ivan Bean
   Ervin Bean, on load
   Ervin Bean, John Bean, Ivan Bean, on load
   Ervin Bean and Izzy Bean
   Ervin Bean
   Unidentified Man
   Nina Watson wearing white dress, other women unidentified

The following photos were provided by Robert H. Goss.
   Lock Goss Lineage

   Lock was one of the original Listers for Waterford. Sally was Lock's mother and Rebecca was Sally's mother.

Villages and hamlets in Waterford:

    Waterford (Upper Waterford)   See above: Upper Waterford A Village Lost To Progress

    Lower Waterford (White Village)   Since the inundation of Upper Waterford, Lower Waterford has become the chief center of town.

    Waterford Hollow - On the shore of Stiles Pond in the northwest portion of town. In 1801, one J. Stiles built a sawmill and the community thrived as a vacation spot. Now the cemetery is all that remains.

    Gaskell  There is record of a village by that name in the Waterford town records. A post office was established in 1894 and operated until 1901. It was named for Samuel Gaskill, one of Waterford's early town clerks.

    Copenhagen   Now under the waters of Comerford dam, no record of name origin. While Esther Munroe Swift, in her book "Vermont Place Names - Footprints of History" lists Copenhagen as a village in Waterford, research indicates the village was actually io the Barnet side of the town line (Beers map of 1875).

   Waterford Town Report - 1966 Cover 

Comerford Dam

Construction of the Comerford Dam was announced in December 1928. Construction of a camp containing housing for 1500 workers also contained a commissary, theater and hospital. While the dam was completed in 1931, President Herbert Hoover remotely initiated generation of electricity on September 30, 1930.

The following photos represent various stages of construction of the dam. Click on any photo to see its full size.




Waterford Vital Statistics

1790 Census   
1800 US Federal Census For Waterford   
1810 US Federal Census For Waterford   
1820 US Federal Census For Waterford   
1850 US Federal Census For Barnet and Waterford
1860 US Federal Census For Waterford
1900 US Federal Census For Waterford
1940 US Federal Census For All of Caledonia County
Births - 1748 to 2004   
Burials - Not Yet Available   
Civil Unions - 2001 to 2004   
Deaths - 1767 to 2004   
Marriages - 1778 to 2004   

Waterford Schools

Waterford School, 276 Duck Pond Road, Waterford, VT  05819-9643
Open: M - F 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. Sa 9:00 AM - 12 Noon

The names and locations of historic Waterford schools was derived from old copies of topographical maps.

Waterford, VT Schools of the Past

Waterford Churches

Lower Waterford Church

Directly beside the church building is the Town Library with the Town Clerk's Office below it. Photo is courtesy of Herbert Stoddard Carpenter, IV.

Cemetery Information

Digging Deep Unearthing the Mysteries of Burial and Cemetery Laws

Caledonia County Cemeteries Courtesy of Paul DesTroismaisons and Janice Boyko. Some listings of interments and GoogleMaps.

Following is a list of all cemeteries in Waterford with directions as to how to reach each one. Photos of the cemeteries are also provided. A project to list all gravestones in the cemeteries is underway. Please click on the thumbnail image to see a full size image.

Cemetery Information

Adams-Babcock Cemetery

AdamsBabcock02.jpg (103285 bytes) AdamsBabcock03.jpg (107589 bytes)

Cushman Cemetery

Cushman01.jpg (52042 bytes) Cushman02.jpg (49751 bytes) Cushman03.jpg (62174 bytes)

Fuller Hill Burial Ground

FullerHill01.jpg (81086 bytes)

Hill Cemetery

HillCemetery01.jpg (45532 bytes) HillCemetery02.jpg (51027 bytes) HillCemetery03.jpg (45377 bytes)

Lower Waterford Cemetery

LowerWaterford01.jpg (60337 bytes) LowerWaterford02.jpg (54045 bytes) LowerWaterford03.jpg (70739 bytes)

Passumpsic Cemetery

Passumpsic01.jpg (66096 bytes) Passumpsic02.jpg (61567 bytes) Passumpsic03.jpg (61688 bytes)

Powers-Wheeler Cemetery

PowersWheeler01.jpg (101113 bytes) PowersWheeler02.jpg (111480 bytes)

Riverside Cemetery

Riverside04.jpg (43789 bytes) Riverside03.jpg (38559 bytes) Riverside02.jpg (51655 bytes) Riverside01.jpg (49571 bytes)

Stiles Cemetery

Stiles01.jpg (60787 bytes) Stiles02.jpg (62620 bytes) Stiles03.jpg (64233 bytes)

West Waterford Cemetery

WestWaterford01.jpg (61324 bytes) WestWaterford02.jpg (57290 bytes)


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    Waterford Bibliography

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