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Welcome to the Sutton, Vermont web site. Please note that this site is designed primarily for use by genealogists and is not intended to be the official town site.

Links to external web sites are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products, services or opinions contained in any external web site. Please direct your research questions to the appropriate Town Offices as listed on the town pages or to the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration at Vermont State Archives

Town Government

Villages and hamlets in Sutton include: Sutton, Sutton Depot, and Summit Siding.

It should be noted that Town Clerks as a rule no longer will perform research but will assist researchers when they visit the town offices.

For current information for Sutton, visit Town of Sutton

    George Colburn, Clerk-Treasurer
    167 Underpass Road         P.O. Box 106
    Sutton, VT 05867               Sutton, VT  05867
    TEL: 802-467-3377                   FAX: 802-467-1052
    Email:  Town of Sutton 
    No Town Website yet
    HRS: M T Th F   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; W 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
    Listers’: Same                    Zoning: No set hours

Caledonia Probate Court

For current information for the court, visit their website at: Caledonia County Probate Court

Sutton Library

There is no library listed on the Vermont State Library site.

Sutton History

   Early History
   Excerpt from Child's 1887 Gazetteer
   A Prophecy About Sutton (Poem by Adelaide Helen Burnham)
   Sutton Mexican War Volunteers
   Sutton Civil War Volunteers
   Sutton Spanish-American War Volunteers
   Sutton Landowners in 1858
   1887-1888 Business Directory

There is no listed historical society for Sutton.

Sutton Vital Statistics

     1790 Census    1800 Census    1810 Census    1820 Census

Census reporting ends with the 1820 census. There were over 50 separate items of data gathered in the 1830 census. That fact and that names are not in alphabetical order make it impractical to report later years.

The date of the following map is unknown. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.

Sutton Schools

The names and locations of historic Sutton schools was derived from old copies of topographical maps.

Sutton, VT Schools of the Past

Sutton Churches

Cemetery Information

Digging Deep Unearthing the Mysteries of Burial and Cemetery Laws

Caledonia County Cemeteries Courtesy of Paul DesTroismaisons and Janice Boyko. Some listings of interments and GoogleMaps.

Following is a list of all cemeteries in Sutton with directions as to how to reach each one. Photos of the cemeteries are also provided. Please click on the image to see a full size view.

Cemetery Listings

East Ridge

EastRidge01.jpg (260460 bytes)    EastRidge02.jpg (293530 bytes)    EastRidge03.jpg (273439 bytes)    

All three photos are looking east to south.

    Listing of East Ridge Cemetery

North Ridge

NorthRidge01.jpg (182480 bytes)    NorthRidge02.jpg (195408 bytes)    

Both photos are looking west to north.

    Listing of North Ridge Cemetery

Sutton Village

Village01.jpg (214790 bytes)    Village02.jpg (207352 bytes)    

Both photos are from north end looking south.

    Partial Listing of Village Cemetery

South Ridge

LookingEast01.jpg (153420 bytes)    LookingSouth.jpg (330957 bytes)    LookingSouthWest.jpg (160468 bytes)    NorthEnd.jpg (329368 bytes)    

First photo is looking east, second photo is looking south, third photo is looking southwest, fourth photo is looking north.

    Listing of South Ridge Cemetery 

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    Sutton Bibliography

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