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Welcome to the Ryegate, Vermont web site. Please note that this site is designed primarily for use by genealogists and is not intended to be the official town site.

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Town Government

Villages and hamlets in Ryegate include: Ryegate Corner, North Ryegate, East Ryegate. and South Ryegate.

It should be noted that Town Clerks as a rule no longer will perform research but will assist researchers when they visit the town offices.

For current information for Ryegate, visit their website at: Town of Ryegate

Caledonia Probate Court

For current information for the court, visit their website at: Caledonia County Probate Court

Ryegate Libraries

    Ryegate Corner Library, P. O. Box 332, Ryegate, VT  05042
    Marsha Nelson, Librarian    802-584-3880
    Hours: M-Sa 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM; M-F - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    South Ryegate Public Library, 2025 Gilfallan Road, South Ryegate, VT  05069
    Richard S. Fraser, Librarian     no phone
    Hours: Th - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Ryegate History

   Early History
   Early Ryegate Family Histories        
   Excerpt from Child's 1887 Gazetteer
   Mexican War
   Ryegate Civil War Volunteers
   Spanish-American War
   Ryegate Landowners in 1858
   1887-1888 Business Directory

Ryegate Historical Society

Whitelaw Hall, 54 Paper Mill Road, East Ryegate, VT
Mailing Address: 3158 N. Bayley Hazen Road, East  Ryegate, VT 05042
Phone: (802)-592-3378

Contact Person: Dover Ford, President, Ryegate Historical Society
Visitors  By appointment.

Sequel to The Ryegate History

News Update Number 42  -  December 2006

"The Down of the Thistle - 20th Century Ryegate, VT" by Dwight White

This News Update is to let you know that "The Down of the Thistle- 20th Century Ryegate VT" by Dwight White will be available at the Town Clerk's Office and the home of the author as of December 15, 2006. The book is a sequel to The Ryegate History by Miller and Wells which was published in 1913. It contains 18 chapters and over 200 pictures. Published by L. Brown & Sons of Barre, this hardcover edition is designed to be a companion volume to the 2002 reprint of the original.

"The Down of the Thistle" contains an introductory chapter which is a concise summary of the founding and growth of Ryegate during the first 125 years. Its purpose is to put the 20th century in context while acquainting or reacquainting the reader with Ryegate's rich heritage. This is followed by a chapter entitled "Three Villages and a Countryside". The remaining 16 chapters have to do with Town Affairs, Business, Education, Religion, Community Groups, Transportation, Communication, Disasters, War Times, Homee and Community Life, Celebrations, Sketches and Anecdotes worth preserving. The book is indexed for convenient reference.

This limited edition, subsidized by the Town of Ryegate, is available for $30.00 per copy plus $4.00 for mailing. The Town Office, P. O. Box 332, Ryegate, VT 05042 (802-584-3380) is open on Monday - Wednesday from 1:00 - 5:00 PM and on Friday AM from 9:00 - 1:00. It is closed on Thursdays.

Ryegate Vital Statistics

     1790 Census    1800 Census    1810 Census    1820 Census

Census reporting ends with the 1820 census. There were over 50 separate items of data gathered in the 1830 census. That fact and that names are not in alphabetical order make it impractical to report later years.

Ryegate Schools

The names and locations of historic Ryegate schools was derived from old copies of topographical maps.

Ryegate, VT Schools of the Past

Ryegate Churches

Cemetery Information

Digging Deep Unearthing the Mysteries of Burial and Cemetery Laws

Caledonia County CemeteriesCourtesy of Paul DesTroismaisons and Janice Boyko. Some listings of interments and GoogleMaps.
1919 Ryegate Cemetery Listings  Courtesy of Paul DesTroismaisons and Janice Boyko.

Following is a list of all cemeteries in Ryegate with directions as to how to reach each one. Please click on the image to see a full size view.

Cemetery Listings

Blue Mountain Cemetery

BlueMt01.jpg (65930 bytes) BlueMt02.jpg (89702 bytes) BlueMt03.jpg (76467 bytes)

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside01.jpg (74863 bytes) Hillside02.jpg (97864 bytes) Hillside03.jpg (81407 bytes)

Manchester Family Cemetery


Nameless Cemetery

Nameless01.jpg (127109 bytes) Nameless03.jpg (118294 bytes)

Old Scotch American Cemetery        GPS coordinates are estimated as the actual cemetery has not been located.


Pinehurst Cemetery

Pinehurst01.jpg (93735 bytes) Pinehurst02.jpg (59650 bytes)

West (Hall) Cemetery

NorthRyegate01.jpg (98920 bytes) NorthRyegate02.jpg (99432 bytes) NorthRyegate03.jpg (87204 bytes) NorthRyegate04.jpg (105155 bytes)

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Ryegate Bibliography

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