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Welcome to the Peacham, Vermont web site. Please note that this site is designed primarily for use by genealogists and is not intended to be the official town site.

Links to external web sites are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products, services or opinions contained in any external web site. Please direct your research questions to the appropriate Town Offices as listed on the town pages or to the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration at Vermont State Archives

Town Government

Villages and hamlets in Peacham include: Peacham, South Peacham, East Peacham, North  Peacham, Peacham Hollow, Ewells Mills, and Green Bay.

It should be noted that Town Clerks as a rule no longer will perform research but will assist researchers when they visit the town offices.

For current information for Peacham, visit their website at: Town of Peacham

Caledonia Probate Court

For current information for the court, visit their website at: Caledonia County Probate Court

Peacham Library

For current information for the library, visit their website at: Peacham Library

Peacham History

   Early History
   Exerpt from Child's 1887 Gazetteer
   Mexican War
   War of Rebellion
   Spanish-American War
   Deweysburg Gore
   Peacham Landowners in 1858
   1887-1888 Business Directory

Peacham Historical Association

Historical House, 153 Church Street, Peacham, VT  05862
Asbel Goodenough Blacksmith Shop, 101 Church Street, Peacham, VT  05862
Peacham Hollow Schoolhouse, East Peacham (not yet open to the public)
Archives & Reference Library, 643 Bayley-Hazen Road, Peacham, VT  05862
Mailing Address: PO Box 101, Peacham, VT 05862
Email: Peacham Historical Association

Web Site: Peacham Historical Association

Contact Person: Mary Ellen Reis, President

Peacham Historical Association identifies, collects, preserves, and makes available the history of Peacham, and encourages Peacham's history through lectures, exhibits, publications, and other activities. Peacham is a National Historic Village. A permanent exhibit of tools, a telephone exchange, and items from an old country store are displayed in a three-room historical house. An 1800s blacksmith shop has been restored with a working wooden forge. Archives and the museum library are housed in a former town office.

Hours and Admission: Historical House: July 4th to first week in October - Sundays 2:00 - 4:00 PM;
Blacksmith Shop: as announced; Archives: open year round on Mondays 9:30 - 11:30 AM, Thursdays 2:00 - 4:00 PM or by appointment.

The Peacham Historical Association has announced the publication of the town's Civil War history. The publication is available in late May 2012 for purchase from the Peacham Library, the Peacham Corner Guild, the Vermont Historical Society Bookstore, and online on their website Peacham Historical Society Paperback $25, Hardcover $35 (available in late July 2012).

Peacham Vital Statistics

     1790 Census    1800 Census    1810 Census    1820 Census

Census reporting ends with the 1820 census. There were over 50 separate items of data gathered in the 1830 census. That fact and that names are not in alphabetical order make it impractical to report later years.

04-03-2006    Homeland Security has indicated that to prevent identity theft, vital record information younger than 70 years should not be accessible to the public. For this reason, I have removed the links to search vital record information.

Peacham Schools

    Peacham Elementary School - Public School for K through 6th grade.
   The Stevens School of Peacham    - Grades 5 through 8 (Private School)

The names and locations of historic Peacham schools was derived from old copies of topographical maps.

Peacham, VT Schools of the Past

Peacham Churches

    Peacham Congregational Church, P. O. Box 251, Peacham, VT  05862  802-592-3330

Cemetery Information

Digging Deep Unearthing the Mysteries of Burial and Cemetery Laws

Caledonia County Cemeteries Courtesy of Paul DesTroismaisons and Janice Boyko. Some listings of interments and GoogleMaps.

Following is a list of all cemeteries in Peacham with directions as to how to reach each one. Locations are approximate and have not been verified.

Cemetery Listings

Deweysburg-Woodard Cemetery

DeweysburgWoodard01.jpg (102697 bytes)   DeweysburgWoodard02.jpg (87278 bytes) DeweysburgWoodard03.jpg (120164 bytes) DeweysburgWoodard04.jpg (128569 bytes) DeweysburgWoodard05.jpg (105522 bytes)

Johnson Cemetery

JohnsonSite01.jpg (123834 bytes)

Old Elkins Tavern Cemetery        GPS Coordinates estimated only as the actual cemetery has not been located.   


Peacham Corner Cemetery

PeachamCorner01.jpg (99333 bytes) PeachamCorner02.jpg (100925 bytes) PeachamCorner03.jpg (95839 bytes) PeachamCorner04.jpg (101331 bytes)

Peacham East Cemetery

PeachamEast01.jpg (92829 bytes) PeachamEast02.jpg (86993 bytes) PeachamEast03.jpg (100455 bytes) PeachamEast04.jpg (96562 bytes)

Reverend Worcester Cemetery

RevWorcester01.JPG (199930 bytes) RevWorcester02.JPG (205032 bytes) RevWorcester03.JPG (199834 bytes)

Town Line-Wesson Cemetery

WessonTownLine01.jpg (111133 bytes) WessonTownLine02.jpg (110223 bytes) WessonTownLine03.jpg (107491 bytes)

Webster Cemetery        GPS Coordinates estimated only as the actual cemetery has not been located.

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    Peacham Bibliography

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