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Norris Family Cemetery, Hardwick, Vermont


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Explanation of Graves

#1    A footstone with the initials N. N.

#2    A stone broken off at ground level.

#3    A slate stone, badly delaminated, could not read.

#4    A footstone with the initials W. C. N.

#5    The stone is nearly impossible to read. I could read "To the Memory of" and nothing else.

#6    Nancy, wife of Nath'l Norris, One of the Pioneers of Hardwick, Died June 9, 1846, AE. 78 yrs

#7    Could not read.

#8    The stone was broken and the pieces stuck into the ground in such a way as to make it impossible to read.

#9    The stone was lying face down on the ground.

#10    Frances D., Dau'tr of J. W. & H. H. Norris, Died Apr 15, 1854, AE. 12 yrs 2 mos 13 ds.

#11    Harriet H., wife of J. W. Norris, Died March 4, 1860, Aged 51.