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Historic Schools

These schools are no longer within the Kirby School System yet many of the buildings may still exist and may have been renovated as homes. The locations were derived from old topographical maps. All students from Kirby are now sent to schools in other towns.


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Current Status

Brookside School44░ 31' 52.90" N071░ 56' 16.75" W  
North Kirby School44░ 33' 12.10" N 071░ 55' 41.58" W  
South Kirby School 44░ 28' 15.01" N 071░ 54' 3.96" W  
Sugar Hill School44░ 29' 6.36" N071░ 56' 19.97" W  

Brookside School    Click for location map

The Brookside School was located on a side road to the right about three-quarters mile north of the North Kirby Cemetery.

North Kirby School    Click for location map

The North Kirby School was located about two miles north of North Kirby on the East Burke Road.

South Kirby School    Click for location map

The South Kirby School is located at the intersection of Mountain Road, Kirby Road, and Carroll Chase Road and very close to the South Kirby Cemetery. The building still stands and is a private residence.

Sugar Hill School    Click for location map

The Sugar Hill School is on the east side of the road through Mud Hollow. From East St. Johnsbury, take the road to Red Village in Lyndon. Mud Hollow is the first road to the right and is about one and three-quarters miles from US Route 2..