(1)Sulfur Spring Cemetery
First burial was around 1944 and there are about (50) grave sties. Condition of cemetery is very good.

From the center of Wheelock village go north, take the first right turn, you will be on Mineral Spring Rd. The cemetery is on the right where the road ends.
(2) Wheelock Village
First burial was abt. 1816. This cemetery is no longer used and I believe that the last burial was in 1979. There are about 400 + graves are in this beautiful cemetery. The condition is very good.

The cemetery is located on the south (left) side of Vt. #122 just as you enter Wheelock from Lyndonville.
(3) Samuel Drown Cemetery
First burial was around 1770, and the last was c1850. The cemetery is no longer used. They say there are about 75 graves. The only known list compiled by Mr. O. D. Mathewson was published in the History of Wheelock. This cemetery was abandoned.
From Rte. 122, at the north end of town, turn left and go over the twin bridges, then turn left onto Stone Rd., at the top of the hill there is a sharp turn back to the right, take this road and go north approximately 300 yds.; the cemetery is on west side a short distance from the road.
(4) West Wheelock Cemetery
The History of Wheelock has published names that were taken from the gravesites over 40 years ago. The first burial was abt. c1800 and the last c1905. This cemetery is no longer used. There's approximately 43 graves in fair condition.
From Rte. 122, turn at the north end of town. Go over twin bridges, continue straight on the South Wheelock Road. Continue till you reach the four corners. Turn right and go over Stannard Mtn. Turn right onto Flagg Pond Rd and continue till you reach Levi Rd. Turn right, continue a short distance, the road turns right again. The cemetery is next to the South Maid Hill.
(5) Ramsey Cemetery
The first burial was around c1800, and last took place around c1810. The cemetery is no longer used. There are about 10 graves with field stones as markers.

From Rte. 122, turn right and go over twin bridges. Turn to the left and go up onto the hill. Road bears to the left. The name is Country Rd. As you proceed about 4 miles, you will turn right. The cemetery is about 7/10 of a mile along this less traveled road. It's close to the left side of the road. If you continued further you would come to Ramsey Corner's about another 1/10 of a mile west.
(6) South Wheelock Cemetery
The first burial was around 1800 and last was on 1986. The cemetery ins not used today. There are about 250 graves. This peaceful cemetery has been well cared for. It's the final resting place for several Revolution and Civil War veterans.

From Wheelock Village, on the north side of town turn left onto the South Wheelock Rd., continue till you arrive at the four corners, turn right. Take the next road to the left that will put you on the So. Wheelock Cemetery Rd. Go about 125 yds., it will be on your left. It is well hidden by swampy forest land.
(7) Benjamin Noyes Burial Ground
Not much is known about the first or last burial here. It is no longer used. There are no records of how many graves are here. The condition of the cemetery is poor.

It is on the west side of the road, between the four corners in South Wheelock and Danville. About 1 1/4 miles in you will see a cedar shake house on the right with a driveway that angles back and parallel to the road. In front of you , you will see a logging road angling off to the right, park and take 90 giant steps over a creek and up an knoll. The cemetery will be on your right.
(8) Horne Cemetery
The first burial was c1820 and the last c1920. The cemetery is no longer used. There are about 50 graves. The cemetery is in poor condition. Some of the inscriptions were copied and are held by the VOCA, Assoc.

This cemetery is on the west side of the road near an old road jct.; 2.3 miles north of road jct. in Danville. In Wheelock access can be gained by turning left on to Gonyaw Road at the foot of Ide Mountain in South Wheelock. This road is in better shape then it has been in past years.
(9) Shattuck - Ward Cemetery
The first burial took place around 1812 and the last around c1916. The cemetery is no longer used. There are around 75 graves. The condition of the cemetery is poor. The fence is falling down and several markers have fallen. There are around 43 inscribed stones.

East side of road 1.5 miles north of four corners in Danville.
READINGS OF CEMETERIES IN WHEELOCK, VT is available, for $30.00.new01.gif
Please mail checks/requests to : Rosalie Sherburne Wolfe, 22325 Wolf Creek Drive, Foley, AL 36535-9262

"BURIAL GROUNDS OF VERMONT" was published by Vermont Old Cemetery Association, to order please send $22.50 to: Charles Marchant, P.O.Box 132, Townshend, Vt. 05353 (Make check payable to VOCA and please include a pre-address mailing label.) It contains a statewide survey of all cemeteries and burial grounds with information and maps of each town.


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