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The ERTEL Family of
Ernst and Wilhelmina "Mina" (KUEBLER) ERTEL


(m) ?


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Martin ERTEL     (m)
Maria Katharina BRUNNER

* Ernst Ludwig ERTEL
b. 30 Jul 1858 Germany
d. Jun 1927 Montgomery County OH
Dayton Memorial Park

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(m) ?


(m) x



Johann Jacob KUEBLER      (m)
Jacobine WEBER

(m) Wilhelmina KIBLER
b. 23 Aug 1859 or 1863 Germany
d. 29 Dec 1926, OH
Dayton Memorial Park

m. 11 August 1881 at Evangelisch,
Brombach, Loerrach, Baden GERMANY
children: Mina, Ernst, Carl, Frieda, Bertha, Herman, and Edward

Brombach, Loerrach, Baden GERMANY
NOTE: There are at least two Brombachs. This Brombach is part of the city of Loerrach, about 3 km north-east of Loerrach itself, which is southwest of Stuttgard GERMANY, and east of Mulhouse (FRANCE) on the Switzerland border. (Lörrach-Brombach). See Lörrach, in wikipedia

Brunner family connections
Although Wilhelmina Ertel's two sisters lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Ernst brought his wife and children to Dayton, Ohio in 1888 or 1889, where his half-brother, Fred BRUNNER was living, and had found work.

Apparently Ernst and Fred had the same mother, Maria Katharina (BRUNNER) ERTEL.

Fred came to Dayton, Ohio first, doing carpentry work on Barney and Smith railway cars. Later he worked for Muth Brother's Moving, and moved to Belmont, Ohio. He and his wife Barbara had a son, Paul BRUNNER, and two or three daughters. In Dayton, they lived on Nassau Street, the east end.

Some Brunners and Bruners buried in Dayton Ohio, Woodland Cemetery:

Barbara RAUCH BRUNNER 1868-1922 (54) Plot 120-270
Death certificate
dau of Martin & Charlotte (Hauser) RAUCH
wife of Frederick BRUNNER
Frederick BRUNNER 1864-1932 (68) Plot 120-270
Death certificate
son of Frederick BRUNNER Sr.
husband of Barbara Rauch Brunner
Paul BRUNNER ?-1988 Plot 122-91 ?
Samuel A. BRUNER1887-1954Plot 122 Lot 80same plot/lot: Laura Mae BRUNER 1886-1923
Charles F. BRUNER1900-1955 (54) Plot 122 Lot 356 .
b 13 Aug 1857 Germany
d 21 Jul 1926 (68)
Plot not given dau of Byron BRUNNER
wife of Charles ANDRES
Barbara BRUNNER ?-1904 Plot 115-3272

WEBBER - KUEBLER family connections
We think this is
Wilhelmina's mother aka

"Yachabina" Kuebler
Cousin Bill Kenney remembers that years ago his mother would talk of Jakobina (phonetically "Yachabina") Kubler. We think his mother was talking of her great-grandmother, back in Brombach Germany.

The collection called "GERMANY MARRIAGES 1700-1900" (click, then see right "father of bride") shows Wilhelmine KUEBLER's parents were Johann Jakob and Jakoba (WEBER) KUEBLER. Also spelled Jacobine WEBER, she married Johann Jacob KUEBLER in Germany by 1854.

Their known children were:
* Mary KUEBLER (m Mr. MOSER) b 1854
* Louise KUEBLER (m Mr. BOEHLER) b 1855 - d 1926
    ** dau Louise Boehler married Mr. WESTBY
* Wilhelmina KUEBLER (m Ernst ERTEL) b August 23, 1859 or 1863

Short Ertel Family Timeline: in GERMANY then Ohio, USA
1820s?: Martin ERTEL born
1820s?: Maria Katharina (BRUNNER) ERTEL born

1854 : Maria "Mary" KUEBLER born
1855 : Luisa "Louise" KUEBLER born (14 Mar 1855 - 5 Oct 1926)
1858 Jul 30 (or 1861): Ernst Ludwig ERTEL born
1859 or 1861: Mina KUEBLER born (Aug 23)
      to Johann Jakob and Jakoba (WEBER) KUEBLER

1881: Ernst ERTEL married Wilhelmine KUEBLER (Aug 11)
          at Evangelisch, Brombach, Loerrach, Baden
1881: Mina Ertel (b Nov 7)
1884: son Ernst (b Mar 20) - died young
1884: Ernst Jr christened (Apr 20)
          Evangelisch, Brombach, Loerrach, Baden
1885: Carl Ertel (Apr 3)
1886: Frieda Ertel (Nov 20)
1880s: Son Ernst died after 1884, before 1888
Immigrated to Ohio, USA
1888: Ernst and family moved to Dayton Ohio USA
          to join Fred BRUNNER & family

1891: Bertha Ertel (Jul 3)
1895: Herman Mark Ertel (Jun 15)
1896: Ernst and Minia ERTEL were naturalized, per 1920 census
1897: Edward George Ertel (Oct 5)

1903: Mina married Ed STEILN (Sep)
1905: Frieda married Charles M. ZIMMERMAN (Feb 13)

1915: Carl married Lillie BERGER (Jan 15)
1920: (census) Ernst ERTEL and Minia ERTEL were living in Dayton, OH.
1940: Edward married Frances GEORGE

Ernst and Wilhelmina (KUEBLER) ERTEL and children History
1858 or 1861 July
Ernst L. Ertel was born on 30 July 1858 per his tombstone (or 1860 or 1861, other sources) to Martin and Maria Katharina (BRUNNER) ERTEL, according to their marriage license, from (Family Search-Record Search).

1859 or 1863 Aug 23:
Mina Kuebler was born to Johann Jakob KUEBLER and Jakoba WEBER

* Ernst Ludwig (or Louis, per his tombstone) ERTEL:
Originally thought to be from Alsace-Loraine, Germany, which since World War II has been part of France, later information on Ernst indicates that he and Wilhelmine Kuebler were from Brombach, Loerrach, Baden, Germany, across the Rhine River in southwestern Germany. From Baden, Ernst spoke low German Badish. He was a short man, not much taller than 5 feet. He was a carpenter by trade, a cabinet maker on Pulman railroad cars. At various times, Ernst also worked at an ice plant and repaired wagons. One granddaughter recalled that he didn't like cats!

1881 11 August:
Ernst married Mina Kuebler in Brombach, Loerrach, Baden in the southwest part of Germany on August 11, 1881 in the Evangelisch church (Lutheran, apparently). He was at least 20-23 years old. She was almost 18 years old.

Other names for Wilhelmina were Minny, Mine, Mina and KIBLER, KUEBLER, and GABLE. In Germany, Mina worked in a cotton mill across the border in Switzerland. She had at least 2 sisters. She was short like her husband, 5 feet tall or less, and was known for her keen sense of humor. She would sing as she worked, and baked "out of this world" bread, according to granddaughter Charlotte ZIMMERMAN. Her springerle recipe was a favorite of other children and grandchildren. Wilhelmina continued speaking German throughout her life, even in America.
Ernst and Wilhelmina (Mina) had 7 children between 1881 and 1897:
Mina, Ernst, Carl, Frieda (in Germany) and Bertha, Herman, and Edward in the USA.

1920 (census) page 2B

Ernst ERTEL, husband, and Minia ERTEL, wife, were living on Bolton Street in Dayton, OH. Ernst was a carpenter. Both had been naturalized in 1896. Ernst (60) would be born 1860 (not proven). Minia (57) would have been born about 1863 (not proven). (Tombstones have different dates.) The couple came to Ohio in 1889.
Living with them were
* Edward G. ERTEL, 22 year old son born in Ohio (born 1897), was a pressman in a printing office.
* Edward STEILN, 38 year old son-in-law born in Ohio (so born 1882?), was a plumber for the Dayton City Water Works
* Minia STEILN, 36 year old daughter born in Germany (so born 1884?)
1926 and 1927:
Mina died 30 December 1926. Ernst died in June 1927. Both were buried at the Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery. He was buried in Lot 5 Section 135, space 3 on June 24, 1927 in Dayton Memorial Park, next to his wife, at
Ernst and Mina Ertel's Children:

Mina, (Ernst not pictured), Carl, Frieda, Bertha, Herman, and Edward

Ernst and Wilhelmina (KUEBLER) ERTEL's ChildrenErnst and Wilhelmina's GRANDCHILDREN
    Lived in Dayton, OH
b 7 (or 22) Nov 1881, Germany
d 14 Feb 1962 (80) Dayton OH

married Edward STEILN, Sept 1903
b. 1877
d. Jun 1966 (88-89) Dayton OH
    no children
The SSDI age at Mina's death in February 1962 agreed with her birth date in November 1881. The 1900 census showed Mina Ertel as a servant at the home of Charles DANIELS. Another source said Mina was a cook for a HARBINE family before her marriage. The first of the children to marry, Mina's wedding was September 1903, when she was nearly 22. Mina's husband, Edward M. STEILN, was born in 1877 so he was about 26. He worked in Dayton at the City Water Works.

They had no children, but her obituary indicated that they had adopted two STEILN children: Mrs. Ed HUNE and Margaret STEILN.

In their later years, after "Minnie" had a goiter removed, she gained quite a lot of weight. Eventually she became bedfast with paralysis. Ed cared for her at home. He liked to exercise and boasted about his good health and stamina. He and Minnie had a huge German Bible, which may have been the Ertel family Bible. Ed had a nephew, Dudley DORSEY, born around the end of 1942 in Dayton.

Mina died Feb 14, 1962 and was buried at Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery, plot 5-135-2 (
Ed was buried at the same cemetery, plot 5-135-1 ( ) after he died in June, 1966.

2. Ernst ERTEL Jr
lived & died in Germany
b 20 Mar 1884 (Brombach Germany)
d (young, between 1884-1888)     cause unknown

never married
    no children
Ernst and Wilhelmina Ertel's 1st son, Ernst
Name: Ernst
Residence: Brombach, Loerrach, Baden
Christening date: 20 Apr 1884
Birth date: 20 Mar 1884
Birth place: 
Father name: Ernst Ertel
Father name note: 
Mother name: Mina Kuebler
Mother name note: 
Gender: Male
Death date: 
Name note: 
UDE batch number: C93486-2
Date range: 1870 - 1901
Record group: Germany-VR
Film number: 1189314
SOURCE - Collection: Germany Baptisms 1700-1900
3. Carl ERTEL, Methodist minister
lived in Germany & Ohio USA
b 3 April 1885 Germany
d 2 July 1952 OH (67)     stomach cancer

married Lillie Clara BERGER (15 Jan 1915)
b 22 Nov 1892 Sardis, Monroe Co OH
d 24 May 1968 (75) Piqua, Miami Co OH
    4 children
Carl was a Methodist minister. See Carl's family history.

They had 4 daughters:
1. Ruth (Naomi or Esther) ERTEL (b 26 Jun 1916 OH) never married
2. Dorothy (ERTEL) STEINBACH (b 2 Dec 1917 OH) was a nurse in WWII, where she met and married Don STEINBACH. She was a Methodist, and he a Roman Catholic.
3. Grace Alice (ERTEL) VENNEN (b 1923 MI)
4. Helen (ERTEL) JONES (b 1926 MI)

4. Frieda ERTEL
lived in Germany & Ohio USA
b 20 November 1886 GERMANY
d     cause

married Charles M. ZIMMERMAN
b 16 Aug 1881
    2? children
Frieda was born 20 November 1886. Frieda told her children that her family came to the United States when she was still two in 1889. She almost fell overboard into the Atlantic Ocean during the two week or longer voyage. A sailor grabbed her and saved her life. No one remembers which ship they came on.

There was about a 5 year gap between Frieda's November 1886 birth in Germany and Bertha's July 1891 birth in Ohio, USA.

On February 13 1905, Frieda ERTEL married Charles M. ZIMMERMAN, born August 16, 1881. He was 23 and she was 18. They had met in Dayton.
In 1906, their first child, and Ernst and Wilhelmina's first grandchild, Emma Edna Wilhelmina ZIMMERMAN, was born on her Grandma Wilhelmina's birthday, August 23, in Logansport, Indiana. By the time Frieda and Charles' second child, Charlotte, was born on July 22 1908, they had returned to Dayton. Emma was not well; the two year old contracted polio around 1908. John Ernest was born March 23 1910, and their last child, Dorothy, was born March 5 1913. The ZIMMERMANs lived at Pritz and Lorain Avenue (912 Lorain) in Dayton. Frieda is said to have made good turtle soup and apple pies.

5. Bertha ERTEL
lived in Ohio USA
b 3 Jul 1891 OH
d 5 Sep 1968 OH (77)

married Walter Louis DOENCH
b 16 Jan 1890
d 22 Nov 1971 (81)
Woodland Cemetery, Dayton OH
    1 son
Bertha ERTEL married Walter Louis DOENCH (in 1924).
    Walter was the son of Henry P (1862-1946) and Emma R. DOENCH (1863-1951).
They had one son: Walter Charles DOENCH b 25 May 1925 - d 6 May 2000 (74).
Walt married Deloris June (when? 1945?). Dee was born 9 Jan 1925 and died 27 Apr 2006.
Walt was a WWII Air Force veteran and an architech.

Walt died 5 days following a stroke, and was buried at Woodland Cemetery.

Their two children, Bertha's grandchildren, were:
1) Cynthia DOENCH PEREIRA Brentwood, CA
2) Dwight DOENCH married Judy & lived in Miamisburg, OH. They had no children together.
    Judy previously had 3 children: Lauren ISAACS, Jeff ERICSON, & Shelly ERICSON

1) Kirsten PEREIRA - teen in 2000

2) Melissa PEREIRA - teen in 2000

6. Herman ERTEL
lived in Ohio USA
b 15 June 1885
d 24 Aug 1960 FindAGrave     cause

married Elizabeth MISNER
b 22 Aug 1903
d 18 Sep 1987 FindAGrave

    2 children:
Elizabeth "Betty" Lois ERTEL ROSE
Harmon Lee ERTEL
Herman Mark ERTEL married Elizabeth MISNER

They had 2 children, Betty Lois and Harmon Lee ERTEL

Obituary for Elizabeth "Betty" Lois ERTEL ROSE ( 16 Aug 1927 - 14 December 2002)
Elizabeth ROSE, age 75 passed away Saturday, December 14, 2002 at her home. She was preceded in death by her son Mark [19 Aug 1953-2 Aug 2002], parents Herman and Elizabeth ERTEL, brother Harmon ERTEL. She is survived by
her daughter Susan PETERSON of Raymore, MO;
son James and wife Jeri ROSE of Cincinnati;
granddaughters Stephanie PETERSON and Teri WICKLINE;
grandson Josh PETERSON;
great grandson Justin WICKLINE;
and a host of other relatives and friends.
Funeral services will be 7:oopm Thursday at Newcomer-Farley Funeral Home 3940 Kettering Blvd. Family will recieve friends from 5-7:00 pm at the funeral home prior to service. Interment at Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery.

Obituary for Harmon Lee ERTEL (15 June 1937- 22 November 2002) from the Springfield News-Sun
HARMON L. ERTEL, 65, of South Vienna, passed away unexpectedly at 3:20 p.m. Friday, November 22, 2002 in Community Hospital. He was born June 15, 1937 in Dayton, Ohio the son of Herman and Elizabeth (Misner) Ertel.

Mr. Ertel enjoyed volunteering at the Clark County Heritage Center and was a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He was retired from IBM. He was also self employed by B and H Services and was employed by Alpha National in Dallas, Texas.

Survivors include his wife of 27 years, Barbara (Hester) Ertel; two children, Matt (Kim) Ertel, Woodstock, Ohio, Holli (Ty) Gomez, Urbana, and 4 step-children: Jamie (Jeff) Richmond, and Debbie Nole of Hilliard, Ohio, Bobbie (Louie) Stoll, Springfield, Roxanne Grimes, Bellefontaine; nine grandchildren, Shawna Richmond, Cortney and Shelbi Ertel, David and Brad Grimes, Bobby (Amy) Stoll, Randi Stoll, Christian and Braden Gomez; three great-grandchildren, Lucy Stoll, Brandi, and Thomas; one sister, Betty Lois Rose, Dayton, and numerous nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents.

Friends may call in the JONES-KENNEY-ZECHMAN FUNERAL HOME from 5 until 8 p.m. Monday. Funeral services will be held at 8 p.m. with Pastor Rick Clos officiating. Memorial contributions may be made to the Clark County Heritage Center.


7. Edward ERTEL
lived in Ohio USA
b 5 Oct 1897
d 26 Dec 1980 (83) Dayton OH
    colon cancer

married 1 Jun 1940
Frances M. GEORGE
b 13 Jan 1906 near Okeana (Butler Co) OH
d 12 Mar 1986 (80) OH
    liver cancer
    2 children

George and Rowena with Lisa's,
Erica's, & Tracy's families
, 2016
Edward George ERTEL married Frances M. GEORGE on 1 June, 1940.

They had two children: Nancy June (ERTEL) SWEEN (b 1943) and George Edward ERTEL (b 1946)

The picture to the right is of George, his wife Rowena, Nancy, Ed, and Francie ERTEL at the 50th George family reunion, August 13, 1967.

Eddie and Francie were both buried at Dayton Memorial Park, in Vandalia, Montgomery Co, OH in the 1980s. They had 4 granddaughters and no grandsons.

1) Victoria Sween (9 Jul 1971) - Facebook (m Rik McCLEARY)
2) Lisa Ertel (23 Dec 1974) (m Chris FLANDERS)
3) Tracy Ertel (2 Sep 1976) (m Mike ROBINSON)
4) Erica Ertel (16 Sep 1979) (m Charles delaVEGA)

1) Steven Michael McCLEARY (11 Jan 1989, Kansas City, KS)
    (m Toni Taylor) - Facebook
Caleb Michael McCLEARY (7 Oct 2013)
Conner Lee McCLEARY (1 Apr 2017)
2) Tyler Garrett ROBINSON (5 Jan 1998 AZ)

3) Bailey Scott delaVEGA (2 Apr 2000 AZ)
    19.5" - 5 lbs 11 oz - Scottsdale, AZ

4) Brielle Shaye delaVEGA (12 Nov 2001 AZ) - Facebook

5) Hannah Grace FLANDERS (12 Aug 2002 AZ)
    20" - 6lbs 3oz

6) Caleb FLANDERS (18 Mar 2004 AZ)

7) Lexi ROBINSON (6 Dec 2005 AZ)

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