The first tavern keeper in the East Village was a Mr. Butterfield.  He was followed by Capt. James Taggart, who kept a good house in the brick building which was long after known as the Ranney residence.  Before it was converted into a private residence, Chester Rand kept a hotel, then following Capt. Taggart who, after selling out to Rand, built the present hotel now kept by O.F. Coombs.  Taggart had just completed his new hotel when Daniel Webster spoke on the political issues of the day in 1840, on Stratton mountain, to the people of Vermont living both sides of the Green mountains. Webster stopped over night with Capt. Taggart on his way to Stratton.  This is the only hotel in the town to-day, and has been occupied by the following inn-keepers after Taggart; Abner Johnson, Allen, Taggart again, Thomas Evans, R.M. Flint, Holbrook and Burke, C.H. Willard and the present occupant, O.F. Coombs.

This entire chapter was transcribed by Cherryl Ball from:

Vermont Historical Gazetteer a local History of all the Towns in the State,
Civil, Educational, Biographical, Religious and Military.
Vol. V.
The Towns of Windham County.

Collated by Abby Maria Hemenway.
Published by Mrs. Carrie E. H. Page, Brandon, VT. 1891.