1778-79, 1807 Samuel Fletcher; 1780, Silas Hayward; 1781, 1785-90, Dr. Joshua Wood; 1782, no choice; 1783-84, Joseph Tyler; 1791, 1794-95, Dr. John Hazelton; 1792-93-96-1803, *Ephraim Wheelock; 1804-06, 1809-11, John Dyer; 1808-12-13, Ezekiel Ransom; 1814-15, Amri Doolittle, jr.; 1816-17-21, Munnis Kenney; 1818, 20, 22, 24, Peter R. Taft; 1819-23, Dana Bailey; 1825, Luke S. Rand; 1826-27, Epaphroditus Ransom; 1828-30, William R. Shafter; 1831, John P. Marsh; 1832, no choice; 1833, Waitstill R. Ranney; 1834-36, Chapin Howard; 1837-39, John H. Brigham; 1840, Samuel F. Thompson; 1841-42, James McShafter; 1843, Nathan Fisher; 1844-45, Henry L. Aiken; 1846-47, Aurelius C. Howard; 1846-49, 1867, James H. Phelps; 1850, William H. Jay; 1851, 53, 1861 Francis D. Sawyer; 1854, Rev. Horace Fletcher; 1855-56, Esek Atwood; 1852, 59, 78-79, Oscar R. Garfield; 1859-60, Abishai Stoddard; 1862, Jonas Twitchell; 1863-64, Ormando S. Howard; 1865-69, John H. Converse; 1868-69, Henry Salisbury; 1870-71, 82-83, Philip H. Rutter; 1872-73, Masenna F. Ballou; 1874-75, John S. Fullerton; 1876-77, Rev. Franklin W. Omsted; 1880-81, Joseph B. Ware; 1882-83, Oscar R. Garfield; 1884-85, Philip H. Rutter; 1886-87, Henry Underwood; 1888-89, Choate Howard; 1890-91, E. L. Hastings.

      The first post-office established in town was in West Townshend, March 23, 1811, and the first post-master was made under Madison and Chas. Phelps, who retained the office for a long period.  The only office in town remained here until Dec. 25, 1820, when it was removed to the East Village, which is nearer the centre of the town.  Amos Doolittle was appointed by Munroe, the first post-master in the new office.  The mail was for a long time carried on horseback.  In 1824, a gig was first used and trips were made weekly.  In 1828, the first coach was used upon the road.  In about 1844, service was increased to daily trips each way and thus continued until carried by rail car, Dec. 20, 1880.  The following persons were post-masters after Amos Doolittle, with date of their appointment:

      O. Doolittle, Dec. 18, 1824: John P. Marsh, May 21, 1825: Epaphroditus Ransom, Sept. 14, 1831: Ezekiel Ransom, Sept. 23, 1834: John Roberts, April 11, 1835: Oscar F. Butterfield, April 5, 1832: Nathaniel Cheney, Nov. 21, 1861: Henry Salisbury, Sept. 20, 1869: Ann C. Howard, Aug. 14, 1885.

      It is my will, and I hereby direct, that the sum of ten thousand dollars be set apart and given to the town of Townshend, in the County of Windham and State of Vermont, the interest of said ten thousand dollars to be applied in providing for and comfortably supporting the poor of said town of Townshend, so long as my lineal descendants shall not require the same for their support and maintenance.  At a meeting duly held on the 19th of Dec. 1881, three trustees, Horace C. Howard, Ormando S. Howard and James H. Phelps were chosen to receive, manager and have the control of the bequest.