The First Baptist Church was formed on the 20th day of September, 1810, and existed until near the close of 1840.  The meeting-house was built in 1817.  The acting pastors of the church and society are as follows:  Samuel Kingsbury, from ordination in 1808, to 1817; Benjamin I. Lane, fall of 1817, to 1819; ----- Lathrop, Jan. 1820, to June 1821; George Robbinson, Dec. 1821 to Dec. 1824; Joseph M. Graves, Jan. 1825, to Jan. 1829; Simeon Chamberlain, Mar. 1831, to Mar. 1834; Hiram A. Graves, spring and summer of 1835; Nathan Ames, 1836; Charles Farrar, spring of 1837, to spring of 1838.


      At the time of the organization of this body a Baptist church had enlisted for 17 years at the West Village.  It reported to the Woodstock association 103 members, with Rev. J. W. Graves, pastor.  Samuel Gray worked as clerk for forty years.

      On the first Sabbath of January, 1828, it was voted to employ Rev. J. M. Graves one-third of the time.  Voted to secure the services of Elder Kinsbury.  The nex year Rev. Simeon Chamberlain supplied one-half the time.

      The next three years are memorable as the transition period of the church.  In 1832, Rev. R. M. Ely received a call to be pastor, and moved his family into the community.  He was the first pastor of the church, and the first minister to transfer his membership to the church and supply its pulpit.  In 1838 Mr. Ely resigned and removed to Chester. Rev. W. D. Upham supplied the church during his vacation, and in December following became its pastor.  His pastorate extended through four years and was marked by a continuous revival.  In 1844, Horace Fletcher was ordained.  Mr. Fletcher had graduated at Dartmouth College at the age of 21, the first scholar in his class,  Five years he then spent in teaching and the study of law; was admitted to the bar and had spent 15 years in his practice. Rev. Horace Fletcher grew in intellectual and spiritual strength.  Then honorary title of D. D., conferred upon him from Hamilton Theological Seminar was justly earned.  After an uninterrupted pastorate of nearly 28 years, he died Nov. 1871.

      Rev. R. R. Printice became pastor May 1, 1872.  In 1875, Rev. C. P. Frenyear was called to the pastorate.  He died may 10, 1876.  Rev. T. M. butler settled 1870; dismissed October 29, 1882.  Rev. R. S. Mitchel settled June 30, 1883; dismissed July 9, 1887.  Rev. W. D. Athearn settled Oct. 1, 1888; present pastor, 1891.