The merchants in Townshend, so far back as any record can be found, are a Mr. Harris, a Mr. Evans, Doolittle and Ripley, John P. Marsh, Joe Belknap.  When Townshend or Townshend proper was started, these outside stores began to stop business, and all business began to be done at the centre.  Shafter & Wilson.  E. Lathan.  A. Birchard.  Eseck Atwood, N. Cheney, George Lewis Joy. S. F. Thompson, Mr. Converse, S. D. Winslow, W. S. Holland. Abner Johnson. Henry Weatherbee. Starky & Howard. A. Elliott Howard. Howard & Salisbury. Winslow & Goodhue.  Frank Thompson. Dunton & Ballou.  L. I . Winslow & E. J. Knapp, L. O. Thayer.  W. E. Corse.

      The different tinmen in town were Wiley & Britnal.  Britnal & Bellamy. Bellamy & Austin.  Austin & Wilson. Wilson & Wiswell.  F. B. Ober.  O. F. Woods, Charles Clark & Son.  Higgins and Kenyon.