The town paid to this State a bounty of $400.85 for a recruit from the Southern States: also to Mrs. Hutchins $100, being bounty due O. S. Hutchins, a three-years man, who died in hospital before leaving the State for the seat of war.

No. nine-months men furnished 25
No. one-year men 13
No. three-years men 59
Results of draft  9
No. substitutes 14

Total  120

Bounty, paid nine-months men   $1,875.00
Bounty paid one-year men   $5,177.00
Bounty paid three-years men   $9,000.85
Commutations paid   $2,400.00
Paid substitutes   $11,300.00
Paid services and expenses of agents to procure men  $1,060.86

Total $31,013.71