We have the following statement dictated to us by Lucius T. Wheelock, in 1869:  Early in the spring of 1813, I was engaged in recruiting men for the United States army, and enlisted myself during May of that year, receiving the appointment of sergeant.  My commission as ensign is dated in the fall of 1813, and I was second lieutenant when discharged in September, 1815, after war closed.  I belonged to the 31st regiment of infantry, commanded by Col. Dana.  Of the fights in which I participated, the more important were those at Chateaugay, the Stone Mill, and the battle of Plattsburgh.  I remember that Stephen Barnard, Thomas Lowe, Benjamin Shattuck, John Shattuck, Thomas Holbrook, and Thomas Parkhurst enlisted from this town and served in the last war with Great Britain. John Shattuck and Lowe were wounded. Lowe belonged to the 11th regiment of infantry and received a pension during life for wounds received in battle at Lundy’s Lane.