Formed March 7, 1922.
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   Winooski, city in Chittenden County. The only city in VT with an Indian-inspired name, the combination of French and Indian tongues has resulted in historical spellings like "Ouinouski" or "Ouinousqui." The name, meaning Onion River, inspired Ethan and Ira Allen's Onion River Co. (Doran, 1995, BFP, March 21:4B).
      Until 1912, Winooski was a village in township of Colchester.  Before 1912 all records civil records were kept by the Colchester Town Clerk, and all census records were included with those of Colchester Town.  In 1922, Winooski was chartered as a City, independant of Colchester.  Records after that date are held by the Winooski City Clerk.

      The name comes from the Abenaki for "wild onions", plentiful along the river. The earliest European documentation offering a written approximation of the native word are French-made maps, which identify the river as "Ouinousqui". [Virtual Vermont]

      Winooski is located at the mouth of the Winooski (Onion) River, slightly northeast of Burlington, Vermont's largest city.



The town clerk maintains birth, death and marriage vital statistics and many other records of value in researching your ancestors. You can contact the Clerk's office at:

Winooski Vital Records Office
Winooski Town Clerk
27 West Allen Street
Winooski, VT 05404
(802) 655-6419
M-F 8-5

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