Fred Rockwell JONES was born 23 December 1864 to Alverton Jason JONES [b 19 June 1830] and Ellen Clarissa GRISWOLD [b 2 August 1833].  Fredís parents Alverton and Ellen JONES were married in Cornwall, VT on 5 March 1855.  Fred Rockwell JONES married Anna MILLER 15 September 1890.  He had 2 brothers. 

One brother was Alverton Griswold JONES, who was born 6 June 1859 in Shoreham, VT and died 31 December 1950 in Sudbury, VT.  He married Ada SHATTUCK on 24 December 1833. 

Another brother, Clayton Wilber JONES, was born 20 November 1866 in Shoreham, VT.  He married first Flora Eva FROST on 5 March 1890.  They had a daughter, Stella Louise JONES, who was born on 17 September 1894 in Sudbury,VT.  They also had another child who was born on 29 March 1904, and died on the day he was born. 

Clayton Wilber JONES then married Katherine Matilda GRISWOLD on 30 December 1914 in Sudbury, VT.  From of that union, my mother Pollyanna JONES was born on 21 October 1916. 

Our family has no idea where Fred Rockwell JONES went to, or if he had a family.  The two  brothers, Alverton and Clayton JONES gave him some money to Vamoose and he was never heard from again.  We would love information on this elusive ancestor. 

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