The Passamaquoddy Tribe Of Maine 
Native American Tribes of Maine 
 Native Languages of the Americas:
 Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704
 The Passamaquoddy  
 Map of the Traditional Ancestral Homeland Territory of the Passamaquoddy   
 Passamaquoddy Indian Fact Sheet 
 U. S. Federal Indian policy: Passamaquoddy
 Passamaquoddy Literature 
 The Passamaquoddy Tribe 
 Passamaquoddy Facts 
 Washington County Maine Indians
 Native Americans - Passamaquoddy 
 They who first walked this land we call ours;
 The Native American. 
 Marilee's Native Americans Resource 
 Native Tech ~ focusing on the arts of Eastern
 Woodland Indian Peoples 
 Passamaquoddy Girl - a poem by Mary Ellen

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