Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6.  Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Adair Jennie, (Wallingford,) milliner, h Church.

*ADAIR JOHN R., (Wallingford,) marble dealer, Wallingford Monumental Works, near the depot, h Church.

Adair Mattie Miss, (Wallingford,) dress maker, h Church.

Adair Robt. Mrs., (Wallingford,) nurse, h Church.

ADAMS ALBERT Q., (Wallingford,) manuf. of snow shovels, Main, h Central.

Adams Daniel, (Wallingford,) r 23, resident, 1 1/2 acres.

Ainsworth Joel W., (Wallingford,) resident, owns farm 500 acres occupied by Jerome Brown, Robt. Bromley and Lorenzo Dawson, h Main.

AINSWORTH LUTHER. (Wallingford,) r 8, allo. physician and surgeon, all chronic difficulties treated successfully, especially cancers and tumors, use Indian medicines, carpenter and farmer 9.

Aldrich Barney W., (East Wallingford,) (E. H. S B. W.,) bds River.

Aldrich Bradford B., (East Wallingford,) laborer, bds Todd's Hotel.

*ALDRICH E. H. & B. W., (East Wallingford,) grist and sawmill, manufs. of chair stock, planing mill &c.

Aldrich Effie A., (East Wallingford,) (A. & Miller.)

Aldrich Henry, (East Wallingford,) r 37, farmer, leases 15.

ALDRICH ISAAC W., (South Wallingford,) r 26, carpenter and farmer 80.

ALDRICH JOHN M., (WAllingford,) r 26, breeder of Rysdick Hambletonian horses, stone mason and farmer 80.

Aldrich & Miller, (East Wallingford,) (Effie A. Aldrich and Helen M. Miller,) milliners and dress makers, Main cor High.

Allen C. O., (Wallingford,) works at fork factory, h Factory st.

Allen Elisha R, (East Wallingford,) mechanic and insurance agent, h cor School and Main.

Allen James C. M., (East Wallingford,) r 16, carpenter and farmer 3 acres.

Allen Leverett, (Wallingford,) r 26, farmer 30.

AMES ABRAM R., (South Wallingford,) r 46, prop Pearl Cheese Factory and farmer 38 3/4.

AMES FLORA, (South Wallingford,) r 46, farmer 37 1/2.

Ames John R., (South Wallingford,) r 26, dairyman 14 cows, and farmer 200.

AMES MERCY MRS., (South Wallingford,) r 46, widow of Lathrop, farmer 75.

ANDERSON FAYETTE S., (E. Wallingford,) farmer with Nathaniel.

ANDERSON HENRY M., (Wallingford,) farmer 150, h Mill.

Anderson Marshall, (East Wallingford,) r 36, (N. & M. Anderson,) dairy 15 cows, and farmer 100.

Anderson N. & M., (East Wallingford,) r 36, (Nathaniel and Marshall,) cheese manufacturers, props Anderson Cheese Factory, and farmers.

ANDERSON NATHANIEL, (East Wallingford,) (N. & M. A.,) dairy 25 cows, and farmer 250.

ARCHIBALD S. HENRY Rev., (Wallingford,) Baptist clergyman, parsonage Main.

AVERY JOHN, (Wallingford,) physician and surgeon, Church, h do.


Baird Ruel E., (Wallingford,) r 3, carpenter and farmer 17.

BALLOU HENRY D., (Wallingford,) r 3, dairy 10 cows and farmer 90.

Ballou John, (Wallingford,) mechanic, h Church.

Ballou John D., (Wallingford,) mechanic, h Church.

Ballou Olivia, (Wallingford,) r 2, owns farm 103.

BALLOU WILLIAM S., (Wallingford,) insurance agent, and owns farm 127, leased by James Eddy.

Barber Heman R., (Wallingford,) works in sash, door and blind factory for M. V. Edgerton, h Central.

Bartholomew Andrew J., (Wallingford,) dairy 40 cows, milk peddler and farmer, leases of W. W. Kelley 170.

BATCHELLER GEO. L., (Wallingford,) (Batcheller & Sons,) (Crapo, Batcheller & Co.)

Batcheller John C., (Wallingford,) (Batcheller & Sons,) h Main.

Batcheller Justin, (Wallingford,) (Batcheller & Sons,) h Main.

Batcheller & Sons, (Wallingford,) (John C., Geo. L. and Justin Batcheller, and John Scribner,) manufacturers of agricultural forks, Mill. 

Belmore Alex., (East Wallingford,) r 38 1/2, chopper and farmer 12 1/2. 

Bolster Alfred W., (East Wallingford,) teamster, h River. Bowen Wm., (East Wallingford,) r 33, blacksmith. 

Brainerd Chas. N. Rev., (Wallingford,) pastor Congregational Church, h Main. 

Breman James, (Wallingford,) laborer, h Central. 

Briggs Rodolphus, (East Wallingford,) r 73, farmer. 

Britton Horace F., (South Wallingford,) r 25, carpenter and apiarian, 33 swarms. 

Bromley Robert, (South Wallingford,) r 25, farmer, leases of Joel Ainsworth. 

Brown Chas., (Wallingford,) works at fork factory, h Central. 

Brown Clinton, (East Wallingford,) r 19, farmer. 

Brown Jerome A., (Wallingford,) r 5, farmer, leases of Calvin M. Townsend 775, and of Joel Ainsworth 750. 

Bruce Calvin, (South Wallingford,) r 44, Asa M. Bruce estate. 

Bryant John F., (East Wallingford,) general merchant, cor School and Main, h do. 

Bucklin Daniel E., (East Wallingford,) r 57. 

Bucklin Fuller, (East Wallingford,) retired judge, h River. 

Bucklin Mary Mrs., (East Wallingford:) h High. 

Buffum Cyrus, (South Wallingford,) r 25, resident. 

Bullis Stephen A., (South Wallingford,) r 25, dairy 14 cows and farmer 100. 

Bullock C., (Wallingford,) r 22, stone mason, sawyer and farmer. 

Bullock Randolph, (Wallingford,) r 26. 

Bully George, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer 100. 

BUTTON HARVEY HON., (Wallingford,) attorney-at-law, Main. 


Calahan Robert, (South Wallingford,) r 25, h and lot, 12 acres. 

Carpenter Orange, (South Wallingford,) r 39, farmer 105. 

Caryl Lois I., (East Wallingford,) widow of Aram, r 12, h and 1 acre. 

CASE HARRISON, (Wallingford,) r 22, homeopathic physician and farmer. 

Chamberlin John F. (Wallingford,) blacksmith. 

Charbonneau Moses, (Wallingford,) shoemaker, Factory. 

Childs Charles D., (Wallingford,) r 21, dairy 40 cows, farmer 250 and mountain lot 250. 

Chilson Anson, (East Wallingford,) r 34, farmer 12. 

Chilson Edwin J., (East Wallingford.) (Gleason & Co.,) cheese manuf. and farmer 200. 

Chilson Elizabeth, (East Wallingford,) r 34, resident, owns 8 acres. 

CLAGHORN CHARLES A., (Wallingford,) merchant and liveryman, Main. 

Claghorn Elvira, (Wallingford,) resident, Main. 

Clark George, (Wallingford,) works at Batcheller's fork factory, h Central. 

CLARK PHILANDER G., (Wallingford,) retired farmer, owns 740, h Main. 

Clark William, (Wallingford,) blacksmith, Factory. 

CLARK WILLIAM P., (Wallingford,) r 22, breeder of Cotswold and Shropshiredown sheep, dairy 73 cows and farmer 125. 

Clemons George E., (Wallingford,) r 6, farmer, with Rachel. 

CLEMONS HENRY J., (Wallingford,) r 6, farmer. 

Clemons Rachel S., (Wallingford,) r 6, farmer 115, and occupies 50 acres owned by Sarah Crary and Abbie Clemons. 

Cobb Lewis, (Wallingford,) resident, h Central. Cole George, (South Wallingford,) r 46, farmer.

Cole Oscar B., (East Wallingford,) carpenter, h School.

Cole Simon, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer 100.

Coleman William, (Wallingford,) r 21, laborer at Batcheller's fork factory and farmer 40

Coles Henry C., (Wallingford,) carpenter, joiner and wheelwright, h Central.

Congdon Betsey, (East Wallingford,) widow of Lansford, r 27, 166 acres.

Congdon Charles L., (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer, with Betsey.

CONGDON CHARLES H., (Wallingford,) lawyer, surveyor and civil engineer, owns farm 365, in Danby 988, and in Mt. Tabor 560, h Main.

Congdon Harvey D., (Wallingford,) constable, h Depot.

Congdon I. John, (Wallingford,) r 8, farmer 4.

Congdon James H., (East Wallingford,) r 28, farmer 140.

Congdon Philip P., (Wallingford,) r 3, laborer at Miller's ox bow factory.

Congdon William H., (East Wallingford,) carpenter, and dealer in country produce, justice of peace, h Main.

Connolly Elizabeth, (Wallingford,) with Mary, dressmaker and tailoress, Mill.

Connolly James, (Wallingford,) resident, Mill.

CONNOLLY JAMES, JR., (Wallingford,) town auditor, hammersman at Batcheller's fork factory, h Mill.

Connolly Mary, (Wallingford,) with Elizabeth, dressmaker and tailoress, Mill.

Connolly Thomas, (Wallingford,) works at Batcheller's fork factory, Mill.

CONVERSE JEROME, (East Wallingford,) general merchandise and postmaster, Main.

Cook Nathaniel, (South Wallingford,) r 26, laborer.

COOK NICHOLAS, (South Wallingford,) town representative, butcher, h and lot 3/4 acre.

Cook Rodolphus S., (South Wallingford,) butcher.

Cook Zachary T., (Wallingford,) r 22, carpenter and farmer 7.

Crapo Benj. E., (Wallingford,) (Crapo, Batcheller & Co.,) owns farm in Texas 175 acres, h Main.

Crapo, Batcheller & Co., (Wallingford,) (Benj. E. C., Geo. L. B., and Calvin M. Townsend,) general merchants, Main.

Crary Edwin M., (Wallingford,) r 2, farmer 85.

CRARY FRANK S., (Wallingford,) r 25, dairyman 25 cows, farmer works on shares 140, Israel Munson. 

Crary Geo., (Wallingford,) r 2, farmer leases of Olivia Ballou, 103.

Cummings Geo., (South Wallingford,) r 26, farmer, leases of Rollin Stafford, 100.


Dawson Holland, (East Wallingford,) r 12, farmer 100. 

Dawson Jonah, (East Wallingford,) r 12, farmer 7. 

Dawson Lorenzo, (East Wallingford,) r 30, farmer. 

Debo Chas., (East Wallingford,) r 38 1/2, chopper. 

Dewgaw Moses, (Wallingford,) shoemaker, h Central. 

DICKERMAN E. F., (East Wallingford,) telegraph operator and agent C. V. Railroad, Rutland division, h School. 

DICKERMAN MERRITT H., (East Wallingford,) deputy sheriff and collector of town taxes, h School. 

Dodge Harmon 0., (Cuttingsville,) r 14, farmer 100. 

Dodge Oliver, (Cuttingsville,) r 14, farmer 200. 

DOLAN JAMES E., (Wallingford,) tonsorial artist, ladies' and children's hair cutting a specialty. 

Doty Adam, (South Wallingford,) r 40, old resident, owns 2 acres. 

Doty Elihu, (South Wallingford,) r 42, carpenter.

DOTY JOSEPH, (South Wallingford,) r 44, justice of peace and farmer 140.

Duffy Peter, (Wallingford,) h River.

Dutcher Lyman L., (Wallingford,) stone mason, h Main.


Earle Geo. W., (South Wallingford,) r 25, farmer 100.

EARLE JOHN HORACE, (Wallingford,) resident, h Main.

EDDY ETHELBERT O., (Wallingford,) allo. physician, dentist, watch maker, jeweler, and photographer, Main.

Eddy Helen Mrs., (Wallingford,) resident, h Depot.

Eddy James, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer 100.

Eddy Oscar M., (South Wallingford,) r 25, carpenter and farmer 150.

Eddy Ozro, (South Wallingford,) r 25, painter.

Eddy Sylvester, (East Wallingford,) teamster, h Main.

Eddy Wm., (Wallingford,) railroad track hand, h Johnson's lane.

Edgerton Ada L., (Wallingford,) milliner, Main.

Edgerton Allen H., (Wallingford,) r 24, cider manuf. and farmer 103.

Edgerton Clark M., (Wallingford,) carpenter, h Main.

EDGERTON ELCIA, (Wallingford,) r 24, widow of Zeley, farmer 18.

EDGERTON FRANK P., (South Wallingford,) carpenter and joiner, carriage maker, owns cider mill.

EDGERTON GEO. H., (Wallingford,) druggist, Main.

Edgerton Harley, (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer 75.

EDGERTON JOSEPH E., (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer 170.

Edgerton Lucinda E., (South Wallingford,) widow of Allen, r 24, farmer 150.

EDGERTON MARTIN V., (Wallingford,) carpenter and joiner, bds with Mrs. Harrington, Main.

EDGERTON MARVIN F., (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer 40, works for Lucinda 145.

Edgerton William C., (South Wallingford,) r 25, farmer 38.

Edmunds Daniel, (South Wallingford,) r 24, lives with Ira.

Edmunds Ira, (South Wallingford,) r 24, stock grower and farmer 475.

Edmunds Lewis. (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer 40.

Elmer Henry, (Wallingford,) r 26, farmer 8.

Ely Edward P., (South Wallingford,) r 25, prop. Pioneer Pulp Mill, 3 acres.

Ely Florence E., (South Wallingford,) r 25, music teacher.

EMERY JOHN S., (Wallingford,) r 2, nurseryman, breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 20 cows, farmer 175.

Ensign Harsha, (Wallingford,) r 24, farmer, leases 160.


Farnsworth Ebin, (East Wallingford,) wood sawing machine, cor High and Main.

FARR CHARLES, (East Wallingford,) .r 16, carpenter and joiner, lives with William E. Farr.

Farr William E., (Wallingford,) r 16, farmer 3 acres.

Fassett Nathan C., (Wallingford,) nurse, h Chruch.

Ferry Elsie, (Wallingford,) r 24, widow of Barney, farmer 50. 

Ferry Jane E., (Wallingford,) r 24, teacher. 

Fifield Hiram, (East Wallingford,) mechanic, h Main. 

Fisk Cyrus S., (East Wallingford,) r 17, farm laborer. 

Flanders Gamaniel, (East Wallingford,) r 27, stone mason and farmer 36. 

French Loomis, (East Wallingford,) r 19, farmer 120. 

FULLER ELWIN A., (South Wallingford,) postmaster, R. R. station and express agent, and dealer in general merchandise.

Fuller Ira, (South Wallingford,) r 43, dairyman and farmer 140.

Fuller Isaac R., (East Wallingford,) r 31, town grand juror and farmer 100.


Ganey John, (Wallingford,) r 21, farmer 19.

GATES JACOB W., (East Wallingford,) r 18, dealer in real estate and farmer 2,400.

Gates Laben, (East Wallingford,) manuf. of harness blacking, h High.

GATES SCHUYLER G., (East Wallingford,) r 12, claim agent, notary public and farmer 100.

Generen Abraham, (Wallingford,) r 1, laborer, 1 1/3 acres.

Gleason & Chilson, (East Wallingford,) (Henry C. Gleason, of Shrewsbury, and Edwin J. Chilson,) cheese manufacturers.

Gorton Delmer E., (South Wallingford,) r 44, farmer 55.

Green Smith, (Wallingford,) r 231, farmer 147.

GREENE EDWIN, (East Wallingford,) (Greene & Spooner,) h Main.

*GREENE & SPOONER, (East Walling ford.) (Edwin G. and Geo. A. S.,) manufs. of wagons, carriages, sleighs, &c., also blacksmiths, River.

Griffin Nelson C., (Wallingford,) carpenter and joiner.

GROVER VINCENT, (Wallingford,) drug clerk, School st.


Hagar Charles W., (East Wallingford,) r 11, farmer.

Hager Charles M., (Wallingford,) r 10, farmer 150.

Hager Orrin, (Wallingford,.) laborer, h Main.

Hall Cornelius, (South Wallingford,) laborer at pulp mill.

Hall George H., (East Wallingford,) r 37, farmer, leases of Win. L. Bucklin, of Shrewsbury, 125.

Harris Alfred M., (Wallingford,) painter.

HARRIS HOWARD, (Wallingford,) retired merchant 82 years of age, h Main.

Hart E. W., (East Wallingford,) r 34, mill hand and farmer 10.

HART LEVI, (Wallingford,) r 21, dairy 10 cows, and works farm for Israel Munson 160.

Hart Mary Mrs., (Wallingford,) h Central.

Hart Philander, (East Wallingford,) r 29, laborer.

Hart Willard S., (East Wallingford,) blacksmith.

Hart Willis, (East Wallingford,) off r 38 1/2, farmer, leases 25.

Hawkins Henry P., (East Wallingford,) lawyer, bds at Todd's Hotel.

Hawkins Mart. E., (East Wallingford,) off r 11, agent Champion Mower, Weed Sewing Machine and Munson's Rake, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200.

Hazen Stephen D., (East Wallingford,) eclectic physician and surgeon, and dealer in produce.

Healy Edward, (Wallingford,) r 26, works at Huntoon's tannery and farmer 100.

Healy Thomas, (Wallingford,) r 20, farmer 77

Hebberd Frances, (Wallingford,) millinery, Mill.

Hemmingway Solomon, (East Wallingford,) r 38, farmer 110, and of mountain 500.

Herrington Abram I., (Wallingford,) teamster and farmer, leases of estate of Dr. Wm. Fox 40, h Main.

Higgins Calvin L., (Wallingford,) hammersman at Batcheller's fork factory, h Franklin.

Higgins Frank H., (Wallingford,) ass't telegraph operator American Union, bds with Calvin L.

Hill Arnold, (Wallingford,) resident, owns farm 20, h Central.

Hilliard Jerome B., (Wallingford,) carriage manufacturer, Mill lane, h cor Main and Mill lane.

Hoadley Frank H., (Wallingford,) justice of peace, wagon maker and blacksmith, Central, h do.

Hodgkins Wm., (Wallingford,) carpenter, h River.

Holden Jesse H., (South Wallingford,) r 40, farmer, leases of Geo. Holden, of Troy, N. Y., 150.

Holden Luther, (South Wallingford,) r 26, old resident, 97 years old, lived in town since 1812.

Holmes Anna D., (East Wallingford ,) r 12, farmer 2.

Hopkins Charity, (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer.

Hopkins George, (Wallingford,) farmer.

Hopkins Sarah, (South Wallingford,) r 24, widow of Wm., farmer.

Horton Thomas, (East Wallingford,) r 35, laborer, 1/2 acre.

Howard Chas., (Wallingford,) butcher for Wm. D. Hulett, Main.

Howe Thomas, (Wallingford,) r 1, farmer.

Howley Cornelius V., (Wallingford,) works at Batchellers' fork factory, h River.

Hudson Geo. F., (Wallingford,) r 1 1/2, farmer with Nathan.

Hudson John C., (Wallingford,) manuf cheese boxes.

Hudson Nathan, (Wallingford,) r 1 1/2, farmer 60.

Hulett Asahel L., (South Wallingford,) r 25, farmer 140.

Hulett Ephraim G., (Wallingford,) owns farm 250, and in Hinesburg 340.

HULETT WM. D., (Wallingford,) general merchandise, meat market, town treasurer, owns Wallingford House, Main cor Central.

HULL REBECCA, (Wallingford,) widow of Alfred, h Main.

Huntington Henry E., (Wallingford,) r 25, farmer, leases of Frank Miller.

Huntoon S Son, (Cuttingsville,) r 14, (James and William H., of Shrewsbury,) tannery, own farm 35. 


JACKSON ALFRED H., (East Wallingford,) shoemaker and manuf of Jackson's rubber and leather cement, School.

Jacobs J. R. Jr., (Wallingford,) laborer, h River.

Jacobs Jesse, (Wallingford,) laborer, h River.

Jerry Joseph, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer, leases of Joseph Randall.

Jewell Martin, (Wallingford,) works in Batcheller's fork factory.

Johnson Frank W., (Wallingford,) grist and cider mill, h Johnson's lane.

Johnson Gilbert E., (East Wallingford,) r 34, (A. W. Graves & Co. of Mt. Holly,) justice of peace, selectman, dairy 25 cows, farmer 175.

JOHNSON HENRY, (Wallingford,) harness maker, Main, h High cor Church.

Johnson Hilon, (East Wallingford,) r 31, selectman, town overseer of poor and farmer 170.

Johnson Mary, (East Wallingford,) widow of Wm. W., farmer 22.

Johnson Norman W., (Wallingford,) h High, farmer 1.

Johnson Sylvia, (East Wallingford,) widow of Emery, r 19, farmer 40.

Johnson Wm., (Wallingford,) works at fork factory, h Factory.


Kelley Myron B., (South Wallingford,) r 42, wood, lumber and farmer 100.

Kelley Wm. W., (Wallingford,) r 22, farmer 170, and at South Wallingford, marble quarry and mill, grist and saw mill.

KELLOGG IRA P. Rev., (East Wallingford,) pastor of East Wallingford Baptist Church, also architect, h School.

Kent Austin, (East Wallingford,) r 37, owns farm 150, worked by Elroy Kent.

KENT ELIAS W., (Wallingford,) farmer 171, h Main.

Kent Elroy C., (East Wallingford,) r 37, farmer, works 150 acres owned by Austin Kent.

Kettey Elias, (Wallingford,) resident, h Main.


Law Harrison, (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer, leases of Stephen and Hannah Sherman, 176.

Law Henry, (South Wallingford,) r 44, laborer,  3/4 acre.

Law John, (Wallingford,) laborer.

Learned Hiram, (Wallingford,) r 22, farmer.

Levan Jerry, (East Wallingford,) r 38 1/2, chopper and farmer.

Lippitt Sarah Mrs., (South Wallingford,) r 42, resident and farmer 70.

Livingston Seth H., (East Wallingford,) teacher, h High.

Livingstone Olivia Mrs., (Wallingford,) resident, Main.


MAGANNIS JAMES P., (Wallingford,) blacksmith at Batcheller's fork factory.

Mahan John, (East Wallingford,) r 37, farmer 150.

Mahar Daniel, (Wallingford,) railroad section boss, h River.

Mahar John, (Wallingford,) r 10, farmer with Michael.

Mahar Michael, (Wallingford,) r 10, farmer 200.

Mahon Andrew, (East Wallingford,) r 17, peddler and farmer 54.

Mahon James, (Cuttingsville,) r 14, works at Huntoon & Son's tannery.

Maloney Daniel, (Wallingford,) r 10, farmer 150.

Maloney Patrick, (East Wallingford,) off r 13, farmer.

Mandigo Heman, (Wallingford,) works in fork factory, h River.

Marsh Burt G., (Wallingford,) r 1 1/2, farmer, son of Robert A.

MARSH ROBERT A., (Wallingford,) r 1 1/2, breeder of Rysdick and other fine horses, dairy 30 cows and farmer 200.

Marsh Warren, (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer 100.

Marsh William G., (Wallingford,) r 1, farmer 200.

Marshall Eustis , (Wallingford ,) laborer, h Central.

MARTINDALE EDWIN (Wallingford,) retired merchant, Main, h do.

Martindale Mary Mrs., (Wallingford,) boardinghouse, Main.

Mason William C., (Wallingford,) bookkeeper for Batcheller & Sons, h Central.

Mattison Andrew, (Wallingford,) works at Batcheller's fork factory, h cor Mill and Factory.

MATTISON B. M., (Wallingford,) hammersman at fork factory. Since 1856, has probably drawn more forks than any other man in the United States, h River.

MATTISON FRANK D., (Wallingford,) hammersman at Batcheller's fork factory, h River.

MAXHAM DORSEY W., (South Wallingford,) r 26, notary public and farmer 170.

Maxham Robert, (South Wallingford,) r 26, farmer.

McConachie John, (Wallingford,) blacksmith at Batcheller's fork factory.

McConnell Margaret, (Wallingford,) r 8, tailoress, owns 2 acres.

McGUINNESS JAMES, (Wallingford,) hammersman at Batcheller's fork factory, h Johnson's lane.

McGuirk Matthew, (Wallingford ,) r 5, farmer 160.

McInlear Patrick, (Wallingford,) r 2, farmer 80. Died in 1881.

McKNIGHT ORVIS, (East Wallingford,) carpenter and joiner, h School.

Meachurn David, (Wallingford,) physician, Main. 

Meashoe Joseph, (Wallingford,) laborer, fork factory. 

Mehan John, (East Wallingford,) off r 10, with Michael, farmer. 

Mehan Michael, (East Wallingford,) off r 10, with John, farmer. 

Miller Frank, (Wallingford,) farmer 60, h Depot. 

Miller Helen M., (East Wallingford,) (Aldrich & M.) 

Miller Henry S., (Wallingford,) resident, h Main. 

Miller Huldah Mrs., (Wallingford,) r. 22, resident, leases of David Nicholson, of Rutland. 

MILLER JOHN D., (Wallingford,) manuf. of ox-bows and horse pokes, cor Maple and River, h Main. 

Mooney James, (Wallingford,) r 23, farmer 75.

Moores William, (Wallingford,) r 8, farmer 30.

Morgan Haxlie P., (Wallingford,) station agent, telegraph operator and dealer in coal, Depot and Mill.

MUNSON ISAAC, (Wallingford,) r 25, with Israel, farmer.

MUNSON ISRAEL, (Wallingford,) r 25, money loaning, wool grower, dairyman 35 cows, farmer 360 and mountain 150.

MUNSON KIRK, (Wallingford,) r 25, with Israel, farmer.


Newton Charles, (South Wallingford,) r 25, basket maker.

Nichols Charles N., (South Wallingford,) blacksmith.

Nicholson Arnold H., (W allingford,) resident, h Main.

Nicholson Arnold W., (Wallingford,) resident, h Main.

Nicholson Mark D., (Wallingford,) breeder of pure bred poultry, h Central.

Niles Horace S., (Wallingford,) r 26, farmer with John M. Aldrich.

Noble Geo. M., (Wallingford,) physician and surgeon, grand juror, Main.


Ormsbee Edwin H., (Wallingford,) attorney at law and town clerk, Main.


Palmer John S., (Wallingford,) r 22, farm laborer for Dyer Townsend.

Parker Ezra B., (Wallingford,) house painter, h River.

Patch Harrison, (East Wallingford,) r 19, farmer 158.

Patch James C., (East Wallingford,) r 19, farmer 206.

Pelsue Addison, (East Wallingford,) r 13, farmer 125, and carries on for John, 150.

Pelsue H. & Son, (East Wallingford,) r 34, (Hosea and Wilbur H.,) manuf. of lumber, butter tubs, chair stock and cheese boxes. 

Pelsue Hosea (East Wallingford,) r 34, (H. Pelsue & Son,) farmer 450. 

Pelsue John, (East Wallingford,) farmer 215, h Brook. 

Pelsue Wilbur H., (East Wallingford,) r 34, (H. Pelsue & Son.) 

Pickett Michael, (Wallingford,) works at fork factory. 

Pitts Frederick, (South Wallingford,) miller for Wm. Kelley, at grist mill. 

Pooler Susan M. Mrs., (Wallingford,) resident, h Central. 

PRATT SHERMAN, (Wallingford,) cabinet maker and undertaker, Depot. 

Predom John, (Wallingford,) laborer at fork factory, h Mill. 

Preston Aaron, (Wallingford,) teamster, h River. 

Preston William, (Wallingford,) r 10, laborer. 

Priest John R., (East Wallingford,) teacher, lister, auditor and farmer, h Main. 


Rand Joseph, (East Wallingford,) r 38 1/2, jobber for E. H. & B. W. Aldrich. 

Randall Joseph, (Wallingford,) lister, blacksmith and farmer 150, h Main. 

Rando Felix, (East Wallingford,) r 381, chopper and farmer 50. 

RAY ABEL, (East Wallingford,) farmer 80, h School. 

Ray Abel Jr., (Cuttingsville,) r 14, laborer at Huntoon & Sons tannery. 

Remington Julius J. B., (South Wallingford,) r 25, mason.

Remington Julius T., (South Wallingford, foreman at Ely’s wood pulp mill.

Rennan Joseph, (Wallingford,) laborer at fork factory, h River. 

Reynolds Frank, (Wallingford,) works at fork factory, h River. ) r 37, River.

Rivers Joseph, (East Wallingford,) farmer leases of E. Fisher, of  Shrewsbury, 30.

ROGERS MYRON C., (W allingford,) (Rogers & Co.,) postmaster, h Main.

ROGER S SAMUEL E., (Wallingford,) r 22, justice of peace, town agent, ex-selectman, and farmer 300. 

ROGERS & CO., (Wallingford,) (Myron. C. R. and Frank O. Stafford,) general merchants, Main.

Rounds Hannah Mrs., (Wallingford,) resident, h Depot.

*ROWE WM. E., (East Wallingford,) r 15, manuf. carriages, wagons, sleighs, and general repairing, h in Mt. Holly. 

Rutherford Wm., (Walling ford,) laborer, h factory.


Sabin Edgar D. (Wallingford,) hardware, tinware, &c., also insurance agent, Main.

Sawtell James A., (East Wallingford,) r 32, sawyer in mill. 

Sawyer Asa, (Wallingford,) farmer 12, h Main. 

Schneider Henry Jr., (Cuttingsville) r n I4, track hand on R. R., and farmer 3. 

Scribner John, (Wallingford,) retired.

SHAW ELROY H., (Wallingford,) prop Wallingford House, Main cor School.

Shaw Hudson, (Wallingford,) h Main. Died April 11th, 1881.

Shaw Wm. H., (Wallingford,) Principal Wallingford graded school, town superintendent of schools, h Main.

Shehan Jerry, (East Wallingford,) r 14 farmer, leases.

Sheldon Hiram, (South Wallingford,) r 26, teamster, ½ acre.

Sherman Hannah M., (South Wallingford,) wife of Stephen M., r 25, farm 83 acres, leased by Harrison. Law.

Sherman Roswell, (Wallingford,) teamster and sportsman.

Sherman Russell G., (Wallingford,) r 8, selectman and farmer 220. 

Sherman Stephen F., (Walling ford,) r 17, farmer 60. 

SHERMAN STEPHEN M., (South Wallington,) r 25, town lister, auditor and farmer 168, of which 93 is leased by Harrison Law. 

Shippa Andrew J., (Wallingford,) farmer, leases of E. J. Hulett 125. 

Shippy Henry, (East Wallingford,) r 12, farmer 75. 

Shum Edward, (Wallingford,) farmer 40. 

Shum Geo., (Wallingford,) teamster, h Mill.

SIMONDS LEANDER, (Wallingford,) (M.  P. Damon & Co., of Pawlet,) manuf. of ox bows and wooden bowls, Main.

Smart Ira Wallingford,) farm laborer.

Smead Jonathan A., (East Wallingford,) hardware, stoves and tinware, Main.

Smith Eugene, (Wallingford,) r 1, farmer with Lovina.

SMITH GEORGE, (South Wallingford,) r 42, farmer 14.

Smith Hiram, (Wallingford,) r 1, occupies farm 16, and works at fork factory.

Smith Lovina E., (Wallingford,) r 1, farmer 16.

Snyder Henry, (Cuttingsville,) r 14, laborer, 1 acre.

Southward Samuel, (Wallingford,) r 20, laborer.

SPOONER GEO. A., (East Wallingford,) (Greene & Spooner,) h School.

Sprague Noble, (East Wallingford,) r 30, farmer 50. 

St. Laurand Isidore (Wallingford,) r 3, blacksmith and farmer 12. 

St. Lawrence John (Wallingford,) r 1, blacksmith in Rutland, and farm 16.

Stafford Alphonzo P., (Wallingford,) resident, h Main.

STAFFORD BOARDMAN F., (South Wallingford,) r 46, dairyman and farmer 350.

Stafford Chas. O., (South Wallingford,) r 40, justice of peace, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 300.

Stafford Christopher B., (South Wallingford,) r 46, with Boardman Stafford, farmer.

Stafford Dwight B., (South Wallingford,) r 46, teacher and farmer with Boardman Stafford.

STAFFORD FRANK O., (Wallingford,) (Rogers & Co.,) h Main.

Stafford Frederick W., (Wallingford,) clerk at W. D. Hulett's store.

STAFFORD GEO. H., (South Wallingford,) farmer, son of Lewis E.

Stafford Lewis E., (South Wallingford,) r 25, dairyman 25 cows and farmer 237.

Stafford Rollin, (South Wallingford,) r 43, dairyman and farmer 300, leases of Samuel E. Rogers.

Stapleton Patrick, (Wallingford,) r 6, works in marble quarry of West Rutland, and farmer 30.

Starkey Miles, (East Wallingford,) r 11, farmer.

STEVENS S. H., (East Wallingford,) general merchandise, drugs and medicines, Main, and farmer 25, h School.

Steward Frederick, (East Wallingford,) r 19, farmer, leases of Samuel Griswold 100.

STEWART ELIAS, (East Wallingford,) dealer in cattle and country produce, farmer 130, and with Roderick Stewart 130.

Stewart Harvey C., (East Wallingford,) r 35, dairy 27 cows, farmer 300.

Stewart Nancy, (Wallingford,) h School.

Stewart Roderick E., (East Wallingford,) r 31, farmer.

STEWART WILLIAM E., (Wallingford,) physician and surgeon, Depot, h do.

Stimson William W., (South Wallingford,) farmer 40.

Stone Frank, (East Wallingford,) r 38 1/2, chopper and farmer 25.

Stone George, (East Wallingford,) r 38, teamster.

Stone Homer, (East Wallingford,) r 27, highway surveyor, lumberman and farmer 290.

Streeter George R., (East Wallingford,) r 15, stone mason and farmer 60.

Strong H. P., (Wallingford,) works at Batcheller's fork factory, h Main.

Sweetland George, (East Wallingford,) r __, dairy 18 cows and farmer 150. 

Sweney Joseph, (East Wallingford,) off r 14, track hand.


Tarbell Albert I., (East Wallingford,) r 33, carpenter and mill hand

TARBELL MARTIN M., (East Wallingford,) r 33, mechanic.

Thompson Henry G., (South Wallingford,) house painter.

Titus Isaac O., (East Wallingford,) r 15, farmer 7.

*TODD JOEL, (East Wallingford,) prop. Todd's Hotel, livery, trade and sale stables, Main.

Tower Bradley C., (East Wallingford,) r 38, carpenter.

Tower Elizabeth Mrs., (Wallingford,) resident, Main.

Tower Frank B., (East Wallingford,) r 38, laborer and teamster.

Tower George W., (Wallingford,) town agent and grocer, Main.

Tower Lyman A., (East Wallingford,) r 38, threshing machine and teamster. 

TOWNSEND CALVIN M., (Wallingford,) (Crapo, Batcheller & Co.,) farmer 165 in town of Clarendon, occupied by Edward Barrett, house Main.

Townsend Dyer, (Wallingford,) r 22, trustee of surplus town funds, breeder of Spanish merino sheep, dairy 25 cows, farmer 130, mountain lot 180. Is 92 years of age. 

Townsend Norman, (Wallingford,) general merchant, Main cor Mill, h Main. 

Tromley Zeb., (East Wallingford.) r 34 chopper and farmer 25. 

Tuft Edward, (South Wallingford,) r 40, laborer. 

Tyernan John, (Wallingford,) r 5, farmer 30. 


Underwood Loderick, (East Wallingford,) r 36, farmer 50. 


Vance Lytle J., (Wallingford,) r 25, farmer 40. 

VanDunsen MacArthur, (Wallingford,) bookkeeper and clerk for W. D. Hulett, bds at Wallingford House. 

Veneu Joseph, (Wallingford,) r 1, laborer, 1/2 acre. 


Waldo Homer H., (Wallingford,) r 22, dairy 25 cows and farmer 165. 

Wallingford Graded School, (Wallingford,) William H. Shaw, principal. 

WARD ELI M., (Wallingford,) r 23, farmer 187. 

Warner Calvin M., (Wallingford,) carpenter and joiner. 

Warner Fitch L., (Wallingford,) butcher, bds Wallingford House. 

Webster Asa, (Wallingford,) retired merchant, aged 82. 

WELLMAN AUSTIN B., (Wallingford,) carpenter and bridge builder, h Church. 

Wells Eason, (South Wallingford,) r 24, farmer 60, on r 30. 

WESTON ANNA H. MRS., (Wallingford,) r 24, resident, with Elcia Edgerton. 

Weston John R., (Wallingford,) r 8, stone layer and farmer 1. 

Wheeler Chas., (East Wallingford,) r 15, farmer, leases of Perrin Johnson, of Shrewsbury, 37. 

White Chas., (East Wallingford,) r 37, farmer, leases. 

White Elisha, (East Wallingford,) off r 37, farmer 50. 

WHITE JOSEPH E., (Wallingford,) r 23, on editorial staff of Mirror and Farmer, Manchester, N. H., and farmer, leases of Lincoln Andrus, 90. 

Wilber Wm., (Wallingford,) laborer, h Main.

Wilder Daniel, (East Wallingford,) r 38, farmer 64.

Wilder George, (East Wallingford,) house and carriage painter, and farmer 10 in Mt. Holly.

Wilder Horace, (East Wallingford,) off r 37, farmer leases.

Wilder H. N., (Wallingford,) hammersman at Batcheller's fork factory, h Factory.

Wilder H. N. Mrs., (Wallingford,) dress maker, over post office, Main.

Wilder Otis D., (East Wallingford,) r 34, agent for mowing machines and Ladow's Harrow, and farmer 120.

Willard Geo. S., (East Wallingford,) r 27, farmer.

Williams John, (East Wallingford,) r 38.

WILLIAMS MARTIN V., (Wallingford,) prop. 

Wallingford Cheese Factory, h cor Church and High.

Winn Charity W. Mrs. (Wallingford,) resident, h Church.

Winn Joseph H., (Wallingford,) teamster, h School.

Wood Anthony, (Wallingford,) works at fork factory, h Mill.

Wood Oliver, (Wallingford,) works in Batcheller's fork factory.

Wynne Francis, (Wallingford,) boarding house, 1 acre.

Wynne Francis Jr., (Wallingford,) works at Batcheller's fork factory.


Yale W. M., (Wallingford,) carpenter, h Central.

York Austin K., (Wallingford,) r 23, carpenter and joiner, house painter and farmer 8.

York Levi P. & Son, (Wallingford,) r 22, (R. Allen Y.,) carpenters and farmers 16.

YORK R. ALLEN, (Wallingford,) (Levi P. York & Son,) r 22.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 542-556.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004