Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.—Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Ackley Lowell, (North Shrewsbury,) r 20 farmer in Bridgewater, 55.

ADAMS ALBERTUS S., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, (Adams & Son.)

ADAMS ANTHONY, (East Clarendon,) r 29, farmer 250.

ADAMS CLARENCE E., (Cuttingsville,) (Adams &. Son.)

ADAMS & SON, (Cuttingsville,) (Albertus S. and Clarerce E.,) r 46, dealers in dry goods, groceries, &c.

Aldrich Allen, (Mt. Holly,) r 38, farmer 140.

Aldrich Alvin F., (North Shrewsbury,) r 7, farmer 230.

Aldrich Amherst, (Cuttingsville,) r 42, farmer 100.

ALDRICH DANA E., (Cuttingsville,) r 53, constable, collector and farmer 130.

ALDRICH EDWARD W., (North Shrewsbury,) r 37, farmer 300.

Aldrich Elwin O., (Shrewsbury,) r 42, town clerk, town treasurer, town lister and farmer 160.

Aldrich Jasper H., (North Shrewsbury,) r 19, selectman and farmer 225.

ALDRICH JONAH G., (Cuttingsville,) r 48, farmer 153 in Mt. Holly, and leases of George G. Aldrich, 28,

Aldrich Luman, (Shrewsbury,) r 41, selectman and farmer 90.

ALDRICH MEHETABEL C., (Shrewsbury,) r 42, widow of E. Warner, farm 160.

ALDRICH NATHANIEL J., (West Shrewsbury,) (N. J. Aldrich & Co.)

ALDRICH N. T. & CO., (North Shrewsbury,) (Nathaniel J. A. and Dana G. Jones,) props. steam saw mill, grist mill and chair stock factory, farmers 570, and 350 timber.

Aldrich Truman, (North Shrewsbury,) r 36, keeps stock horse and farmer 160.

Aldrich Wilson E., (Cuttingsville,) cheese maker, factory at Northam.

Annis Samuel, (Shrewsbury,) sawyer.


Baker Helen M., (Cuttingsville,) r 47, wife of Oscar M., milliner.

Baker James A., (Mt. Holly,) r 54, farmer works of Lorenzo Colburn, 15.

Baker Oscar M., (Cuttingsville,) r 47, tin peddler and carpenter.

Balany Orin, (Shrewsbury,) r 50, farmer 25.

BALCH DANIEL, (North Shrewsbury,) r 12, lumberman and farmer 315.

Barber Charles, (Shrewsbury,) r 22, farmer 175.

Barber Joseph, (North Shrewsbury,) laborer.

BARBER THOMAS H., (North Shrewsbury,) engineer, saw filer and runs band saw.

Barney Allen, (Cuttingsville,) r 48, farmer do.

Barrett Henry, (Shrewsbury,) r 8, gigger sawyer.

Barrett Michael, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, farmer 4.

BARRETT OLIVER, (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer 30.

BENT HENRY W., (Mt. Holly,) r 5 1, manful and dealer in tin and sheet iron ware, and farmer 35.

BEVERSTOCK B. WILL, (Shrewsbury,) r 41, farmer.

BEVERSTOCK LYMAN W., (Shrewsbury,) r 41, farmer 240.

Blair Frederick, (Shrewsbury,) blacksmith.

Blanchard William L., (Shrewsbury,) r 22, farmer.

Bowen Dennis, (North Shrewsbury,) r 12, farmer 185.

Brooks Benton, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, farmer 90.

Brown George, (North Clarendon,) r 2, farmer 2.

Brown Wallace, (Shrewsbury,) r 22, farmer 175.

Bucklin Alonzo, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, farmer 138.

Bucklin William L., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, postmaster, farmer 6, and 400 mountain land in Wallingford.

Burditt Elroy A., (Shrewsbury,) r 21, engineer.

BURDITT RODNEY P., (Shrewsbury,) r 21, prop steam saw mill and manufacturer of hard and soft wood lumber, and all kinds of chair stock, dealer in groceries, farmer 150, and 1,000 wild land.

Bursey Peter, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, blacksmith.

BUTTERFIELD DANFORTH K., (Cuttingsville,) prop Union House, livery in connection with the house, free carriage to depot.

Butterfly George, (North Shrewsbury,) r 9, farmer 80.


Cady Frederick F., (Cuttingsville,) r 49, farmer 95.

Cokeley Timothy, (Shrewsbury,) r 8, farmer 126.

Colburn David C., (North Shrewsbury,) r 16, farmer 160.

Colburn Edwin B., (Mt. Holly,) r 53, farmer 125.

COLBURN HORACE, (Shrewsbury,) r 53, farmer 150.

Colburn Leonard, (Mt. Holly,) r 54, farmer 140.

COLBURN WILLARD, (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, farmer 100.

Comptois David, (Shrewsbury,) r 41, farmer.

Comptois Louis, (Shrewsbury;) r 41, farmer 96.

Conlin Michael, (North Shrewsbury, r 12, teamster.

Conlon James, (North Clarendon,) r 5, farmer 118.

Conlon Peter, (North Clarendon,) r 3, farmer 165.

Constantine Jacob S. (Cuttingsville,) r 46, carpenter.

COOK DANIEL H., (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, prop stock horse Highland Chief, and farmer 145.

Cook Hiram, (Shrewsbury,) r 36, farmer 230.


Daniels George W., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, teamster.

Danvirs John, (North Clarendon,) r 1, farmer 100.

Danvirs Peter, (North Clarendon,) r 1, farm 70.

Davis Dustin W., (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, pastor Advent Church.

Davis Edwin P., (Cuttingsville,) r 45, farmer, works farm of Laura L. Davis, 100.

Davis Laura L., (Cuttingsville,) r 45, farm 100.

Dawley Lawson, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, auctioneer.

Dawson Benjamin F., (Cuttingsville,) r 45, guardian of Martin Dawson, farmer, leases 90 of John Dawson, of Salem, N. Y.

Devlin James, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, night watchman steam saw mill.

DICKINSON SYLVANUS, (Salem, Washington Co., N. Y.,) foreman of the construction gang on Laurel Glen Mausoleum, home at Salem.

Dyer Patrick J., (Rutland,) r 9, farmer 185.


Eitapence Henry E., (Cuttingsville,) dealer in stoves, tinware, &c., and farmer 100.


FARR BARNEY H., (North Shrewsbury,) r 21, laborer.

Fields Amos J., (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, thresher and farmer.

Fisher Ebenezer, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, attorney, insurance agent and notary public, farm 30 in Wallingford.

Flannagan Martin, (North Shrewsbury,) r 13, farmer 54.

Flannagan Patrick, (North Clare don,) r 3, farmer.

FLOOD WOSTER S., (Mt. Holly,) r 51, (Mitchell C Flood.)

FOSTER GEORGE W., (Cuttingsville,) general merchant and deputy postmaster, also town representative.

Foster Robert, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, farmer, in Mendon, 75.

FRANCIS CHARLES S., (Cuttingsville,) cheese maker and broom maker.

Frost Leland, (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, manuf. of butter bowls and chopping trays, and farmer 40.


GIBSON HARRIET E., (Mt. Holly,) r 51, wife of John P., manuf. and dealer in the Gilt Edge Milk Pan and Cooler.

GIBSON JOHN P., (Mt. Holly,) r 51, farmer 140, and in Rutland 1 3/4.

Gibson Lawson, (Mt. Holly,) r 53, farmer 100.

Gibson Sarah Mrs., (North Shrewsbury,) r 12, widow of Horace, farmer 12.

Gibson William 0., (North Shrewsbury,) laborer.

Gillman John, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, farmer.

Gillman Simon W., (Shrewsbury,) r 26, farmer.

GILMAN FRANCIS, (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, farmer.

Gleason Charles, (North Clarendon,) r 7, farmer 170.

Gleason Daniel u'., (Cuttingsville,) r 43, agt. Howe scales and farmer leases of H. N. Mandigo 160.

GLEASON HENRY C., (Shrewsbury;) r 34; (Sherman & Gleason. of Rutland and Castleton,) prop. cheese factory and farmer 500.

Glynn Lewis S., (Shrewsbury,) r 21, carpenter, cooper and farmer 13.

Gooler Alfred, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, farmer.

Gordon John W., (Cuttingsville,) harness dealer.

Gould John B., (North Shrewsbury,) r 13, farmer.

Gould Samuel B., (North Shrewsbury,) r 13, farmer 100

Gould Simon. (North Shrewsbury,) r 13, farmer 500.

Graham Walter S., (North Shrewsbury,) engineer and wool carder.

Grant Joel R., (Shrewsbury,) r 21, turner.

Green Newel M., (North Shrewsbury,) blacksmith and farmer 9.

GREY LORESTON C., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, teamster.

Grower Bryant C., (Shrewsbury,) carpenter and joiner.

Guild Charlie F., (North Shrewsbury,) cheese maker and teamster.

GUILD WILLARD, (North Shrewsbury,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes, &c., also postmaster.


HADLEY MORTIMER K., (North Shrewsbury,) engineer and sawyer.

Haley Patrick, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, farmer.

Harris George L., (Cuttingsville,) r 52, farmer 110.

Harris Volney, (Cuttingsville,) r 51, farmer 80.

HEADLE ELWIN R., (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, runs threshing machine and farmer 100.

Hewitt Herman V., (Rutland,) r 8, meat peddler.

HEWITT HORACE G., (Rutland,) r 8, butcher, runs meat cart, and farmer 140.

Higgins Teddy, (East Clarendon,) r 30, section hand.

Holden Charles C., (Shrewsbury,) r 33, selectman, justice of the peace and farmer 230.

Holden David H., (Shrewsbury,) r 33, farmer.

Holden Nancy W., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, widow of Obadiah, farmer 35.

Howard James C., (Shrewsbury,) r 8, farmer 126 1/2.

Huntoon Elizabeth S. (Cuttingsville,) r 44, widow of Hiram, farmer 57. 

Huntoon Frank A., (Cuttingsville,) r 44, farmer. 

HUNTOON JAMES, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, (Huntoon & Son,) farmer 170. 

Huntoon Rodney, (Cuttingsville,) r 44, farmer. 

Huntoon William H., (Cuttingsville,) r 47, (Huntoon & Son.) 

Huntoon & Son, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, (James and William H.,) tanners and farmers 30. 


JACKSON C. WALTER, (Mt. Holly,) r 53, retail dealer in fancy goods, groceries and tobacco, &c., peddler. 

Johnson Almon, (Mt. Holly,) r 38, farmer 100. 

Johnson Charles, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, farmer 230. 

Johnson Ed. C., (Cuttingsville,) cheese maker. 

Johnson George, (North Clarendon,) r 3, farmer 3. 

Johnson John B., (Shrewsbury,) r 36, farmer, works farm of Chas. Johnson 200. 

Johnson Lucinda, (Mt. Holly,) r 55, wife of Jonathan, farmer 80. 

JOHNSON PERRIN, (Shrewsbury,) r 41, selectman and farmer 197. 

Johnson Robert, (North Clarendon,) r 3, farmer 3. 

JONES DANA G., (Cuttingsville,) (N. J. Aldrich & Co.,) prop. grist mill, saw mill and chair stock factory, and grist mill in Mount Holly, dealer in flour, meal, &c. 

Jones David B., (Cuttingsville,) r 47, farmer 7. 


Knight Albert, (Shrewsbury,) r 25, selectman, farmer 350 and works for Wm. Phalen 100, also guardian for children of Julius Lord 160 acres. 

Knight Eugene T., (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, farmer. 

KNIGHT LUTHER, (Cuttingsville,) r 35 1/2, farmer 175. 

Krans Charles, (Cuttingsville,) telegraph operator, express and ticket agent. 


Lefevre Moses, (North Shrewsbury,) carpenter and farmer 20. 

Lincoln Otis W., (Cuttingsville,) r 31, farmer 129. 

LIVERNOIS J ANNIA Miss, (Cuttingsville,) r 46, dressmaker. 

Livernois Joseph, (Cuttingsville,) r 40, teamster and farmer 2. 

Lloyd Richard (Shrewsbury,) r 28 stone mason and farmer 150.

Long Dennis, (North Clarendon,) r 7, farmer 97. 

LORD ELEAZER B., (Shrewsbury,) r 32, farmer 100. 

Lord Eli, (North Shrewsbury,) r 29, farmer 67. 

Lord Luther E., (North Shrewsbury,) r 36, farmer 100. 

Lord Nathaniel, (Shrewsbury,) r 24, farmer 2. 

Lord Philip G., (North Shrewsbury,) r 36, manuf. of Wilcox Magic Balm and farmer 170. 

Lovejoy Peter, (Cuttingsville,) mason and bricklayer. 

Lucas Michael, (North Shrewsbury,) blacksmith. 

Lucas Patrick, (North Shrewsbury,) blacksmith. 


MAIRS ASA R., (Cuttingsville,) r 31, fence viewer and farmer 275. 

Maloney John, (Cuttingsville,) r 48, farmer. 

Maloney Michael, (Cuttingsville,) r 48, farmer 500. 

Martin George H., (Mt. Holly,) r 55, farmer. 

MARTIN WESLEY E., (Cuttingsville,) r 35, farmer, leases of D. G. Jones 130. 

Maxim Lyman, (Mt. Holly,) r 35, farmer. 

McDermott Thomas, (North Clarendon,) r 5, farmer 120. 

McGee Loney, (Shrewsbury,) sawyer. 

McGee Thomas, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, engineer. 

McLAUGHLIN JOHN, (Cuttingsville,) r 40, general blacksmith. 

Mecier Oliver, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, blacksmith and wheelwright.

MITCHELL WESLEY M., (Mt. Holly,) r 51, (Mitchell & Flood.) 

MITCHELL & FLOOD, (Mt. Holly,) r 51, (Wesley M. Mitchell and Woster S. Flood,) carpenters and joiners, and inventors of perpetual motion and wheel of power. 

Moore Margaret Mrs., (Cuttingsville,) widow of Leonard, r 51, farmer 40. 

Morse Wm. F., (Shrewsbury,) postmaster and shoemaker. 


Nichols Henry H., (Cuttingsville,) r 45, farmer. 

Noyes Andrew J., (Shrewsbury,) r 22, farmer 230. 

NOYES GEORGE A., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, stave sawyer. 

Noyes Lucien B., (North Shrewsbury,) r 36, farmer. 


O'BRIAN FRANCIS, (Cuttingsville,) r 44, farmer 100. 

O'Conner Thomas, (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, farmer. 

O'Leary Timothy, (North Clarendon,) r 7, farmer 80. 

Oliver Edwin, (North Shrewsbury,) laborer. 


PAGE SUMNER W., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11 farmer. 

Paper Frank, (Shrewsbury,) r 41, farmer. 

Parker Josiah, (North Shrewsbury,) r 21, teamster. 

Parker Pearl, (North Shrewsbury,) r 21, farmer 200. 

Patridge Herbert E., (Shrewsbury,) r 42, farmer. 

PATTERSON MARK, (Shrewsbury,) r 28, farmer, overseer town farm 180. 

Perkins Edwin, (Mt. Holly,) r 52 1/2, carpenter, owns 1 1/2. 

Persons Wallace V., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, carpenter. 

Pershette Peter, (North Clarendon,) r 8, farmer 20. 

Phalen Freelove F. Mrs., (Cuttingsville,) wife of George P., milliner. 

Phalen George P., (Cuttingsville,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, &c. 

Phalen William, (Shrewsbury Center,) r 39, farmer 100. 

Philbrick William W., (North Shrewsbury,) r 18, farmer 180. 

Phillips Geo. W., (Cuttingsville,) broom maker. 

Phillips Martin V., (Cuttingsville,) r 44, farmer 300.

PIERCE ADDISON, (Shrewsbury,) r 9, farmer 225. 

PIERCE EDWIN, (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, farmer 100. 

PIERCE WARREN, (North Shrewsbury,) r 38, farmer 200. 

Plumley Adolphus, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, farmer. 

PLUMLEY FRANK M., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, lumberman and farmer 300, and leases town farm, 100.

Plumley Fred, (North Clarendon,) r 7, farmer 100. 

Plumley George, (Shrewsbury,) r 9, farmer 150. 

Plumley W. Henry, (North Shrewsbury,) r 9, farmer 100. 

POMEROY EDWARD P., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, (Pomeroy & Siple.) 

POMEROY & SIPLE, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, (Edward P. P. and Wm. H. S.) manufs. of staves. 

Poor Josiah, (North Shrewsbury,) shoe maker. 

POWELL CHAUNCEY M., (North Shrewsbury,) head sawyer. 

POWELL GEORGE H., (Cuttingsville,) draught editor Vermont Watchman, Montpelier Vt., musician. 

Powers Michael, (North Shrewsbury,) r 12, carpenter. 

Pratt Amos, (Cuttingsville,) r 43, farmer 425. 

Pratt Hannah Mrs., (Cuttingsville,) r 50, widow of Levi, farmer 110. 

Pratt Loren F., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, blacksmith. 

Pratt Newton, (Mt. Holly,) r 54, farmer 275.

Prior Edwin J., (Mt. Holly,) r 51, mason, farmer, leases 37 of J. S H. Needham, and owns in Mt. Holly 10. 


Quinlan John, (Cuttingsville,) teamster. 


Rand George F., (Shrewsbury,) r 41, farmer and carpenter. 

Rich Calvin A., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, engineer and sawyer. 

Riley John, (Cuttingsville,) r 48, farmer 375. 

Ripley Jessie P., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, farmer 3. 

Robinson William, (Shrewsbury,) laborer. 

Royce William, (Cuttingsville,) r 46, carpenter and farmer 80. 

Russell Almon, (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer. 

Russell Alonzo N., (North Shrewsbury,) r 13, carpenter and farmer 150. 

RUSSELL IRA A., (Shrewsbury,) farmer 200. 

Russell Isaiah P., (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer 160. 

Russell John A., (North Shrewsbury,) r 15, farmer. 

RUSSELL LYMAN A.,. (Cuttingsville,) r 40, prop saw mill, dealer in lumber, blacksmith shop, and farmer 700. 

Russell William, (Cuttingsville,) r 40, farmer 180. 

Rustedt George, (Shrewsbury,) physician. 


Sanders Edward, (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer 190. 

Sanders Harvey, (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer 100. 

Sanders Levi E., (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer. 

Sanders Parker, (North Shrewsbury,) r 21, farmer 55. 

Sanderson Warner, (Mt. Holly,) cooper. 

Sanderson Willard, (Mt. Holly,) r 53, tailor and farmer 129. 

Sawyer Fred, (Shrewsbury,) r 21, farmer.

Shippee Harrison, (Shrewsbury,) r 8, laborer.

Shippee Julian, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, laborer. 

SIPLE WILLIAM H., (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, (Pomeroy & Siple.) 

SMALLEY CHRISTOPHER, (Shrewsbury,) r 24, farmer 100. 

Smalley John, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, carpenter, broom maker and mason, h  and 1/2 acre. 

Smith Ephraim, (Shrewsbury,) r 50, farmer, 1 acre. 

Smith George W., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, carpenter. 

Smith Nathan, (Shrewsbury,) r 35, farmer 100. 

SMITH SAMUEL F., (Shrewsbury,) r 27, agent for the Wood Mowing Machine and farmer 360. 

Smith Solon H:, (Shrewsbury,) r 42, farmer 250. 

Smith Wallace, (Shrewsbury,) r 33, dealer in Jersey stock and farmer 200, 

SMITH WILLARD, (Shrewsbury Center,) r 34, farmer 365. 

Snyder John M., (Cuttingsville.) 

Spears Luther, (Cuttingsville,) r 43, farmer, leases of Enoch Smith, of Clarendon, 150. 

Stapleton Simon, (Cuttingsville,) r 51, farmer and teamster. 

STEWART MARTIN V., (Shrewsbury,) r 27, farmer 200. 

Stewart Thomas, (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, farmer. 

STORY JONATHAN B., (Cuttingsville,) r 46, carriage maker. 

Sweet Ashley, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, laborer. 


Tatreau Joseph, farmer. 

THOMAS NATHAN C., (Shrewsbury,) farmer 4. 

Turgeon Joseph, (Mt. Holly,) r 28, farmer 160. 

TWINING BEMSLEY, (Cuttingsville,) r 51, farmer.


UNION HOUSE, (Cuttingsville,) D. K. Butterfield, prop.


Wait Warren, (Cuttingsville,) r 46, house painter and farmer 56.

Waterman David, (Cuttingsville,) r 44, musician and farmer 250. 

Waterman Henry A., (Cuttingsville,) carpenter, undertaker and musician. 

Waterman Volney W., (North Shrewsbury,) r 38, farmer 185. 

Webb John, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, retired. 

WEBBER MERIBA, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, farmer 1. 

Wheeler Quincy A., (North Shrewsbury,) r 14, butcher and farmer 60. 

WHIPPLE EDWARD, (Cuttingsville,) r 47, farmer, leases of J. S. Warren, Granville, N. Y., 220. 

White Albert, (Shrewsbury,) laborer. 

Whitney Hannibal P., (Shrewsbury,) r 21, carpenter. 

WHITNEY PERRIN J., (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer. 

Whitney Thaddeus, (North Shrewsbury,) r 20, farmer 78. 

Wilcox Henry W., (North Clarendon,) r 9, farmer 400. 

WILKINS HORACE, (Cuttingsville,) r 35, farmer 30. 

Wilkins William, (Shrewsbury,) r 8, teamster and farmer 8. 

Williams James, (North Shrewsbury,) r 11, farmer 11. 

Williams John B., (Shrewsbury,) r 32, house painter. 

Wilmoth Silas, (Shrewsbury,) r 10, farmer. 

Wilmoth Walter, (Shrewsbury,) r 10, farmer 200. 

Wilson James O., (North Shrewsbury,) carpenter. 

Wilson Otis J., (North Shrewsbury,) r __, carpenter. 

Works George W., (North Shrewsbury) r 37, mail carrier from North Shrewsbury to Cuttingsville, and farmer 90. 

Works Rufus, (Mt. Holly,) r 54, farmer 150.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 527-533.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004