Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS.Ab.,above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; S., south; W., west.  The word street is implied. 


Abar Joshua, (Rutland,) laborer at Columbian Marble Co's Works, h n r 41. 

Abar Louis, (West Rutland,) bed rubber at Sheldons & Slason's. 

Aber Samuel, (West Rutland,) marble bed rubber. 

Adams James, (Castleton.) See Castleton Directory. 

Adams Joseph A., (West Rutland,) meat market and dealer in vegetables and hides, Main. 

Aldrich Charles H., (Rutland,) moulder, Park. 

Alexander Eugene L., (Rutland,) High st. off r 27, mechanic at scale works. 

Allard Joseph, (Rutland,) r 28, stone mason. 

Allard William J., (West Rutland,) harness dealer, Main. 

Allen James, (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher. 

ALLEN JOHN M., (Rutland,) r 27, farmer 150. 

Ames Matthias, (West Rutland,) r 48, farmer, works estate of Avery Ames

Anderson Alexander, (West Rutland,) tool sharpener. 

Anderson Charles, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

ANDREWS JOHN D., (Sutherland Falls,) marble boxer. 

Arnold Green, (Rutland,) carpenter, h Perkins ave. 

Ashley Martin V. B., (West Rutland,) marble cutter. 

Ashline Tuffield, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Austin Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) blacksmith. 
Avery Andrew; (Sutherland Falls,) carpenter. 

AVERY GEORGE, (Center Rutland,) r 43, farmer, works 40 acres for B. P. Baker, New York city. 

Avrin Patrick, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 


Bagley Leon G., (Rutland,) telegraph operator and telephone agent. 

Bailey Alvin, (Rutland,) r 27, laborer. 

BAKER JOEL C., (Rutland,) att'y at law, office Center st., Rutland, h r 27 3/4. 

Baker John, (Rutland,) r 36, laborer, 3. 

Baker Levi, (Rutland,) 19, farm laborer. 

Baker Stephen, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Baker Willard, (Rutland,) r 37, farmer occupies 65. 

Balcom George W., (Rutland,) chair maker at Charles P. Harris's, h Church cor Perkins ave. 

Balduc George, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Baldwin John E., (West Rutland,) engineer for Sherman & Gleason, resides Fairhaven. 

Banks Pat., (Rutland,) r 28, laborer. 

Barker George, (Rutland,) engineer at Columbian Marble Co.'s works, and farmer in Brandon 53, h West, r 41.

Barker George Jr., (Rutland,) engineer at Columbian Marble Co.'s works, h West on r 41.

BARNES HOUSE, (West Rutland,) George W. Peck, proprietor, Barnes St. 

Barnes John E., (West Rutland,) resident, h Barnes St.

Barnes Sarah, (Rutland,) r 25, widow of Aaron, farmer 50.

Barney Catharine, (Rutland,) widow of Horace, Park cor 37, resident.

Barrett Edwin, (Rutland,) farmer and chair maker, h 21 Plain cor Granger. 

Barren James, (Center Rutland,) r 57, filler in marble mill.

Barrett John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher.

Barrett John, (Center Rutland,) r 57, foreman Vermont Marble Co., old mill. 

Barrett Michael, (Center Rutland,) filler in marble mill.

Barrett Patrick, (Center Rutland,) marble boxer.

BARRETT ROCKWOOD, (Rutland,) treasurer of Columbian Marble Co., village auditor and member of Board of Education, h Main cor Washington. See Village Directory.

Barrett William, (Sutherland Falls;) marble polisher.

Barrows Elvin S., (Rutland,) wholesale and retail yankee notion store, Merchants row, h Perkins ave cor Pearl.

Barstow Samuel E., (Sutherland Falls,) machine polisher.

Bartell George, (West Rutland,) gardener.

Bartlett George, (West Rutland,) tends hoisting power.

Barto Edgar F.. (Center Rutland,) clerk; Vermont Marble Co., bds 7 Cottage, Rutland.

BATEMAN ORSON R., (Rutland,) Temple St., near r 28, farmer 3, is 83 years of age, born in Rutland Co.

Bateman Orson R. Jr., (Rutland,) farmer, bds with O. R. Bateman, Sr.

Battles John, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman.

Battles John, (Center Rutland,) teamster.

Battles John, (Vest Rutland,) r 5, farmer 100.

Battles John, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Battles Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Beach John M., (Rutland,) foreman round house, C. V. Railroad, h 22 Plain cor Granger.

Beaman George H., (Center Rutland,) resident.

Bean Frank, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Beattie James, (Center Rutland,) r 42, works at Ripley's marble works.

Beauchamp ____, (Sutherland Falls,) blacksmith.

Beaver Edward, (West Rutland,) fireman for Vt. Marble Co.

Beebe Charles P., (Rutland,) r 28, laborer and teamster.

BEEBE FRANK L., (Rutland,) r 26, farmer with Lewis A.

BEEBE LEWIS A., (Rutland,) r 26, farmer 65.

Belare Felix, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Bellado Joseph. (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman.

Bellevue Charles, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Belmore Fred, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Belney Joseph, (Rutland,) carpenter at scale shop, h Granger cor Plain.

Benjamin Jane A., (Rutland,) r 27, widow of William E. C. Stoddard, resident.

Bennan Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher.

Bennett Charles, (Rutland,) r 30, laborer.

Benson Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer.

Besseux Alfred, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Billings David C., (Rutland,) (B. & D. C. Billings,) h Park on r 39.

BILLINGS FRANKLIN, (Rutland,) farmer 12, is 74 years old, h Park on r 39. 

Billings Jesse L., (Rutland,) r 58, farmer 400. 

Billra Francis, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Birney Anthony, (Rutland,) r 28, laborer. 

Bishop Eben, (Rutland,) r 27, laborer.

Bishop Edward, (West Rutland,) laborer.

BISHOP FRANK, (Sutherland Falls,) runs hoisting power. 

Bishop John B., (Rutland,) r 40, laborer. 

Bishop Lucy G. Mrs., (Rutland,) r 35, life lease 60 acres. 

Bishop Peter, (West Rutland.) laborer. 

Bixby George, (Rutland,) r 38, laborer at scale works. 

Blackwell Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

BLAISDELL AI M., (Rutland,) r 28, laborer at chair factory. 

Blake James H., (Rutland,) r 22, machinist, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 100. 

BLAKELY HILAND H., (Center Rutland,) r 9, wool grower, 250 sheep, farmer 250. 

Blanchard Chalon, (West Rutland,) farmer 160, resides Clarendon ave. 

Blanchard George, (Rutland,) r 37, machinist. 

Blanchard Hannah, (Rutland,) widow of Emmet, dressmaking, h Park. 

BLANCHARD HARRY C., (Rutland,) r 37, machinist, works at B. & R. Car shop in corporation. 

Blanchard Henry L., (Rutland,) r 37, farmer 11. 

Blanchard Sidney C., (Sutherland Falls,) marble grader for Vt. Marble Co. 

Bliss Thomas B., (West Rutland,) r 55, engineer in Sheldons & Slason's finishing shop. 

Bloomer Henry C., (Sutherland Falls,) foreman and inspector, Vt. Marble Cos polishing department. 

Boans Timothy, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Boarden Oliver, (West Rutland,) machine oiler, Vt. Marble Co. 

*BOARDMAN CHARLES H.. (West  ittfanr3 I ,  re farmer .;+7, Samuel,  and interest in gold mine, Cal. 

*BOARDMAN SAMUEL, (West Rutland,) r 55, breeder of Atwood sheep, 150 head, farmer 216. 

Bolduc Henry, (Rutland,) r 27, wagon maker. 

Boleau Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Bonneux C., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Boreasseaux Joseph, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Bosworth Caleb A., (Rutland,) r 273, dealer in marble. 

Bouche Louis, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Bowen Albert G., (Rutland,) wheelwright for Tyrell, h 13 Gibson ave. 

Bowen Andrew L., (Rutland,) foreman at Columbian Marble Co's works, h 252 Center st., Rutland. 

BOWEN FRANK C., (West Rutland,) r 2, dairy 9 cows, farmer, leases of Milo Bowen 140. 

Bowen Milo, (West Rutland,) r 2, blacksmith in Gilson & Woodfin's quarry, and farm 140. 

Boylan Michael, (Rutland,) machinist at scale shops, h 29 Plain cor Spruce. 

Boyle John T., (Rutland,) printer, Herald office, h 13 Plain. 

Brannon James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Braunom John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Breen Edward, (West Rutland,) laborer. Breen Win., (West Rutland,) laborer.

Bresnehan Patrick, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter.

Brewer Calvin, (Rutland,) works at scale works, h Perkins ave.

Brewster Henry, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Brewster John B., (Vest Rutland,) r 53, dairy 9 cows, and with John D., farmer 100.

Brewster John D., (Sutherland Falls,) machinist, and with John B., farmer

Bridge Louis, (West Rutland,) laborer.

BRIGGS ALFRED B., (West Rutland,) r 49, marble cutter.

Briggs Charles, (Rutland,) moulder, scale shops, h 76 Plain.

Briggs Edgar S., (West Rutland,) r 1, dairy 77 cows, farmer 750.

Briggs James, (Rutland,) moulder, scale shops, h 76 Plain.

Brine Charles, (W. Rutland,) asst. foreman in Vermont Marble Co's Quarries.

Brine George, (West Rutland,) r 4 carpenter and engineer.

Brodeur Cleophas, (West Rutland,) manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, Marble st.

Broux Dennis, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Bronx Napoleon, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Broux Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Browe Joseph, (West Rutland,) teamster.

Brown Adolphus, (Rutland,) r 27, resident.

Brown Edgar P., (Rutland,) r 27, miller at George L. Russell's.

BROWN FRANK W., (Rutland,) r 27, (Ladd & Brown,) breeder of Ayrshire cattle, and farmer with Mrs. Ann M. Ladd 300.

BROWN H. H. & CO., (.West Rutland,) (Henry H. Brown and Sheldons & Slason,) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, crockery, hardware, produce, &c.

Brown Henry, (Center Rutland,) r 47, sawyer at Ripley's.

BROWN HENRY H., (West Rutland,) (H. H. Brown & Co.,) residence Pleasant.

Brown James, (West Rutland,) laborer.

BROWN MERRITT R., (Rutland,) contractor and marble manufacturer at Vermont State House of Correction, h 22 Cottage.

Brown Pat, (Center Rutland,) r 47, marble sawyer at Rutland Marble Co's.

Brown Patrick, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Brown Thomas H., (Center Rutland,) marble polisher.

Bruso Louis, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.

Buckley Charles A., (Sutherland Falls,) machinist.

Buckley Daniel, (Rutland,) marble cutter.

BUFFUM CALEB, (Rutland,) r 37, dealer in fertilizers and rendered tallow, butcher and farmer 112.

Buffum Caleb P., (Rutland,) r 37, with Caleb.

Bunker Charles, (Rutland,) yard master at C. V. Railroad yard, h Park.

Burdick Theo., (Center Rutland,) marble boxer.

Burditt James, (West Rutland,) r 48, with Nathan Manning, leases of Mary Pike, dairy 75 cows, and farm 300. 

Buresaw Alfred, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Buresaw Moses, (West Rutland,) derrickman. 

Burke James, (W. Rutland,) r 46, foreman in Sherman & Gleason's quarries. 

Burlingame Cyrus, (Rutland,) carriage trimmer for Levi Premo. 

Burns Barney, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Burns Bridget, (Rutland,) r 28, chair caning. 

Burns Edward, (West Rutland,) gang filler in marble mill.

Burns John, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

BURNS PETER, (West Rutland,) merchant tailor and dealer in cloths, cassimeres, trimmings, &c., Post-office building. 

Burns Thomas, (Sutherland Falls,) blacksmith's helper. 

Burr Walter N., (West Rutland,) harness maker, works for W. J. Allard, resides on Clarendon ave. 

Burrage William T., (Center Rutland,) r 43, bookkeeper and market garden, 7 acres. 

Bushee Joseph, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Buswar Edward, (West Rutland, laborer. 

Butcher Adolph, (Sutherland Falls,) lathe polisher. 

Butler Edward, (Center Rutland,) shipping clerk, Vt. Marble Co. 

Butler Peter, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer. 


Cagney William, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cain John, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer. 

Cain John A., (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, formerly farmer. 

CAIN JEWETT P., (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, town grand juror and farmer 25. 

Cain Mary B. (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, widow of John, resident, 25. 

Cain Patrick, (Sutherland Falls,) works on rubbing bed. 

Calahan Daniel, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Calahan James, (Center Rutland,) r 43, shipping clerk Vt. Marble Co. 

Callahan John H., (Center Rutland,) marble turner. 

Callahan W. H., (Center Rutland,) marble boxer. 

Cameron James S., (Center Rutland,) r 41, teamster. 

Cameron William, (Center Rutland,) blacksmith. 

CAMPBELL CHARLES H., (West Rutland,) prop. of livery and undertaking, Marble. 

Candlish Wealthy J., (Rutland,) r 28, resident, 1/2 an acre. 

Canfield Michael, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Canfield Thomas, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Canfield Thos,. (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cannon John, (West Rutland,) marble turnery 

Cannon Michael, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Cannon Stephen, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Capeless John, (Rutland,) laborer, h S of scale works. 

Capron Benj., (Rutland,) r 27, farmer 73. 

Capron Henry L., (Center Rutland,) r 44, with Wm. T., farmer 240. 

Capron Laban, (Rutland,) r 28, dairy 10 cows, farmer 275. 

Capron Theron, (Center Rutland,) r 44, farmer. 

Capron Win. T., (Center Rutland,) r 44, with Henry L., farmer 240. 

Carmody Michael, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Carmody Thos., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Carmody Thos. 2d, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Carmody Thomas A., (West Rutland,) tending hoisting power in Sheldons & Slason's quarry, h Pleasant. 

Carney Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Carrigan Michael, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Carrigan Patrick, (Sutherland Falls,) works on rubbing bed. 

Carroll Robert, (Center Rutland,) marble cutter. 

Carter James, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Carter Joseph, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Carter Oliver, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Casey Kerrence, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Casey Patrick, (Center Rutland,) teamster. 

Caswell Edward R., (Rutland,) carpenter, h Pearl. 

Center Charles, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Center Edward, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Chaffee Frederick, (Rutland,) r 37, (D. M. White & Co., in corporation,) farmer 29. 

CHAFFEE GEORGE T., (Rutland,) r 37, meat market, 47 Merchants row, in corporation. 

Challenger John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Chatterton Frances, (Center Rutland,) Widow James M., r 43, residence and 4 acres. 

Chatterton German H. Rev., (Sutherland Falls,) r 9, farmer 100. 

Chatterton Isaac T., (Sutherland Falls,) r 9, farmer 170. 

Chenette Edward, (Center Rutland,) tender rubbing bed. 

CHENEY JAMES A., (Rutland,) r 13, son of James E., farmer 95. 

CHENEY LYMAN S., (Rutland,) High off r 27, resident. 

Cheney Nellie M., (Rutland,) teacher, bds 30 Plain. 

Cheney Spencer, (Rutland,) Main n r 27, car painter. 

Childs Daniel, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

CLARK FRANK, (West Rutland,) r 52 1/2, with James, dairy 13 cows, farmer 300. 

Clark Frank A., (West Rutland,) book keeper, Vermont Marble Co., bds with E. Tremayne. 

Clark Hugh, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Clark James, (West Rutland,) r 52 1/2, with Frank, dairy 13 cows, farmer 300. 

Clark John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter. 

Clark Jonas, (Poultney,) office manager Vt. '.Marble Co., Center Rutland, bds Bardwell House, Rutland. 

Clark Waller A., (Rutland,) r 28, milk peddler. 

Cleaveland Asahel, (Rutland,) r 27, farmer 75. 

Cleaveland Charles, (West Rutland,) teamster for Gilson & Woodfin. 

Cleaveland Herbert R:, (Rutland,) packer at scale shops, h 30 Plain. 

Cleaveland Joseph, (West Rutland,) fireman. 

CLEMENT CHARLES, (Rutland,) r 42, see village list. 

Clement Percival W., (Rutland,) r 42, see village list. 

Clement Waldo P., (Rutland,) r 42, bds with Charles. 

Clifford Edward, (West Rutland,) r 46, laborer, 3 acres. 

Clifford Edward, (West Rutland,) r 47, laborer. 

CLIFFORD ELHANAN ZIT., (Rutland,) commercial traveler for Tuttle & Co., owns milk route, 2 acres. 

Clifford James, (West Rutland,) marble polisher. 

Clifford John, (Rutland,) laborer, h 124 West, on r 41. 

Clifford John P., (Rutland,) conductor C. V. Railroad, h West, on r 41. 

Clifford Michael, (West Rutland,) r 46, laborer, 2 acres. 

Clifford Michael J., (Rutland,) grocery store, West on r 41, h 124 West. 

Clifford Patrick, (West Rutland,) r 5, marble cutter for Sheldons & Slason. 

Clifford Patrick, (Rutland,) meat market in village on Merchants row, h West on r 41. 

Clifford Patrick P., (West Rutland,) marble bed rubber. 

Clifford William H., (Rutland,) switchman, h West on r 41. 

Cline Daniel, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Cline James, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Cline John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Cline Owen, (Sutherland Falls,) filler in marble mill. 

Cluen James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cobb Albert H., (Rutland,) foreman at Tuttle & Co.'s job office, h Perkins ave cor Pearl.

Cochrane John, (West Rutland,) clerk in Vt. Marble Co.'s Store. 

Cochran Thomas H., (West Rutland,) physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

Coffee Michael, (Center Rutland,) marble polisher. 

Coffee Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Coffey Thomas, (Center Rutland,) clerk Vt. Marble Co. 

Colburn Horace E., (Rutland,) r 14, farmer 35, and works on shares 175 owned by A. F. Johnson. 

Cole Felix, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Cole Isaac (Sutherland Falls,) marble boxer. 

Colligan John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Colligan Patrick, (West Rutland,) blacksmith, Marble St. 

Colligan Patrick, (West Rutland, laborer. 

COLLINS JAMES, (West Rutland,) marble saw setter. 

COLLINS JOSEPH, (Center Rutland,) miller for Continental Co., h West on r 41. 

COLUMBIAN MARBLE CO., (Rutland,) r 41, Rockwood Barrett, treasurer, producers and wholesale dealers in marble. 

Congdon Charles H., (Rutland,) r 35, laborer at scale works. 

Congdon Henry C., (Rutland,) r 35, watchman at Howe scale works. 

Congdon Henry E., (Center Rutland,) r 42, laborer. 

Conlon Barney, (West Rutland,) r 46, laborer, 2 acres. 

Conlon Barney 2d, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Conlon James, (Center Rutland,) r 57, carpenter. 

Conlon Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Conlon Patsey, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Connell James, (West Rutland,) r 5, farmer 84. 

Connell John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Connell Michael, (Center Rutland,) r 42, laborer at Ripley's. 

Connell Patrick, (West Rutland,) r 5, farmer 37. 

Conniff Luke, (West Rutland,) telegraph operator. 

Conniff Patrick, (West Rutland,) engineer. 

Connor Edward, (Sutherland Falls,) works on rubbing bed. 

Connor John, (Sutherland Falls,) works on rubbing bed. 

Connor Patrick (Center Rutland,) r 57, laborer. 

Connors John, (Rutland,) railroad hand, Strongs ave. 

Converse Sharon, (Sutherland Falls,) night boss in marble mill. 

Conway Lorenzo C., (West Rutland,) machinist for Sheklons & Slason, bds Pleasant St. 

*COOK JAY, (West Rutland,) r 1, breeder and dealer in full blood Atwood sheep, registered, farmer leases of Wm. Gilmore 300. 

Cook Joseph F., (Rutland,) r 10, farmer 200. 

Cook Walter F., (Rutland,) r 27, laborer.

Cooney Edward, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cooper George E., (Center Rutland,) clerk, Vermont Marble Co. 

Coppins Julius A., (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner. 

Copps Michael, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Corbault Barnaby, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Corey James, (West Rutland,) blacksmith. 

Cota Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Cournine Cornelius, (Rutland,) laborer, B. & R. Railroad, h 32 Plain. 

COURSELLE THOMAS, (Rutland,) gardener for J. M. Haven, h 44 Woodstock ave. 

COX ELIZA J., (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, (Mrs. George,) resident, 24 acres. 

Cox George, (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, laborer. 

Cox George, 2d, (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, teamster. 

Cram Henry, (Sutherland Falls,) car loader, Vermont Marble Co. 

Cramp John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter. 

CRAMTON ABRAM S., (Rutland,) r 38, (A. S. & J. W.,) farmer 750. 

CRAWFORD GEORGE W. Jr., (Rutland,) deputy supt. at Vermont House of Correction and Rutland Co. jail, bds at House of Correction.

Crocker Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher for Sheldons & Slason. 

Crocker Lewis G., (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher and marble cutter. 

Cronan Jerry, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Cronan Jerry, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cronan Michael, (Center Rutland,) r 57, laborer. 

Crow Michael, (Rutland,) laborer, h West on r 41. 

Crow Patrick, (Rutland,) laborer, h West on r 41. 

Crowley John P., (Rutland,) section foreman B. & R. Railroad, h Plain. 

Crowley Michael, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Crowley Patrick, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Crowley Timothy, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cunningham John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner. 

Cunningham Stephen, (Rutland,) r 36, laborer. 

Cupp Dennis, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Cupp James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

CURTIS SYDNEY W., (Rutland,) r 18, farmer 166 and pasture in Chittenden 75. 

Cuslin Daniel, (Center Rutland,) marble turner. 

Cyr Auguste, (West Rutland,) manuf. of carriages, wagons, sleighs of all kinds, painting, &c. 

Cyr Eustache, (West Rutland,) wheelwright. 

Cyr Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer.


Daly Neal, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Daly Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dana Judah, A. M., (West Rutland,) r 51, principal West Rutland English and Classical High School, h Clarendon ave. 

Danforth Olive, (Rutland,) r 28, widow of Daniel, farmer 14. 

Danforth William E., (Rutland,) r 28, carpenter. 

DANIELS STEPHEN L., (Center Rutland,) r 44, dairy 14 cows, farmer 120. 

Daniels William, (Rutland,) r 34, soft soap manuf. 

Darby Catharine, (Center Rutland,) r 41, widow of Michael. 

Darby James, (Rutland,) sawyer at Ripley's marble mill. 

Daukney Oliver, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Davies Richard N., (Center Rutland,) clerk Vt. Marble Co. 

DAVIES, see also DAVIS. 

Davin James, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Davin John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Davin Patrick, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

DAVIS ALBERT L., (Rutland,) r 13, farmer with R. E. Paterson. 

Davis Andrew, (Rutland,) r 27, farmer 1.

Davis Charles E:, (Rutland,) r 40, laborer. 

DAVIS EDGAR, (Rutland,) r 25, farmer 96. 

Davis George E., (Rutland,) r 27 1/2 truckman, W. C. Landon.

Davis Henry W., 'Rutland,) Main on r 27, bridge builder. 

Davis Joseph, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Davis LeRoy P., (Sutherland Falls,) marble grader for Vt. Marble CO. 

Davis Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

DAVIS, see also DAVIES. 

Dawley Seraph L., (Rutland,) resident, cor Perkins aye and Pearl. 

Day Frederick, (Rutland,) r 26, farmer, leases of B. Pond of Rutland. 

Deacy Anthony, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Decero Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Dempsey Patrick, (West Rutland,) r 2, farmer 60. 

Dempsey Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Denneux A., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dennin Edward, (West Rutland,) marble driller. 

Dennis John N., (West Rutland,) r 44, leases of Nahum Johnson, 202. 

Dervin Daniel, (Center Rutland,) foreman machinery in marble mill. 

Dervin James, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Dervin James, (Center Rutland,) marble bed rubber. 

Dervin John, (West Rutland.) marble sawyer. 

Dervin John, (Center Rutland,' marble sawyer. 

Dervin Napoleon, (West Rutland,) carpenter for Sheldons & Slason. 

Dervin Thomas, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Desjardin Octave, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

DEVER THOMAS, (Center Rutland,) r 7, blacksmith for Flint Bros. 

Dever William, (Center Rutland,) r 9, teamster. 

Devitt Patrick, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Dewey George M., (West Rutland,) car loader for Slleldons & Slason, bds Barnes House. 

Dewey John M., (West Rutland,) r 52, farmer 100. 

Dewey Zebadiah, (Center Rutland,) farmer 60, and 250 in Poultney. 

DICKERMAN WARREN, (Rutland,) r 13, farmer 100. 

DIMICK BENNETT, (Rutland,) r 21, meat peddler and farmer 20. 

Dockery Mathew, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dolan   Patrick H., (Center Rutland,) foreman Vt. Marble Co's finishing department. 

Dominey Charles, (Rutland,) r 38, works at scale works. 

Dominey Rollin G., (Rutland,) r 22, laborer at scale shop. 

Donahue Barney, (Center Rutland,) marble cutter. 

Donahue Edward, (Rutland,) works at scale works, h Perkins ave. 

Donahue T. James, (Sutherland Falls,) barn boss. 

Donivan Timothy, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Donnelly Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) runs air compressors for Vt. Marble Co. 

Donnelly Patrick, (West Rutland,) blacksmith. 

Donnian William, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter and polisher. 

Donovan Michael, (Rutland,) laborer, h 13 Plain. 

Dooley James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dooley Thomas, (West Rutland,) (Dooley & Walch, Rutland Village,) blacksmith for Sherman & Gleason. 

DORR SENECA M., (Rutland,) r 42. See Village list.

Dorsey John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

DOTY JOHN C., (Rutland,) r 34, milk peddler and farmer 140. 

Douglass Charles, (Rutland,) polisher at Boutell's Laundry, h Perkins ave. 

Douglass Milo, (West Rutland,) clerk in V t. Marble Co's store, residence near store. 

Doukney Philip, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Doyle Daniel, (Rutland,) laborer at scale works, h 31 Plain. 

Driscoll John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Ducharm Magliore, (Center Rutland,) marble turner. 

Duffey Michael, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Dugan Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dugan Stephen, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter. 

Duncklee John W., (Rutland,) r 17, dairy 10 cows, farmer 115. 

Duncklee Lucia and Jane, (Rutland,) r 27, residents, 4 acre. 

Dunigan Patrick J., (West Rutland,) marble cutter. 

DUNKLEE BENJAMIN F., (Rutland,) r 27, ice dealer and farmer 60. 

DUNKLEE FRANK V., (Rutland,) r 27, with Benjamin F., farmer and ice dealer. 

Dunlop Thomas, (West Rutland,) bookkeeper for Sheldons & Slason, bds Barnes House. 

Dunn Charles C., (Rutland,) r 40, (Dunn & Loehr ,) farmer 55. 

Dunton Andrew J., (Rutland,) supt. Columbian Marble Co., h 14 Pine. 

Dunton Edson, (Rutland,) r 27, painter. 

Dunton Geo. W., (Rutland,) r 27 1/2, foreman Baxter Hose Co., R.R. fireman. 

DUNTON MELVIN R., (Rutland,) asst. supt. Columbian Marble Co., bds 10 Union. 

Dunton Silas G., (Rutland,) r 27 3/4, stone mason. 

DUNTON WILLIAM R., (Rutland,) foreman in turning room at Columbian Marble Co's works, h 10 Union. 

Durham Francis, (West Rutland,) marble trimmer. 

Durick Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Durivage Lewis, (Sutherland Falls,) machinist. 

Durmin Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) carpenter. 

Dwyer Charles R., (Center Rutland,) r 41, sawyer at Ripley's.

Dwyer James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dwyer James, (Center Rutland,) r 41, teamster for Ripley's Sons. 

Dwyer John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dwyer Michael, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dwyer Roger, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Dyer Horace H., (Rutland,) r 38, 1st selectman and farmer 350. 


Eastman Jane, (Rutland,) r 31, widow of Frederick, farmer, Frederick Eastman estate, 100. 

Eastman John, (Rutland,) r 22, farm laborer. 

Eastman Luther, (Rutland,) r 22, farmer 135. 

Eastman Wallace, (Rutland,) r 22, farmer with Luther. 

Eaton Albert H., (West Rutland,) clerk for H. H. Brown, & Co. 

Eaton Silas, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer. 

Eayres Almira A., (Rutland,) wife of Geo. N., matron of Vermont House of Correction and Rutland Co. Jail. 

EAYRES GEO. N., (Rutland,) supt. of Rutland Co. Jail and Vermont State House of Correction, and farmer in Pittsford 125, carried on by John A. Eayres, resides at House of Correction. 

Eayres James, (Rutland,) r 29, farmer 30.

EAYRES JOSEPH H., (West Rutland,) head bookkeeper for Sheldons & Slason, residence Clarendon ave. 

Eayres William, (Rutland,) r 10, dairy 35 cows, and farmer 287. 

Edmunds Reuben F., (Rutland,) r 17, farmer, carries on farm for Henry Hall 300. 

Edson Henry O., (Rutland,) (M. & H. O.,) director of New England Fire Insurance Co., h Church cor Perkins ave. 

Eggleston Hiram, (Rutland,) r 28, farm laborer for Edward Ripley farm 100. 

Ekenbury John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Elkey Henry, (Rutland,) r 32, laborer at scale shop. 

Elkey John, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Elliott William, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Ellis Joel, (Rutland,) r 37, laborer, is 82 years old. 

Ellsworth Roswell, (Rutland,) works at scale works, h Perkins ave. 

Emond Cleophas, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Emond Ellis, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Emond Joseph, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Emond Octave, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Emond Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Emond Thos., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

English Wm., (West Rutland,) barman in marble mill. 

Engram Andrus B., (Rutland,) r 25, speculator and farmer 113. 

Engram Edwin M., (Rutland,) r __, drover and dealer in live stock, and farmer with John. 

Engram John, (Rutland,) r 37, produce dealer and farmer 56. 

Engram Win., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Enslow Geo., (Rutland,) h West, on r 41, farm laborer. 

Esperson John P., (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Everest Byron F., (West Rutland,) r 1, son of Daniel S. 

Everest Daniel S., (West Rutland,) r 1, farmer 75. 

Everin Win., (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 


FARMER BEND. F., (Rutland,) r 26, farmer. 

Farmer Eli, (Rutland,) r 26, farmer 300, is 83 years old, was born in town and always lived here. 

Farmer Henry H., (Rutland,) r 26, farmer and teacher. 

Farmer Newell, (Rutland,) r 27, carpenter and joiner, came to the States from Canada. 

Farmer Taylor J., (Rutland,) r 27, general blacksmith. 

Farrell James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Farrell John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Farrell John, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Farrell Mary, (Rutland,) r 27, resident. 

Farrell Nary, (Rutland,) r 27, resident. 

Farrell Patrick, (Center Rutland,) filler in marble mill. 

Farrell Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Farrell Thomas, (Rutland,) r 41, laborer at Columbian Marble Co. works. 

Farrell Win. H., (Center Rutland,) marble polisher. 

Faulkner Eli J., (Rutland,) locomotive engineer, C. V. Railroad, h 28 Plain. 

Fehely John, (Sutherland Falls,) filler in marble mill. 

Felt Wm. W., (West Rutland,) carpenter and millwright, h Main. 

Fenton Jerry, (Rutland,) r 36, laborer. 

Ferry Dennis, (Center Rutland,) marble bed rubber. 

Fields Isaac, (West Rutland,) asst. foreman, Vt. Marble Co.

Finnegan Miles, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Fish Charles E., (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher. 

FISH ENOS C., JR., (West Rutland,) deputy sheriff, farm in Ira 200, h Clarendon ave. 

Fish Miner, (West Rutland,) marble saw setter. 

Fisk Azro J., (Rutland,) r 24, farmer with Charles E. 

Fisk Benjamin J., (Rutland,) r 37, farmer 28. 

Fisk Charles E., (Rutland,) r 22 cor 23, farmer 96. 

Fisk James M., (Rutland,) r 27, carpenter and farmer 130. 

Fitzgerald John, (Rutland,) r 30, farmer 80. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, (Rutland,) r 271, laborer at Vt. House of Correction. 

Flanagan Dennis A., (West Rutland,) foreman at Vt. Marble Co's marble mill, residence Castleton. 

Flanders Albert, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Flanders David P., (Rutland,) r 26, farm laborer. 

Flanergan Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Fleming, James, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Fleming William, (West Rutland,) barman in marble mills. 

Flemming Michael, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

*FLINT BROS. & CO., (Center Rutland,) (Wyrnan, Francis G. and John G. Jr.,) r 43, producers and dealers in Eureka marble at Double road crossing. 

FLINT FRANCIS G., (Flint Bros. & Co.,) bds Bates House, Rutland. 

Foley James, (Sutherland  Falls,) marble cutter. 

Foley Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter. 

Foley Richard, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Ford John, (Rutland,) marble cutter, h Perkins ave. 

Ford Moses, (Rutland,) marble cutter at Ripley Sons, h Perkins ave. 

Ford Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

FOSBURGH DANIEL, (West Rutland,) allo. physician and surgeon, Clarendon ave, h do. 

Fosburgh Merritt, (Sutherland halls,) engineer for Vt. Marble Co. 

Foster James F., (Rutland,) r 29, laborer. 

Foster Levi C., (West Rutland,) farmer 200, h Main. 

Foster William, (Rutland,) r 33, laborer. 

Foster Wm. H., (Rutland,) r 31, farm laborer. 

Fox Michael, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Fox Peter, (Center Rutland ,) marble centerer. 

Fox Thomas, (Center Rutland,) r 41, laborer. 

Francis Charles, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Francis Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

FREEMAN FRANK W., (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

FREEMAN GEORGE W., (West Rutland,) prop. stock horse Young Sherman, farm 400 in Clarendon marble ledge, residence Barnes st. 

Freeman Geoffrey, (Rutland,) formerly blacksmith, bds Church cor Perkins ave.

Freeman Herbert, (West Rutland,) painting, graining, kalsomining, paper hanging &c., residence Pleasant st.

Freeman Isaac, (Rutland,) r 32, farm laborer.

Fuller Albert, (West Rutland,) teamster.

Fuller Alden L., (Rutland,) machinist at scale works, h Perkins ave,

Fuller Arthur G., (Rutland,) r 20, carpenter and farmer 275.

Fuller Duane, (West Rutland,) marble boxer for Sheldons & Slason.

FULLER JEDUTHEN, (West Rutland,) carpenter and joiner for Sheldons & Slason, residence Pleasant st. 

Fuller John, (Rutland,) r 26, laborer. 


Gaffeny Win., (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Gaffney Johnny H., (West Rutland,) marble polisher. 

Gaffney Peter, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Galierty Peter, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Gallagher James, 1st, (West Rutland,) engineer. 

Gallagher James, (West Rutland,) barman in marble mills. 

Gallagher James 3d, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gallagher Patrick, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Gallagher Patrick, (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner. 

Gallagher Win., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gallery Francis, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Gallipo Henry, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Gallipo Joseph, (Sutherland Falls,) quarryman. 

Gallipo Ramie, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

GANNON JOHN, (West Rutland,) dealer in groceries, butter, eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruit, Marble St. 

Gardner James, (West Rutland,) stone and marble cutter. 

Gardner John W., (Rutland,) r 27, carriage painter. 

Garvin Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gates Florence B., (Rutland,) r 41, teacher, gds at Bardwell House. 

GATES GARDNER L., (West Rutland,) general marble dealer. 

Gates George D., (Center Rutland,) r 41, carpenter and railroad man. 

GATES HORACE J., (Center Rutland,) r 41, machinist at C. V. railroad shop in Rutland. 

Gates Mary C., (Center Rutland,) r 41, widow of Jacob A., resident, 15 1/2 acres. 

Gebo Stephen, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Genett Dennis, (West Rutland,) derrickman. 

Gennett John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble boxer. 

George Edgar S., (West Rutland,) foreman of Gilson & Woodfin's finishing shop, marble cutter, h Pleasant. 

Geroux Raphael, (Sutherland Falls,) filler in marble mill. 

Gibbs Tames, (Sutherland Falls,) r 9, laborer. 

Gibbs Marquis L., (Sutherland Falls,) engineer, Columbian Marble Co's quarry. 

Gibeau Aldoph, (Rutland,) laborer, h West on r 41. 

Gibson Francis O., (Rutland,) r 25, farmer, leases of Sarah Barnes 50. 

Gibson Timothy O., (Rutland,) r 18, farmer. 

Giddings James C., (Rutland,) r 26, farmer, works on shares for Amasa A. Greeno, 300. 

Gignac Oliver, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gilbo Adolphus, (Rutland,) r 28, journeyman blacksmith. 

Gilligan James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gilligan Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gilligan Peter, (West Rutland,) barman in marble mills. 

Gilligan Peter, 2d, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Gilmain Mitchell, (Rutland,) r 27B, laborer. 

Gilman Francis, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Gilman John, (Rutland,) railroad brakeman, h West on r 41. 

Gilmore Charles J., (W. Rutland,) clerk in post office and telegraph operator.

GILMORE JAMES L., (West Rutland,) postmaster, h Main.

Gilmore Mary, (West Rutland,) wife of Wm. deceased, farm 70, h Pleasant.

GILMORE WILLIAM, (West Rutland,) farmer 700, h Pleasant.

Gilmore Win. R., (West Rutland,) dealer in marble rubble, outside slabs and building stone.

Gilson Edson P., (West Rutland,) (G. & Woodfin,) h Court st, n West, Rutland.

Gilson Thomas, (Rutland,) r 28, lumberman.

Gilson & Woodfin, (West Rutland,) (Edson P. Gilson and John N. Woodfin,) producers of Rutland marble.

Giroux Alexander, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Gleason Daniel M., (Rutland,) jour. harness maker, at A. Bates & Son, h Perkins ave.

Gleason Frederick A., (Rutland,) carriage painter, h Perkins ave.

Gleason John, (Rutland,) r 36, clay watchman at railroad shop, 4 acres.

Gleason Maggie, (Rutland,) widow of John, r 37, Park.

Gleason Michael, (West Rutland,) tends hoisting power, h r 49.

Gleason Peleg E., (Rutland Center,) r 55, farmer 97 1/2.

Gleason Timothy, (Sutherland Falls,) foreman rubbing bed.

Golfin Michael, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Gompf Willard C., (Center Rutland,) stenographer for Vt. Marble Co.

Goodno William A., (Rutland,) r 27, carpenter.

GOODRICH LUCIUS F., (West Rutland,) r 4, wool grower, 185 sheep, farmer 350.

Goodspeed James, (West Rutland,) r  ___, teaming.

Goodspeed Win. H., (West Rutland,) teamster.

Gooley Phillip, (Rutland,) Strongs ave, works at scale works.

*GORHAM CHAUNCY T., (Nest Rutland,) r 53, with Franklin B., breeder of Spanish merino sheep, registered, dairy 30 cows, manuf. butter, and farmer 400.

Gorham Francis, (Sutherland Falls,) r 7, quarryman.

Gorham Frank E., (Nest Rutland,) r 52, clerk for Dunton & Co.

*GORHAM FRANKLIN B., (West Rutland,) r 53, with Chauncy T., breeder of Spanish merino sheep, registered, dairy 30 cows, manuf. butter and farmer 400.

GORHAM HENRY D., (West Rutland,) dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, fish, oysters, poultry, &c., Marble st., resides Clarendon ave.

Gorman John, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Goshaw Francis, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Gouchor Frank, (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter.

Gould Horace A., (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer.

GOVE FREEMAN R., (Rutland,) carpenter, h 17 Plain.

Goyette Adolphus (Rutland,) r 28 carpenter and joiner, 2 acres.

Graham Wm. A., (West Rutland,) machinist for Vt. Marble Co.

Graham Wm. W., (West Rutland,) foreman of Vt. Marble Co's machine shop, h Pleasant.

Grant Judson, (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner.

Grattan Fred, (West Rutland,) machinist.

Green Cyrel W., (West Rutland,) machinist, runs marble testing machine, h Clarendon ave.

Green Hiland F,. (Rutland,) r 38, farmer 33.

Green Michael, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer.

Greene Americus A., (Rutland,) r 27, stone mason.

GREENO AMASA A., (Rutland,) r 26, farmer with Benj. R. 600, 300 of which is carried on by James C. Giddings. 

GREENO BENJ. R., (Rutland,) r 26, dairy 33 cows, and farmer with Amasa A., 600. 

Grenier John, (West Rutland,) shoemaker. 

Griffin James, (West Rutland,) blacksmith for Gilson & Woodfin. 

Griffin John, (Center Rutland,) laborer. 

Griggs J. Grafton, (Center Rutland,) r 43, dairy 20 cows, farmer 165. 

GRISWOLD EDWIN L., (West Rutland,) r 1, with Frank, wool grower ray sheep, dairy 100 cows, farm 300. 

Griswold Frank, (West Rutland,) r 1, with Edwin L., wool grower, dairy and farmer 300. 

Griswold Julia L., (West Rutland,) r 1, wife of Edwin L., farm 75. 

Griswold Rolla, (West Rutland,) teamster. 

Gronell John, (West Rutland,) r 46, laborer. 

Groux Alex., (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Groux Antoine, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Guard Geo. H., (Sutherland Falls,) marble cutter. 

Guertin Carlos, (Rutland,) r 30, laborer. 

Guertin Joseph, (Rutland,) r 30, carpenter and laborer. 

Guertin Thomas, (Rutland,) r 27 3/4, works at railroad shop. 

Gurry John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 


Hackett Gilbert, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Hackett John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Hackett Michael, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Hagan Thomas J., (Sutherland Falls,) foreman of building department, Vt. Marble Co. 

HALE FRANKLIN S., (Rutland,) r 28, dealer in live stock and farmer 36.

Haley Anthony, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Haley Hubert, (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Haley Tames, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Hall Charles, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Hall Edgar A., (Center Rutland,) r 43, tends hoisting power for Flint Bros.

HALL HENRY, (Rutland,) r 17, literateur, farmer 250 in Rutland and, 300 mountain and pasture in Pittsford. 

Hall Percy, (Sutherland Falls,) marble polisher. 

HALL THOMAS W., (Center Rutland,) r 43, foreman of machinery in Flint Brothers marble mill. 

HALL WILLIAM R., (Center Rutland,) r 43, engineer for Flint Bros. 

Halron Daniel, (Center Rutland,) quarryman. 

Hamilton John, (West Rutland!) laborer.

Handley Andrew, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Haney Barney, (Center Rutland,) quarryman. 

HANEY JAMES, (Sutherland Falls,) foreman of Vermont Marble Co's mill. 

Hanley Gilbert, (West Rutland,) marble saw maker. 

Hanley James, (Center Rutland,) r 57, marble sawyer. 

Hanley John, ('Vest Rutland,) r 46, laborer. 

Hanley John, 3d, (West Rutland,) r 1, dairy 9 cows, farmer 200. 

Hannon James, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Hanson Hans, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

HARMON HENRY J., (West Rutland,) prop. livery and sale stable, residence and stable Clarendon ave.

Harmon James E., (West Rutland,) mail carrier to Clarendon Springs and Ira, residence Clarendon ave. 

Hart Frank H., (Rutland,) r 27, milk peddler for E. W. Clifford. 

Hart George W., (Rutland,) r 35, farmer 75. 

Hartnett John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble turner. 

Hartney John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Hascall Charles D., (Sutherland Falls,) r 9, farmer 8 acres. 

Hatch Elisha N., (Rutland,) r 28J, breeder of Jersey cattle and farmer leases of Henry Gleason 170. 

HAWLEY IRA W., (Rutland,) r 24, milkman and farmer 175. 

Hayes Alfred F., (Rutland,) marble turner at Columbian Marble Co's mill, h West on r 41. 

Hayes James, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Hayes Nathan E., (Center Rutland,) r 43, teamster. 

HAYWARD HENRY, (Rutland,) r 38, justice of the peace, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 225. 

HAYWARD HENRY C., (Rutland,) speculator, h 129 Main, in village. 

Hayward Ira M., (Rutland,) r 36, laborer.

Hayward Moses, (Rutland,) r 28, farmer 240. 

Hazelton Jason, (West Rutland,) millwright, carpenter and joiner, h West. 

Healy James, (Sutherland Falls,) filler in marble mill. 

Heath Horace A., (Rutland,) r 30, house painter, 4 acre. 

Heath John, (Sutherland Falls,) marble bed rubber. 

Heffernan Daniel, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Henry Francis, (West Rutland,) teamster. 

Hewett Frank M., (West Rutland,) bookkeeper for Sheldons & Slason, bds Barnes House. 

Hewitt George W., (Rutland,) blacksmith, scale works, bds 18 Plain. 

Hewitt John, (Sutherland Falls,) laborer. 

HEWITT ROBERT O., (Rutland,) foreman blacksmith shop, scale works, h 18 Plain. 

Hickey Frank O., (Rutland,) works at button factory, h Perkins ave. 

Hickey Wm., (Rutland,) laborer, Strongs ave. 

Higbee Wilbur E., (Sutherland Falls,) shipping clerk Vt. Marble Co. 

Higgins Thomas, (West Rutland,) marble polisher, h Marble St. 

Hill Andrew J., (West Rutland,) machinist for Sheldons & Slason, Opp Congregational chapel. 

Hill Arthur, (Sutherland Falls,) marble sawyer. 

Hill Jason C., (Rutland,) r 27 3/4, gunsmith. 

Hill John, (West Rutland,) laborer. 

Hill Orlando L., (Rutland,) locomotive engineer, C. V. Railroad, h 26 Plain. 

Hill Warren T., (West Rutland,) marble sawyer. 

Hill Wm (Sutherland Falls,) teamster. 

Himes Charles H., (Center Rutland,) r 42, miller for Ripley Sons. 

Hinckley Charles, (Rutland,) r 24, farm laborer. 

Hinckley Horace, (North Clarendon,) r 38, farm laborer. 

Hinckley James, (Rutland,) machinist, h Park. 

Hinckley James A., (Rutland,) r 24, farm laborer. 

Hinckley Jane, (Rutland,) r 24, widow of James. 

Hinckley Win., (Rutland,) r 24, farmer, leases 4. 

Hincks James, (West Rutland,) marble saw setter. 

Hines Martin, (West Rutland,) laborer. Hines Patrick, (West Rutland,) laborer.

HOADLEY LEONARD J., (West Rutland,) steam baker, manuf. and dealer in all kinds of crackers, bread and cakes, groceries, confectionery &c., Main.

Hodgins James, (West Rutland,) runs machine in quarry.

Hogan Andrew, (West Rutland,) marble cooper.

Hogan Malchi, (Center Rutland,) r 57, marble sawyer.

Hogan Malchi 2d, (Center Rutland,) r 57, marble sawyer.

Hogan Michael, (Center Rutland,) r 57, marble saw setter.

Holahan John, (Rutland,) stone cutter at Ripley's, h West on r 41.

Holden Charles, (Sutherland Falls,) dock hand Vt. Marble Co.

HOLDEN FRED G., (Sutherland Falls,) time keeper for Vt. Marble Co., finishing department.

Holden Fred H., (Sutherland Falls,) dock hand Vt. Marble Co.

Holden Reuben, (Rutland,) r 27, farm laborer.

Holt Daniel H., (West Rutland,) engineer for Vt. Marble Co., h Pleasant.

Holt Lorenzo P., (West Rutland,) book keeper for H. H. Brown & Co., h Pleasant.

Hood John, (West Rutland,) works in quarry yard.

Hoos Edward, (Rutland,) r 22, farm laborer.

Hornidge James, (West Rutland,) r 51, farmer, leases of N. Johnson, 200.

Houle Philip, (West Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Howard Benj. F., (Center Rutland,) r 41, carpenter at Ripley Sons.

Howard Charles, (Rutland,) r 28 cor 30, laborer.

Howard John, (Rutland,) r 31, farmer 150, 10 of which is in Mendon.

Howard Michael, (Rutland,) farmer with John.

Howard Pat., (Rutland,) r 36, works at Ben. & Rut. R. R. shop.

Howe Joel, (West Rutland,) r 49, farm 15.

Howe Porter, (West Rutland,) r 49, resident, age 90.

Howe Wm., (Rutland,) railroad engineer, bds West, on r 41.

Howley Thomas, filler in marble mill.

Hoyt Alonzo A., (Rutland,) pastor Christian Free Church located on West st.

Hubbard, William, (West Rutland,) laborer.

Hughes James, (West Rutland,) marble worker.

Hughs Barney, (Center Rutland,) teamster.

Hughs Hugh, (Center Rutland,) marble sawyer.

Hulett Josiah D., (Rutland,) r 28 1/2, resident, is 76 years old, farmer 260, leased by Henry L. Gleason, of Mendon.

Hulihan Patrick C., (Center Rutland,) marble cutter.

Humphrey David, (Rutland,) stone cutter at Ripley's, bds West, on r 41.

Humphrey David B., (Sutherland Falls,) r 7, dairy 12 cows, farmer 150.

Humphrey James, (Rutland,) stone cutter at Ripley's, bds West, on r 41.

HUMPHREY RAWSON S., (Sutherland Falls,) r 7, foreman Columbian marble quarry, dairy 9 cows, farmer 125

Hunter Scott, (West Rutland,) marble saw setter, h r 40.

Hurley Patrick, (Center Rutland,) marble cutter.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of  Rutland  County, VT.;
1881-82, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child;
Syracuse, N.Y.; Printed at the Journal Office
August 1881, Part Two, Pages 480-494.

Transcribed by Karima Allison 2004